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Vocal aging and adductor spasmodic dysphonia: Response to botulinum toxin injection

Author(s): Michael P Cannito | Joel C Kahane | Lesya Chorna
Vascular fascia of the cystic artery. Its anatomical and surgical application.

Author(s): Vicente Mitidieri | Alejandro Mitidieri | Nahuel Paesano | Maximiliano Lo Tartaro
Ulnar Nerve Entrapment Neuropathies - Review

Author(s): Zeynep Alev Özçete | Arzu Yağız On
Capillaria hepatica in China

Author(s): Chao-Ding Li, Hui-Lin Yang, Ying Wang
Two cases of Klippel-Feil Syndrome

Author(s): Senoglu M | Ozbag D | Gumusalan Y
Double innervations to the superior belly of omohyoid

Author(s): Rao TR | Shetty P | Rao S
Spatiotemporal integration of molecular and anatomical data in virtual reality using semantic mapping

Author(s): Jung Soh | Andrei L Turinsky | Quang M Trinh, Jasmine Chang | Ajay Sabhaney, et al
Coreceptor use in nonhuman primate models of HIV infection

Author(s): Sina Silvana | Ren Wuze | Cheng-Mayer Cecilia
Estudio anatómico de los bronquios segmentarios en una muestra de material de disección; Anatomical study of the segmental bronchi in a sample of dissection material

Author(s): Edgar Giovanni Corzo Gómez, MD MSc | Claudia Liliana García Vélasco | Diana Paola Puerto Galvis | Ivonne Tatiana Ordoñez Blanco | Pedro Luis Forero, MD
Management of liver trauma in adults

Author(s): Ahmed Nasim | Vernick Jerome
A variant oblique fissure of left lung

Author(s): Nene AR | Gajendra KS | Sarma MVR
Gross anatomical variants of the vasculature of the GöttingenTM minipig

Author(s): B. Hiebl | C. Müller | H. Hünigen | O. Gemeinhardt | J. Plendl | F. Jung | B. Hamm | S. M. Niehues
Accuracy of identification of tissue types in endoscopic esophageal mucosal biopsies used for molecular biology studies

Author(s): Plauto Beck | George C Mayne | David Astill | Tanya Irvine | David I Watson | et al
Monoaminergic Antidepressants in the Relief of Pain: Potential Therapeutic Utility of Triple Reuptake Inhibitors (TRIs)

Author(s): Guillaume Hache | François Coudore | Alain M. Gardier | Bruno P. Guiard
Anatomy Lessons in Art.

Author(s): Inés A. Castellano | Pablo Delgado
Detail microscopic analysis of deep fascia of lower limb and its surgical implication

Author(s): Bhattacharya Visweswar | Barooah Partha | Nag Tapas | Chaudhuri Gaurab | Bhattacharya Siddhartha
Reduced clinical and postmortem measures of cardiac pathology in subjects with advanced Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): Beach Thomas | Maarouf Chera | Brooks Reed | Shirohi Scophil | Daugs Ian | Sue Lucia | Sabbagh Marwan | Walker Douglas | Lue LihFen | Roher Alex
Pathophysiology, treatment, and animal and cellular models of human ischemic stroke

Author(s): Woodruff Trent | Thundyil John | Tang Sung-Chun | Sobey Christopher | Taylor Stephen | Arumugam Thiruma
Types of the cerebral arterial circle (circle of Willis) in a Sri Lankan Population

Author(s): De Silva K Ranil | Silva Rukmal | Amaratunga Dhammika | Gunasekera WSL | Jayesekera Rohan
Cyto-, myelo- and chemoarchitecture of the prefrontal cortex of the Cebus monkey

Author(s): Cruz-Rizzolo Roelf | De Lima Miguel | Ervolino Edilson | de Oliveira José | Casatti Claudio
HIVBrainSeqDB: a database of annotated HIV envelope sequences from brain and other anatomical sites

Author(s): Holman Alexander | Mefford Megan | O'Connor Niall | Gabuzda Dana
Bridging gaps in the molecular phylogeny of the Lymnaeidae (Gastropoda: Pulmonata), vectors of Fascioliasis

Author(s): Correa Ana | Escobar Juan | Durand Patrick | Renaud François | David Patrice | Jarne Philippe | Pointier Jean-Pierre | Hurtrez-Boussès Sylvie
The Hawaiian Rhodophyta Biodiversity Survey (2006-2010): a summary of principal findings

Author(s): Sherwood Alison | Kurihara Akira | Conklin Kimberly | Sauvage Thomas | Presting Gernot
Is laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery equal to open surgery? An evidence based perspective

Author(s): Beat M Künzli | Helmut Friess | Shailesh V Shrikhande
Anatomy of the lateral ligaments of the rectum: A controversial point of view

Author(s): Guo-Jun Wang, Chun-Fang Gao, Dong Wei, Cun Wang, Wen-Jian Meng
Finite Element Method (FEM), Mechanobiology and Biomimetic Scaffolds in Bone Tissue Engineering

Author(s): A. Boccaccio, A. Ballini, C. Pappalettere, D. Tullo, S. Cantore, A. Desiate
IL-10 and TNF-α promoter haplotypes are associated with childhood Crohn’s disease location

Author(s): Rocio Sanchez, Emile Levy, Florin Costea, Daniel Sinnett
Corona mortis – a case report with surgical implications

Author(s): Sakthivelavan S | Sendiladibban SD | Aristotle S | Sivanandan AV
Variant extensor muscles on the dorsum of the hand

Author(s): Singh K | Dennie D | Rao SR
Detection of Abnormal Masses using Divide and Conquer Algorithmin Digital Mammogram

Author(s): Indra Kanta Maitra | Sanjay Nag | Samir K. Bandyopadhyay
Neural correlates of focused attention in cognitively normal older adults

Author(s): Jennifer R. Bowes | Patrick Stroman | Angeles Garcia
Tomographic morphometry of the foramen magnum and its relation to sex and Mapuche ethnicity.

Author(s): Esteban Espinoza G. | Carlos Ayala P. | Leandro Ortega B. | Erika Collipal L. | Héctor Silva M.

Author(s): Dubey Kumari Priyanka | Datta K. Animesh | Mandal Aninda | Saha Aditi | Sengupta Sonali

Author(s): Rout Om Prakash | Rout Kedar Kumar | Acharya Rabinarayan | Mishra Sagar Kumar
Identifying enamel diffusion properties in feline teeth affected with resorptive lesions

Author(s): Živković R. | Todorović A. | Tihaček-Šojić Ljiljana | Milić-Lemić Aleksandra
Numerical simulation and nasal air-conditioning

Author(s): Keck, Tilman | Lindemann, Jörg
Clinical, microbiological and radiographic considerations observed around dental implants

Author(s): Fabiana Amaral Chiapinotto | Cassiano Kuchenbeker Rösing | Geraldo Augusto Chiapinotto | Josué Martos
Measurements of brain microstructure and connectivity with diffusion MRI

Author(s): Chun-Yi Zac Lo | Yong He | Ching-Po Lin
Leaf domatia morphology of Miconia sellowiana Naudin (Melastomataceae)

Author(s): Letícia Larcher de Carvalho | Maria Regina Boeger | Alline Flores de Brito | Renato Goldenberg
Cranial osteology of Geotrygon montana (Linnaeus, 1758) (Columbiformes: Columbidae) compared to other New World Columbiformes

Author(s): Maria Luiza Videira Marceliano | Reginaldo José Donatelli | Sérgio Roberto Posso
Gross Anatomical Studies on Duodenum of one Humped Camel (Camelus dromedarius)

Author(s): T. Althnaian | K.M. Alkhodair | I.F. Albokhadaim | R.O. Ramdan | A.M. Ali
Morphological studies on the seasonal changes in the epididymal duct of the one-humped camel (camelus dromedarius)

Author(s): Ahmed El-Zuhry Zayed | Khaled Hamdy Aly | Ismael Abdel-Aziz Ibrahim | Fatma Mohammed Abd El-maksoud
Perfluorocarbon-perfused 23 gauge three-dimensional vitrectomy for complicated diabetic tractional retinal detachment

Author(s): Velez-Montoya R | Guerrero-Naranjo JL | Garcia-Aguirre G | Morales-Cantón V | Fromow-Guerra J | Quiroz-Mercado H
Absence of superior cornua: a rare variant of thyroid cartilage anatomy

Author(s): Mohini M Joshi | Sharda S Joshi | Subhash D Joshi
Outcomes of 23-gauge pars plana vitrectomy in vitreoretinal diseases

Author(s): Sezgin Akçay B | Uyar OM | Akkan F | Eltutar K
Maxillary second molar with three mesiobuccal canals

Author(s): Hari Kumar V | Kavitha A
Lignoanatomical variation in seedlings of Eucalyptus grandis (Hill ex Maiden) treated with growth regulators

Author(s): Regina Paula Willemen Pereira | Heber dos Santos Abreu | Maria Beatriz de Oliveira Monteiro | Natália Dias de Souza
Morphometric Study of the Acetabular in Malay Population Normal Hips and its Clinical Applications

Author(s): Mohd Yusof Baharuddin | Ahmad Hafiz Zulkifly | Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir | Azlin Saat | Azian Abdul Aziz | Muhammad Hisyam Lee
Anatomical Studies on Several Species of Heliotropium L. in Iran

Author(s): Maryam ABBASI | Farideh ATTAR | Farrokh GHAHREMANI NEJAD
Supine Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy: PRO

Author(s): Siavash Falahatkar | AliakbarAllahkhah | SoheilSoltanipour
Safety and Efficacy of Pediatric General Anesthesia by Laryngeal Mask Airway Without Intravenous Access

Author(s): Benjamin A. Lin BSc | Zakaria S Messieha | William E Hoffman
Sedative load of medications prescribed for older people with dementia in care homes

Author(s): Parsons Carole | Haydock Jane | Mathie Elspeth | Baron Natasha | Machen Ina | Stevenson Elizabeth | Amador Sarah | Goodman Claire
Morphometry Of Jugular Foramen Of Dry Adult Human Skulls Of South India.

Author(s): Ketu Chauhan | Rekha Lalwani | Gulzari Lal Nigam | Ashwin Krishnamurthy
Anatomic Variations Of The Anterior Portion Of The Circle Of Willis: An MR Angiography Study

Author(s): Aleksandar Jesic | Slobodan Torbica | Snezana Maric | Sasa Popovic | Dusko Kozic
Histopathological Study Of Eyelid Tumor Tehran Farabi Hospital (1988-98)

Author(s): Asadi Amoli F | Mohammadi S Z | Haeri H | Kasaei A
An anatomical study of normal variations of circle of Willis in 132 fetus, newborn and adult

Author(s): Dadmehr M | Fattahzade A | Kamali Ardakani S | Bateni F | Nejat F | Ghodsi SM | Eftekhar B | Ganji S | Dadmehr F | Nazparvar B | Ansari S
The Pattern of Injuries among the Victims of the Bam Earthquake

Author(s): K Ashraf Ganjouei | L Ekhlaspour | E Iranmanesh | P Poorian | N Ashraf Ganjooei | F Rashid-Farokhi | S Karamuzian
The Value of Sonography with Micro-convex Probes in Diagnosing Meniscal Tears Compared with Arthroscopy

Author(s): J. Najafi | M. Guity | E. Rahimian | Sh. Bagheri | Abdolahzedeh Lahiji Farivar
Methods for Prostate Biopsy

Author(s): M. Ghafoori
Functional Imaging of Broca’s Area in Native Persian Speakers: An fMRI Study

Author(s): A Mahdavi | H Saberi | A.R Rezvanizadeh | A. Lavasani | R Nilipour | M.A Oghabian | H Ghanaati
Color Doppler Ultrasound Assessment of Well Functioning Arteriovenous Fistulas in Hemodialysis Patients

Author(s): Abolhassan Shakeri Bavil | Aziz Pourjabbar | Masoud Nemati | Hamid Tayebi Khosroshahi
NeuroSPECT evaluation in patients with post-traumatic anosmia, a preliminary study

Author(s): M. Eftekhari | M. Assadi | M. Kazemi | M. Saghari | A. Fard-Esfahani | B. Fallahi | A. Takavar | A. Gholamrezanezhad | D. Beiki
Preparation and biodistribution studies of 99mTc-cefotaxime as another infection imaging agent

Author(s): Seyedeh Fatemeh Mirshojaei | Mostafa Gandomkar | Reza Najafi | Mohamad Hosein Talebi | Mohamad Mazidi
The role of PET and PET/CT in radiation therapy planning process

Author(s): Mehdi Seilanian Toussi | Sudabeh Shahid Sales
Anatomical and Phytochemical Study of Lilium ledebourii (Baker) Boiss., a Rare Endemic Species in Iran

Author(s): "Hassan Farsam | Massoud Amanlou | Gholamreza Amin | Gholamreza Nezamivand-Chegini | Mohammad-Hossain Salehi-Surmaghi | Abbas Shafiee"

Author(s): J. Salimi | M. Karbakhsh M. R. Zarei

Author(s): J. Salimi | M. Karbakhsh M. R. Zarei
Trauma in Guilan (North of Iran): An Epidemiologic Study

Author(s): Hemmati Hossein | Yousefzadeh Chabok Shahrokh | Dehnadimoghadam Anoosh | Mohammadi Melksari Haniyeh | Ahmadi Dafchahi Masoumeh | Shabani Somayeh

Author(s): S. Kaleem, I. Mahmood, M. Ahmad, M. A. A. H. A. Bukhsh, A. Wasaya, A. Qayyum, and M. A. Raza

Author(s): Lal Ratan | Bhan Meenu | Dhiman Anju | Nanda Arun
Pharmacognostical studies of Hardwickia binata Roxb (Fabaceae)

Author(s): G. Gunaselvi | V. Kulasekaren | G. Magalakshmi | V. Gopal
Computed tomography scans of paranasal sinuses before functional endoscopic sinus surgery

Author(s): Emma C Cashman | Peter J MacMahon | David Smyth
Macrostructure of the Cranial Cervical Ganglion in the River Buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis)

Author(s): Gholamreza Najafi | Farhad Soltanalinejad | Hossein Dehghani
Thymidine Analogues for Tracking DNA Synthesis

Author(s): Brenton L. Cavanagh | Tom Walker | Anwar Norazit | Adrian C.B. Meedeniya
Review of fixation techniques for the four-part fractured proximal humerus in hemiarthroplasty

Author(s): Baumgartner Daniel | Nolan Betsy | Mathys Robert | Lorenzetti Silvio | Stüssi Edgar
Assessment and histological analysis of the IPRL technique for sequential in situ liver biopsy

Author(s): Rowe Anthony | Zhang Lillian | Hussain Azmena | Braet Filip | Ramzan Iqbal
Large carrion beetles (Coleoptera, Silphidae) in Western Europe: a review

Author(s): Dekeirsschieter, J. | Verheggen, F. | Lognay, G. | Haubruge, E.
Etymology of homeric anatomical terms for the head and neck

Author(s): Eleni KONSOLAKI, Panagiotis AGGOURIDAKIS, Georgia FRAGAKI, Georgios ROMANOS,
Diabetic retinopathy: major unmet medical challenge

Author(s): Joanna M. Tarr | Kirti Kaul | Eva M. Kohner | Rakesh Chibber
Biophotogrammetry: reliability of measurements obtained with a posture assessment software (SAPO). DOI: 10.5007/1980-0037.2011v13n4p299

Author(s): Juliana Alves Souza | Fernanda Pasinato | Débora Basso | Eliane Castilhos Rodrigues Corrêa | Ana Maria Toniolo da Silva
Expression of human amyloid precursor protein in the skeletal muscles of Drosophila results in age- and activity-dependent muscle weakness

Author(s): Kim Chul | Srivastava Sapeckshita | Rice Marian | Godenschwege Tanja | Bentley Brooke | Ravi Saranya | Shao Shuang | Woodard Craig | Schwartz Lawrence
Sternalis muscle: an underestimated anterior chest wall anatomical variant

Author(s): Raikos Athanasios | Paraskevas George | Tzika Maria | Faustmann Pedro | Triaridis Stefanos | Kordali Panagiota | Kitsoulis Panagiotis | Brand-Saberi Beate
MRSA prevalence in european healthcare settings: a review

Author(s): Dulon Madeleine | Haamann Frank | Peters Claudia | Schablon Anja | Nienhaus Albert
Comprehensive genetic dissection of wood properties in a widely-grown tropical tree: Eucalyptus

Author(s): Gion Jean-Marc | Carouché Audrey | Deweer Sylvie | Bedon Franck | Pichavant Frédérique | Charpentier Jean-Paul | Baillères Henri | Rozenberg Philippe | Carocha Victor | Ognouabi Nina | Verhaegen Daniel | Grima-Pettenati Jacqueline | Vigneron Philippe | Plomion Christophe
Image-guided versus blind corticosteroid injections in adults with shoulder pain: A systematic review

Author(s): Soh Edmund | Li Wenyun | Ong Keh | Chen Wen | Bautista Dianne
Drug utilization patterns and reported health status in ethnic German migrants (Aussiedler) in Germany: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Volodina Anna | Bertsche Thilo | Kostev Karel | Winkler Volker | Haefeli Walter | Becher Heiko
An Anatomical Study of the Inferior Oblique Muscle with Emphasis on Its Nerve Entry

Author(s): Vishal Kumar | B.V. Murlimanju | P. Devika | Narga Nair | Shakuntala R. Pai | Thejodhar Pulakunta | N.S. Naveen
Compositional Studies on Tropical Species of Agama agama Lizards

Author(s): F.O. Abulude | W.O. Adesanya | M.O. Ogunkoya | V.O. Onibon | E. Ajayi
Does obturator nerve block always occur in 3-1 block?

Author(s): Pakize Kirdemir | Ayhan Comert | Simel Kendir | İbrahim Tekdemir | Alaittin Elhan

Author(s): M. K. Shirsat | A. K. Gupta | R. Vaya | J. Dwivedi | I. J. Singhvi | M. S. Asawat | O. P. Mahatma
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