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Assessment of proteolysis and lipolysis in cheeses made using artisanal lamb rennet paste

Author(s): A. Santillo | M. Di Matola | F. Cifuni | M. Pizzillo | S. D’Urso | M. Albenzio
Olive oil calcium soaps and rumen protected methionine in the diet of lactating ewes: effect on milk quality

Author(s): Mauro Antongiovanni | Pierlorenzo Secchiari | Marcello Mele | Arianna Buccioni | Andrea Serra | Guido Ferruzzi | Stefano Rapaccini | Alessandro Pistoia
Effect of somatic cell count and lactation stage on sheep milk quality

Author(s): Leonardo Bianchi | Carmen Casoli | Mariano Pauselli | Elena Budelli | Anna Caroli | Arianna Bolla | Emilia Duranti
Effect of type and level of supplement on performance of dairy cows grazing on alpine pasture

Author(s): Stefano Bovolenta | Elena Saccà | Walter Ventura | Edi Piasentier
Raw, extruded and expanded pea (Pisum sativum) in dairy cows diets

Author(s): Francesco Masoero | Maurizio Moschini | Giorgio Fusconi | Gianfranco Piva
Probiotic in rennet paste can affect lipase activity of rennet and lipolysis in ovine cheese

Author(s): Antonella Santillo | Mariangela Caroprese | Rosaria Marino | Marzia Albenzio
Influence of diet and of lamb slaughtering age on the coagulating properties of rennet paste

Author(s): A. Santillo | F. D’Angelo | M. Caroprese | R. Marino | M. Albenzio
The “maturation” of milk for Parmigiano- Reggiano cheesemaking: effects on mineral equilibria and technological properties

Author(s): P. Formaggioni | M. Malacarne | A. Summer | P. Franceschi | M. Pecorari | A. Tambini | P. Vecchia | P. Mariani
Ca and P in buffalo milk: curd yield and milk clotting parameters

Author(s): B. Ariota | G. Campanile | A. Potena | R. Napolano | B. Gasparrini | G. L. Neglia | R. Di Palo

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