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Polyphenols-Potential Food Improvement Factor

Author(s): A. Gramza-Michalowska | J. Korczak
Effectiveness of added natural antioxidants in sunflower oil

Author(s): Carelli, Amalia A. | Franco, Indira C. | Crapiste, Guillermo H.
Hydrolysis and oxidation of covering oil in canned dried tomatoes as affected by pasteurization

Author(s): Baiano, Antonietta | Gomes, Tommaso | Caponio, Francesco
Mineral Composition, Quality and Physico-chemical Parameters of the Local Tallow of Pakistan

Author(s): Muhammad Ali | Waqar Ali | Saeed Ahmed | Ikram Ullah
Efecto de la refinación física sobre la calidad química y sensorial del aceite de coco

Author(s): Torres-González, M. | Angulo-Guerrero, O. | Oliart-Ros, R. M. | Medina-Juárez, L. A.
Analytical Investigation of oxidative deterioration of Sunflower Oil stored under different conditions

Author(s): Syed Ali RAZA | Ayoub RASHID | Fahim Ashraf QURESHI | Muhammad Faheem ASIM | James WILLIAM
Effect of Vegetable-Based Oil Blends on Physicochemical Properties of Oils During Deep-Fat Frying

Author(s): Yaakob Bin Che Man | Hamed Mirhosseini | Chin Ping Tan | Alireza Serjouie
Antioxidant activity of 100% and 80% methanol extracts from barley seeds (Hordeum vulgare L.): stabilization of sunflower oil

Author(s): Anwar, Farooq | Abdul Qayyum, Hafiz Muhammad | Ijaz Hussain, Abdullah | Iqbal, Shahid
Oil production from sardine (Sardinops sagax caerulea)

Author(s): J.A. Noriega-Rodríguez | J. Ortega-García | O. Angulo-Guerrero | H.S. García | L.A. Medina-Juárez | N. Gámez-Meza
Antioxidant activities of Ginkgo biloba extracts: application in freeze stored meat dumplings

Author(s): Joanna Kobus-Cisowska | Ewa Flaczyk | Magdalena Jeszka
Effect of Commercial Kebab Frying on Physico-Chemical Parameters of the Tallow

Author(s): Muhammad Ali | Ikram Ullah | Saeed Ahmad | Hayat Khan | Haji Akbar
Lipid oxidation of fish meal stored under different storage conditions

Author(s): Laohabanjong, R. | Tantikitti, C. | Benjakul, S.
Evaluation of a simple and sensitive sensory method for measuring rancidity in soybean oils

Author(s): López-Aguilar, J. R. | Valerio-Alfaro, G. | Monroy-Rivera, J. A. | Medina-Juárez, L. A. | O’Mahony, M. | Angulo, O.
Effect of salinity on yield and quality of Moringa oleifera seed oil

Author(s): Anwar, Farooq | Ijaz Hussain, Abdullah | Ashraf, Muhammad | Jamail, Amer | Iqbal, Shahid
Assessment of oxidative deterioration of soybean oil at ambient and sunlight storage

Author(s): Anwar, Farooq | Shahid Chatha, Shahzad Ali | Ijaz Hussain, Abdullah
Alternative Methods of Frying and Antioxidant Stability in Soybean Oil

Author(s): Probir Kumar Ghosh | Dipan Chatterjee | Paramita Bhattacharjee
Effects of different heat treatments on lipid quality of striped catfish (Pangasius hypophthalmus)

Author(s): Zdzisław Domiszewski | Grzegorz Bienkiewicz | Dominika Plust
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