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An occurrence of ring sea anemones (Anthozoa, Actiniaria) in the Azores region

Author(s): Ocaña, O. | Henriques, A. | Porteiro, F.
Sox genes in the coral Acropora millepora: divergent expression patterns reflect differences in developmental mechanisms within the Anthozoa

Author(s): Shinzato Chuya | Iguchi Akira | Hayward David | Technau Ulrich | Ball Eldon | Miller David
Ring sea anemones, an overview (Cnidaria, Anthozoa, Actiniaria)

Author(s): Ocaña, Óscar | den Hartog, J. C. | van Ofwegen, L. P.
Color transitions in coral's fluorescent proteins by site-directed mutagenesis

Author(s): Gurskaya Nadya | Savitsky Alexander | Yanushevich Yurii | Lukyanov Sergey | Lukyanov Konstantin
Interconversion of Anthozoa GFP-like fluorescent and non-fluorescent proteins by mutagenesis

Author(s): Bulina Maria | Chudakov Dmitry | Mudrik Nikolay | Lukyanov Konstantin
A family of GFP-like proteins with different spectral properties in lancelet Branchiostoma floridae

Author(s): Baumann Diana | Cook Malcolm | Ma Limei | Mushegian Arcady | Sanders Erik | Schwartz Joel | Yu C Ron
Fish, fans and hydroids: host species of pygmy seahorses

Author(s): Bastian Reijnen | Sancia van der Meij | Leen van Ofwegen
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