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Somatostatin and opioid receptors do not regulate proliferation or apoptosis of the human multiple myeloma U266 cells

Author(s): Kerros Céline | Cavey Thibault | Sola Brigitte | Jauzac Philippe | Allouche Stéphane
High Concentration of Serum Soluble Fas in Patients with Head and Neck Carcinoma: A Comparative Study Before and After Surgical Removal of Tumor

Author(s): Mojtaba Habibagahi | Mansooreh Jaberipour | Mohammad Javad Fattahi | Seyed Basir Hashemi | Mahmood Shariati
CD8+, HLA-unrestricted, cytotoxic T-lymphocyte line against malignant melanoma

Author(s): Somasundaram Rajasekharan | Caputo Laura | Guerry DuPont | Herlyn Dorothee
Anti-Tumor Activity of a Novel Protein Obtained from Tartary Buckwheat

Author(s): Xiaona Guo | Kexue Zhu | Hui Zhang | Huiyuan Yao
Inhibition of allogeneic T-cell response by Kupffer cells expressing indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase

Author(s): Mao-Lin Yan, Yao-Dong Wang, Yi-Feng Tian, Zhi-De Lai, Lv-Nan Yan
Heterogeneous in vitro effects of doxorubicin on gene expression in primary human liposarcoma cultures

Author(s): Adrien Daigeler | Ludger Klein-Hitpass | Michael Chromik | Oliver Müller | Jörg Hauser | Heinz-Herbert Homann | Hans-Ulrich Steinau | Marcus Lehnhardt
Absence of the complement regulatory molecule CD59a leads to exacerbated neuropathology after traumatic brain injury in mice

Author(s): Stahel Philip | Flierl Michael | Morgan B Paul | Persigehl Ivonne | Stoll Christiane | Conrad Claudia | Touban Basel | Smith Wade | Beauchamp Kathryn | Schmidt Oliver | Ertel Wolfgang | Leinhase Iris
Neonatal high pressure hydrocephalus is associated with elevation of pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-18 and IFNγ in cerebrospinal fluid

Author(s): Sival Deborah | Felderhoff-Müser Ursula | Schmitz Thomas | Hoving Eelco | Schaller Carlo | Heep Axel
Interleukin-6 and Cyclooxygenase-2 downregulation by fatty-acid fractions of Ranunculus constantinopolitanus

Author(s): Fostok Sabreen | Ezzeddine Rima | Homaidan Fadia | Al-Saghir Jamal | Salloum Ralph | Saliba Najat | Talhouk Rabih
Extracorporeal immune therapy with immobilized agonistic anti-Fas antibodies leads to transient reduction of circulating neutrophil numbers and limits tissue damage after hemorrhagic shock/resuscitation in a porcine model

Author(s): Lögters Tim | Altrichter Jens | Paunel-Görgülü Adnana | Sager Martin | Witte Ingo | Ott Annina | Sadek Sarah | Baltes Jessica | Bitu-Moreno José | Schek Alberto | Müller Wolfram | Jeri Teresa | Windolf Joachim | Scholz Martin
Exploration of the Lysis Mechanisms of Leukaemic Blasts by Chimaeric T-Cells

Author(s): David Laurin | Virna Marin | Ettore Biagi | Irene Pizzitola | Valentina Agostoni | Géraldine Gallot | Henri Vié | Marie Christine Jacob | Laurence Chaperot | Caroline Aspord | Joël Plumas
Fas (CD95) induces rapid, TLR4/IRAK4-dependent release of pro-inflammatory HMGB1 from macrophages

Author(s): Wang Feng | Lu Ziyue | Hawkes Michael | Yang Huan | Kain Kevin | Liles W Conrad
ARG098, a novel anti-human Fas antibody, suppresses synovial hyperplasia and prevents cartilage destruction in a severe combined immunodeficient-HuRAg mouse model

Author(s): Odani-Kawabata Noriko | Takai-Imamura Miwa | Katsuta Osamu | Nakamura Hiroshi | Nishioka Kusuki | Funahashi Keiko | Matsubara Tsukasa | Sasano Minoru | Aono Hiroyuki
Role of apoptosis in pathogenesis of thyroiditis

Author(s): Stojanović Jasna | Srefanović Dejan | Vulović Divna | Puškaš Laslo | Marković Ljiljana
Heme oxygenase-1 prevents non-alcoholic steatohepatitis through suppressing hepatocyte apoptosis in mice

Author(s): Nan YueMin | Wang RongQi | Zhao SuXian | Han Fang | Wu Wen | Kong LingBo | Fu Na | Kong Li | Yu Jun
α-TEA-induced death receptor dependent apoptosis involves activation of acid sphingomyelinase and elevated ceramide-enriched cell surface membranes

Author(s): Li Jing | Yu Weiping | Tiwary Richa | Park Sook-Kyung | Xiong Ailian | Sanders Bob | Kline Kimberly
Steven-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis

Author(s): Erkan Alpsoy | Özlem Dicle | Ayşe Akman Karakaş
Polyunsaturated fatty acids reduce Fatty Acid Synthase and Hydroxy-Methyl-Glutaryl CoA-Reductase gene expression and promote apoptosis in HepG2 cell line

Author(s): Notarnicola Maria | Messa Caterina | Refolo Maria | Tutino Valeria | Miccolis Angelica | Caruso Maria
LY294002 potentiates the anti-cancer effect of oxaliplatin for gastric cancer via death receptor pathway

Author(s): Jie Liu, Xue-Qiong Fu, Wei Zhou, Hong-Gang Yu, Jie-Ping Yu, He-Sheng Luo
Impact of asialoglycoprotein receptor deficiency on the development of liver injury

Author(s): Serene ML Lee, Carol A Casey, Benita L McVicker
Targeting the Anti-Apoptotic Protein c-FLIP for Cancer Therapy

Author(s): Ahmad R. Safa | Karen E. Pollok
Irinotecan therapy and molecular targets in colorectal cancer: A systemic review

Author(s): Jessica Weekes, Alfred King-Yin Lam, Sabe Sebesan, Yik-Hong Ho
Effects of α-mangostin on apoptosis induction of human colon cancer

Author(s): Ramida Watanapokasin | Faongchat Jarinthanan | Yukio Nakamura | Nitisak Sawasjirakij | Amornmart Jaratrungtawee | Sunit Suksamrarn
Immunoexpression of CD95 in chronic gastritis and gastric mucosa-associated lymphomas

Author(s): Vassallo J. | Godoy Jr. C.E. | Godoy C.E. | Chagas C.A. | Metze K. | Trevisan M.A.S.
Ouabain exacerbates activation-induced cell death in human peripheral blood lymphocytes

Author(s): Esteves Mabel B. | Marques-Santos Luis F. | Affonso-Mitidieri Ottília R. | Rumjanek Vivian M.
Astrocyte reactivity to Fas activation is attenuated in TIMP-1 deficient mice, an in vitro study

Author(s): Ogier Crystel | Creidy Rita | Boucraut José | Soloway Paul | Khrestchatisky Michel | Rivera Santiago
Flux balance analysis of mycolic Acid pathway: targets for anti-tubercular drugs.

Author(s): Raman Karthik | Rajagopalan Preethi | Chandra Nagasuma
Fas ligand expression in human and mouse cancer cell lines; a caveat on over-reliance on mRNA data

Author(s): Ryan Aideen | Lane Sinead | Shanahan Fergus | O'Connell Joe | Houston Aileen
Modeling the effects of a Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B (SEB) on the apoptosis pathway

Author(s): Higgs Brandon | Dileo John | Chang Wenling | Smith Haley | Peters Olivia | Hammamieh Rasha | Jett Marti | Feidler Jordan
Cellular response to 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) in 5-FU-resistant colon cancer cell lines during treatment and recovery

Author(s): De Angelis Paula | Svendsrud Debbie | Kravik Katherine | Stokke Trond
Innate immune functions of microglia isolated from human glioma patients

Author(s): Hussain S Farzana | Yang David | Suki Dima | Grimm Elizabeth | Heimberger Amy
Oxidative stress increases Fas ligand expression in endothelial cells

Author(s): Suzuki Mayumi | Aoshiba Kazutetsu | Nagai Atsushi
Reduced neuronal cell death after experimental brain injury in mice lacking a functional alternative pathway of complement activation

Author(s): Leinhase Iris | Holers V Michael | Thurman Joshua | Harhausen Denise | Schmidt Oliver | Pietzcker Malte | Taha Mohy | Rittirsch Daniel | Huber-Lang Markus | Smith Wade | Ward Peter | Stahel Philip
Trauma induces apoptosis in human thoracolumbar intervertebral discs

Author(s): Heyde Christoph-E | Tschoeke Sven | Hellmuth Markus | Hostmann Arwed | Ertel Wolfgang | Oberholzer Andreas
Attenuated Disease in SIV-Infected Macaques Treated with a Monoclonal Antibody against FasL

Author(s): Maria S. Salvato | C. Cameron Yin | Hideo Yagita | Toshihiro Maeda | Ko Okumura | Ilia Tikhonov | C. David Pauza
Infliximab and Etanercept Are Equally Effective in Reducing Enterocyte APOPTOSIS in Experimental Colitis

Author(s): Walter Fries, Carmelo Muja, Carmela Crisafulli, Giuseppe Costantino, Giuseppe Longo, Salvatore Cuzzocrea, Emanuela Mazzon
Apoptosis and Redistribution of the Ro Autoantigen in Balb/c Mouse Like in Subacute Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus

Author(s): Rafael Herrera-Esparza | Ricardo Villalobos | Juan-Jose Bollain-y-Goytia | Roxana Ramírez-Sandoval | Sergio H. Sánchez-Rodriguez | Guadalupe Pacheco-Tovar | Esperanza Avalos-Diaz
SRT1720, A SIRT1 Activator, Aggravates Bleomycin-Induced Lung Injury in Mice

Author(s): Takashi Kondo | Masakiyo Sasahara | Kazuyuki Tobe | Hirofumi Ogawa | Ryuji Hayashi | Shingo Imanishi | Kensuke Suzuki | Tomomi Ichikawa
SRT1720, A SIRT1 Activator, Aggravates Bleomycin-Induced Lung Injury in Mice

Author(s): Takashi Kondo | Masakiyo Sasahara | Kazuyuki Tobe | Hirofumi Ogawa | Ryuji Hayashi | Shingo Imanishi | Kensuke Suzuki | Tomomi Ichikawa
Characterization of chronic HCV infection-induced apoptosis

Author(s): Zekri Abdel-Rahman | Bahnassy Abeer | Hafez Mohamed | Hassan Zeinab | Kamel Mahmoud | Loutfy Samah | Sherif Ghada | El-Zayadi Abdel-Rahman | Daoud Sayed
Pro- and anti-apoptotic CD95 signaling in T cells

Author(s): Paulsen Maren | Janssen Ottmar
Differential activation of Fas (CD95) mediated apoptosis by apple procyanidins in human colon cancer cells SW480 and their derived metastatic cells SW620

Author(s): María-Elena Maldonado-Celis | Souad Bousserouel | Francine Gossé | Annelise Lobstein | Francis Raul
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