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Cancer pain in elderly patient

Author(s): D. Cova | A. Ubbiali | P. Rossi | M. Cannone | T. Paradiso
Inulin - a versatile polysaccharide with multiple pharmaceutical and food chemical uses.

Author(s): Thomas Barclay | Milena Ginic-Markovic | Peter Cooper | Nikolai Petrovsky
Update and developments in the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme – focus on bevacizumab

Author(s): Naveed Wagle | Leia Nghiemphu | Albert Lai | et al
Effects of the Spider Venom on proliferation of Human Lung Adenocarcinoma Cell A549

Author(s): Zengxiang HU | Yulei DU | Quanxi LIU | Yuan WANG | Yuan WANG
Antiinfammatory Effects of Pyrenacanthia Staudtii Engl. (Icacinaceae) Aqueous Leaf Extract in Rodents

Author(s): Emmanuel Olorunju Awe | Modupe Janet Makinde | Kamoru Olayemi Wakeel1 | Simeon Olatunde Kolawole
IKKβ inhibitor identification: a multi-filter driven novel scaffold

Author(s): Nagarajan Shanthi | Choo Hyunah | Cho Yong | Shin Kye Jung | Oh Kwang-Seok | Lee Byung | Pae Ae
Salirasib inhibits the growth of hepatocarcinoma cell lines in vitro and tumor growth in vivo through ras and mTOR inhibition

Author(s): Charette Nicolas | De Saeger Christine | Lannoy Valérie | Horsmans Yves | Leclercq Isabelle | Stärkel Peter
Autoantibodies in patients treated for active pulmonary tuberculosis

Author(s): Kašiković-Lečić Svetlana | Kerenji Aleksandar | Pavlović Slobodan | Kuruc Vesna | Mitić Igor | Ilić Tanja
Molecular mechanisms of parthenolide’s action: Old drug with a new face

Author(s): Kamila Koprowska | Małgorzata Czyż
Pim-selective inhibitor DHPCC-9 reveals Pim kinases as potent stimulators of cancer cell migration and invasion

Author(s): Santio Niina | Vahakoski Riitta | Rainio Eeva-Marja | Sandholm Jouko | Virtanen Sanna | Prudhomme Michelle | Anizon Fabrice | Moreau Pascale | Koskinen Päivi
Molecular Mechanisms of Apoptosis Induced by Scytosiphon gracilis Kogame in HL-60 Cells

Author(s): Kil-Nam Kim | Young-Min Ham | Min-Seok Yang | Dong Sam Kim | Wook Jae Lee | Nam Ho Lee | Chang-Gu Hyun
Embryo-feto-toxicity of Anticancer Drug, Heptaplatin in Laboratory Mice

Author(s): K.M. Al-Anazi | F.M. Abou-Tarboush | M.F. Abdel-Samad | M.A. Farah | M.Y. Al-Faifi | B.A. Al-Ahmadi
Panitumumab: the evidence for its use in the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer

Author(s): Rossana Berardi | Azzurra Onofri | Mirco Pistelli | et al
Anti-Tumoral and Toxicological Studies with 2-[4-{3-(2-Chloroethyl)-3-Nitrosoureido}butyl]-Naphthalimide, a Novel Nitrosourea Molecule

Author(s): Asama Mukherjee | Sushanta Dutta | Gousia Chashoo | Ajit Kumar Saxena | Utpal Sanyal
Non-Markovian Population Dynamics: Does it Help to Optimize the Chemotherapeutic Strategy?

Author(s): Dmitry A. Kuznetsov | Nima Amirshahi | Andrey V. Makarov | Majid Fallahi | Sergey A. Roumiantsev | Karina S. Kardashova
Drug-induced cell cycle modulation leading to cell-cycle arrest, nuclear mis-segregation, or endoreplication

Author(s): Sakaue-Sawano Asako | Kobayashi Tamiyo | Ohtawa Kenji | Miyawaki Atsushi
Preclinical evaluation of KIT/PDGFRA and mTOR inhibitors in gastrointestinal stromal tumors using small animal FDG PET

Author(s): Pantaleo Maria | Nicoletti Giordano | Nanni Cristina | Gnocchi Chiara | Landuzzi Lorena | Quarta Carmelo | Boschi Stefano | Nannini Margherita | Di Battista Monica | Castellucci Paolo | Fanti Stefano | Lollini Pier | Bellan Elena | Castelli Mauro | Rubello Domenico | Biasco Guido
Blocking of ERK1 and ERK2 sensitizes human mesothelioma cells to doxorubicin

Author(s): Shukla Arti | Hillegass Jedd | MacPherson Maximilian | Beuschel Stacie | Vacek Pamela | Pass Harvey | Carbone Michele | Testa Joseph | Mossman Brooke
Potential drug interactions and duplicate prescriptions among ambulatory cancer patients: a prevalence study using an advanced screening method

Author(s): van Leeuwen Roelof | Swart Eleonora | Boom Frits | Schuitenmaker Martin | Hugtenburg Jacqueline
How does heparin prevent the pH inactivation of cathepsin B? Allosteric mechanism elucidated by docking and molecular dynamics

Author(s): Costa Mauricio | Batista Paulo | Shida Cláudio | Robert Charles | Bisch Paulo | Pascutti Pedro
A population-based case-crossover study of polyethylene glycol use and acute renal failure risk in the elderly

Author(s): Nam-Kyong Choi | Yoosoo Chang | Sun-Young Jung | Yu-Kyong Choi | Joongyub Lee | Jin-Ho Lee | Ju-Young Kim | Byung-Joo Park
Microfluidics: Emerging prospects for anti-cancer drug screening

Author(s): Donald Wlodkowic, Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz
Treatment of biliary tract cancer with NVP-AEW541: Mechanisms of action and resistance

Author(s): Samuel Wolf, Jana Lorenz, Joachim Mössner, Marcus Wiedmann
Small Molecule Inhibitors of Bcl-2 Family Proteins for Pancreatic Cancer Therapy

Author(s): Ashiq Masood | Asfar S. Azmi | Ramzi M. Mohammad
Individually administered or co-prescribed thiopurines and mesalamines for inflammatory bowel disease

Author(s): Giovanni C Actis, Rinaldo Pellicano, Mario Rizzetto, Muhammad Ayoubi, Nicola Leone, Gianfranco Tappero, Paola Pazienza, Floriano Rosina
Targeting the Anti-Apoptotic Protein c-FLIP for Cancer Therapy

Author(s): Ahmad R. Safa | Karen E. Pollok
Experimental treatment of pancreatic cancer with two novel histone deacetylase inhibitors

Author(s): Martin Haefner, Thilo Bluethner, Manuel Niederhagen, Christian Moebius, Christian Wittekind, Joachim Mossner, Karel Caca, Marcus Wiedmann
Bcl-x and Myeloid cell leukaemia-1 contribute to apoptosis resistance of colorectal cancer cells

Author(s): Henning Schulze-Bergkamen, Roland Ehrenberg, Lothar Hickmann, Binje Vick, Toni Urbanik, Christoph C Schimanski, Martin R Berger, Arno Schad, Achim Weber, Steffen Heeger, Peter R Galle, Markus Moehler
Targeting nicotine addiction: the possibility of a therapeutic vaccine

Author(s): Escobar-Chávez JJ | Domínguez-Delgado CL | Rodríguez-Cruz IM
The binding properties of some novel ruthenium (III) complexes with human serum transferrin

Author(s): Arsene A. L., | Uivarosi V. | Mitrea N. | Dragoi C. M. | Nicolae A.
Efficacy and Safety of rh-Endostatin Combined with Chemotherapy 
versus Chemotherapy Alone for Advanced NSCLC: A Meta-analysis Review

Author(s): Dedong CAO | Wei GE | Huimin WANG | Ling ZHANG | Yongfa ZHENG | Jinzhong ZHANG
Efficacy of L-carnitine on liver function in childrens under chemotherapy with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Author(s): Hashemi.A | Souzani.A | Meshkani.M | Osia.S | Shahvazian.N | Keshavarzi.S | Atefi.A
Anti-tumor effects of brucine immuno-nanoparticles on hepatocellular carcinoma

Author(s): Qin JM | Yin PH | Li Q | Sa ZQ | Sheng X | Yang L | Huang T | Zhang M | Gao KP | Chen QH | Ma JW | Shen HB

Author(s): Patil Kalpana S. | Bhardwaj Lokesh K | Juvatkar P.V. | Shukla V.K. | Manvi F.V.

Author(s): Nagori B.P. | Solanki Renu | Sharma Neha
Carbenoxolone Induces Apoptosis and Inhibits Survivin and Survivin-ΔEx3 Genes Expression in Human Leukemia K562 Cells

Author(s): M.A. Moosavi | S. Moasses Ghafary | I. Asvadi-Kermani | H. Hamzeiy | M. Rahmati | A.H. Ahmadi | A. Nikanfar | Z. Sanaat | M. Asadi-Khiavi
Characterization of Different Functionalized Lipidic Nanocapsules as Potential Drug Carriers

Author(s): Paola Sánchez-Moreno | Juan Luis Ortega-Vinuesa | Antonio Martín-Rodríguez | Houría Boulaiz | Juan Antonio Marchal-Corrales | José Manuel Peula-García
A Combined DNA-Affinic Molecule and N-Mustard Alkylating Agent Has an Anti-Cancer Effect and Induces Autophagy in Oral Cancer Cells

Author(s): Wen-Liang Lo | Pen-Yuan Chu | Tsung-Heng Lee | Tsann-Long Su | Yueh Chien | Yi-Wei Chen | Pin-I Huang | Ling-Ming Tseng | Pang-Hsien Tu | Shou-Yen Kao | Jeng-Fan Lo
α-Mangostin Enhances Betulinic Acid Cytotoxicity and Inhibits Cisplatin Cytotoxicity on HCT 116 Colorectal Carcinoma Cells

Author(s): Abdalrahim F. A. Aisha | Khalid M. Abu-Salah | Zhari Ismail | Amin Malik Shah Abdul Majid
Method Development And Validation For The Estimation Of Chlorambucil In Bulk And Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms Using UV-VIS Spectrophotometric Method

Author(s): *Suddhasattya Dey1, Himansu Bhusan Samal2, P. Monica2, Sandeep Reddy2, G. Karthik2, Rohit Gujrati 2 and B. Geeta
The Effects of Artesunate on the Expression of EGFR and ABCG2 in A549 Human Lung Cancer Cells and a Xenograft Model

Author(s): Hu Ma | Quan Yao | An-Mei Zhang | Sheng Lin | Xin-Xin Wang | Lei Wu | Jian-Guo Sun | Zheng-Tang Chen
Phase 0 clinical trial- an overview

Author(s): Aanchal Satija

Author(s): Rishah Kumar Sahu | Ashish Jain | Satish Nayak
More Stable, More Estrogenic: The SERM-ERα LBD Complex

Author(s): Li Gao | Yaoquan Tu | Leif A. Eriksson
Synergistic Anti-Tumor Effect of Cisplatin When Combined with an Anti-Src Kinase Integrin-Based Peptide

Author(s): Michael Agrez | Madhu Garg | Douglas Dorahy | Stephen Ackland
A Journey Under the Sea: The Quest for Marine Anti-Cancer Alkaloids

Author(s): Rita Tohme | Nadine Darwiche | Hala Gali-Muhtasib
Molecular targeting of prostate cancer cells by a triple drug combination down-regulates integrin driven adhesion processes, delays cell cycle progression and interferes with the cdk-cyclin axis

Author(s): Wedel Steffen | Hudak Lukasz | Seibel Jens-Michael | Makarević Jasmina | Juengel Eva | Tsaur Igor | Waaga-Gasser Ana | Haferkamp Axel | Blaheta Roman
The BH3 mimetic ABT-737 increases treatment efficiency of paclitaxel against hepatoblastoma

Author(s): Lieber Justus | Eicher Carmen | Wenz Julia | Kirchner Bettina | Warmann Steven | Fuchs Jörg | Armeanu-Ebinger Sorin
Collagen induced arthritis increases secondary metastasis in MMTV-PyV MT mouse model of mammary cancer

Author(s): Roy Lopamudra | Ghosh Sriparna | Pathangey Latha | Tinder Teresa | Gruber Helen | Mukherjee Pinku
Characterisation and manipulation of docetaxel resistant prostate cancer cell lines

Author(s): O'Neill Amanda | Prencipe Maria | Dowling Catherine | Fan Yue | Mulrane Laoighse | Gallagher William | O'Connor Darran | O'Connor Robert | Devery Aoife | Corcoran Claire | Rani Sweta | O'Driscoll Lorraine | Fitzpatrick John | Watson R William
Clathrin-mediated entry and cellular localization of chlorotoxin in human glioma

Author(s): Wiranowska Marzenna | Colina Lucrecia | Johnson Joseph
Tumour macrophages as potential targets of bisphosphonates

Author(s): Rogers Thea | Holen Ingunn
Oncolytic Activities of Host Defense Peptides

Author(s): Sammy Al-Benna | Yechiel Shai | Frank Jacobsen | Lars Steinstraesser
Gastro-retentive floating beads of curcumin β-cyclodextrin complex to treat stomach tumors

Author(s): Shishu Goindi | Kamalpreet Mann | Nidhi Aggarwal
Discriminating Different Cancer Cells Using a Zebrafish in Vivo Assay

Author(s): Karni S. Moshal | Karine F. Ferri-Lagneau | Jamil Haider | Pooja Pardhanani | TinChung Leung

Author(s): Mali in Nikougoftar | M. Farliadi | A.A. Pourfathollali
Design and optimization of in-situ gel of metoclopramide using 32 full factorial design

Author(s): Vinay Wamorkar*, M. Mohan Varma1, Manjunath S.Y.
Therapeutic use of cyclophosphamide and its cytotoxic action : A challenge for researchers

Author(s): Suchitra Ku Panigrahy*, Suresh Jatawa, Archana Tiwari
Anti-tumor Activity of Some 1,3,4-thiadiazoles and 1,2,4-triazine Derivatives against Ehrlichs Ascites Carcinoma

Author(s): Sabry A. EL-Naggar | Ahmed A. El-Barbary | Merveet A. Mansour | Fawzya Abdel-Shafy | Shaimaa Talat
Anti-Inflammatory Drug Design Using a Molecular Hybridization Approach

Author(s): Priscila Longhin Bosquesi | Thais Regina Ferreira Melo | Ednir Oliveira Vizioli | Jean Leandro dos Santos | Man Chin Chung
Increase in Docetaxel-Resistance of Ovarian Carcinoma-Derived RMG-1 Cells with Enhanced Expression of Lewis Y Antigen

Author(s): Fan Zhang | Juanjuan Liu | Bei Lin | Qing Liu | Yue Zhao | Liancheng Zhu | Yingying Hao | Shulan Zhang | Masao Iwamori
Dynamic changes and surveillance function of prion protein expression in gastric cancer drug resistance

Author(s): Ji-Heng Wang | Jing-Ping Du | Ying-Hai Zhang | Xiao-Jun Zhao | Ru-Ying Fan | Zhi-Hong Wang | Zi-Tao Wu | Ying Han
A Review on Plants a useful source of anti-cancer drugs

Author(s): Sameer Mehndiratta1, Sunil Kumar1, Ajay Kumar Meena2, Surrinder Koul3, O P Suri 1 and Kanaya Lal Dhar1
Targeted delivery of doxorubicin-utilizing chitosan nanoparticles surface-functionalized with anti-Her2 trastuzumab

Author(s): Yousefpour P | Atyabi F | Vasheghani-Farahani E | Mousavi Movahedi AA | Dinarv | R
Combination therapy: the next opportunity and challenge of medicine

Author(s): Ascierto Paolo | Marincola Francesco
Expected clinical applications of circulating tumor cells in breast cancer

Author(s): Youngjin Park | Tomoaki Kitahara | Tasuku Urita | Yutaka Yoshida | Ryoji Kato
Biology of Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma

Author(s): Michele Milella, Alessandra Felici

Author(s): Sanjay B Bhawar*1,Nachiket S Dighe2,Ravindra B Laware3

Author(s): Raju.A*, A.J.M. Christina, N. Chidambaranathan, S. Vimal Kumar
Activation of NAG-1 via JNK signaling revealed an isochaihulactone-triggered cell death in human LNCaP prostate cancer cells

Author(s): Chiu Sheng-Chun | Wang Mei-Jen | Yang Hsueh-Hui | Chen Shee-Ping | Huang Sung-Ying | Chen Yi-Lin | Lin Shinn-Zong | Harn Horng-Jyh | Pang Cheng-Yoong
Loss of aquaporin-4 expression and putative function in non-small cell lung cancer

Author(s): Warth Arne | Muley Thomas | Meister Michael | Herpel Esther | Pathil Anita | Hoffmann Hans | Schnabel Philipp | Bender Christian | Buness Andreas | Schirmacher Peter | Kuner Ruprecht
In vitro antiproliferative activity of partially purified Trigona laeviceps propolis from Thailand on human cancer cell lines

Author(s): Umthong Supawadee | Phuwapraisirisan Preecha | Puthong Songchan | Chanchao Chanpen
Molecular conservation of estrogen-response associated with cell cycle regulation, hormonal carcinogenesis and cancer in zebrafish and human cancer cell lines

Author(s): Lam Siew | Lee Serene | Lin Chin | Thomsen Jane | Fu Pan | Murthy Karuturi | Li Haixia | Govindarajan Kunde | Nick Lin | Bourque Guillaume | Gong Zhiyuan | Lufkin Thomas | Liu Edison | Mathavan Sinnakaruppan
New Topoisomerase I mutations are associated with resistance to camptothecin

Author(s): Gongora Céline | Vezzio-Vie Nadia | Tuduri Sandie | Denis Vincent | Causse Annick | Auzanneau Céline | Collod-Beroud Gwenaëlle | Coquelle Arnaud | Pasero Philippe | Pourquier Philippe | Martineau Pierre | Del Rio Maguy
Minichromosome Maintenance Protein 7 is a potential therapeutic target in human cancer and a novel prognostic marker of non-small cell lung cancer

Author(s): Toyokawa Gouji | Masuda Ken | Daigo Yataro | Cho Hyun-Soo | Yoshimatsu Masanori | Takawa Masashi | Hayami Shinya | Maejima Kazuhiro | Chino Makoto | Field Helen | Neal David | Tsuchiya Eiju | Ponder Bruce | Maehara Yoshihiko | Nakamura Yusuke | Hamamoto Ryuji
Specific microtubule-depolymerizing agents augment efficacy of dendritic cell-based cancer vaccines

Author(s): Wen Chih-Chun | Chen Hui-Ming | Chen Swey-Shen | Huang Li-Ting | Chang Wei-Ting | Wei Wen-Chi | Chou Li-Chen | Arulselvan Palanisamy | Wu Jin-Bin | Kuo Sheng-Chu | Yang Ning-Sun
Cutaneous lupus erythematosus after treatment with paclitaxel and bevacizumab for metastatic breast cancer: a case report

Author(s): Vihinen Pia | Paija Outi | Kivisaari Atte | Koulu Leena | Aho Heikki
Cost effectiveness of ulcerative colitis treatment in Germany: a comparison of two oral formulations of mesalazine

Author(s): Prenzler Anne | Yen Linnette | Mittendorf Thomas | von der Schulenburg J-Matthias
A database for the predicted pharmacophoric features of medicinal compounds

Author(s): Pitchai Daisy | Sanjeev Kumar Singh | Periyasamy Vijayalakshmi | Chandrabose Selvaraj | Manikkam Rajalakshmi | Sukumaran Suveena
Database on pharmacophore analysis of active principles, from medicinal plants

Author(s): Daisy Pitchai | Rajalakshmi Manikkam | Gnanamani Pitchai | Sasikala R. Rajendran
Bioengineering Functional Copolymers. XVII. Interaction of Organoboron Amide-Ester Branched Derivatives of Poly(Acrylic Acid) with Cancer Cells

Author(s): Mustafa Türk | Gülten Kahraman | Sevda A. Khalilova | Zakir M. O. Rzayev | Serpil Oguztüzün
Mechanisms and Therapeutic Implications of Cell Death Induction by Indole Compounds

Author(s): Aamir Ahmad | Wael A. Sakr | KM Wahidur Rahman
Enhanced Anti-Tumoral Activity of Methotrexate-Human Serum Albumin Conjugated Nanoparticles by Targeting with Luteinizing Hormone-Releasing Hormone (LHRH) Peptide

Author(s): Azade Taheri | Rassoul Dinarvand | Fatemeh Atyabi | Fatemeh Ahadi | Farank Salman Nouri | Mohammad Hossein Ghahremani | Seyed Nasser Ostad | Atefeh Taheri Borougeni | Pooria Mansoori
Bioactivities from Marine Algae of the Genus Gracilaria

Author(s): Cynthia Layse F. De Almeida | Heloina De S. Falcão | Gedson R. De M. Lima | Camila De A. Montenegro | Narlize S. Lira | Petrônio F. De Athayde-Filho | Luis C. Rodrigues | Maria de Fátima V. De Souza | José M. Barbosa-Filho | Leônia M. Batista
Epigenetic Therapy for Breast Cancer

Author(s): Feng-Feng Cai | Corina Kohler | Bei Zhang | Ming-Hong Wang | Wei-Jie Chen | Xiao-Yan Zhong
Therapeutic evaluation of Acacia nilotica (Linn) stem bark extract in experimental African trypanosomiasis

Author(s): E O Ogbadoyi | M H Garba | A Y Kabiru | A Mann | J I Okogun

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