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Antimalarial drugs: unexpected evolutionary consequences

Author(s): Schneider Petra | Bell Andy | Read Andrew | Reece Sarah
Mechanistic insights into non-immunosuppressive immunophilin ligands as potential antimalarial therapeutics

Author(s): Yoon Ho Sup | Alag Reema | Kang Congbao | Ye Hong | Kotaka Masayo | Qureshi Insaf | Bharatham Nagakumar | Shin Joon | Bozdech Zbynek | Preiser Peter | Lescar Julien
Progress in the development of Reversed Chloroquine molecules as antimalarial therapy

Author(s): Burgess Steven | Xu-Kelly Jane | Liebmann Katherine | Gunsaru Bornface | Morrill Westin | Peyton David
Antimalarial activity of ulein and proof of its action on the Plasmodium falciparum digestive vacuole

Author(s): de Oliveira Alaíde | Dolabela Maria | Póvoa Marinete | Santos Cid Aimbiré | de Pilla Varotti Fernando
New emerging drug-resistant malaria

Author(s): Viroj Wiwanitkit
Three cases of ARDS: An emerging complication of Plasmodium vivax malaria

Author(s): Sarkar Supriya | Saha Kaushik | Das Chandra
Median Lethal Dose, Antimalarial Activity, Phytochemical Screening and Radical Scavenging of Methanolic Languas galanga Rhizome Extract

Author(s): Abdulelah H. Al-Adhroey | Zurainee M. Nor | Hesham M. Al-Mekhlafi | Rohela Mahmud
Evaluation of the Antimalarial Potential of Vernonia ambigua Kotschy and Peyr (Asteraceae)

Author(s): M.I. Builders | N.N. Wannang | G.A. Ajoku | P.F. Builders | A. Orisadipe | J.C. Aguiyi
Synthesis and Antimalarial Activity of Novel Dihydro-Artemisinin Derivatives

Author(s): Yang Liu | Kunqiang Cui | Weiqiang Lu | Wei Luo | Jian Wang | Jin Huang | Chun Guo
Atypical manifestations of malaria

Author(s): Syed Ahmed Zaki | Preeti Shanbag
Two Cases With Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine Maculopathy

Author(s): Fulya AKMAN | Eren ÇERMAN | Özlem YENİCE | Haluk KAZOKOĞLU
Antiplasmodial Natural Products

Author(s): Cláudio R. Nogueira | Lucia M. X. Lopes
Assessment of Antimalarial Activity against Plasmodium falciparum and Phytochemical Screening of Some Yemeni Medicinal Plants

Author(s): Mohammed A. Alshawsh | Ramzi A. Mothana | Hassan A. Al-shamahy | Salah F. Alsllami | Ulrike Lindequist
Antioxidant, Cytotoxic and Antimalarial Activities from Crude Extracts of Mushroom Phellinus linteus

Author(s): S. Samchai | P. Seephonkai | A. Sangdee | A. Puntumchai | U. Klinhom
Gonadotoxicity Evaluation of Oral Artemisinin Derivative in Male Rats

Author(s): Y. Raji | I.O. Osonuga | O.S. Akinsomisoye | O.A. Osonuga | O.O. Mewoyeka
Co-trimoxazole Prescription at the Outpatient Service of a Secondary Health Facility in Ibadan, Nigeria

Author(s): F.A. Fehintola | A.A. Ganiyu | O. Akinmusure | H.A. Oduntan | J.O. Adeyinka
Iron Status of Malaria Patients in Douala - Cameroon

Author(s): Gouado Inocent | Djuidje N. Marceline | Pankoui M.J. Bertrand | Fotso K. Honore
Molecular Docking Studies of Antimalarial Drugs for Malaria

Author(s): Nutan Prakash | Shivani Patel | Nilkanth J. Faldu | Ravi Ranjan | DVN Sudheer
Artemisia scoparia – A new source of artemisinin

Author(s): Aditi Singh | Renu Sarin
Availability and utilization of malaria prevention strategies in pregnancy in eastern India

Author(s): Wylie Blair | Hashmi Ahmar | Singh Neeru | Singh Mrigendra | Tuchman Jordan | Hussain Mobassir | Sabin Lora | Yeboah-Antwi Kojo | Banerjee Camellia | Brooks Mohamad | Desai Meghna | Udhayakumar Venkatachalam | MacLeod William | Dash Aditya | Hamer Davidson
A Simplified Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Assay for Artesunate and Dihydroartemisinin, Its Metabolite, in Human Plasma

Author(s): Paktiya Teja-Isavadharm | Duangsuda Siriyanonda | Raveewan Siripokasupkul | Roongnapa Apinan | Nitima Chanarat | Apassorn Lim | Srisombat Wannaying | David Saunders | Mark M. Fukuda | Robert S. Miller | Peter J. Weina | Victor Meléndez
Enantiomeric Distribution of Some Linalool Containing Essential Oils and Their Biological Activities

Author(s): Temel Özek | Nurhayat Tabanca | Fatih Demirci | David E. Wedge | K. Hüsnü Can Başer
Proteins involved in invasion of human red blood cells by malaria parasites

Author(s): Ewa Jaśkiewicz | Jakub Graczyk | Joanna Rydzak
Antiplasmodial Activity and Cytotoxicity of Semi Purified Fractions from Zanthoxylum zanthoxyloïdes Lam. Bark of Trunk

Author(s): A. Gansane | S. Sanon | P.L. Ouattara | S. Hutter | E. Ollivier | N. Azas | A. Traore | A.S. Traore | I.P. Guissou | I. Nebie | B.S. Sirima
Antimalarial Activity of Methanolic Leaf Extract of Piper betle L.

Author(s): Abdulelah H. Al-Adhroey | Zurainee M. Nor | Hesham M. Al-Mekhlafi | Adel A. Amran | Rohela Mahmud
Atypical lymphocytes in malaria mimicking dengue infection in Thailand

Author(s): Polrat Wilairatana | Noppadon Tangpukdee | Sant Muangnoicharoen | et al
Antimalarial medicine diversion: stock-outs and other public health problems

Author(s): Roger Bate | Kimberly Hess | Lorraine Mooney
Acquired resistance of malarial parasites against artemisinin-based drugs: social and economic impacts

Author(s): Johanna M Porter-Kelley | Joann Cofie | Sophonie Jean | et al
Performance of the OptiMAL® dipstick in the diagnosis of malaria infection in pregnancy

Author(s): Harry Tagbor | Jane Bruce | Edmund Browne | Brian Greenwood | Daniel Chandramohan
Assessment of acceptability and ease of use of atovaquone/proguanil medication in subjects undergoing malaria prophylaxis

Author(s): V Nicosia | Giorgio Colombo | M Consentino | S Di Matteo | F Mika | et al
Antimalarials and the fight against malaria in Brazil

Author(s): Luiz MA Carmargo | Saulo de Oliveira | Sergio Basano | Célia RS Garcia
Cost comparison of microscopy vs. empiric treatment for malaria in southwestern nigeria: a prospective study

Author(s): Parikh Ravi | Amole Isaac | Tarpley Margaret | Gbadero Daniel | Davidson Mario | Vermund Sten
Implementation of a reference standard and proficiency testing programme by the World Wide Antimalarial Resistance Network (WWARN)

Author(s): Lourens Chris | Watkins William | Barnes Karen | Sibley Carol | Guerin Philippe | White Nicholas | Lindegardh Niklas
Expanding the Antimalarial Drug Arsenal—Now, But How?

Author(s): Brian T. Grimberg | Rajeev K. Mehlotra
Simple flow cytometric detection of haemozoin containing leukocytes and erythrocytes for research on diagnosis, immunology and drug sensitivity testing

Author(s): Frita Rosangela | Rebelo Maria | Pamplona Ana | Vigario Ana | Mota Maria | Grobusch Martin | Hänscheid Thomas
In vitro antimicrobial efficacy of solvent extracts of seeds of Albizzia lebbeck (L.) Benth.

Author(s): K. Anthonamma | S.H.K.R. Prasad | D. Rajasekhar | N. L. Swapna | Madan Prasad

Author(s): Bharti Ashish | Pandeya S.N.

Author(s): Tomar Amita | Mall Mridula | Verma Manju
Aurantoside K, a New Antifungal Tetramic Acid Glycoside from a Fijian Marine Sponge of the Genus Melophlus

Author(s): Rohitesh Kumar | Ramesh Subramani | Klaus-D. Feussner | William Aalbersberg
Effect of Chronic Oral Administration of Chloroquine on the Histology of the Liver in Wistar Rats

Author(s): A.M. Izunya | A.O. Nwaopara | L.C. Anyanwu | M.A.C. Odike | G.A. Oaikhena | J.K. Bankole | O. Okhiai
Urticarin in Children

Author(s): M Rohani
Fever in Children: Mothers’ Perceptions and their Home Management

Author(s): Kazeem A. Oshikoya | Idowu O. Senbanjo

Author(s): G.Murgananthan | Sathya Chethan Pabbithi
Antimalarial Effects of Iranian Flora Artemisia sieberi on Plasmodium berghei In Vivo in Mice and Phytochemistry Analysis of Its Herbal Extracts

Author(s): Hossein Nahrevanian | Bayram Sheykhkanlooye Milan | Masoud Kazemi | Reza Hajhosseini | Soudeh Soleymani Mashhadi | Shahab Nahrevanian
Pharmacological Potentials of Andrographis paniculata: An Overview

Author(s): Anusua Chowdhury | Subrata Kumar Biswas | Sheikh Zahir Raihan | Joysree Das | Swati Paul
Pilot plant production of Anti-malarial Drug piperaquine phosphate and synthesis of its metabolites

Author(s): Nguyen Van Hung | Pham Van Cuong | Doan Thi Mai Huong | Tran Van Hieu | Chau Van Minh
Exploring MIA-QSARs for farnesyltransferase inhibitory effect of antimalarial compounds refined by docking simulations

Author(s): Elaine F. F. da Cunha | Teodorico C. Ramalho | Matheus P. Freitas | Omar Deeb | Sherin Alfalah
Exploring MIA-QSARs for farnesyltransferase inhibitory effect of antimalarial compounds refined by docking simulations

Author(s): Omar Deeb | Sherin Alfalah | Matheus P. Freitas | Elaine F. F. da Cunha | Teodorico C. Ramalho
The Effects of Artesunate on the Expression of EGFR and ABCG2 in A549 Human Lung Cancer Cells and a Xenograft Model

Author(s): Hu Ma | Quan Yao | An-Mei Zhang | Sheng Lin | Xin-Xin Wang | Lei Wu | Jian-Guo Sun | Zheng-Tang Chen
Binary and Ternary Complexes of Arteether β-CD - Characterization, Molecular Modeling and in Vivo Studies

Author(s): Renu Chadha | Sushma Gupta | Natasha Pathak | Geeta Shukla | D.V.S. Jain | Raghuvir R S Pissurlenkar | Evans C Coutinho
Lupus erythematosus tumidus – rzadka odmiana przewlekłej skórnej postaci tocznia rumieniowatego

Author(s): Joanna Chylicka | Aneta Szczerkowska-Dobosz | Anetta Gwiazdowska | Małgorzata Sokołowska-Wojdyło
A study of new antimalarial artemisinins through molecular modeling and multivariate analysis

Author(s): Ferreira João E.V. | Figueiredo Antonio F. | Barbosa Jardel P. | Cristino Maria G.G. | Macedo Williams J.C. | Silva Osmarina P.P. | Malheiros Bruno V. | Serra Raymony T.A. | Ciriaco-Pinheiro Jose
The evolution of pyrimethamine resistant dhfr in Plasmodium falciparum of south-eastern Tanzania: comparing selection under SP alone vs SP+artesunate combination

Author(s): Malisa Allen | Pearce Richard | Mutayoba Ben | Abdullah Salim | Mshinda Hassan | Kachur Patrick | Bloland Peter | Roper Cally

Author(s): S. C. Kale | M. S. Palled | A. R. Bhat | M. K. Kale | Ritesh Bathe
Assessment of the efficacy of first-line antimalarial drugs after 5 years of deployment by the National Malaria Control Programme in Côte d'Ivoire

Author(s): Offianan AT | Assi SB | Coulibaly A | N'guessan LT | Ako AA | Kadjo FK | San MK | Penali LK

Author(s): Sammy C. K. Tay | Kwabena Dankwa | Stephen Y. Gbedema | Archibald Sittie
Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) Deficiency

Author(s): DD Farhud | L Yazdanpanah
Antimalarial, Anticancer, Antimicrobial Activities and Chemical Constituents of Essential Oil from the Aerial Parts of Cyperus kyllingia Endl.

Author(s): Sorachai Khamsan | Boonsom Liawruangrath | Saisunee Liawruangrath | Aphiwat Teerawutkulrag | Stephen G. Pyne | Mary J. Garson
Molecular Characterization of Dihydrofolate Reductase-Thymidylate Synthase Gene Concerning Antifulate Resistance of Plasmodium vivax

Author(s): K Sharifi | A Haghighi | L Gachkar | B Kazemi | N Taghipour | N Hosseinzadeh
Plasmodium falciparum spermidine synthase

Author(s): Anup V. Patwa, Amit G. Nerkar*, Sanjay D. Sawant
Helichrysum gymnocephalum Essential Oil: Chemical Composition and Cytotoxic, Antimalarial and Antioxidant Activities, Attribution of the Activity Origin by Correlations

Author(s): Samia Afoulous | Hicham Ferhout | Emmanuel Guy Raoelison | Alexis Valentin | Béatrice Moukarzel | François Couderc | Jalloul Bouajila
Design and Synthesis of New N-(5-Trifluoromethyl)-1H-1,2,4-triazol-3-yl Benzenesulfonamides as Possible Antimalarial Prototypes

Author(s): Nubia Boechat | Luiz C.S. Pinheiro | Osvaldo A. Santos-Filho | Isabor C. Silva
Chalcones induced inhibition of plasmepsin II, a hemoglobin-degrading malarial aspartic protease from Plasmodium falciparum

Author(s): Hemandra Kumar Tiwari1, Sanidhya Upadhyay1, Raj Kumar Upadhyay1,*, Manmeet Rawat2 and Arun Sharma2
Artemisinin resistance in Plasmodium falciparum is associated with an altered temporal pattern of transcription

Author(s): Mok Sachel | Imwong Mallika | Mackinnon Margaret | Sim Joan | Ramadoss Ramya | Yi Poravuth | Mayxay Mayfong | Chotivanich Kesinee | Liong Kek-Yee | Russell Bruce | Socheat Duong | Newton Paul | Day Nicholas | White Nicholas | Preiser Peter | Nosten François | Dondorp Arjen | Bozdech Zbynek
Media, Health Workers, and Policy Makers' Relationship and Their Impact on Antimalarial Policy Adoption: A Population Genetics Perspective

Author(s): Allen Malisa | Richard Pearce | Benezeth Mutayoba | Salim Abdullah | Hassan Mshinda | Patrick Kachur | Peter Bloland | Cally Roper
In Vitro and In Vivo Antimalarial Activity Assays of Seeds from Balanites aegyptiaca: Compounds of the Extract Show Growth Inhibition and Activity against Plasmodial Aminopeptidase

Author(s): Peter Kusch | Susanne Deininger | Sabine Specht | Rudeka Maniako | Stefanie Haubrich | Tanja Pommerening | Paul Kong Thoo Lin | Achim Hoerauf | Annette Kaiser
Increasing Access to Subsidized Artemisinin-based Combination Therapy through Accredited Drug Dispensing Outlets in Tanzania

Author(s): Rutta Edmund | Kibassa Bryceson | McKinnon Brittany | Liana Jafary | Mbwasi Romuald | Mlaki Wilson | Embrey Martha | Gabra Michael | Shekalaghe Elizabeth | Kimatta Suleiman | Sillo Hiiti
Parkinsonia aculeata: A Phytopharmacological Review

Author(s): B. Divya | K. Mruthunjaya | S.N. Manjula

Author(s): A. Dasgupta | A. Mukherjee | A. Mitra
Antitumor and Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship Study for Dihydropyridones Derived from Curcumin

Author(s): Bahjat A. Saeed | Kawkab Y. Saour | Rita S. Elias | Najim A. Al-Masoudi | Paola La Cola
Antiviral and Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship Study for Dihydropyridones Derived from Curcumin

Author(s): Bahjat A. Saeed | Kawkab Y. Saour | Rita S. Elias | Najim A. Al-Masoudi
Organogénesis directa in vitro a partir de hojas de la planta Antiplasmodial Solanum nudum Dunal

Author(s): Suárez Cardoso Oscar Manuel | Naranjo Gómez Esther Julia | Atehortúa Garcés Lucía | Blair Trujillo Silvia

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