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Hepatitis B in pregnant women and results of follow up of immunized children whose mothers are hepatitis B surfage antigen positive

Author(s): Fatma Sırmatel | Ali İhsan Bozkurt | Tekin Karslıgil | Alpay Çakmak | İclal Geyikli
Photonic Biosensor Assays to Detect and Distinguish Subspecies of Francisella tularensis

Author(s): Kristie L. Cooper | Aloka B. Bandara | Yunmiao Wang | Anbo Wang | Thomas J. Inzana
Infectious Full-Length Clones of Calibrachoa Mottle Virus (CbMV)

Author(s): Anju Gulati-Sakhuja | Hsing-Yeh Liu
Low cost production and purification of polyclonal antibodies to staphylococcal enterotoxin A

Author(s): Oliveira Tereza Cristina R.M. de | Hirooka Elisa Yoko
The synthesis of a small library of prospective growth hormone secretagogues


Author(s): VIDAL Mônica Scarpelli Martinelli | PALACIOS Selma Aliotti | MELO Natalina TAKAHASHI DE | LACAZ Carlos da Silva
Isolation, purification and characterization of the flagellin Campylobacter jejuni PEN 19


Author(s): S. Ullah, M. Ashfaque, S.U. Rahman, M. Akhtar and A. Rehman
A sandwich ELISA for the detection of bluetongue virus in cell culture using antiserum against the recombinant VP7 protein

Author(s): Karam Chand | Sanchay K. Biswas | Baneswar Sing | Ankan De | Bimalendu Mondal
Expression and Subcellular Location of a Leucine Aminopeptidase of Mycoplasma Gallinarum

Author(s): X. Wan | S.L. Branton | M.B. Hughlett | L.A. Hanson1 | G.T. Pharr
Expression of Galpha14 in sweet-transducing taste cells of the posterior tongue

Author(s): Tizzano Marco | Dvoryanchikov Gennady | Barrows Jennell | Kim Soochong | Chaudhari Nirupa | Finger Thomas
Cloning, Expression and Immunoactivity of Periplasmic Binding Protein, FepB

Author(s): Majid Alipour | Seyed Latif Mousavi Gargari | Iraj Rasooli | Shideh Montaser Kouhsari
Transcriptomic basis for an antiserum against Micrurus corallinus (coral snake) venom

Author(s): Leão Luciana | Ho Paulo | Junqueira-de-Azevedo Inacio de
Expression and characterization of the UL31 protein from duck enteritis virus

Author(s): Xie Wei | Cheng Anchun | Wang Mingshu | Chang Hua | Zhu Dekang | Luo Qihui | Jia Renyong | Chen Xiaoyue
High quality protein microarray using in situ protein purification

Author(s): Kwon Keehwan | Grose Carissa | Pieper Rembert | Pandya Gagan | Fleischmann Robert | Peterson Scott
Antianaphylactic activity of alcoholic extract of Eclipta alba

Author(s): Patel M | Panchal S | Patel J
The ORF59 DNA polymerase processivity factor homologs of Old World primate RV2 rhadinoviruses are highly conserved nuclear antigens expressed in differentiated epithelium in infected macaques

Author(s): Bruce A Gregory | Bakke Angela | Gravett Courtney | DeMaster Laura | Bielefeldt-Ohmann Helle | Burnside Kellie | Rose Timothy
Fate of (D-Ala2)-deltorphin-I-like immunoreactive neurons in 6-hydroxydopamine lesioned rat brain

Author(s): A Casini | A Pinna | I Tooyama | H Kimura | G Di Chiara | TG Renda
Expression of ATP7B in normal human liver

Author(s): D Fanni | L Pilloni | S Orrù | P Coni
Amyloid Beta Annular Protofibrils in Cell Processes and Synapses Accumulate with Aging and Alzheimer-Associated Genetic Modification

Author(s): Hideko Kokubo | Rakez Kayed | Charles G. Glabe | Matthias Staufenbiel | Takaomi C. Saido | Nobuhisa Iwata | Haruyasu Yamaguchi
Avian Pneumovirus infection in turkey and broiler farms in Italy: a virological, molecular and serological field survey

Author(s): Mattia Cecchinato | Mauro Delogu | Patrizia De Matteo | Giovanni Ortali | Carlo Franciosi | Maria Alessandra De Marco | Clive John Naylor
Effect of exogenous circulating anti-bPL antibodies on bovine placental lactogen measurements in foetal samples

Author(s): Alvarez-Oxiley Andrea | de Sousa Noelita | Hornick Jean-Luc | Touati Kamal | van der Weijden Gysbert | Taverne Marcel | Szenci Otto | Beckers Jean-François
Protein microarray: sensitive and effective immunodetection for drug residues

Author(s): Zhong Li | Zhang Wei | Zer Cindy | Ge Kun | Gao Xu | Kernstine Kemp
Human Coronavirus NL63 Open Reading Frame 3 encodes a virion-incorporated N-glycosylated membrane protein

Author(s): Müller Marcel | van der Hoek Lia | Voss Daniel | Bader Oliver | Lehmann Dörte | Schulz Axel | Kallies Stephan | Suliman Tasnim | Fielding Burtram | Drosten Christian | Niedrig Matthias
Expression and Localization of an Hsp70 Protein in the Microsporidian Encephalitozoon cuniculi

Author(s): Carrie E. Jolly | Cory A. Leonard | J. Russell Hayman
Adenovirus Induced Hydropericardium-hepatitis Syndrome in Broiler Parent Chickens in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Author(s): P.K. Biswas | B.K. Sil | R. Faruque | S. Ahmed | D. Biswas | S. Chowdhury
Evaluation of Snail Derived Antigens of Fasciola gigantica for Serodiagnosis of Human Fasciolosis

Author(s): M.A. Hassanain | Mona S. Mahmoud | Nawal A. Hassanain
Intracellular Localization of Glutamine Synthetase in a Nitrogen-fixing Cyanobacterium Anabaena cylindrical

Author(s): Abdul-Karim Sallal | Husni S. Farah | Ashok K. Shakya | Mustafa T. Ubeid | Nooman A. Khalaf
Tobacco streak virus Isolated from Lettuce

Author(s): F.S. Abtahi | M. Khodai Motlagh
Production and characterization of Fusarium verticillioides exoantigens/ Produção e caracterização de exoantígenos de Fusarium verticillioides

Author(s): Paula Garcia Meirelles | Luciana Biazon | Mario Augusto Ono | Adriana Pereira da Silva | Elisa Yoko Hirooka | Elisabete Yurie Sataque Ono
Differentiation of Rhizoctonia spp. Based on their antigenic properties

Author(s): Vico Ivana M. | Krstić Branka B. | Dukić Nataša
Data on the isolation of immunoglobulin from the serum of the green frog: Rana esculenta

Author(s): Stošić Svetlana | Divjak Isidora | Ješić Snežana | Nešić V. | Račić A. | Popović Nada
Antigenic characteristics as taxonomic criterion of differentiation of Alternaria spp., pathogenic for carrot and parsley

Author(s): Bulajić Aleksandra R. | Dukić Nataša D. | Đekić Ivana M. | Krstić Branka B.
Mimotopes selected with a neutralizing antibody against urease B from Helicobacter pylori induce enzyme inhibitory antibodies in mice upon vaccination

Author(s): Li Yan | Ning Yunshan | Wang Yundan | Peng Dandan | Jiang Yaodong | Zhang Lili | Long Min | Luo Jun | Li Ming
Subcellular distribution of nitric oxide synthase isoforms in the rat duodenum

Author(s): Petra Talapka, Nikolett Bódi, Izabella Battonyai, Éva Fekete, Mária Bagyánszki
Identification of a spliced gene from duck enteritis virus encoding a protein homologous to UL15 of herpes simplex virus 1

Author(s): Zhu Hongwei | Li Huixin | Han Zongxi | Shao Yuhao | Wang Yu | Kong Xiangang
Biochemical and physiological characterization of the GTP-binding protein Obg of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Author(s): Sasindran Smitha | Saikolappan Sankaralingam | Scofield Virginia | Dhandayuthapani Subramanian
Adhesive properties of an outer structure of Clostridium perfringens type A isolated from piglets with with catarrhal enteritis

Author(s): Teixeira Elizabeth Pelosi | Serafim Marlene Braide | Höfling Maria Alice Cruz | Yamada Aureo T. | Castro Antonio Fernando Pestana de
r-Sm14 - pRSETA efficacy in experimental animals

Author(s): Ramos Celso Raul Romero | Vilar Mônica Magno | Nascimento Ana Lúcia Tabet Oller | Ho Paulo Lee | Thaumaturgo Nilton | Edelenyi Ricardo | Almeida Marília | Dias Waldely de Oliveira | Diogo Catia Maria | Tendler Miriam
Production of policlonal antisera specific to plant viruses by rabbit oral immunization

Effect of gamma irradiation on the behavioral properties of crotoxin

Author(s): Moreira E.G. | Nascimento N. | Rosa G.J.M. | Rogero J.R. | Vassilieff V.S.
Expression of the Mycobacterium bovis P36 gene in Mycobacterium smegmatis and the baculovirus/insect cell system

Author(s): Bigi F. | Taboga O. | Romano M.I. | Alito A. | Fisanotti J.C. | Cataldi A.A.
Adhesion of the human pathogen Sporothrix schenckii to several extracellular matrix proteins

Author(s): Lima O.C. | Figueiredo C.C. | Pereira B.A.S. | Coelho M.G.P. | Morandi V. | Lopes-Bezerra L.M.
Decorin is one of the proteoglycans expressed in Walker 256 rat mammary carcinoma

Author(s): Oba-Shinjo S.M. | Berto A.G.A. | Passerotti C.C. | Barbosa C.D. | Sampaio L.O.
Ação do soro de cabra anti-soro de coelho imunizado ou não com células linfóides do doador sobre o alotransplante cardíaco em ratos: immunosupression of goat antiserum against rabbit serum immunized or not with donor lymphoid cells

Author(s): Suaid Haylton Jorge | Martins Antonio Carlos Pereira | Tucci Jr Silvio | Rocha Jeova Nina | Rodrigues Júnior Antonio Antunes | Gonçalves Marco Antonio | Cologna Adauto José
Group A streptococcal sore throat in a periurban population of northern India: a one-year prospective study

Author(s): Nandi Sobhan | Kumar Rajesh | Ray Pallab | Vohra Harpreet | Ganguly Nirmal K.
Detection and characterization of the S. typhimurium HilA protein

Author(s): Rodriguez Christine | Schechter Lisa | Lee Catherine
The human allergens of mesquite (Prosopis juliflora)

Author(s): Killian Sue | McMichael John
A minor alternative transcript of the fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase gene produces a protein despite being likely subjected to nonsense-mediated mRNA decay

Author(s): Dreumont Natacha | Maresca Antonella | Boisclair-Lachance Jean-François | Bergeron Anne | Tanguay Robert
Genetical and functional investigation of fliC genes encoding flagellar serotype H4 in wildtype strains of Escherichia coli and in a laboratory E. coli K-12 strain expressing flagellar antigen type H48

Author(s): Beutin Lothar | Strauch Eckhard | Zimmermann Sonja | Kaulfuss Stefan | Schaudinn Christoph | Männel Andrea | Gelderblom Hans
Selection of gonadotrophin surge attenuating factor phage antibodies by bioassay

Author(s): Sorsa-Leslie Tarja | Mason Helen | Harris William | Fowler Paul
Gel purified lipl32: A prospective antigen for detection of leptospirosis

Author(s): Tahiliani P | Kumar M | Chandu D | Kumar A | Nagaraj C | Nandi D
TBLR1 regulates the expression of nuclear hormone receptor co-repressors

Author(s): Zhang Xin-Min | Chang Qing | Zeng Lin | Gu Judy | Brown Stuart | Basch Ross
Cyclo-oxygenase-2 (Cox-2) expression and resistance to platinum versus platinum/paclitaxel containing chemotherapy in advanced ovarian cancer

Author(s): Ferrandina Gabriella | Ranelletti Franco | Martinelli Enrica | Paglia Amelia | Zannoni Gian | Scambia Giovanni
Polyclonal antibody-mediated mitotic inhibition in Chinese hamster ovary cells

Author(s): Maddaly R | Deepa P | Pai G | Preetha B | Ghosh S | Paul SFD
An ABRE-binding factor, OSBZ8, is highly expressed in salt tolerant cultivars than in salt sensitive cultivars of indica rice

Author(s): Mukherjee Kakali | Choudhury Aryadeep | Gupta Bhaskar | Gupta Sudhiranjan | Sengupta Dibyendu
Identification, cloning and characterization of a novel 47 kDa murine PKA C subunit homologous to human and bovine Cβ2

Author(s): Funderud Ane | Henanger Heidi | Hafte Tilahun | Amieux Paul | Ørstavik Sigurd | Skålhegg Bjørn
Epidemiology and clinical findings associated with enteroviral acute flaccid paralysis in Pakistan

Author(s): Saeed Mohsan | Zaidi Sohail | Naeem Asif | Masroor Muhammad | Sharif Salmaan | Shaukat Shahzad | Angez Mehar | Khan Anis
Characterization of gene expression on genomic segment 7 of infectious salmon anaemia virus

Author(s): Kibenge Frederick | Xu Hongtao | Kibenge Molly | Qian Biao | Joseph Tomy
Chlamydia trachomatis antigen in female genital tract infection

Author(s): Badrinath S | Kanungo R | Bansal D | Garg V | Oumachigui A
Assessment of S100 protein expression in the epididymis of juvenile and adult European bison.

Author(s): Elżbieta Czykier | Maciej Zabel | Joanna Surdyk-Zasada | Agnieszka Lebelt | Beata Klim
Detection of Mycoplasma synoviae infection in broiler breeder farms of Tehran province using PCR and culture methods

Author(s): Pourbakhsh, S.A. | Shokri, G.R. | Banani, M. | Elhamnia, F. | Ashtari, A.
The Development and Application of a Dot-ELISA Assay for Diagnosis of Southern Rice Black-Streaked Dwarf Disease in the Field

Author(s): Zhenchao Wang | Dandan Yu | Xiangyang Li | Mengjiao Zeng | Zhuo Chen | Liang Bi | Jiaju Liu | Linhong Jin | Deyu Hu | Song Yang | Baoan Song
Toxoplasmosis en una colonia de monos ardilla (Saimiri sciureus) en cautiverio en Cuernavaca, Morelos, México

Author(s): Adriana M ndez Bernal | Bernardo Saucedo Garnica | Ileana Mart nez Ramos | Jos Ram rez Lezama
Production of Antibody Raised Against Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) of Vibrio cholerae Non-O1

Author(s): M Saadati | A Godarzi | M Akbari | MB Salehi | H Shirzad | M Jahani | AA Rahimi
Prevalence of enterovirus infection in infant in Armenia, Colombia, 2009 Prevalencia de enterovirus en recién nacidos y lactantes que consultaron a un centro de atención de primer nivel, Armenia, Colombia, 2009

Author(s): María Mercedes González | Alejandra María Giraldo | Liliana Quintero | Leonardo Padilla | Luis Sarmiento | Jhon Carlos Castaño
An overview on ELISA techniques for FMD

Author(s): Ma Li-na | Zhang Jie | Chen Hao-tai | Zhou Jian-hua | Ding Yao-zhong | Liu Yong-sheng
Nodulin 41, a novel late nodulin of common bean with peptidase activity

Author(s): Olivares Juan | Díaz-Camino Claudia | Estrada-Navarrete Georgina | Alvarado-Affantranger Xochitl | Rodríguez-Kessler Margarita | Zamudio Fernando | Olamendi-Portugal Timoteo | Márquez Yamile | Servín Luis | Sánchez Federico

Author(s): Wuye Ria Andayani | Y.B. Sumardiyono | Sedyo Hartono | Prapto Yudono
Standardization and in-house ELISA setup for helicobacter pylori serologic diagnosis

Author(s): Sarraf Nejad A | Hoodei E | Siavoshi S | Maserrat S | Jadali Z | Shahrestani T
Antiserum production in immunized camel by the venom of Hemiscorpius lepturus scorpion: evaluation of neutralizing test in vivo

Author(s): Behdani M | Hosseininejad chafi M | Zeinali S | Karimipour M | Khanahmad Shahreza H | Ghasemi P | Asadzadeh N | Ghamnak A | Pooshang Bagheri K | Ahari H | Shahbazzadeh D
Frequency and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Haemophilus influenzae Type b Isolated from Children Suspected to Meningitis

Author(s): MT Haghiashteiani | S Mohammadi-Yeganeh | S Soroush | N Sadeghifard | S Sayadi | H Dabyri | S Soroush | M Abedini | M Taherikalani

Author(s): T.R. Neyestani | M. Djalali | M. Iezeshki
Clostridium Difficile

Author(s): MODABER
Serotyping and Cross-Reactivity’s Between Different Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolates Prevalent in Iran

Author(s): H Ahmadi | S Malekian | B Tabaraie | D Norouzian | F Poormirza-gholi | M Nejati | MH Hedayati | MR Beik Mohammadi | A Behnoodi | M Izadpanahi
Spatiotemporal expression of SERPINE2 in the human placenta and its role in extravillous trophoblast migration and invasion

Author(s): Chern Schu-Rern | Li Sheng-Hsiang | Chiu Chien-Ling | Chang Hsiao-Ho | Chen Chih-Ping | Tsuen Chen Edmund
"Boom" and "Bust" cycles in virus growth suggest multiple selective forces in influenza a evolution

Author(s): Thangavel Rajagowthamee | Reed Aisha | Norcross Erin | Dixon Sherrina | Marquart Mary | Stray Stephen
Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent-Assay for Deoxynivalenol (DON)

Author(s): Fang Ji | Hua Li | Jianhong Xu | Jianrong Shi
Evaluation of prostaglandin D2 as a CSF leak marker: implications in safe epidural anesthesia

Author(s): Kondabolu S | Adsumelli R | Schabel J | Glass P | Pentyala S
Biological and Serological Identification of Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus (BYDV) and Its Distribution in Iraq

Author(s): Rakib A. Al-Ani | Mustafa A. Adhab | Muthannah A. El-Muadhidi | Maadh A. Al-Fahad