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Identification and analysis of proton-translocating pyrophosphatases in the methanogenic archaeon Methanosarcina mazei

Author(s): Sebastian Bäumer | Sabine Lentes | Gerhard Gottschalk | Uwe Deppenmeier
Getting on target: The archaeal signal recognition particle

Author(s): Christian Zwieb | Jerry Eichler
Characterization of the proteasome from the extremely halophilic archaeon Haloarcula marismortui

Author(s): B. Franzetti | G. Schoehn | D. Garcia | R. W. H. Ruigrok | G. Zaccai
Proteolysis in hyperthermophilic microorganisms

Author(s): Donald E. Ward | Keith R. Shockley | Lara S. Chang | Ryan D. Levy | Joshua K. Michel | Shannon B. Conners | Robert M. Kelly
Perspectives on biotechnological applications of archaea

Author(s): Chiara Schiraldi | Mariateresa Giuliano | Mario De Rosa
The Sso7d protein of Sulfolobus solfataricus: in vitro relationship among different activities

Author(s): Annamaria Guagliardi | Laura Cerchia | Mosè Rossi
Cellular localization of D-lactate dehydrogenase and NADH oxidase from Archaeoglobus fulgidus

Author(s): Vishwajeeth Reddy Pagala | Joohye Park | David W. Reed | Patricia L. Hartzell
Reverse micelles in organic solvents: a medium for the biotechnological use of extreme halophilic enzymes at low salt concentration

Author(s): Frutos C. Marhuenda-Egea | Sonsoles Piera-Velázquez | Chiquinquirá Cadenas | Eduardo Cadenas
Pyrobaculum calidifontis sp. nov., a novel hyperthermophilic archaeon that grows in atmospheric air

Author(s): Taku Amo | Maria Luz F. Paje | Akiko Inagaki | Satoshi Ezaki | Haruyuki Atomi | Tadayuki Imanaka
Functional organization of a single nif cluster in the mesophilic archaeon Methanosarcina mazei strain Gö1

Author(s): Claudia Ehlers | Katharina Veit | Gerhard Gottschalk | Ruth A. Schmitz
Archaeosomes varying in lipid composition differ in receptor-mediated endocytosis and differentially adjuvant immune responses to entrapped antigen

Author(s): G. Dennis Sprott | Subash Sad | L. Perry Fleming | Chantal J. DiCaire | Girishchandra B. Patel | Lakshmi Krishnan
Novel archaeal macrocyclic diether core membrane lipids in a methane-derived carbonate crust from a mud volcano in the Sorokin Trough, NE Black Sea

Author(s): Alina Stadnitskaia | Marianne Baas | Michael K. Ivanov | Tjeerd C. E. Van Weering | Jaap S. Sinninghe Damsté
Remarkable sequence signatures in archaeal genomes

Author(s): Ahmed Fadiel | Stuart Lithwick | Gopi Ganji | Stephen W. Scherer
Automated metabolic reconstruction for Methanococcus jannaschii

Author(s): Sophia Tsoka | David Simon | Christos A. Ouzounis
Genomic comparison of archaeal conjugative plasmids from Sulfolobus

Author(s): Bo Greve | Susanne Jensen | Kim Brügger | Wolfram Zillig | Roger A. Garrett
Interactions between RNase P protein subunits in Archaea

Author(s): Thomas A. Hall | James W. Brown
Transaldolase of Methanocaldococcus jannaschii

Author(s): Tim Soderberg | Robert C. Alver
Description of Thermococcus kodakaraensis sp. nov., a well studied hyperthermophilic archaeon previously reported as Pyrococcus sp. KOD1

Author(s): Haruyuki Atomi | Toshiaki Fukui | Tamotsu Kanai | Masaaki Morikawa | Tadayuki Imanaka
The conserved adenosine in helix 6 of Archaeoglobus fulgidus signal recognition particle RNA initiates SRP assembly

Author(s): Jiaming Yin | Qiaojia Huang | Olga N. Pakhomova | Andrew P. Hinck | Christian Zwieb
A proposal to rename the hyperthermophile Pyrococcus woesei as Pyrococcus furiosus subsp. woesei

Author(s): Wirojne Kanoksilapatham | Juan M. González | Dennis L. Maeder | Jocelyne DiRuggiero | Frank T. Robb
Hydrolase and glycosynthase activity of endo-1,3-β-glucanase from the thermophile Pyrococcus furiosus

Author(s): J. Van Lieshout | M. Faijes | J. Nieto | J. Van Der Oost | A. Planas
Characterization of an archaeal malic enzyme from the hyperthermophilic archaeon Thermococcus kodakaraensis KOD1

Author(s): Wakao Fukuda | Yulia Sari Ismail | Toshiaki Fukui | Haruyuki Atomi | Tadayuki Imanaka
Trace methane oxidation studied in several Euryarchaeota under diverse conditions

Author(s): James J. Moran | Christopher H. House | Katherine H. Freeman | James G. Ferry
Novel RepA-MCM proteins encoded in plasmids pTAU4, pORA1 and pTIK4 from Sulfolobus neozealandicus

Author(s): Bo Greve | Susanne Jensen | Hoa Phan | Kim Brügger | Wolfram Zillig | Qunxin She | Roger A. Garrett
Recombinant production of Zymomonas mobilis pyruvate decarboxylase in the haloarchaeon Haloferax volcanii

Author(s): Steven J. Kaczowka | Christopher J. Reuter | Lee A. Talarico | Julie A. Maupin-Furlow
Higher-level classification of the Archaea: evolution of methanogenesis and methanogens

Author(s): Éric Bapteste | Céline Brochier | Yan Boucher
Role of the precorrin 6-X reductase gene in cobamide biosynthesis in Methanococcus maripaludis

Author(s): Wonduck Kim | Tiffany A. Major | William B. Whitman
Succession of methanogenic archaea in rice straw incorporated into a Japanese rice field: estimation by PCR-DGGE and sequence analyses

Author(s): Atsuo Sugano | Hidetaka Tsuchimoto | Tun Cho Cho | Makoto Kimura | Susumu Asakawa
A study of archaeal enzymes involved in polar lipid synthesis linking amino acid sequence information, genomic contexts and lipid composition

Author(s): Hiromi Daiyasu | Kei-Ichi Kuma | Toshiro Yokoi | Hiroyuki Morii | Yosuke Koga | Hiroyuki Toh
Oligomerization of Sulfolobus solfataricus signature amidase is promoted by acidic pH and high temperature

Author(s): Anna Scotto D’Abusco | Rita Casadio | Gianluca Tasco | Laura Giangiacomo | Anna Giartosio | Valentina Calamia | Stefania Di Marco | Roberta Chiaraluce | Valerio Consalvi | Roberto Scandurra | Laura Politi
The archaeal origins of the eukaryotic translational system

Author(s): Hyman Hartman | Paola Favaretto | Temple F. Smith
Identification of SmtB/ArsR cis elements and proteins in archaea using the Prokaryotic InterGenic Exploration Database (PIGED)

Author(s): Michael Bose | David Slick | Mickey J. Sarto | Patrick Murphy | David Roberts | Jacqueline Roberts | Robert D. Barber
A putative viral defence mechanism in archaeal cells

Author(s): Reidun Lillestøl | Peter Redder | Roger A. Garrett | Kim Brügger
SSoNΔ and SsoNΔlong: two thermostable esterases from the same ORF in the archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus?

Author(s): Luigi Mandrich | Margherita Pezzullo | Mosè Rossi | Giuseppe Manco
Lineage-specific partitions in archaeal transcription

Author(s): Richard M. R. Coulson | Nathalie Touboul | Christos A. Ouzounis
The genome of Hyperthermus butylicus: a sulfur-reducing, peptide fermenting, neutrophilic Crenarchaeote growing up to 108 °C

Author(s): Kim Brügger | Lanming Chen | Markus Stark | Arne Zibat | Peter Redder | Andreas Ruepp | Mariana Awayez | Qunxin She | Roger A. Garrett | Hans-Peter Klenk
Gene decay in archaea

Author(s): M. W. J. van Passel | C. S. Smillie | H. Ochman
Lipids of the ultra-thin square halophilic archaeon Haloquadratum walsbyi

Author(s): Simona LoBasso | Patrizia LoPalco | Giuseppe Mascolo | Angela Corcelli
Identification of the gene for disaggregatase from Methanosarcina mazei

Author(s): Naoki Osumi | Yoshihiro Kakehashi | Shiho Matsumoto | Kazunari Nagaoka | Junichi Sakai | Kiyotaka Miyashita | Makoto Kimura | Susumu Asakawa
New methods for tightly regulated gene expression and highly efficient chromosomal integration of cloned genes for Methanosarcina species

Author(s): Adam M. Guss | Michael Rother | Jun Kai Zhang | Gargi Kulkkarni | William W. Metcalf
Molybdate treatment and sulfate starvation decrease ATP and DNA levels in Ferroplasma acidarmanus

Author(s): David J. Baumler | Kai-Foong Hung | Kwang Cheol Jeong | Charles W. Kaspar
A Gateway platform for functional genomics in Haloferax volcanii: deletion of three tRNA modification genes

Author(s): Basma El Yacoubi | Gabriela Phillips | Ian K. Blaby | Crysten E. Haas | Yulien Cruz | Jamie Greenberg | Valérie de Crécy-Lagard
pH-, temperature- and ion-dependent oligomerization of Sulfolobus solfataricus recombinant amidase: a study with site-specific mutants

Author(s): Laura Politi | Emilia Chiancone | Laura Giangiacomo | Laura Cervoni | Anna Scotto d’abusco | Stefano Scorsino | Roberto Scandurra
Improving low-temperature activity of Sulfolobus acidocaldarius 2-keto-3-deoxygluconate aldolase

Author(s): Suzanne Wolterink-van Loo | Marco A. J. Siemerink | Georgios Perrakis | Thijs Kaper | Servé W. M. Kengen | John van der Oost
Many nonuniversal archaeal ribosomal proteins are found in conserved gene clusters

Author(s): Jiachen Wang | Indrani Dasgupta | George E. Fox
Hot Transcriptomics

Author(s): Jasper Walther | Pawel Sierocinski | John van der Oost
Methanogens: Methane Producers of the Rumen and Mitigation Strategies

Author(s): Sarah E. Hook | André-Denis G. Wright | Brian W. McBride
A Novel Pathway for the Biosynthesis of Heme in Archaea: Genome-Based Bioinformatic Predictions and Experimental Evidence

Author(s): Sonja Storbeck | Sarah Rolfes | Evelyne Raux-Deery | Martin J. Warren | Dieter Jahn | Gunhild Layer
Towards a Systems Approach in the Genetic Analysis of Archaea: Accelerating Mutant Construction and Phenotypic Analysis in Haloferax volcanii

Author(s): Ian K. Blaby | Gabriela Phillips | Crysten E. Blaby-Haas | Kevin S. Gulig | Basma El Yacoubi | Valérie de Crécy-Lagard
Two Major Archaeal Pseudomurein Endoisopeptidases: PeiW and PeiP

Author(s): Ganesh Ram R. Visweswaran | Bauke W. Dijkstra | Jan Kok
The Genome Sequence of Methanohalophilus mahii SLPT Reveals Differences in the Energy Metabolism among Members of the Methanosarcinaceae Inhabiting Freshwater and Saline Environments

Author(s): Stefan Spring | Carmen Scheuner | Alla Lapidus | Susan Lucas | Tijana Glavina Del Rio | Hope Tice | Alex Copeland | Jan-Fang Cheng | Feng Chen | Matt Nolan | Elizabeth Saunders | Sam Pitluck | Konstantinos Liolios | Natalia Ivanova | Konstantinos Mavromatis | Athanasios Lykidis | Amrita Pati | Amy Chen | Krishna Palaniappan | Miriam Land | Loren Hauser | Yun-Juan Chang | Cynthia D. Jeffries | Lynne Goodwin | John C. Detter | Thomas Brettin | Manfred Rohde | Markus Göker | Tanja Woyke | Jim Bristow | Jonathan A. Eisen | Victor Markowitz | Philip Hugenholtz | Nikos C. Kyrpides | Hans-Peter Klenk
The Lrp Family of Transcription Regulators in Archaea

Author(s): Eveline Peeters | Daniel Charlier
The S-Layer Glycoprotein of the Crenarchaeote Sulfolobus acidocaldarius Is Glycosylated at Multiple Sites with Chitobiose-Linked N-Glycans

Author(s): Elham Peyfoon | Benjamin Meyer | Paul G. Hitchen | Maria Panico | Howard R. Morris | Stuart M. Haslam | Sonja-Verena Albers | Anne Dell
Archaea Signal Recognition Particle Shows the Way

Author(s): Christian Zwieb | Shakhawat Bhuiyan
Archaeal Protein Biogenesis: Posttranslational Modification and Degradation

Author(s): Jerry Eichler | Julie Maupin-Furlow | Joerg Soppa
Mutational and Bioinformatic Analysis of Haloarchaeal Lipobox-Containing Proteins

Author(s): Stefanie Storf | Friedhelm Pfeiffer | Kieran Dilks | Zhong Qiang Chen | Saheed Imam | Mechthild Pohlschröder
Fidelity in Archaeal Information Processing

Author(s): Bart de Koning | Fabian Blombach | Stan J. J. Brouns | John van der Oost
Synthesis, Production, and Biotechnological Applications of Exopolysaccharides and Polyhydroxyalkanoates by Archaea

Author(s): Annarita Poli | Paola Di Donato | Gennaro Roberto Abbamondi | Barbara Nicolaus
Characterization of Plasmid pPO1 from the Hyperacidophile Picrophilus oshimae

Author(s): Angel Angelov | Jörn Voss | Wolfgang Liebl
Sulfolobus Mutants, Generated via PCR Products, Which LackPutative Enzymes of UV Photoproduct Repair

Author(s): Cynthia J. Sakofsky | Laura A. Runck | Dennis W. Grogan
Assembly of the Complex between Archaeal RNase P Proteins RPP30 and Pop5

Author(s): Brandon L. Crowe | Christopher J. Bohlen | Ross C. Wilson | Venkat Gopalan | Mark P. Foster
More Than 200 Genes Required for Methane Formation from H2 and CO2 and Energy Conservation Are Present in Methanothermobacter marburgensis and Methanothermobacter thermautotrophicus

Author(s): Anne-Kristin Kaster | Meike Goenrich | Henning Seedorf | Heiko Liesegang | Antje Wollherr | Gerhard Gottschalk | Rudolf K. Thauer
A Cholesterol and Actinide Dependent Shadow Biosphere of Archaea and Viroids

Author(s): Ravikumar Kurup A. | Parameswara Achutha Kurup
Actinide Dependent Shadow Biosphere of Archaea and Viroids and Hemispheric Dominance

Author(s): Ravikumar Kurup A. | Parameswara Achutha Kurup
Actinidic Archaea and Viroids Related Hepato-Gastrointestinal Syndrome

Author(s): Ravikumar Kurup A. | Parameswara Achutha Kurup
Cloning, Expression and Purification of Pwo Polymerase from Pyrococcus Woesei

Author(s): A Ghasemi | A Hatef Salmanian | S Sadeghifard | A Salarian | M Khalifeh Gholi
Positive, Neutral and Negative Interactions in Cocultures between Pyrococcus furiosus and Different Methanogenic Archaea

Author(s): Agnes Weiner | Simone Schopf | Gerhard Wanner | Alexander Probst | Reinhard Wirth
Erratum to “Towards a Systems Approach in the Genetic Analysis of Archaea: Accelerating Mutant Construction and Phenotypic Analysis in Haloferax volcanii”

Author(s): Ian K. Blaby | Gabriela Phillips | Crysten E. Blaby-Haas | Kevin S. Gulig | Basma El Yacoubi | Valérie de Crécy-Lagard
Production of oceanic nitrous oxide by ammonia-oxidizing archaea

Author(s): C. R. Loescher | A. Kock | M. Koenneke | J. LaRoche | H. W. Bange | R. A. Schmitz
Isolation and characterization of a new Methanosarcina mazei strain GFJ07 from a mountain forest pond

Author(s): Li, Y. | Lan, S. | Rong, Y. | Cheng, Q. | Huang, C. | Wu, S. | Yi, Y.
Microbial food web dynamics along a soil chronosequence of a glacier forefield

Author(s): J. Esperschütz | A. Pérez-de-Mora | K. Schreiner | G. Welzl | F. Buegger | J. Zeyer | F. Hagedorn | J. C. Munch | M. Schloter
Origin and evolution of gene families in Bacteria and Archaea

Author(s): Collins R | Merz Hugh | Higgs Paul
A metagenomic study of methanotrophic microorganisms in Coal Oil Point seep sediments

Author(s): Håvelsrud Othilde | Haverkamp Thomas | Kristensen Tom | Jakobsen Kjetill | Rike Anne
Evolution of vacuolar proton pyrophosphatase domains and volutin granules: clues into the early evolutionary origin of the acidocalcisome

Author(s): Seufferheld Manfredo | Kim Kyung | Whitfield James | Valerio Alejandro | Caetano-Anollés Gustavo
The UlaG protein family defines novel structural and functional motifs grafted on an ancient RNase fold

Author(s): Fernandez Francisco | Garces Fernando | López-Estepa Miguel | Aguilar Juan | Baldomà Laura | Coll Miquel | Badia Josefa | Vega M Cristina
Annotation of Protein Domains Reveals Remarkable Conservation in the Functional Make up of Proteomes Across Superkingdoms

Author(s): Arshan Nasir | Aisha Naeem | Muhammad Jawad Khan | Horacio D. Lopez Nicora | Gustavo Caetano-Anollés
Viral Ancestors of Antiviral Systems

Author(s): Luis P. Villarreal
Leaderless genes in bacteria: clue to the evolution of translation initiation mechanisms in prokaryotes

Author(s): Zheng Xiaobin | Hu Gang-Qing | She Zhen-Su | Zhu Huaiqiu
Diversity of hydrolytic enzymes in haloarchaeal strains isolated from salt lake

Author(s): A. Makhdoumi Kakhki | M. A. Amoozegar | E. Mahmodi Khaledi
Effect of long-term fertilization on archaeal community structure in calcareous purplish paddy soil

Author(s): Yunfu Gu | Xiaoping Zhang | Shihua Tu | Kristina Lindström
Evidences of lateral gene transfer between archaea and pathogenic bacteria

Author(s): Habib Bokhari | Maryam Anwar | Hasan Bilal Mirza | Patrick Martin Gillevet
Analysis of glycosylation motifs and glycosyltransferases in Bacteria and Archaea

Author(s): Syed Tabish | Abbas Raza | Arshan Nasir | Sadia Zafar | Habib Bokhari

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