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How far have we come: 170 years of research on Canadian Coleoptera

Author(s): Christopher Majka | Jan Klimaszewski
Do tropospheric clouds influence Polar Stratospheric cloud occurrence in the Arctic?

Author(s): P. Achtert | M. Karlsson Andersson | F. Khosrawi | J. Gumbel
The 2009–2010 arctic stratospheric winter – general evolution, mountain waves and predictability of an operational weather forecast model

Author(s): A. Dörnbrack | M. C. Pitts | L. R. Poole | Y. J. Orsolini | K. Nishii | H. Nakamura
In situ measurements of aerosols optical properties and number size distributions in a subarctic coastal region of Norway

Author(s): S. Mogo | V. E. Cachorro | J. F. Lopez | E. Montilla | B. Torres | E. Rodríguez | Y. Bennouna | A. M. de Frutos
Analysis of IASI tropospheric O3 data over Arctic during POLARCAT campaigns in 2008

Author(s): M. Pommier | C. Clerbaux | K. S. Law | G. Ancellet | P. Bernath | P.-F. Coheur | J. Hadji-Lazaro | D. Hurtmans | P. Nédélec | J.-D. Paris | F. Ravetta | T. B. Ryerson | H. Schlager | A. J. Weinheimer
CRISTA-NF measurements with unprecedented vertical resolution during the RECONCILE aircraft campaign

Author(s): J. Ungermann | C. Kalicinsky | F. Olschewski | P. Knieling | L. Hoffmann | J. Blank | W. Woiwode | H. Oelhaf | E. Hösen | C. M. Volk | A. Ulanovsky | F. Ravegnani | K. Weigel | F. Stroh | M. Riese
MIPAS-STR measurements in the arctic UTLS in winter/spring 2010: instrument characterization, retrieval and validation

Author(s): W. Woiwode | H. Oelhaf | T. Gulde | C. Piesch | G. Maucher | A. Ebersoldt | C. Keim | M. Höpfner | S. Khaykin | F. Ravegnani | A. E. Ulanovsky | C. M. Volk | E. Hösen | A. Dörnbrack | J. Ungermann | C. Kalicinsky | J. Orphal
Aerosol optical depth retrieval in the Arctic region using MODIS based on prior knowledge

Author(s): L. Mei | Y. Xue | G. de Leeuw | T. Hou | J. Guang | L. Yang | Y. Li | H. Xu | X. He
Tracing the transport of colored dissolved organic matter in water masses of the Southern Beaufort Sea: relationship with hydrographic characteristics

Author(s): A. Matsuoka | A. Bricaud | R. Benner | J. Para | R. Sempéré | L. Prieur | S. Bélanger | M. Babin
Temperature thresholds for Arctic plankton community metabolism: an experimental assessment

Author(s): J. M. Holding | C. M. Duarte | J. M. Arrieta | A. Coello | P. Wassmann | S. Agustí
Toward a minimal representation of aerosol direct and indirect effects: model description and evaluation

Author(s): X. Liu | R. C. Easter | S. J. Ghan | R. Zaveri | P. Rasch | X. Shi | J.-F. Lamarque | A. Gettelman | H. Morrison | F. Vitt | A. Conley | S. Park | R. Neale | C. Hannay | A. M. L. Ekman | P. Hess | N. Mahowald | W. Collins | M. J. Iacono | C. S. Bretherton | M. G. Flanner | D. Mitchell
Global patterns of change in discharge regimes for 2100

Author(s): F. C. Sperna Weiland | L. P. H. van Beek | J. C. J. Kwadijk | M. F. P. Bierkens
Melting of Northern Greenland during the last interglacial

Author(s): A. Born | K. H. Nisancioglu
Effects of aging on organic aerosol from open biomass burning smoke in aircraft and laboratory studies

Author(s): M. J. Cubison | A. M. Ortega | P. L. Hayes | D. K. Farmer | D. Day | M. J. Lechner | W. H. Brune | E. Apel | G. S. Diskin | J. A. Fisher | H. E. Fuelberg | A. Hecobian | D. J. Knapp | T. Mikoviny | D. Riemer | G. W. Sachse | W. Sessions | R. J. Weber | A. J. Weinheimer | A. Wisthaler | J. L. Jimenez
Sources of carbonaceous aerosols and deposited black carbon in the Arctic in winter-spring: implications for radiative forcing

Author(s): Q. Wang | D. J. Jacob | J. A. Fisher | J. Mao | E. M. Leibensperger | C. C. Carouge | P. Le Sager | Y. Kondo | J. L. Jimenez | M. J. Cubison | S. J. Doherty
Integration of remote sensing data and surface observations to estimate the impact of the Russian wildfires over Europe and Asia during August 2010

Author(s): L. Mei | Y. Xue | G. de Leeuw | J. Guang | Y. Wang | Y. Li | H. Xu | L. Yang | T. Hou | X. He | C. Wu | J. Dong | Z. Chen
Recent wind driven high sea ice area export in the Fram Strait contributes to Arctic sea ice decline

Author(s): L. H. Smedsrud | A. Sirevaag | K. Kloster | A. Sorteberg | S. Sandven
The fate of lake ice in the North American Arctic

Author(s): L. C. Brown | C. R. Duguay
Reactive nitrogen, ozone and ozone production in the Arctic troposphere and the impact of stratosphere-troposphere exchange

Author(s): Q. Liang | J. M. Rodriguez | A. R. Douglass | J. H. Crawford | J. R. Olson | E. Apel | H. Bian | D. R. Blake | W. Brune | M. Chin | P. R. Colarco | A. da Silva | G. S. Diskin | B. N. Duncan | L. G. Huey | D. J. Knapp | D. D. Montzka | J. E. Nielsen | S. Pawson | D. D. Riemer | A. J. Weinheimer | A. Wisthaler
Warm Arctic—cold continents: climate impacts of the newly open Arctic Sea

Author(s): James E. Overland | Kevin R. Wood | Muyin Wang
Qanuqtuurniq—finding the balance: an IPY television series using community engagement

Author(s): Catherine L. Carry | Kath Clarida | Denise Rideout | Dianne Kinnon | Rhonda M. Johnson
Introduction: World Routes in the Arctic

Author(s): Art Leete | Aimar Ventsel
Interhemispheric comparison of GPS phase scintillation at high latitudes during the magnetic-cloud-induced geomagnetic storm of 5–7 April 2010

Author(s): P. Prikryl | L. Spogli | P. T. Jayachandran | J. Kinrade | C. N. Mitchell | B. Ning | G. Li | P. J. Cilliers | M. Terkildsen | D. W. Danskin | E. Spanswick | E. Donovan | A. T. Weatherwax | W. A. Bristow | L. Alfonsi | G. De Franceschi | V. Romano | C. M. Ngwira | B. D. L. Opperman
Notes on Canadian and Arctic Spiders

Author(s): J. H. Emerton
Analysis of ozone and nitric acid in spring and summer Arctic pollution using aircraft, ground-based, satellite observations and MOZART-4 model: source attribution and partitioning

Author(s): C. Wespes | L. Emmons | D. P. Edwards | J. Hannigan | D. Hurtmans | M. Saunois | P.-F. Coheur | C. Clerbaux | M. T. Coffey | R. L. Batchelor | R. Lindenmaier | K. Strong | A. J. Weinheimer | J. B. Nowak | T. B. Ryerson | J. D. Crounse | P. O. Wennberg
Influence of the North Atlantic Oscillation on air pollution transport

Author(s): T. Christoudias | A. Pozzer | J. Lelieveld
Water-table height and microtopography control biogeochemical cycling in an Arctic coastal tundra ecosystem

Author(s): D. A. Lipson | D. Zona | T. K. Raab | F. Bozzolo | M. Mauritz | W. C. Oechel
CO at 40–80 km above Kiruna observed by the ground-based microwave radiometer KIMRA and simulated by the whole atmosphere community climate model

Author(s): C. G. Hoffmann | D. E. Kinnison | R. R. Garcia | M. Palm | J. Notholt | U. Raffalski | G. Hochschild
Unusually low ozone, HCl, and HNO3 column measurements at Eureka, Canada during winter/spring 2011

Author(s): R. Lindenmaier | K. Strong | R. L. Batchelor | M. P. Chipperfield | W. H. Daffer | J. R. Drummond | T. J. Duck | H. Fast | W. Feng | P. F. Fogal | F. Kolonjari | G. L. Manney | A. Manson | C. Meek | R. L. Mittermeier | G. J. Nott | C. Perro | K. A. Walker
Modelling atmospheric structure, cloud and their response to CCN in the Central Arctic: ASCOS case studies

Author(s): C. E. Birch | I. M. Brooks | M. Tjernström | M. D. Shupe | T. Mauritsen | J. Sedlar | A. P. Lock | P. Earnshaw | P. O. G. Persson | S. F. Milton | C. Leck
How relevant is the deposition of mercury onto snowpacks? – Part 2: A modeling study

Author(s): D. Durnford | A. Dastoor | A. Ryzhkov | L. Poissant | M. Pilote | D. Figueras-Nieto
The scavenging processes controlling the seasonal cycle in Arctic sulphate and black carbon aerosol

Author(s): J. Browse | K. S. Carslaw | S. R. Arnold | K. Pringle | O. Boucher
Contrasting trends in hydrologic extremes for two sub-arctic catchments in northern Sweden − does glacier melt matter?

Author(s): H. E. Dahlke | S. W. Lyon | J. R. Stedinger | G. Rosqvist | P. Jansson
First evaluation of MyOcean altimetric data in the Arctic Ocean

Author(s): Y. Cheng | O. B. Andersen | P. Knudsen
Hydrothermal Vent Ecosystems and Conservation

Author(s): Cindy Lee Van Dover
Effect of global warming in Thailand

Author(s): Suphat Vongvisessomjai
Impact of sea ice cover changes on the Northern Hemisphere atmospheric winter circulation

Author(s): R. Jaiser | K. Dethloff | D. Handorf | A. Rinke | J. Cohen
Analysis of satellite-derived Arctic tropospheric BrO columns in conjunction with aircraft measurements during ARCTAS and ARCPAC

Author(s): S. Choi | Y. Wang | R. J. Salawitch | T. Canty | J. Joiner | T. Zeng | T. P. Kurosu | K. Chance | A. Richter | L. G. Huey | J. Liao | J. A. Neuman | J. B. Nowak | J. E. Dibb | A. J. Weinheimer | G. Diskin | T. B. Ryerson | A. da Silva | J. Curry | D. Kinnison | S. Tilmes | P. F. Levelt
Characterization of soluble bromide measurements and a case study of BrO observations during ARCTAS

Author(s): J. Liao | L. G. Huey | E. Scheuer | J. E. Dibb | R. E. Stickel | D. J. Tanner | J. A. Neuman | J. B. Nowak | S. Choi | Y. Wang | R. J. Salawitch | T. Canty | K. Chance | T. Kurosu | R. Suleiman | A. J. Weinheimer | R. E. Shetter | A. Fried | W. Brune | B. Anderson | X. Zhang | G. Chen | J. Crawford | A. Hecobian | E. D. Ingall
Evaluation of cloud fraction and its radiative effect simulated by IPCC AR4 global models against ARM surface observations

Author(s): Y. Qian | C. N. Long | H. Wang | J. M. Comstock | S. A. McFarlane | S. Xie
Short-lived climate forcers from current shipping and petroleum activities in the Arctic

Author(s): K. Ødemark | S. B. Dalsøren | B. H. Samset | T. K. Berntsen | J. S. Fuglestvedt | G. Myhre
Infrared measurements in the Arctic using two Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometers

Author(s): Z. Mariani | K. Strong | M. Wolff | P. Rowe | V. Walden | P. F. Fogal | T. Duck | G. Lesins | D. S. Turner | C. Cox | E. Eloranta | J. R. Drummond | C. Roy | D. D. Turner | D. Hudak | I. A. Lindenmaier
Evaluation of Arctic broadband surface radiation measurements

Author(s): N. Matsui | C. N. Long | J. Augustine | D. Halliwell | T. Uttal | D. Longenecker | O. Niebergall | J. Wendell | R. Albee
HCl and ClO in activated Arctic air; first retrieved vertical profiles from TELIS submillimetre limb spectra

Author(s): A. de Lange | M. Birk | G. de Lange | F. Friedl-Vallon | O. Kiselev | V. Koshelets | G. Maucher | H. Oelhaf | A. Selig | P. Vogt | G. Wagner | J. Landgraf
Estimating the near-surface permafrost-carbon feedback on global warming

Author(s): T. Schneider von Deimling | M. Meinshausen | A. Levermann | V. Huber | K. Frieler | D. M. Lawrence | V. Brovkin
Albedo parametrization and reversibility of sea ice decay

Author(s): M. Müller-Stoffels | R. Wackerbauer
Cornice dynamics and meteorological control at Gruvefjellet, Central Svalbard

Author(s): S. Vogel | M. Eckerstorfer | H. H. Christiansen
How reversible is sea ice loss?

Author(s): J. K. Ridley | J. A. Lowe | H. T. Hewitt
Modelling large-scale ice-sheet–climate interactions following glacial inception

Author(s): J. M. Gregory | O. J. H. Browne | A. J. Payne | J. K. Ridley | I. C. Rutt
Remote sensing of sea ice: advances during the DAMOCLES project

Author(s): G. Heygster | V. Alexandrov | G. Dybkjær | F. Girard-Ardhuin | W. von Hoyningen-Huene | I. L. Katsev | A. Kokhanovsky | T. Lavergne | A. V. Malinka | C. Melsheimer | L. Toudal Pedersen | A. S. Prikhach | R. Saldo | R. Tonboe | H. Wiebe | E. P. Zege
Numerical modeling of permafrost dynamics in Alaska using a high spatial resolution dataset

Author(s): E. E. Jafarov | S. S. Marchenko | V. E. Romanovsky
Central Arctic atmospheric summer conditions during the Arctic Summer Cloud Ocean Study (ASCOS): contrasting to previous expeditions

Author(s): M. Tjernström | C. E. Birch | I. M. Brooks | M. D. Shupe | P. O. G. Persson | J. Sedlar | T. Mauritsen | C. Leck | J. Paatero | M. Szczodrak | C. R. Wheeler
Anthropogenic and forest fire pollution aerosol transported to the Arctic: observations from the POLARCAT-France spring campaign

Author(s): B. Quennehen | A. Schwarzenboeck | A. Matsuki | J. F. Burkhart | A. Stohl | G. Ancellet | K. S. Law
Diurnal variations of reactive chlorine and nitrogen oxides observed by MIPAS-B inside the January 2010 Arctic vortex

Author(s): G. Wetzel | H. Oelhaf | F. Friedl-Vallon | O. Kirner | A. Kleinert | G. Maucher | H. Nordmeyer | J. Orphal | R. Ruhnke
Arctic climate response to forcing from light-absorbing particles in snow and sea ice in CESM

Author(s): N. Goldenson | S. J. Doherty | C. M. Bitz | M. M. Holland | B. Light | A. J. Conley
Phytoplankton distribution in unusually low sea ice cover over the Pacific Arctic

Author(s): P. Coupel | H. Y. Jin | M. Joo | R. Horner | H. A. Bouvet | V. Garçon | M.-A. Sicre | J.-C. Gascard | J. F. Chen | D. Ruiz-Pino

Author(s): WITOLD Brudnicki | WŁODZIMIERZ Nowicki | ADAM Brudnicki | JAN Wach | KRZYSZTOF Kirkiłło-Stacewicz | BEDEDYKT Skoczylas | RYSZARD Jabłoński
Nonlinear controls on evapotranspiration in arctic coastal wetlands

Author(s): A. K. Liljedahl | L. D. Hinzman | Y. Harazono | D. Zona | C. E. Tweedie | R. D. Hollister | R. Engstrom | W. C. Oechel
Hygroscopicity and composition of Alaskan Arctic CCN during April 2008

Author(s): R. H. Moore | R. Bahreini | C. A. Brock | K. D. Froyd | J. Cozic | J. S. Holloway | A. M. Middlebrook | D. M. Murphy | A. Nenes
Physical and chemical properties of pollution aerosol particles transported from North America to Greenland as measured during the POLARCAT summer campaign

Author(s): B. Quennehen | A. Schwarzenboeck | J. Schmale | J. Schneider | H. Sodemann | A. Stohl | G. Ancellet | S. Crumeyrolle | K. S. Law
In-situ observation of Asian pollution transported into the Arctic lowermost stratosphere

Author(s): A. Roiger | H. Schlager | A. Schäfler | H. Huntrieser | M. Scheibe | H. Aufmhoff | O. R. Cooper | H. Sodemann | A. Stohl | J. Burkhart | M. Lazzara | C. Schiller | K. S. Law | F. Arnold
Observations of nonmethane organic compounds during ARCTAS − Part 1: Biomass burning emissions and plume enhancements

Author(s): R. S. Hornbrook | D. R. Blake | G. S. Diskin | A. Fried | H. E. Fuelberg | S. Meinardi | T. Mikoviny | D. Richter | G. W. Sachse | S. A. Vay | J. Walega | P. Weibring | A. J. Weinheimer | C. Wiedinmyer | A. Wisthaler | A. Hills | D. D. Riemer | E. C. Apel
Cloud condensation nuclei closure study on summer arctic aerosol

Author(s): M. Martin | R. Y.-W. Chang | B. Sierau | S. Sjogren | E. Swietlicki | J. P. D. Abbatt | C. Leck | U. Lohmann
Spatio-temporal patterns of PAHs, PCBs and HCB in sediments of the western Barents Sea

Author(s): Agata Zaborska | Jolynn Carroll | Ksenia Pazdro | Janusz Pempkowiak
Validation of Spectral and Broadband UV-B (290 - 325 nm) Irradiance for Canada

Author(s): Jacqueline Binyamin | John Davies | Bruce McArthur
The world’s oldest fossil seal record

Author(s): Cajus Diedrich
Prevalence of self-reported suicidal thoughts in SLiCA. The survey of living conditions in the Arctic (SLiCA)

Author(s): Ann Ragnhild Broderstad | Bent-Martin Eliassen | Marita Melhus
Advancement into the Arctic Region for Bioactive Sponge Secondary Metabolites

Author(s): Samuel Abbas | Michelle Kelly | John Bowling | James Sims | Amanda Waters | Mark Hamann
The genetic basis of salinity tolerance traits in Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus)

Author(s): Norman Joseph | Danzmann Roy | Glebe Brian | Ferguson Moira
Climate change and environmental impacts on maternal and newborn health with focus on Arctic populations

Author(s): Charlotta Rylander | Jon Ø. Odland | Torkjel M. Sandanger
How reversible is sea ice loss?

Author(s): J. K. Ridley | J. A. Lowe | H. T. Hewitt
Impact of rapid sea-ice reduction in the Arctic Ocean on the rate of ocean acidification

Author(s): A. Yamamoto | M. Kawamiya | A. Ishida | Y. Yamanaka | S. Watanabe
Carbon dynamics in the western Arctic Ocean: insights from full-depth carbon isotope profiles of DIC, DOC, and POC

Author(s): D. R. Griffith | A. P. McNichol | L. Xu | F. A. McLaughlin | R. W. Macdonald | K. A. Brown | T. I. Eglinton
Infrared emission measurements in the Arctic using a new extended-range AERI

Author(s): Z. Mariani | K. Strong | M. Wolff | P. Rowe | V. Walden | P. F. Fogal | T. Duck | G. Lesins | D. S. Turner | C. Cox | E. Eloranta | J. R. Drummond | C. Roy | D. D. Turner | D. Hudak | I. A. Lindenmaier
HCl and ClO in activated Arctic air; first retrieved vertical profiles from TELIS submillimetre limb spectra

Author(s): A. de Lange | M. Birk | G. de Lange | F. Friedl-Vallon | O. Kiselev | V. Koshelets | G. Maucher | H. Oelhaf | A. Selig | P. Vogt | G. Wagner | J. Landgraf
Coastal observing and forecasting system for the German Bight – estimates of hydrophysical states

Author(s): E. V. Stanev | J. Schulz-Stellenfleth | J. Staneva | S. Grayek | J. Seemann | W. Petersen
Aerosol composition and sources in the central Arctic Ocean during ASCOS

Author(s): R. Y.-W. Chang | C. Leck | M. Graus | M. Müller | J. Paatero | J. F. Burkhart | A. Stohl | L. H. Orr | K. Hayden | S.-M. Li | A. Hansel | M. Tjernström | W. R. Leaitch | J. P. D. Abbatt
Longpath DOAS observations of surface BrO at Summit, Greenland

Author(s): J. Stutz | J. L. Thomas | S. C. Hurlock | M. Schneider | R. von Glasow | M. Piot | K. Gorham | J. F. Burkhart | L. Ziemba | J. E. Dibb | B. L. Lefer
An important fingerprint of wildfires on the European aerosol load

Author(s): F. Barnaba | F. Angelini | G. Curci | G. P. Gobbi
The Arctic vortex in March 2011: a dynamical perspective

Author(s): M. M. Hurwitz | P. A. Newman | C. I. Garfinkel
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