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On the proof of a minimax principle

Author(s): Dumitru Motreanu
Fast optimization of statistical potentials for structurally constrained phylogenetic models

Author(s): Bonnard Cécile | Kleinman Claudia | Rodrigue Nicolas | Lartillot Nicolas
Decisions by coin toss

Author(s): Gideon Keren | Karl H. Teigen
Positive solutions of nonlinear elliptic equations in a half space in R2

Author(s): Imed Bachar | Habib Maagli | Lamia Maatoug
Existence of a principal eigenvalue for the Tricomi problem

Author(s): Daniela Lupo | Kevin R. Payne
Da Hipótese do Design

Author(s): Patrick Frank
An Argument for Substantial Form

Author(s): Steven Baldner
Poincarè or the deep Need of Convention

Author(s): Carlos Alberto Cardona Suárez
Mitochondrial concept of leukemogenesis: key role of oxygen-peroxide effects

Author(s): Lyu Boris | Ismailov Sanzhar | Ismailov Bolat | Lyu Marina
Sovereignty in Conflict

Author(s): Samantha Besson
Neutrality and the social contract

Author(s): Ian J. Carroll
Invalid Permutation Tests

Author(s): Mikel Aickin
Entering of Stefan Dušan into the Empire

Author(s): Pirivatrić Srđan
EI igualitarismo radical de John Rawls

Author(s): Rodríguez Zepeda, Jesús
Is Gravity an Entropic Force?

Author(s): Shan Gao
Sovereignty in Conflict

Author(s): Samantha Besson
Symmetries, variational principles, and quantum dynamics

Author(s): J. Manjavidze | A. Sissakian
The hero in victory and loss [Hrdina ve vítězství a prohře]

Author(s): Ivo Jirásek | Donald N. Roberson
The Quantized Characterization of Cooked Rice Hardness and Research on the Automatic Measurement Technology

Author(s): N. Jiang | Y. Gao | J.P. Zhou | L.Q. Gao | J.H. Zhou | Q.G. Dai
Expletives in Modern Persian

Author(s): Abolfazl MOSAFFA JAHROMI
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