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Advances in Carcinogenic Metal Toxicity and Potential Molecular Markers

Author(s): Preeyaporn Koedrith | Young Rok Seo
Effect of arsenic trioxide (Trisenox) on actin organization in K-562 erythroleukemia cells.

Author(s): Magdalena Izdebska | Alina Grzanka | Maciej Ostrowski | Agnieszka Zuryń | Dariusz Grzanka
Arsenic Exposure and the Induction of Human Cancers

Author(s): Victor D. Martinez | Emily A. Vucic | Daiana D. Becker-Santos | Lionel Gil | Wan L. Lam
Resistance to Arsenic- and Antimony-Based Drugs

Author(s): Milena Salerno | Arlette Garnier-Suillerot
Synthesis, characterization of a multi-component metal oxide (Al0.88Fe0.67Zn0.28O3) and elimination of As (III) from aqueous solution.

Author(s): M. A. Subhan | S. A. Monim | M. B. R. Bhuiyan | A. N. Chowdhury | M. Islam | M. A. Hoque

Author(s): Madhamshetty Hariprasad | Sawant Ranjeet S | Bhingare S. D

Author(s): Arnoldo González | Grony Garbán | Manuel Martínez | Maria A. Álvarez
Induction of Human Squamous Cell-Type Carcinomas by Arsenic

Author(s): Victor D. Martinez | Daiana D. Becker-Santos | Emily A. Vucic | Stephen Lam | Wan L. Lam
Arsenic Biotransformation as a Cancer Promoting Factor by Inducing DNA Damage and Disruption of Repair Mechanisms

Author(s): Victor D. Martinez | Emily A. Vucic | Marta Adonis | Lionel Gil | Wan L. Lam
Combined Administration of Taurine and Monoisoamyl Dmsa Protects Arsenic Induced Oxidative Injury in Rats

Author(s): Swaran J. S. Flora | Swapnila Chouhan | Gurusamy M. Kannan | Megha Mittal | Harimohan Swarnkar
Arsenate Adsorption Mechanism on Nano-ball Allophane by Langmuir Adsorption Equation

Author(s): Elvis Anup Shukla | Naoto Matsue | Teruo Henmi | Erni Johan
Zinc in Well Water and Infant Mortality in Bangladesh: A Report from Gonoshasthaya Kendra

Author(s): Nicola Cherry | Corbett McDonald | Zafrullah Chowdhury
Arsenic content, fractionation and ecological risk in the surface sediments of lake

Author(s): S. L. Wang | C. Y. Lin | X. Z. Cao | X. Zhong

Author(s): Sapra Ashu | Kakkar Saloni | Narasimhan B.
Lead, Arsenic, and Cadmium Contamination and Its Impact on Children's Health in La Oroya, Peru

Author(s): Matthew K. Reuer | Nathan W. Bower | Jed H. Koball | Esther Hinostroza | María Erlinda De la Torre Marcas | Jaime Alberto Hurtado Surichaqui | Sherly Echevarria
Vascular Disrupting Agent Arsenic Trioxide Enhances Thermoradiotherapy of Solid Tumors

Author(s): Robert J. Griffin | Brent W. Williams | Nathan A. Koonce | John C. Bischof | Chang W. Song | Rajalakshmi Asur | Meenakshi Upreti
Typical types and formation mechanisms of haze in an Eastern Asia megacity, Shanghai

Author(s): K. Huang | G. Zhuang | Y. Lin | J. S. Fu | Q. Wang | T. Liu | R. Zhang | Y. Jiang | C. Deng | Q. Fu | N. C. Hsu | B. Cao


Author(s): Charicleia Kelaidi | Lionel Ades | Pierre Fenaux

Author(s): Vikram Mathews | Ezhilarasi Chendamarai | Biju George | Auro Viswabandya | Alok Srivastava
Civic Pollution and Its Effect on Water Quality of River Toi at District Kohat, NWFP

Author(s): Zubair Anwar | Khalid Usman Khattak | Mazhar Islam | Rizwan Ullah Khan | Jabar Zaman Khan Khattak
Identifying Pathfinder Elements for Gold in Multi-Element Soil Geochemical Data from the Wa-Lawra Belt, Northwest Ghana: A Multivariate Statistical Approach

Author(s): Emmanuel Arhin | Gordon Foli | Jacob Mawuko Kutu | Prosper Mackenzie Nude | John Mahfouz Asigri | Sandow Mark Yidana
Identifying Pathfinder Elements for Gold in Multi-Element Soil Geochemical Data from the Wa-Lawra Belt, Northwest Ghana: A Multivariate Statistical Approach

Author(s): Emmanuel Arhin | Gordon Foli | Jacob Mawuko Kutu | Prosper Mackenzie Nude | John Mahfouz Asigri | Sandow Mark Yidana
Perch and Its Parasites as Heavy Metal Biomonitors in a Freshwater Environment: The Case Study of the Ružín Water Reservoir, Slovakia

Author(s): Tímea Brázová | Jordi Torres | Catarina Eira | Vladimíra Hanzelová | Dana Miklisová | Peter Šalamún
Assessment of Heavy Metals in the Fish Collected from the River Ravi, Pakistan

Author(s): Ghazala Jabeen*, Muhammad Javed and Hamda Azmat
Cytotoxicity patterns of arsenic trioxide exposure on HaCaT keratinocytes

Author(s): Udensi UK | Graham-Evans BE | Rogers CS | Isokpehi RD
Evaluation of Elemental Contents of Wild Mango (Irvingia gabonensis) Fruit in Ghana

Author(s): J.E. Ayivor | S.K. Debrah | C. Nuviadenu | A. Forson
Arsenic-Doped High-Resistivity-Silicon Epitaxial Layers for Integrating Low-Capacitance Diodes

Author(s): Agata Sakic | Tom L. M. Scholtes | Wiebe de Boer | Negin Golshani | Jaber Derakhshandeh | Lis K. Nanver
Organic matter mineralization and trace element post-depositional redistribution in Western Siberia thermokarst lake sediments

Author(s): S. Audry | O. S. Pokrovsky | L. S. Shirokova | S. N. Kirpotin | B. Dupré
Microstructure characterization of porous microalloyed aluminium-silicate ceramics

Author(s): Purenović Jelena | Mitić V.V. | Paunović V. | Purenović M.
Studies of In-Vitro Amlodipine and Arsenic Displacement Interaction at Binding Sites of Bovine Serum Albumin

Author(s): Ashraful Alam | Abdul Awal | Nusrat Subhan | Mahmudul Hasan Sikder | S. M. Mahbubul Alam | Mahbub Mostofa | Saikh Jamal Uddin
Mathematical model insights into arsenic detoxification

Author(s): Lawley Sean | Cinderella Molly | Hall Megan | Gamble Mary | Nijhout H Frederik | Reed Michael
Epstein - Barr virus latent membrane protein 1 suppresses reporter activity through modulation of promyelocytic leukemia protein-nuclear bodies

Author(s): Sides Mark | Block Gregory | Chadwick Reid | Shan Bin | Flemington Erik | Lasky Joseph
Arsenic Contamination in Groundwater of Bangladesh: Perspectives on Geochemical, Microbial and Anthropogenic Issues

Author(s): Hossain M. Anawar | Junji Akai | Martin Mihaljevič | Arif M. Sikder | Golam Ahmed | Shafi M. Tareq | Mohammad M. Rahman
Analysis of selected elements in water in the drinking water preparation plants in Belgrade, Serbia

Author(s): Antanasijević Davor Z. | Lukić Nataša A. | Pocajt Viktor V. | Perić-Grujić Aleksandra A. | Ristić Mirjana Đ.
Evaluation Of Angiogenesis In The Bone Marrow Of Patients With Acute Myloid Leukemia

Author(s): Sanaat Z | Tavangar M | Shriftabrizi A | Alimoghadam K | Ghavamzadeh A | Jahani M
Evaluation of response to arsenic trioxide in patients with refractory multiple myeloma

Author(s): Zohreh Sanaat | Mahtab Rezazadeh | Jalil Vaez Gharamaleki | Jamal Eivazi Ziae | Ali Esfahani | Morteza Ghojazadeh
Toxicological Characterization of the Inorganic and Organic Arsenic Metabolite Thio-DMAV in Cultured Human Lung Cells

Author(s): Marc Bartel | Franziska Ebert | Larissa Leffers | Uwe Karst | Tanja Schwerdtle
Toxicity of Volatile Methylated Species of Bismuth, Arsenic, Tin, and Mercury in Mammalian Cells In Vitro

Author(s): E. Dopp | U. von Recklinghausen | J. Hippler | R. A. Diaz-Bone | J. Richard | U. Zimmermann | A. W. Rettenmeier | A. V. Hirner
Arsenic-Induced Pancreatitis

Author(s): Sean Connelly | Krysia Zancosky | Katie Farah
Detection of Viability and Metabolic Activity of NB4 Cell Line Treated with AZT

Author(s): H Mardani Valandani | R Mirzaee Khalilabadi | D Bashshash | N Einollahi | K Ali Moghaddam | A Ghavamzade | H Ghaffari
Evaluation of Some Natural Zeolites and Their Relevant Synthetic Types as Sorbents for Removal of Arsenic from Drinking Water

Author(s): R Menhage-Bena | H Kazemian | M Ghazi-Khansari | M Hosseini | SJ Shahtaheri
Arsenic Trioxide Compound Modulates Multiple Myeloma Phenotypes: Assessment on Cell Line Models

Author(s): MR Khorramizadeh | F Saadat | H Allahyary | S Sadeghian | A Sarrafnejad | A Mirshafiey | F Safavifar | K Alimoghaddam | A Ghavamzadeh | M Pezeshki

Author(s): Emami-Khansari F. Ghazi-Khansari M. | Abdollahi M.
Solid Phase Biosensors for Arsenic or Cadmium Composed of A trans Factor and cis Element Complex

Author(s): Mohammad Shohel Rana Siddiki | Yasunari Kawakami | Shunsaku Ueda | Isamu Maeda
Study of Arsenic Presence in Drinking Water Sources: A Case Study

Author(s): M Mosaferi | H Taghipour | AM Hassani | M Borghei | Z Kamali | A Ghadirzadeh
Treatment of new cases of Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia With Arsenic Trioxide

Author(s): Ardeshir Ghavamzadeh1 | Kamran Alimoghaddam Hamidolah Ghafari Shahrbano Rostami Yousef Mortazavi Mohamad Jahani Roholah Hoss
The Role of Arsenic Treatment after Induction in Alternative and Long-Term Cases for the Prevention of Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia Recurrence

Author(s): Mozaffar Aznab | Kamran Alimoghadam | Ardeshir Ghavamzadeh | Ghobad Salimi | Jafar Navabi | Mari Attai | Toraj Joibary | Mansour Rezaei | Kazhal Kaviani Moghadam | Farzaneh Solaimanian | Soraya Ghaderymanesh
Arsenic removal from aqueous solutions by sorption onto zirconium- and titanium-modified sorbents

Author(s): Anđelković Ivan | Manojlović Dragan D. | Đorđević Dragana | Dojčinović Biljana | Roglić Goran | Ignjatović Ljubiša
Arsenic removal from water using low-cost adsorbents: A comparative study

Author(s): Jovanović Branislava M. | Vukašinović-Pešić Vesna L. | Veljović Đorđe N. | Rajaković Ljubinka V.
The problem of dose in homeopaty: evaluation of the effect of high dilutions of Arsenicum album 30cH on rats intoxicasted with arsenic

Author(s): Olney Leite Fontes | Fátima Cristiane Lopes Goularte Farhat | Amarilys Toledo Cesar | Marilisa Guimarães Lara | Maria Imaculada Lima Montebelo | Gabriela Cristina Gomes Rodrigues | Marco Vinícius Chaud
Chemical composition of weathering products in neutral and acidic mine tailings from stibnite exploitation in Slovakia

Author(s): Klimko T | Lalinská B | Majzlan J | Chovan M | Kučerová G | Paul Ch
Monohydrocalcite: a promising remediation material for hazardous anions

Author(s): Keisuke Fukushi, Takashi Munemoto, Minoru Sakai and Shintaro Yagi
Electrical properties and microstructure fractal analysis of magnesium-modified aluminium-silicate ceramics

Author(s): Purenović J. | Mitić V.V. | Kocić Lj. | Pavlović V.B. | Paunović V. | Purenović M.
Arsenic Trioxide in Patients with Refractory Multiple Myeloma: A Prospective, Phase II, Single-Arm Study

Author(s): Zohreh Sanaat | Mahtab Rezazadeh | Jalial Vaez Gharamaleki | Jamal Eivazi Ziae | Ali Esfahani
Combination Effect Of Low Dose of Arsenic Trioxide And AZT On Viability And Metabolic Activity Of NB4 Cell Line

Author(s): R Mirzaee Khalilabadi | H Mardani Valandani | D Bashshash | N Einollahi | K Ali Moghaddam | A Ghavamzadeh | H Ghaffari
Erratum for “Aberrantly Expressed Genes in HaCaT Keratinocytes Chronically Exposed to Arsenic Trioxide”

Author(s): Udensi K. Udensi | Hari H.P. Cohly | Barbara E. Graham-Evans | Kenneth Ndebele | Natàlia Garcia-Reyero | Bindu Nanduri | Paul B. Tchounwou | Raphael D. Isokpehi
A Green Analytical Procedure for Sensitive and Selective Determination of Arsenic in Scalp Hair Samples of Arsenic Exposed Adults of Both Genders

Author(s): Jameel A. Baig | Tasneem G. Kazi | Abdul Q. Shah | Hassan I. Afridi | Ghulam A. Kandhro | Sumaira Khan
Removal of Arsenic from Groundwater with Low Cost Multilayer Media

Author(s): Abdus Samad | Mohammad Arifur Rahman | A. M. Shafiqul Alam*
Physicochemical Assessment of Surface and Groundwater Quality of the Greater Chittagong Region of Bangladesh

Author(s): M. J. Ahmed | M. R. Haque | A. Ahsan | S. Siraj | M. H. R. Bhuiyan | S. C. Bhattacharjee | S. Islam
Evaluation of Physico-chemical Parameters of Manchar Lake Water and Their Comparison with Other Global Published Values

Author(s): Muhammad Balal Arain | Tasneem Gul Kazi | Muhammad Kkhan Jamali | Hassan Imran Afridi | Jameel Ahmad Baig1, | Nusrat Jalbani2 and | Abdul Qadir Shah1
Removal of Arsenic with Oyster Shell: Experimental Measurements

Author(s): Md. Atiqur Rahman, , and | Mohammad Arifur Rahman | Abdus Samad | Abdul M. S. Alam
Voltammetric Study of Arsenic (III) and Arsenic (V) in Ground Water of Hajigonj and Kalkini in Bangladesh

Author(s): Samir Chandra Paul | Mohammad Arifur Rahman | Nur-E-Alam Siddique
Studies of Arsenic Mobilization with Iron, Manganese and Copper in Borehole Sediments of the River Padma

Author(s): M. Sarifuzzaman | M. N. A. Siddique | Farhana Khanam Ferdousi | Etmina Ahmed | A.M. Shafiqul Alam | Shah Mohammad Ullah
Heavy metal residues in beef carcasses in Beni-Suef abattoir, Egypt

Author(s): Fathy A. Khalafalla | Fatma H. Ali | Fredi Schwagele | Mariam A. Abd-El-Wahab
Organic matter mineralization and trace element post-depositional redistribution in Western Siberia thermokarst lake sediments

Author(s): S. Audry | O. S. Pokrovsky | L. S. Shirokova | S. N. Kirpotin | B. Dupré
Typical types and formation mechanisms of haze in an eastern Asia megacity, Shanghai

Author(s): K. Huang | G. Zhuang | Y. Lin | J. S. Fu | Q. Wang | T. Liu | R. Zhang | Y. Jiang | C. Deng
Genetic polymorphisms in glutathione S-transferase (GST) superfamily and risk of arsenic-induced urothelial carcinoma in residents of southwestern Taiwan

Author(s): Hsu Ling-I | Chen Wu-Ping | Yang Tse-Yen | Chen Yu-Hsin | Lo Wann-Cheng | Wang Yuan-Hung | Liao Ya-Tang | Hsueh Yu-Mei | Chiou Hung-Yi | Wu Meei-Maan | Chen Chien-Jen
Trace elements in reindeer from Rybatsjij Ostrov, north western Russia

Author(s): Aksel Bernhoft | Thor Waaler | Svein D. Mathiesen | Arne Flåøyen
Heavy metals contamination in water and sediments of polluted urban rivers in developing countries

Author(s): K. M. Mohiuddin | Y. Ogawa | H. M. Zakir | K. Otomo | N. Shikazono
Temporal and spatial trends for trace metals in streams and rivers across Sweden (1996–2009)

Author(s): B. J. Huser | S. J. Köhler | A. Wilander | K. Johansson | J. Fölster
Spatial Variability of Trace Metals in Surface and Groundwater Within a Contaminated Mining Environment in Ghana

Author(s): F.A. Armah | J.O. Odoi | E.K.A. Afrifa | A.N.M. Pappoe | D.O. Yawson | P.K. Essandoh
Biomonitoring of Occupational Exposure to Total Arsenic and Total Mercury in Urine of Goldmine Workers in Southwestern Ghana

Author(s): Rex Gyeabour Abrefah | Dennis Kpakpo Adotey | ekua Mensimah | Emmanuel Ampomah-Amoako | robert bright mawuko Sogbadji | Nicholas Sacketey Opata
Self-assembly of Silver Nanoparticles and Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes on Decomposed GaAs Surfaces

Author(s): Al-Harthi SH | Revathy KP | Gard F | Mesli A | George AK | Bartringer J | Mamor M | Unnikrishnan NV
Arsenic trioxyde in the treatment of HTLV1 associated ATLL

Author(s): Suarez Felipe | Marcais Ambroise | Ghez David | Delarue Richard | Deau-Fischer Benedicte | Aoun Charbel | Sicre de Fontbrune Flore | Ysebaert Laurent | Asnafi Vahid | Canioni Daniele | deThe Hugue | Bazarbachi Ali | Hermine Olivier
Utility of arsenic-treated bird skins for DNA extraction

Author(s): Töpfer Till | Gamauf Anita | Haring Elisabeth
Dose-response relationship between arsenic exposure and the serum enzymes for liver function tests in the individuals exposed to arsenic: a cross sectional study in Bangladesh

Author(s): Islam Khairul | Haque Abedul | Karim Rezaul | Fajol Abul | Hossain Ekhtear | Salam Kazi | Ali Nurshad | Saud Zahangir | Rahman Matiar | Rahman Mashiur | Karim Rezaul | Sultana Papia | Hossain Mostaque | Akhand Anwarul | Mandal Abul | Miyataka Hideki | Himeno Seiichiro | Hossain Khaled

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