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Outcomes of Universal Access to Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) in Georgia

Author(s): Tengiz Tsertsvadze | Nikoloz Chkhartishvili | Lali Sharvadze | Natia Dvali | Otar Chokoshvili | Pati Gabunia | Akaki Abutidze | Kenrad Nelson | Jack DeHovitz | Carlos del Rio
New Face(s)

Author(s): Carolyn Kenny | Brynjulf Stige
A complicated grief intervention model

Author(s): Cornelia M. Drenth | Alida G. Herbst | Herman Strydom
Scale-adaptive surface modeling of vascular structures

Author(s): Wu Jianhuang | Wei Mingqiang | Li Yonghong | Ma Xin | Jia Fucang | Hu Qingmao
Music Therapy with Adolescents

Author(s): Jukko Tervo
The Influence of the Creative Class

Author(s): Carolyn Kenny
The Evolution of GIM Programming

Author(s): Anthony Meadows
Pediatric liver transplantation

Author(s): Marco Spada, Silvia Riva, Giuseppe Maggiore, Davide Cintorino, Bruno Gridelli
Characteristics of CD8+ T cell subsets in Chinese patients with chronic HIV infection during initial ART

Author(s): Jiao Yanmei | Hua Wei | Zhang Tong | Zhang Yonghong | Ji Yunxia | Zhang Hongwei | Wu Hao
Medical management of glaucoma: Principles and practice

Author(s): Singh Kuldev | Shrivastava Anurag
Estimating the impact of expanded access to antiretroviral therapy on maternal, paternal and double orphans in sub-Saharan Africa, 2009-2020

Author(s): Anema Aranka | Au-Yeung Christopher | Joffres Michel | Kaida Angela | Vasarhelyi Krisztina | Kanters Steve | Montaner Julio | Hogg Robert
Task shifting in Mozambique: cross-sectional evaluation of non-physician clinicians' performance in HIV/AIDS care

Author(s): Brentlinger Paula | Assan Américo | Mudender Florindo | Ghee Annette | Vallejo Torres José | Martínez Martínez Pilar | Bacon Oliver | Bastos Rui | Manuel Rolanda | Ramirez Li Lucy | McKinney Catherine | Nelson Lisa
Health, well-being and wellness: An anthropological eco-systemic approach

Author(s): Tiaan G.J.C. Kirsten | Hannes J.L. van der Walt | Charles T. Viljoen
Nurses' perceptions about Botswana patients' anti-retroviral therapy adherence

Author(s): Esther Kip | Valerie J. Ehlers | Dirk M. van der Wal
CD4 cell count recovery in HIV/TB co-infected patients versus TB uninfected HIV patients

Author(s): Wanchu A | Kuttiatt V | Sharma A | Singh S | Varma S
Directly-observed therapy (DOT) for the radical 14-day primaquine treatment of Plasmodium vivax malaria on the Thai-Myanmar border

Author(s): Takeuchi Rie | Lawpoolsri Saranath | Imwong Mallika | Kobayashi Jun | Kaewkungwal Jaranit | Pukrittayakamee Sasithon | Puangsa-art Supalap | Thanyavanich Nipon | Maneeboonyang Wanchai | Day Nicholas | Singhasivanon Pratap
Co-receptor usage and prediction of v3 genotyping algorithms in hiv-1 subtype b' from paid blood donors experienced anti-retroviral therapy in chinese central province

Author(s): Qu Shuiling | Ma Liying | Yuan Lin | Xu Wesi | Hong Kunxue | Xing Hui | Huang Yang | Yu Xiaoling | Shao Yiming
A comparative analysis of HIV drug resistance interpretation based on short reverse transcriptase sequences versus full sequences

Author(s): Steegen Kim | Bronze Michelle | Van Craenenbroeck Elke | Winters Bart | Van der Borght Koen | Wallis Carole | Stevens Wendy | Rinke de Wit Tobias | Stuyver Lieven
Dispositivos de asistencia circulatoria. Estado actual. Mechanical circulatory support devices, state of the art.

Author(s): Dr. Angel M. Paredes Cordero | Lic. Alexei Suárez Rivero | Dra. Nadia Sánchez Torres | Dr. Geovedys Martínez
Radiotherapy combined with hormonal therapy in prostate cancer: the state of the art

Author(s): Piotr Milecki | Piotr Martenka | Andrzej Antczak | et al
Anthroposophic therapy for attention deficit hyperactivity: A two-year prospective study in outpatients

Author(s): Harald J Hamre | Claudia M Witt | Gunver S Kienle | et al
Applications of gold nanoparticles in cancer nanotechnology

Author(s): Weibo Cai | Ting Gao | Hao Hong | Jiangtao Sun
Anthroposophic therapy for asthma: A two-year prospective cohort study in routine outpatient settings

Author(s): Harald J Hamre | Claudia M Witt | Gunver S Kienle | et al
Prevalence and risk factors for unrecognized obstructive lung disease among urban drug users

Author(s): M Bradley Drummond | Gregory D Kirk | Jacquie Astemborski | et al
Diabetes mellitus, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome in HIV-positive patients in South India

Author(s): Jyothi Idiculla | G D Ravindra’n | Jason D’Souza | et al 
Antiretroviral therapy initiated soon after HIV diagnosis as standard care: potential to save lives?

Author(s): Simon P Johnstone-Robertson | John Hargrove | Brian G Williams
Adherence and virologic suppression during the first 24 weeks on antiretroviral therapy among women in Johannesburg, South Africa - a prospective cohort study

Author(s): El-Khatib Ziad | Ekstrom Anna | Coovadia Ashraf | Abrams Elaine | Petzold Max | Katzenstein David | Morris Lynn | Kuhn Louise
Early changes in inflammatory and pro-thrombotic biomarkers in patients initiating antiretroviral therapy with abacavir or tenofovir

Author(s): Padilla Authors: | Masiá Mar | García Natalia | Jarrin Inmaculada | Tormo Consuelo | Gutiérrez Félix
Measuring adherence to antiretroviral therapy in northern Tanzania: feasibility and acceptability of the Medication Event Monitoring System

Author(s): Lyimo Ramsey | van den Boogaard Jossy | Msoka Elizabeth | Hospers Harm | van der Ven Andre | Mushi Declare | de Bruin Marijn
Clinical monitoring and correlates of nephropathy in SIV-infected macaques during high-dose antiretroviral therapy

Author(s): Sanders-Beer Brigitte | Spano Yvette | Golighty Dawn | Lara Abigail | Hebblewaite Diane | Nieves-Duran Lourdes | Rhodes Lowrey | Mansfield Keith
Pathophysiology, treatment, and animal and cellular models of human ischemic stroke

Author(s): Woodruff Trent | Thundyil John | Tang Sung-Chun | Sobey Christopher | Taylor Stephen | Arumugam Thiruma
Use of complementary and alternative medicine at Norwegian and Danish hospitals

Author(s): Salomonsen Laila | Skovgaard Lasse | la Cour Søren | Nyborg Lisbeth | Launsø Laila | Fønnebø Vinjar
Prediction of the responsiveness to pharmacological chaperones: lysosomal human alpha-galactosidase, a case of study

Author(s): Andreotti Giuseppina | Guarracino Mario | Cammisa Marco | Correra Antonella | Cubellis Maria
Comparing two service delivery models for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV during transition from single-dose nevirapine to multi-drug antiretroviral regimens

Author(s): Tsague Landry | Tsiouris Fatima | Carter Rosalind | Mugisha Veronicah | Tene Gilbert | Nyankesha Elevanie | Koblavi-Deme Stephania | Mugwaneza Placidie | Kayirangwa Eugenie | Sahabo Ruben | Abrams Elaine
Varied sensitivity to therapy of HIV-1 strains in CD4+ lymphocyte sub-populations upon ART initiation

Author(s): Heeregrave Edwin | Geels Mark | Baan Elly | van der Sluis Renee | Paxton William | Pollakis Georgios
A Successful Live Twin Birth by In Vitro Fertilization after Conservative Treatment of Recurrent Endometrial Cancer

Author(s): Hsien-Ming Wu | Chyong-Huey Lai | Hong-Yuan Huang | Hsin-Shih Wang | Yung-Kuei Soong
Knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS among home-based caregivers in Namibia

Author(s): Hileni Niikondo | Muhammad E. Hoque | Busi Ntuli-Ngcobo
EGFR-Targeting as a Biological Therapy: Understanding Nimotuzumab’s Clinical Effects

Author(s): Rolando Perez | Ernesto Moreno | Greta Garrido | Tania Crombet
Absolute lymphocyte count: A cost-effective method of monitoring HIV-infected individuals

Author(s): Kakar A | Beri R | Gogia A | Byotra S | Prakash V | Kumar S | Bhargava M
Female gender predicts lower access and adherence to antiretroviral therapy in a setting of free healthcare

Author(s): Tapp Christine | Milloy M-J | Kerr Thomas | Zhang Ruth | Guillemi Silvia | Hogg Robert | Montaner Julio | Wood Evan
The role of human papillomavirus in the pathogenesis of head & neck squamous cell carcinoma: an overview

Author(s): Pannone Giuseppe | Santoro Angela | Papagerakis Silvana | Lo Muzio Lorenzo | De Rosa Gaetano | Bufo Pantaleo
High T-cell immune activation and immune exhaustion among individuals with suboptimal CD4 recovery after 4 years of antiretroviral therapy in an African cohort

Author(s): Nakanjako Damalie | Ssewanyana Isaac | Mayanja-Kizza Harriet | Kiragga Agnes | Colebunders Robert | Manabe Yukari | Nabatanzi Rose | Kamya Moses | Cao Huyen
Drug efficacy by direct and adjusted indirect comparison to placebo: An illustration by Mycobacterium avium complex prophylaxis in HIV

Author(s): Chu Jennifer | Sloan Caroline | Freedberg Kenneth | Yazdanpanah Yazdan | Losina Elena
Artemisinin-induced parasite dormancy: a plausible mechanism for treatment failure

Author(s): Codd Andrea | Teuscher Franka | Kyle Dennis | Cheng Qin | Gatton Michelle
Messenger RNA electroporation: an efficient tool in immunotherapy and stem cell research.

Author(s): A Van Driessche | P Ponsaerts | D R Van Bockstaele | V F I Van Tendeloo | Z N Berneman
Acetic acid ulcer model - state of the art in 2010

Author(s): Susumu Okabe | Kikuko Amagase | Koji Takeuchi
Tip II diyabetli periodontitis hastalarında periodontal tedavinin ağız kokusuna etkisi

Author(s): Aysun Akpinar | Tamer Ataoglu | Vildan Bostanci | Ismail Marakoglu | Hafize Sezer
Prevention, diagnosis, therapy and follow-up care of sepsis: 1st revision of S-2k guidelines of the German Sepsis Society (Deutsche Sepsis-Gesellschaft e.V. (DSG)) and the German Interdisciplinary Association of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (Deutsche Interdisziplinäre Vereinigung für Intensiv- und Notfallmedizin (DIVI))

Author(s): Reinhart, K. | Brunkhorst, F. M. | Bone, H.-G. | Bardutzky, J. | Dempfle, C.-E. | Forst, H. | Gastmeier, P. | Gerlach, H. | Gründling, M. | John, S. | Kern, W. | Kreymann, G. | Krüger, W. | Kujath, P. | Marggraf, G. | Martin, J. | Mayer, K. | Meier-Hellmann, A. | Oppert, M. | Putensen, C. | Quintel, M. | Ragaller, M. | Rossaint, R. | Seifert, H. | Spies, C. | Stüber, F. | Weiler, N. | Weimann, A. | Werdan, K. | Welte, T.
Impact of HIV subtype on response and resistance in antiretroviral-naïve adults comparing treatment with once daily versus twice daily ritonavir boosted fosamprenavir in combination with Abacavir/Lamivudine

Author(s): Lisa L. Ross | Marjorie D. Robinson | Giampiero Carosi | Adriano Lazzarin | Hans-Juergen Stellbrink | Graeme Moyle | Naomi Givens | William G. Nichols
False negative HIV antibody test in HIV infected children who receive early antiretroviral treatment in a resource-limited setting

Author(s): Gerardo Alvarez-Uria | Praveen K. Naik | Manoranjan Midde | Shanmugamari Kannan | Raghuprakash Reddy
Individualization of antiretroviral therapy

Author(s): Pavlos R | Phillips EJ
Lygia Clark, a vivência dos paradoxos

Author(s): Maria José Justino
Spillover adherence effects of fixed-dose combination HIV therapy

Author(s): Kauf TL | Davis KL | Earnshaw SR | Davis EA
Effect of Probiotic Bacteria on Microbial Host Defense, Growth, and Immune Function in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type-1 Infection

Author(s): Susanna Cunningham-Rundles | Siv Ahrné | Rosemary Johann-Liang | Rachel Abuav | Ann-Margaret Dunn-Navarra | Claudia Grassey | Stig Bengmark | Joseph S. Cervia
Medical Art Therapy

Author(s): Birgul Aydin
Przezskórna terapia okresu menopauzy – state of the art in 2010

Author(s): Tomasz Pertyński | Grzegorz Stachowiak
Kaposi Sarcoma in HIV Positive Nigerian Children: A Case Series

Author(s): Regina Oladokun | Bamidele Kolude | Gabriel Ogun | Biobele Brown | Kikelomo Osinusi
Antiretroviral Therapy among HIV-1 Infected Female Sex Workers in Benin: A Comparative Study with Patients from the General Population

Author(s): Souleymane Diabaté | Djimon Marcel Zannou | Nassirou Geraldo | Annie Chamberland | Jocelyn Akakpo | Carin Ahouada | Marguerite Massinga Loembé | Sévérin Anagonou | Annie Claude Labbé | Michel Alary | Cecile Tremblay
Immunovirological response to combined antiretroviral therapy and drug resistance patterns in children: 1- and 2-year outcomes in rural Uganda

Author(s): Ahoua Laurence | Guenther Gunar | Rouzioux Christine | Pinoges Loretxu | Anguzu Paul | Taburet Anne-Marie | Balkan Suna | Olson David | Olaro Charles | Pujades-Rodríguez Mar
HIV/AIDS, chronic diseases and globalisation

Author(s): Colvin Christopher
Effect of selenium supplementation on CD4 T-cell recovery, viral suppression, morbidity and quality of life of HIV-infected patients in Rwanda: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Kamwesiga Julius | Mutabazi Vincent | Kayumba Josephine | Tayari Jean-Claude | Smyth Richard | Fay Heather | Umurerwa Alice | Baziruwiha Marcel | Ntizimira Christian | Murebwayire Antoinette | Haguma Jean | Nyiransabimana Julienne | Habarurema Donatille | Mukarukundo Veneranda | Nzabandora Jean | Nzamwita Pascal | Mukazayire Ernestine | Mills Edward | Seely Dugald | McCready Douglas | Warren Don
New advances in leukaemia immunotherapy by the use of Chimeric Artificial Antigen Receptors (CARs): state of the art and perspectives for the near future

Author(s): Biagi Ettore | Marin Virna | Attianese Greta | Pizzitola Irene | Tettamanti Sarah | Cribioli Elisabetta | Biondi Andrea
First-line antiretroviral therapy and dyslipidemia in people living with HIV-1 in Cameroon: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Pefura Yone Eric | Betyoumin Awa | Kengne André | Kaze Folefack François | Ngogang Jeanne
Mortality in an antiretroviral therapy programme in Jinja, south-east Uganda: a prospective cohort study

Author(s): Amuron Barbara | Levin Jonathan | Birunghi Josephine | Namara Geoffrey | Coutinho Alex | Grosskurth Heiner | Jaffar Shabbar
Comparing antiretroviral treatment outcomes between a prospective community-based and hospital-based cohort of HIV patients in rural Uganda

Author(s): Kipp Walter | Konde-Lule Joseph | Rubaale Tom | Okech-Ojony Joa | Alibhai Arif | Saunders Duncan
Reverse transcriptase drug resistance mutations in HIV-1 subtype C infected patients on ART in Karonga District, Malawi

Author(s): Bansode Vijay | Travers Simon | Crampin Amelia | Ngwira Bagrey | French Neil | Glynn Judith | McCormack Grace
Immunologic and virologic failure after first-line NNRTI-based antiretroviral therapy in Thai HIV-infected children

Author(s): Bunupuradah Torsak | Puthanakit Thanyawee | Kosalaraksa Pope | Kerr Stephen | Boonrak Pitch | Prasitsuebsai Wasana | Lumbiganon Pagakrong | Mengthaisong Tawan | Phasomsap Chayapa | Pancharoen Chitsanu | Ruxrungtham Kiat | Ananworanich Jintanat
Early Antiretroviral Therapy reduces the incidence of otorrhea in a randomized study of early and deferred antiretroviral therapy: Evidence from the Children with HIV Early Antiretroviral Therapy (CHER) Study

Author(s): Hainline Clotilde | Taliep Reghana | Sorour Gill | Nachman Sharon | Rabie Helena | Dobbels Els | van Rensburg Anita | Cornell Morna | Violari Avy | Madhi Shabir | Cotton Mark
Supportive and cognitive behavioral group interventions on Bam earthquake related PTSD symptoms in adolescents

Author(s): J Mahmoudi-Gharaei | MR. Mohammadi | M. Bina | MT. Yasami | Y. Fakour

Author(s): FALLEIROS, João Paulo Barbosa | BRANDL, Ana Lúcia | FONSECA, Ana Rita Alvarenga da
Group Cognitive-Behavior Therapy and Supportive Art and Sport Interventions on Bam Earthquake Related Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms in Children: A Field Trial

Author(s): Javad Mahmoudi-Gharaei | Mohammad Reza Mohammadi | Mohammad Taghi Yasami | Narges Joshaghani | Fatemeh Naderi
Retrospective Analysis of 36 HIV/AIDS Cases

Author(s): Selçuk Kaya | Gürdal Yılmaz | Şükrü Erensoy | Mustafa Arslan | İftihar Köksal
Pre-treatment mortality and loss-to-follow-up in HIV-1, HIV-2 and HIV-1/HIV-2 dually infected patients eligible for antiretroviral therapy in The Gambia, West Africa

Author(s): Togun Toyin | Peterson Ingrid | Jaffar Shabbar | Oko Francis | Okomo Uduak | Peterson Kevin | Jaye Assan
Using verbal autopsy to assess the prevalence of HIV infection among deaths in the ART period in rural Uganda: a prospective cohort study, 2006-2008

Author(s): Mayanja Billy | Baisley Kathy | Nalweyiso Norah | Kibengo Freddie | Mugisha Joseph | Van der Paal Lieve | Maher Dermot | Kaleebu Pontiano
Scaling up antiretroviral therapy in Uganda: using supply chain management to appraise health systems strengthening

Author(s): Windisch Ricarda | Waiswa Peter | Neuhann Florian | Scheibe Florian | de Savigny Don
Operational research in malawi: making a difference with cotrimoxazole preventive therapy in patients with tuberculosis and HIV

Author(s): Harries Anthony | Zachariah Rony | Chimzizi Rhehab | Salaniponi Felix | Gausi Francis | Kanyerere Henry | Schouten Erik | Jahn Andreas | Makombe Simon | Chimbwandira Frank | Mpunga James
Antihyperlipidemic effects of Pleurotus ostreatus (oyster mushrooms) in HIV-infected individuals taking antiretroviral therapy

Author(s): Abrams Donald | Couey Paul | Shade Starley | Kelly Mary | Kamanu-Elias Nnemdi | Stamets Paul
Cellular HIV-1 DNA levels in patients receiving antiretroviral therapy strongly correlate with therapy initiation timing but not with therapy duration

Author(s): Watanabe Dai | Ibe Shiro | Uehira Tomoko | Minami Rumi | Sasakawa Atsushi | Yajima Keishiro | Yonemoto Hitoshi | Bando Hiroki | Ogawa Yoshihiko | Taniguchi Tomohiro | Kasai Daisuke | Nishida Yasuharu | Yamamoto Masahiro | Kaneda Tsuguhiro | Shirasaka Takuma
Validation of brief screening tools for depressive and alcohol use disorders among TB and HIV patients in primary care in Zambia

Author(s): Chishinga Nathaniel | Kinyanda Eugene | Weiss Helen | Patel Vikram | Ayles Helen | Seedat Soraya
The evolution of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase in route to acquisition of Q151M multi-drug resistance is complex and involves mutations in multiple domains

Author(s): Mbisa Jean | Gupta Ravi | Kabamba Desire | Mulenga Veronica | Kalumbi Moxmalama | Chintu Chifumbe | Parry Chris | Gibb Diana | Walker Sarah | Cane Patricia | Pillay Deenan
Rebound of residual plasma viremia after initial decrease following addition of intravenous immunoglobulin to effective antiretroviral treatment of HIV

Author(s): Mellberg Tomas | Gonzalez Veronica | Lindkvist Annica | Edén Arvid | Sönnerborg Anders | Sandberg Johan | Svennerholm Bo | Gisslén Magnus
'Pregnancy comes accidentally - like it did with me': reproductive decisions among women on ART and their partners in rural Uganda

Author(s): King Rachel | Khana Kenneth | Nakayiwa Sylvia | Katuntu David | Homsy Jaco | Lindkvist Pille | Johansson Eva | Bunnell Rebecca
Opportunistic illnesses in Brazilian children with AIDS: results from two national cohort studies, 1983-2007

Author(s): Ramos Alberto | Matida Luiza | Hearst Norman | Heukelbach Jorg
Aplastic anemia: immunosuppressive therapy in 2010

Author(s): Antonio M. Risitano | Fabiana Perna
Illness and Medication Appraisals In People with HIVDeciding to Begin Antiretroviral Treatment

Author(s): Judith Wrubel | Judith T. Moskowitz | Eunice Stephens | Mallory O. Johnson
Plasma Antioxidant Micronutrients and Oxidative Stress in People Living with HIV

Author(s): M.A. Mgbekem | M.E. John | I.B. Umoh | E.U. Eyong | N. Ukam | B.D. Omotola

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