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PSO Clustering with Preprocessing of Data Using Artificial Immune System

Author(s): Ch. Suresh | E. Vinod kumar | L.v.v.r.k. Sriharsha | Suresh Chandra Satapathy | PVGD Prasad Reddy
Bioinspired Principles for Large-Scale Networked Sensor Systems: An Overview

Author(s): Rune Hylsberg Jacobsen | Qi Zhang | Thomas Skjødeberg Toftegaard
Policy Based Danger Management in Artificial Immune System Inspired Secure Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks

Author(s): Mahira Atham Lebbe (Mahira M Mowjoon) | Johnson I Agbinya | Zenon Chaczko
Biocompatibility of Lipid Apheresis – New Aspects

Author(s): V. Schettler | E. G. Schulz | E. Wieland
Machine Learning methods for E-mail Classification

Author(s): W.A. Awad | S.M. Elseuofi
AIN-Based Action Selection Mechanism for Soccer Robot Systems

Author(s): Yin-Tien Wang | Zhi-Jun You | Chia-Hsing Chen
Ian-Based Cooperative Control Model for Multi-agent System

Author(s): Jinchao Guo | Gang Hu | Hongying Wang
An overview on nanocarrier technology- Aquasomes

Author(s): Shahabade Gururaj S*,Bhosale Ashok V,Mutha Swati S.,Bhosale Nilesh R.,Khade Prashant H.,Bhadane Nishant P.,Shinde Sagar T.

Author(s): Luca Spalazzi | Ratan Guha
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Qi Luo | Ben K. M. Sim
Transport modeling: An artificial immune system approach

Author(s): Teodorović Dušan | Popović Jovan | Lučić Panta
An Sp185/333 gene cluster from the purple sea urchin and putative microsatellite-mediated gene diversification

Author(s): Miller Chase | Buckley Katherine | Easley Rebecca | Smith L Courtney
Reference Point Based Multi-Objective Optimization Using Hybrid Artificial Immune System

Author(s): Waiel F. Abd El-Wahed | Elsayed M. Zaki | Adel M. El-Refaey
Immune Multiagent System for Network Intrusion Detection using Non-linear Classification Algorithm

Author(s): Muna Elsadig Mohamed | Brahim Belhaouari Samir | Azween Abdullah
Design a PID Controller of BLDC Motor by Using Hybrid Genetic-Immune

Author(s): Mohammed Obaid Ali | S. P. Koh | K. H. Chong | Asmaa Salih Hamoodi
Intrusion Detection System Using Intrusion Detection System Using Clustering with Reduced Features

Author(s): Murad Abdo Rassam | Mohd. Aizaini Maarof | Anazida Zainal
Web Search Personalization Based on Browsing History by Artificial Immune System

Author(s): Hamid Rastegari | Siti Mariyam Shamsuddin
Perioperative insulin therapy using a closed-loop artificial endocrine pancreas after hepatic resection

Author(s): Takehiro Okabayashi, Hiromichi Maeda, Zhao-Li Sun, Robert A Montgomery, Isao Nishimori, Kazuhiro Hanazaki
Intelligent Robot-assisted Humanitarian Search and Rescue System

Author(s): Albert W. Y. Ko | Henry Y. K. Lau
The leukocyte receptor complex in chicken is characterized by massive expansion and diversification of immunoglobulin-like Loci.

Author(s): Laun Katja | Coggill Penny | Palmer Sophie | Sims Sarah | Ning Zemin | Ragoussis Jiannis | Volpi Emanuela | Wilson Natalie | Beck Stephan | Ziegler Andreas | Volz Armin
Genomic organization and evolution of the ULBP genes in cattle

Author(s): Larson Joshua | Marron Brandy | Beever Jonathan | Roe Bruce | Lewin Harris
Giant panda BAC library construction and assembly of a 650-kb contig spanning major histocompatibility complex class II region

Author(s): Zeng Chang-Jun | Pan Hui-Juan | Gong Shao-Bin | Yu Jian-Qiu | Wan Qiu-Hong | Fang Sheng-Guo
Analysis and prediction of antibacterial peptides

Author(s): Lata Sneh | Sharma BK | Raghava GPS
Immune system responses and fitness costs associated with consumption of bacteria in larvae of Trichoplusia ni

Author(s): Freitak Dalial | Wheat Christopher | Heckel David | Vogel Heiko
Application of Artificial Immune System Approach in MRI Classification

Author(s): Chuin-Mu Wang | Chio-Tan Kuo | Chi-Yuan Lin | Gia-Hao Chang
Unknown Malicious Executables Detection Based on Immune Principles

Author(s): Jinquan Zeng | Caiming Liu | Jianbin Hu | Yu Zhang
Encapsulated islets transplantation: Past, present and future

Author(s): Naoaki Sakata | Shoichiro Sumi | Gumpei Yoshimatsu | Masafumi Goto | Shinichi Egawa | Michiaki Unno

Author(s): Rajiv Jaithlia | Chetan Chouhan | Suresh K. Dev | Nishima Agarwal
Host-based Web Anomaly Intrusion Detection System, an Artificial Immune System Approach

Author(s): Iman Khalkhali | Reza Azmi | Mozhgan Azimpour-Kivi | Mohammad Khansari

Author(s): Masoomeh sanei | Nasrollah Moghaddam Charkari
An Immune Inspired Multilayer IDS

Author(s): Mafaz Muhsin Khalil Alanezi | Najlaa Badie Aldabagh
Parkinson’s Disease Recognition Using Artificial Immune System

Author(s): Badra Khellat Kihel | Mohamed Benyettou
A Novel Pattern Recognition Approach Based on Immunology

Author(s): Shulin Liu | Yinghui Liu | Youfu Tang | Ruihong Jiang
Detecting Resource Consumption Attack over MANET using an Artificial Immune Algorithm

Author(s): Maha Abdelhaq | Rosilah Hassan | Mahamod Ismail | Daud Israf
Dangerous Degree Evaluation System of Mine Debris Flow Based on IGA-BP

Author(s): Xicheng Xue | Jisong Bi | Lingling Chen | Yan Chen
Multilevel Network Security Monitoring and Evaluation Model

Author(s): jin yang | Tang Liu | Ling xi Peng | Xue Jun Li | Gang Luo
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Yun Liu | Fei Yu | Chin-Chen Chang | Dongfeng Yuan | Yiqin Lu
A Study of Fault Diagnostic based on Artifcial Immune Systems

Author(s): Chu-Jiao Wang | Shi-Xiong Xia | Hai-zhi Wang
Dynamic biclustering of microarray data by multi-objective immune optimization

Author(s): Liu Junwan | Li Zhoujun | Hu Xiaohua | Chen Yiming | Park EK
Towards Automated Intrusion Response: A PAMP - Based Approach

Author(s): Rimiru Richard M | Guanzheng Tan | Njuki S. N.
A Network Intrusion Detection Model Based on Immune Multi-Agent

Author(s): Nian LIU | Sunjun LIU | Rui LI | Yong LIU
Treatment of Streptozotocine Induced Diabetes Mellitus in Male Rats by Immunoisolated Transplantation of Purified Langerhans Islet Cells

Author(s): A. Akbarzadeh | D. Noruzian | SH. Jamshidi | A. Farhangi | M.R. Mehrabi | B. Lame Rad | M. Mofidian | A. Allahverdi
An Efficient and Effective Immune Based Classifier

Author(s): Shahram Golzari | Shyamala Doraisamy | Md N. Sulaiman | Nur I. Udzir
Swarm Negative Selection Algorithm for Electroencephalogram Signals Classification

Author(s): Nasser O.S.B. Karait | Siti M. Shamsuddin | Rubita Sudirman
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