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The Stock Adjustment Model of Migration: The Scottish Experience

Author(s): Baayah Baba | Kamaruzaman Jusoff
Y chromosome evidence of earliest modern human settlement in East Asia and multiple origins of Tibetan and Japanese populations

Author(s): Shi Hong | Zhong Hua | Peng Yi | Dong Yong-Li | Qi Xue-Bin | Zhang Feng | Liu Lu-Fang | Tan Si-Jie | Ma Runlin | Xiao Chun-Jie | Wells R Spencer | Jin Li | Su Bing
Today’s Relevancy of the Migration Determinants Theory

Author(s): Baayah Baba | Peter Mc Gregor | Hj. Kamaruzaman Jusoff
Oral Submucous Fibrosis: An Eastern Disease In The Western World

Author(s): Salim Hosein | Amyn A Malik Juma
Migration and first-time parenthood: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan

Author(s): Lesia Nedoluzhko | Gunnar Andersson
"One country, two systems": Sociopolitical implications for female migrant sex workers in Hong Kong

Author(s): Wong William | Holroyd Eleanor | Chan Emily | Griffiths Sian | Bingham Amie
Evolution of Hepatitis B Genotype D in the Middle East and South Asia

Author(s): Seyed Mohammad Jazayeri | William F.Carman
Saudi Arabian Y-Chromosome diversity and its relationship with nearby regions

Author(s): Abu-Amero Khaled | Hellani Ali | González Ana | Larruga Jose | Cabrera Vicente | Underhill Peter
Variation in genetic admixture and population structure among Latinos: the Los Angeles Latino eye study (LALES)

Author(s): Shtir Corina | Marjoram Paul | Azen Stanley | Conti David | Le Marchand Loic | Haiman Christopher | Varma Rohit
The Korean Bird Information System (KBIS) through open and public participation

Author(s): Paik In-Hwan | Lim Jeongheui | Chun Byung-Sun | Jin Seon-Duck | Yu Jae-Pyoung | Lee Joon-Woo | Bhak Jong | Paek Woon-Kee

Author(s): T. Ramayah | Muhamad Jantan | Mohd Nasser Mohd Noor | Koay Pei Ling | Razli Che Razak
Identification of population substructure among Jews using STR markers and dependence on reference populations included

Author(s): Listman Jennifer | Hasin Deborah | Kranzler Henry | Malison Robert | Mutirangura Apiwat | Sughondhabirom Atapol | Aharonovich Efrat | Spivak Baruch | Gelernter Joel
Southeast Asian diversity: first insights into the complex mtDNA structure of Laos

Author(s): Bodner Martin | Zimmermann Bettina | Röck Alexander | Kloss-Brandstätter Anita | Horst David | Horst Basil | Sengchanh Sourideth | Sanguansermsri Torpong | Horst Jürgen | Krämer Tanja | Schneider Peter | Parson Walther
Mitochondrial DNA transit between West Asia and North Africa inferred from U6 phylogeography

Author(s): Maca-Meyer Nicole | González Ana | Pestano José | Flores Carlos | Larruga José | Cabrera Vicente
Invasion of Africa by a single pfcrt allele of South East Asian type

Author(s): Ariey Frédéric | Fandeur Thierry | Durand Remy | Randrianarivelojosia Milijaona | Jambou Ronan | Legrand Eric | Ekala Marie | Bouchier Christiane | Cojean Sandrine | Duchemin Jean | Robert Vincent | Le Bras Jacques | Mercereau-Puijalon Odile
Genetic variation in Northern Thailand Hill Tribes: origins and relationships with social structure and linguistic differences

Author(s): Besaggio Davide | Fuselli Silvia | Srikummool Metawee | Kampuansai Jatupol | Castrì Loredana | Tyler-Smith Chris | Seielstad Mark | Kangwanpong Daoroong | Bertorelle Giorgio
Identification of the risk factors for the high prevalence of type 2 diabetes and its complications in a Punjabi population: North Indian Diabetes Study: A case-control study

Author(s): Bhatti Jasvinder | Bhatti Gurjit | Joshi Amit | Rai Seema | Mastana Sarabjit | Ralhan Sarju | Bansal Devi | Tewari Rupinder
Culture creates genetic structure in the Caucasus: Autosomal, mitochondrial, and Y-chromosomal variation in Daghestan

Author(s): Marchani Elizabeth | Watkins W Scott | Bulayeva Kazima | Harpending Henry | Jorde Lynn
Identification of c.483C>T polymorphism in the caprine tyrosinase-related protein 1 (TYRP1) gene

Author(s): Bouabid Badaoui | Arianna Manunza | Mariasilvia D'Andrea | Fabio Pilla | Juan Capote | Jordi Jordana | Ainhoa Ferrando | Amparo Martínez | Juan V. Delgado | Vincenzo Landi | Mariano Gómez | Agueda L. Pons Barro | Mabrouk El Ouni | Oriol Vidal | Marcel Amills
Gender-Asymmetry in Dating Success of Korean Adoptees in the West

Author(s): Peter D. Dijkstra | Daniel Schwekendiek | Paul T.Y. Preenen
Book reviews

Author(s): Redactie KITLV
Book Reviews

Author(s): Tim Behrend | Nancy K. Florida | Harold Brookfield | Judith M. Heimann | Harold Brookfield | Victor T. King | J.G. de Casparis | Roy E. Jordaan | H.J.M. Claessen | Francoise Douaire-Marsaudon | Matthew Isaac Cohen | Andrew Beatty | Matthew Isaac Cohen | Sylvia Tiwon | Freek Colombijn | Victor T. King | Bernhard Dahm | Cive J. Christie | J. van Goor | Leonard Blussé | David Henley | Robert W. Hefner | David Henley | James F. Warren | Huub de Jonge | Laurence Husson | Nico Kaptein | Mark R. Woodward | Catharina van Klinken | Gunter Senft | W. Mahdi | J.G. de Casparis | Henk Maier | David Smyth | Toon van Meijl | Robert J. Foster | J.A. de Moor | Douglas Kammen | Joke van Reenen | Audrey Kahin | Heather Sutherland | Craig J. Reynolds | Nicholas Tarling | Patrick Tuck | B.J. Terwiel | Andreas Sturm | René S. Wassing | Koos van Brakel | Edwin Wieringa | J. de Bruin
Book Reviews

Author(s): Redactie KITLV
In search of the genetic footprints of Sumerians: a survey of Y-chromosome and mtDNA variation in the Marsh Arabs of Iraq

Author(s): Al-Zahery Nadia | Pala Maria | Battaglia Vincenza | Grugni Viola | Hamod Mohammed | Kashani Baharak | Olivieri Anna | Torroni Antonio | Santachiara-Benerecetti Augusta | Semino Ornella
Large scale mitochondrial sequencing in Mexican Americans suggests a reappraisal of Native American origins

Author(s): Kumar Satish | Bellis Claire | Zlojutro Mark | Melton Phillip | Blangero John | Curran Joanne
Abundance and Breeding Migration of the Asian Toad (Bufo gargarizans)

Author(s): Sung, Hacheol | Oanhee Park | Sukyung Kim | Daesik Park | Shi-Ryong Park
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Salim Zabir | Jemal H. Abawajy | Farid Ahmed | Joarder Kamruzaman | Mohammad Ataul Karim
A prospective cohort study of dietary patterns of non-western migrants in the Netherlands in relation to risk factors for cardiovascular diseases: HELIUS-Dietary Patterns

Author(s): Dekker Louise | Snijder Marieke | Beukers Marja | de Vries Jeanne | Brants Henny | de Boer Evelien | van Dam Rob | Stronks Karien | Nicolaou Mary
Synchronicity of the East Asian Summer Monsoon variability and Northern Hemisphere climate change since the last deglaciation

Author(s): T. Shinozaki | M. Uchida | K. Minoura | M. Kondo | S. F. Rella | Y. Shibata
Mapping Human Genetic Diversity on the Japanese Archipelago

Author(s): Qi-Liang Ding | Chuan-Chao Wang | Sara E. Farina | Hui Li

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