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Factors Influencing Public Attachment to Mosques in Malaysia

Author(s): Mina Najafi | Mustafa Kamal Bin Mohd Shariff
Relationship between Adult Attachment Styles with Job Satisfaction and Job Stress in Nurses

Author(s): Eshagh Rahimian Boogar | Abolghasem Nouri | Hamidreza Oreizy | Hosein Molavi | Abdorreza Foroughi Mobarake

Author(s): Gh. Mladin | Teodora Panea | A. Maier | I. Dragomir
Molecular Modeling of Chemicals Products Inhibitors of Growth Struvite Crystal

Author(s): Mohamed Beghalia | Hocine Allali | Saïd. Ghalem | Aïssa. Belouatek | Abdelhamid Sari

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Spectral and Temperature Dependence of Laser Induced Dissociative Attachment in SF6

Author(s): R. Barbe | J.-P. Astruc | A. Lagreze | J.-P. Schermann
Porphyromonas endodontalis in chronic periodontitis: a clinical and microbiological cross-sectional study

Author(s): Telma Blanca Lombardo Bedran | Rosemary Adriana C. Marcantonio | Rubens Spin Neto | Marcia Pinto Alves Mayer | Daniel Grenier | Luis Spolidorio | Denise Spolidorio
Impact of supragingival therapy on subgingival microbial profile in smokers versus non-smokers with severe chronic periodontitis

Author(s): Tatiana Meulman | Renato C. V. Casarin | Daiane C. Peruzzo | Ana Giorgetti | André Barbagallo | Márcio Z. Casati | Enilson A. Sallum | Reginaldo B. Gonçalves | Francisco H. Nociti Jr

Author(s): Garg Tarun | Bilandi Ajay | Kapoor Bhawna | Kumar Sunil | Joshi Ravi
A Comparison of Trojan Virus Behavior in Linux and Windows Operating System

Author(s): Ghossoon. M. W. Al-Saadoon | Hilal M.Y. Al-Bayatt
Psychological characteristics of future helping professionals: Empathy and attachment of psychology students

Author(s): Dimitrijević Aleksandar | Hanak Nataša | Milojević Sonja
Solution based approaches for the morphology control of BaTiO3 particulates

Author(s): Florentina Maxim | Paula Ferreira | Paula M. Vilarinho | Ian Reaney | Anne Aimable | Paul Bowen
Uterine peaking – sonographic sign of vesico-uterine adhesion

Author(s): Walid, Mohammad Sami | Heaton, Richard L.
Effect of Attachment Training on Anxiety and Attachment Behaviors of first-time Mothers

Author(s): Monireh Toosi | Marzieh Akbarzadeh | Najaf Zare | Farkhondeh Sharif
Transpupillary thermotherapy for atypical central serous chorioretinopathy

Author(s): Kawamura R | Ideta H | Hori H | Yuki K | Uno T | Tanabe T | Tsubota K | Kawasaki T
Self-perceived health of adults users of Primary Health Care Services in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil Autopercepção da saúde entre usuários da Atenção Primária em Porto Alegre, RS

Author(s): Milena Rodrigues Agostinho | Mônica Celestina Oliveira | Maria Eugênia Bresolin Pinto | Giuliano Uhlein Balardin | Erno Harzheim
Henipavirus Mediated Membrane Fusion, Virus Entry and Targeted Therapeutics

Author(s): Deborah L. Steffen | Kai Xu | Dimitar B. Nikolov | Christopher C. Broder
Correlation between mother's attachment style and school anxiety of their educable mental retarded children

Author(s): Mohammad Taheri | Shahab Mansouri | Ebrahim Zarei | Khalil Qasemi | Saeed Soltani-Bahram | Bahar Arshi
Self-assessment and students’ study strategies in a community of clinical practice: A qualitative study

Author(s): Hanan M. Al-Kadri | Mohamed S. Al-Moamary | Habib Al-Takroni | Chris Roberts | Cees P. M. van der Vleuten
BMP-2-loaded silica nanotube fibrous meshes for bone generation

Author(s): Song Chen, Xuetao Shi, Hiromi Morita, Jie Li, Nobuhiro Ogawa, Toshiyuki Ikoma, Satoshi Hayakawa, Yuki Shirosaki, Akiyoshi Osaka and Nobutaka Hanagata
Flavone Enhances Dengue Virus Type-2 (NGC Strain) Infectivity and Replication in Vero Cells

Author(s): Keivan Zandi | Rafidah Lani | Pooi-Fong Wong | Boon-Teong Teoh | Sing-Sin Sam | Jefree Johari | Mohd Rais Mustafa | Sazaly AbuBakar
Side chain polysiloxanes with phthalocyanine moieties

Author(s): T. Ganicz | T. Makowski | W. A. Stanczyk | A. Tracz
The 45-Degree Arthroscope Improves Visualization of the Femoral Attachment of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament

Author(s): Yasutaka Tashiro | Yukihide Iwamoto | Ken Okazaki | Shuichi Matsuda
Studies on Focal Adhesion Kinase in human breast cancer cell MDA-MB-231

Author(s): Jaydip Biswas | Amitava Chatterjee | Sekhar Pal | Kirat Kumar Ganguly | Triparna Sen
Attachment Styles are Related to ERPs Elicited to Angry Faces in an Oddball Paradigm

Author(s): Marrie H. J. Bekker | Fienke I. M. Geurdes | Ruth E. Mark
Studies on Focal Adhesion Kinase in human breast cancer cell MDA-MB-231

Author(s): Jaydip Biswas | Amitava Chatterjee | Sekhar Pal | Kirat Kumar Ganguly | Triparna Sen
Attachment Styles are Related to ERPs Elicited to Angry Faces in an Oddball Paradigm

Author(s): Marrie H. J. Bekker | Fienke I. M. Geurdes | Ruth E. Mark
Inhibitory Effects of Chick Lactobacilli on Enteropathogenic Salmonella

Author(s): C. Gusils | R. Ross | D. Draksler | C. Perez | M. Tous
Ranking Popular Items By Naive Bayes Algorithm

Author(s): Shiramshetty Gouthami | Golamari.Jose Mary | Pulluri Srinivas Rao
A first principles density functional investigation of ligand-protected eight atom gold nanoclusters

Author(s): Jaita Paul | Swarnakamal Mukherjee | Tanusri Saha-Dasgupta
Endoscopic attachment in Japan.

Author(s): Norwani BASIR
Periodontal status evaluation in patients with diagnosed IBD: Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis Ocena stanu przyzębia u pacjentów z rozpoznanym NZJ: chorobą Leśniowskiego-Crohna i wrzodziejącym zapaleniem jelita grubego

Author(s): Agata Gieorgijewska | Monika Adamczyk-Mościcka | Magdalena Pawlik | Jarosław Krajewski | Renata Górska | Grażyna Rydzewska | Edward Franek
Knowledge Metrics of Brand Equity: Critical Measure of Brand Attachment and Brand Attitude Strength

Author(s): Arslan Rafi | Moeez Ahsan | Fawad Saboor | Salima Hafeez | Mohammad Usman
The role of adhesive molecules in endometrial cancer: part I

Author(s): Michał Wojciechowski | Tomasz Krawczyk | Janusz Śmigielski | Andrzej Malinowski
Ring Cleavage Reactions of Methyl α-D-Allopyranoside Derivatives with Phenylboron Dichloride and Triethylsilane

Author(s): Masaru Kojima | Yutaka Nakamura | Yuusuke Ito | Seiji Takeuchi
Clinical Effects of Piascledin in the Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis

Author(s): M Tavakoli | E Vaziri | M Mehdizadeh | J Yaghini
The Pattern of Social Phobia Prediction in Students Based on Cognitive Behavioral Factors

Author(s): Zahra Taherifar | Ladan Fata | Banafsheh Gharaie
Bio-oss in Treatment of Furcation Class II Deffects and Comparison with Coronally Positioned Flap

Author(s): Ak.Khoshkhoo Nejad | SH. Mohseni Salehi Monfared | M. Rooeintan
Significance of Cervical Enamel Projections in periodontal treatment

Author(s): Chandana Gorthi | Veerendranath Reddy | Rekha Rani K
Frenectomy to free buried implant

Author(s): Nettem Sowmya | Nettemu Sunil Kumar | Seetharaman
Benefits and challenges perceived by patients with cancer when offered a nurse navigator

Author(s): Marianne Kirstine Thygesen | Birthe D Pedersen | Jakob Kragstrup | Lis Wagner | Ole Mogensen

Author(s): Dixie Gautreaux | Tamara R. Schaller Nauman | Frank R. Fronczek | Steven F. Watkins
The role of adhesive molecules in endometrial cancer: part II

Author(s): Michał Wojciechowski | Tomasz Krawczyk | Janusz Śmigielski | Andrzej Malinowski
The Relationship between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Periodontitis

Author(s): P Ghaliani | V isfahanian | N sarrafan | s Pishva | H Hojati
Preparation of poly(ethylene glycol)/polylactide hybrid fibrous scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

Author(s): Ni P | Fu S | Fan M | Guo G | Shi S | Peng J | Luo F | Qian Z
Effect of occlusal relationship on periodontal parameters

Author(s): Hamid Reza Arab | Amir Moien Taghavi | Naser Sargolzaei | Reza Goharian | Majid Reza Mokhtari
Particle Association of Enterococcus and Total Bacteria in the Lower Hudson River Estuary, USA

Author(s): Elizabeth Suter | Andrew R. Juhl | Gregory D. O’Mullan
Prevention of Staphylococcus aureus biofilm formation on metallic surgical implants via controlled release of gentamicin

Author(s): David J. McMillan | Cameron Lutton | Natalie Rosenzweig | Kadaba S. Sriprakash | Ben Goss | Michaela Stemberger | Michael A. Schuetz | Roland Steck
Cells Attachment Property of PVA Hydrogel Nanofibers Incorporating Hyaluronic Acid for Tissue Engineering

Author(s): Kyu-Oh Kim | Yaeko Akada | Wei Kai | Byoung-Suhk Kim | Ick-Soo Kim
How the Health Care Nurse Supports and Enhances the Child’s Attachment to Their Parents

Author(s): Ann-Marie Johansson | Inga Landahl | Annsofie Adolfsson
Solid-Contact Perchlorate Sensor with Nanomolar Detection Limit Based on Cobalt Phthalocyanine Ionophores Covalently Attached to Polyacrylamide

Author(s): Mohammad Nooredeen Abbas | Abdel Lattief A. Radwan | Philippe Bühlmann | Mahmud A. Abd El Ghaffar
Rho proteins − the key regulators of cytoskeleton in the progression of mitosis and cytokinesis

Author(s): Anna Klimaszewska | Anna Stenzel | Jakub Marcin Nowak | Alina Grzanka
Downregulation of TFPI in breast cancer cells induces tyrosine phosphorylation signaling and increases metastatic growth by stimulating cell motility

Author(s): Stavik Benedicte | Skretting Grethe | Aasheim Hans-Christian | Tinholt Mari | Zernichow Lillian | Sletten Marit | Sandset Per | Iversen Nina
HCV entry receptors as potential targets for siRNA-based inhibition of HCV

Author(s): Jahan Shah | Samreen Baila | Khaliq Saba | Ijaz Bushra | Khan Mahwish | Siddique Muhammad | Ahmad Waqar | Hassan Sajida
Biofunctionalization of zinc oxide nanowires for DNA sensory applications

Author(s): Niepelt Raphael | Schröder Ulrich | Sommerfeld Jana | Slowik Irma | Rudolph Bettina | Möller Robert | Seise Barbara | Csaki Andrea | Fritzsche Wolfgang | Ronning Carsten
A fiber-modified adenoviral vector interacts with immunoevasion molecules of the B7 family at the surface of murine leukemia cells derived from dormant tumors

Author(s): Grellier Elodie | Lécolle Katia | Rogée Sophie | Couturier Cyril | D'Halluin Jean-Claude | Hong Saw-See | Fender Pascal | Boulanger Pierre | Quesnel Bruno | Colin Morvane
Lentviral-mediated RNAi to inhibit target gene expression of the porcine integrin αv subunit, the FMDV receptor, and against FMDV infection in PK-15 cells

Author(s): Luo Jihuai | Du Junzheng | Gao Shandian | Zhang Guofeng | Sun Jingjing | Cong Guozheng | Shao Junjun | Lin Tong | Chang Huiyun
Abolished adherence alters signaling pathways in phorbol ester-induced human U937 cells

Author(s): Otte Anna | Mandel Katharina | Reinstrom Gesche | Hass Ralf
Adhesion molecule periplakin is involved in cellular movement and attachment in pharyngeal squamous cancer cells

Author(s): Tonoike Yurie | Matsushita Kazuyuki | Tomonaga Takeshi | Katada Koji | Tanaka Nobuko | Shimada Hideaki | Nakatani Yukio | Okamoto Yoshitaka | Nomura Fumio
A New Method to Calibrate Attachment Angles of Data Loggers in Swimming Sharks

Author(s): Kawatsu Shizuka | Sato Katsufumi | Watanabe Yuuki | Hyodo Susumu | Breves JasonP | Fox Bradley | Grau EGordon | Miyazaki Nobuyuki
Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticle attachment on array of micro test tubes and microbeakers formed on p-type silicon substrate for biosensor applications

Author(s): Ghoshal Sarmishtha | Ansar Abul | Raja Sufi | Jana Arpita | Bandyopadhyay Nil | Dasgupta Anjan | Ray Mallar
Characterization of the axon initial segment (AIS) of motor neurons and identification of a para-AIS and a juxtapara-AIS, organized by protein 4.1B

Author(s): Duflocq Amandine | Chareyre Fabrice | Giovannini Marco | Couraud François | Davenne Marc
Expression of the Flp proteins by Haemophilus ducreyi is necessary for virulence in human volunteers

Author(s): Janowicz Diane | Cooney Sean | Walsh Jessica | Baker Beth | Katz Barry | Fortney Kate | Zwickl Beth | Ellinger Sheila | Munson Robert
Effectiveness of Attachment Based Therapy on Reduction of Symptoms in Separation Anxiety Disorder

Author(s): Mostafa Zolfaghari Motlagh | Ali Reza Jazayeri | Katayoun Khoshabi | Mohammad Ali Mazaheri | Masoud Karimlou
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