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Genetic variation in South Indian castes: evidence from Y-chromosome, mitochondrial, and autosomal polymorphisms

Author(s): Watkins WS | Thara R | Mowry BJ | Zhang Y | Witherspoon DJ | Tolpinrud W | Bamshad MJ | Tirupati S | Padmavati R | Smith H | Nancarrow D | Filippich C | Jorde LB
Human evolution in Siberia: from frozen bodies to ancient DNA

Author(s): Crubézy Eric | Amory Sylvain | Keyser Christine | Bouakaze Caroline | Bodner Martin | Gibert Morgane | Röck Alexander | Parson Walther | Alexeev Anatoly | Ludes Bertrand
Autosomal Recessive Deafness is Heterogeneous in Pakistani Pakhtun Population

Author(s): S.M. Ibrahim | S. Ahmad | R. Tareen | F.U. Amin
Population substructure in Finland and Sweden revealed by the use of spatial coordinates and a small number of unlinked autosomal SNPs

Author(s): Hannelius Ulf | Salmela Elina | Lappalainen Tuuli | Guillot Gilles | Lindgren Cecilia | von Döbeln Ulrika | Lahermo Päivi | Kere Juha
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