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Author(s): Huilgol Nagraj
Awards to Solstice Authors

Author(s): Sandra L. Arlinghaus, Editor Solstice
Book Review: Red Dot Design Yearbook 2007/2008

Author(s): R. Roger Remmington
The "Excellence in Translational Medicine" and "Bedside-to-Bench" Awards 2007–08

Author(s): Ablin Richard | Marincola Francesco | Natali Pier
Winners of the ERS Annual Awards 2006

Author(s): P. S. Burge | V. C. Moore
Winners of the ERS Annual Awards 2007

Author(s): V. C. Moore | P. S. Burge
Winners of the ERS Annual Awards 2007

Author(s): V. C. Moore | P. S. Burge
Awards: A Disregarded Source of Motivation

Author(s): Bruno S. Frey | Susanne Neckermann
The "Excellence in Translational Medicine" and "Bedside-to-Bench" Awards 2008-09

Author(s): Ablin Richard | Marincola Francesco | Natali Pier
Culture Clash: A Case Study of Rover and BMW

Author(s): Fuller-Love Nerys

Author(s): Gurcharan Singh Brar | Ajeet Negi | Parminder Singh
Description of fiction in Wikipedia

Author(s): Alenka Šauperl | Kristina Šter | Miran Hladnik
The first "Award to Active Cities Contest" for the Region of the Americas

Author(s): Neiman Andrea B. | Jacoby Enrique R.
On Being a Good Teacher

Author(s): Keith Dewar
The story of a young man

Author(s): Ajai R. Singh
Affirmative Action at Work

Author(s): Jack McKillip
O documentário como encontro: entrevista com o cineasta Eduardo Coutinho

Author(s): Alexandre Figueirôa | Cláudio Bezerra | Yvana Fechine
The 2001 Gairdner Foundation Awards

Author(s): Marie L. Cappello
The 2000 Gairdner Awards

Author(s): Rohit Bose
Research and Medical Study in Iran: New Proposals

Author(s): Fatemeh Beiraghdar | Yunes Panahi | Saeed Taheri
Hypatia and the Leopold standard: Women in the wildlife profession 1937-2006

Author(s): K. Nicholson | P. Krausman | J. Merkle
Managerial Stock Compensation and Risky Investment

Author(s): Raluca Georgiana Nastasescu
New Passive Instruments Developed for Ocean Monitoring at the Remote Sensing Lab—Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Author(s): Adriano Camps | Xavier Bosch-Lluis | Isaac Ramos-Perez | Juan F. Marchán-Hernández | Nereida Rodríguez | Enric Valencia | Jose M. Tarongi | Albert Aguasca | René Acevo
Market Reaction to the Approval of Stock Option Plans: an Event Study of Bovespa Listed Companies

Author(s): Aline Barreto dos Santos | Fernanda Finotti Cordeiro Perobelli
Self-Organization in Integrated Conservation and Development Initiatives

Author(s): Cristiana Simão Seixas | Brian Davy
Multi-Agent Systems for Adaptive and Efficient Job Scheduling Service in Grids

Author(s): Pooja Sapra | Minakshi Memoria | Sunaina

Author(s): Helmut Renders
Effective knowledge management in translational medicine

Author(s): Szalma Sándor | Koka Venkata | Khasanova Tatiana | Perakslis Eric
A Bankruptcy Problem Approach to Load-shedding in Multiagent-based Microgrid Operation

Author(s): Hak-Man Kim | Tetsuo Kinoshita | Yujin Lim | Tai-Hoon Kim
From The Editor

Author(s): Cüneyt Evren
The Spanish Society of Ceramics and Glass along half a century

Author(s): Fernández Navarro, José Mª
Community engagement in US and Canadian medical schools

Author(s): Adam O Goldstein | Rachel Sobel Bearman
Putative Phenylacetaldehyde Synthase Transcript of Vanda Mimi Palmer: Sequence and Expression Analysis

Author(s): Ab. Rahim Mohd-Hairul | Chan Wai Sun | Parameswari Namasivayam | Gwendoline Ee Cheng Lian | Janna Ong Abdullah
Health problems account for a small part of the association between socioeconomic status and disability pension award. Results from the Hordaland Health Study

Author(s): Østby Kristian | Ørstavik Ragnhild | Knudsen Ann | Reichborn-Kjennerud Ted | Mykletun Arnstein
2K09 and thereafter : the coming era of integrative bioinformatics, systems biology and intelligent computing for functional genomics and personalized medicine research

Author(s): Yang Jack | Niemierko Andrzej | Bajcsy Ruzena | Xu Dong | Athey Brian | Zhang Aidong | Ersoy Okan | Li Guo-zheng | Borodovsky Mark | Zhang Joe | Arabnia Hamid | Deng Youping | Dunker A | Liu Yunlong | Ghafoor Arif
Decorative collection of listellos

Author(s): Boix, N. | Boix, E.
Empirical Validation of Web Metrics for Improving the Quality of Web Page

Author(s): Yogesh Singh | Ruchika Malhotra | Poonam Gupta
A New Approach for Bounding Awards in Bankruptcy Problems

Author(s): Jiménez-Gómez, José M. | Marco-Gil, M.Carmen
Carbonic mineral waters of eastern Slovakia and possibilities of their usage

Author(s): Stela Hanigovská | Lenka Pixová | Katarína Verčimáková
Special Issue: MicroRNAs in Health and Disease

Author(s): Guest Editor: Ajay Singh, Ph.D.
Main criteria for models of excellence in health care

Author(s): Tekić Jasmina | Majstorović Vidosav D. | Marković Dejan | Nikodijević Angelina | Stamenković Dragoslav
Em memória de Cecil Helman In Memory of Cecil Helman En memoria de Cecil Helman

Author(s): Francisco Jorge Arsego Quadros de Oliveira
Developing strategies to promote the Iranian international film market

Author(s): Mahmood Mohammadian | Amir Hassan Nedaei | Yasaman Giyahi
The ICSID Procedure: Mind the Gap

Author(s): Gloria María Álvarez

Author(s): Helmut Renders
The Story of Azithromycin

Author(s): Banić Tomišić, Z.
Punishment – and Beyond

Author(s): Bruno S. Frey

Author(s): Anyim C. Francis, Ph.D | Elegbede Tunde | Mariam A. Gbajumo-Sheriff (Mrs.)
Colección de listeles decorativos

Author(s): Boix, N. | Boix, E.
Media awards for responsible reporting of suicide: Experiences from Australia, Belgium and Denmark

Author(s): Dare Andrew | Andriessen Karl | Nordentoft Merete | Meier Michella | Huisman Annemiek | Pirkis Jane
A Note on Secondary Buyouts-Creating Value or Recycling Capital

Author(s): Jana KITZMANN | Dirk SCHIERECK
The Method of Real Options to Encourage the R & D Team

Author(s): Junfeng Gao | Lan Jiang
An Invitation to Wander

Author(s): Lavrova L.
The Content of Corporate Social Responsibility Information: The Case of Greek Telecommunication Sector

Author(s): Grigoris Giannarakis | Nikolaos Sariannidis | Alexandros E. Garefalakis
Glee: el éxito de la diferencia

Author(s): Beatriz González de Garay Domínguez
Wind Speed Simulation Using Wavelets

Author(s): A. H. Siddiqi | S. Khan | S. Rehman
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