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Case Study of E-commerce Business Models

Author(s): Arman Arayik Grigoryan
The e-Business Policy of Global Logistics Management for Manufacturing

Author(s): Ming-Kuen Chen | Shih-Ching Wang | Chyou-Huey Chiou
Web Services Selection Based on Context Ontology and Quality of Services

Author(s): Nabil Keskes | Ahmed Lehireche | Abdellatif Rahmoun
Design and Development of B2B e-Commerce Framework for Malaysian SMEs

Author(s): W.K. Chong | K.L. Man | C. Chen | H.Y. Lai
The Study of e-Marketplace - A Case Study of Formosa Technologies e-Marketplace

Author(s): Yu-Jen Chen | Chung-Yang Chen | Ronlon Tsai | Wei Chen
A Study on the Current Status and Trend of e-Business it Applications in Taiwan’s Manufacturing Industry

Author(s): Ming-Kuen Chen | Shih-Ching Wang | Kuo-Hsuan Chen | Chih-Hsiu Wang
The Empirical Study of Relationship Marketing in Maritime Transportation Service

Author(s): Shih-Hao Wu | Yingshing Lin | Jenn-Maw Cheng | Mei-hsieh Ni
Inter-organizational ties and total customer solution strategic positioning from delta model: a research about dyad supplier-client on B2B.

Author(s): Mateus Tavares da Silva Cozer | Geraldo Luciano Toledo | Cláudia Szafir-Goldstein
Determining Benefits from B2B e-Commerce: A Strategic Approach

Author(s): George Tanewski | Philip A. Collier | Stewart A. Leech
Accounting for Collaborative Supply Chain Relationships: Issues and Strategies

Author(s): Steve G. Sutton | Georgia Smedley | Vicky Arnold
Managing Business Processes in Distributed Systems: Requirements, Models, and Implementation

Author(s): Evaristo Colomina | Burkhardt Funk | Peter Niemeyer | Hans-Jürgen Scheruhn | Stefan Weidner

Author(s): Mihane Berisha Namani | Myrvete Badivuku Pantina
Model-Driven Security Engineering for Trust Management in SECTET

Author(s): Muhammad Alam | Ruth Breu | Michael Hafner
B2B E-Marketplace Adoption in Agriculture

Author(s): Xiaoping Zheng | Chunxia Wu | Dong Tian | Xiaoshuan Zhang
The Electronic Intermediary and the Effect on this For Developing E-Commerce

Author(s): Sahar Kosari, Mohammadreza Banan, Hadi Fanaee Tork and Ali Broumandnia
Matchmaking Framework for B2B E-Marketplaces

Author(s): Fekete ZOLTAN ALPAR
Developing a Usage-centered e-Payment Model using Open Network System

Author(s): Arogundade O.T | Ikotun A. Motunrayo | Olaniyi Ademola

Author(s): Alex Manzo
Marketing B2B: mapeamento dos trabalhos acadêmicos no Brasil de 1998 a 2007

Author(s): Tales Sarmento Lacerda | Beatriz Quaresma Mendonça
Globalization of E-Commerce: Growth and Impacts in the United States of America

Author(s): Sean T. McGann | John Leslie King | Kalle Lyytinen
The Design of B2B E-commerce System Based on MVC Model and J2EE

Author(s): Chunyan GUO | Konglai ZHU | Zongguo MA
Efficiency Assessment of E-waste Management System in Lithuanian Public Sector

Author(s): Laura Vasilenko | Inga Gurauskienė | Visvaldas Varžinskas
BOOK REVIEW: Advances in Electronic Marketing,

Author(s): Reviewed by Dr. Ayhan YILMAZ
Export Pricing in Business-to-business Market

Author(s): Asta Valuckaitė | Vytautas Snieška
E-Catalogs: A New Marketing Tool for Taiwan Electronics Industry Buyers and Sellers

Author(s): Charles V. Trappey | Jiang-Liang Hou | Yung-Chuan Peng
A Suppliers Monitoring System Utilizing Control Chart

Author(s): Chyuan Perng | Shui-Shun Lin | Ying-Wei Lai | Jen-Teng Tsai | Wen-Chih Chiou
The Current State and Development of e-Business for the Machinery Industry in Taiwan

Author(s): Woo-Tsong Lin | Bor-Yu Yang | Shih-Ching Wang
B2B Integration based on SOA using Web Service

Author(s): Wiranto Herry Utomo
Large scale mitochondrial sequencing in Mexican Americans suggests a reappraisal of Native American origins

Author(s): Kumar Satish | Bellis Claire | Zlojutro Mark | Melton Phillip | Blangero John | Curran Joanne
A ModelDriven Approach to Cloud SaaS Interoperability

Author(s): Ritu Sharma | Manu Sood
An Overview of Web Services Composition Approaches

Author(s): A.Vishnu Vardhan | M.S.Saleem Basha | P.Dhavachelvan
Importance of the Corporate Reputation in B2B Context in Iran: An Empirical Study

Author(s): Alireza Miremadi | Nazila Babakhani | Maria Yousefian | Hiva Fotoohi

Author(s): Luca DI NELLA
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Simon Fong | Sabah Mohammed
Evaluating Service Business Logic using Finite State Machine for Dynamic Service Integration

Author(s): Thirumaran. M | Dhavachelvan. P | Aranganayagi. G
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