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Nano Scale Soi Mosfet Structures and Study of Performance Factors

Author(s): Prakash Baviskar | Prasad Vinchurkar | Sanjeev Jain
Orientation Effects in Ballistic High-Strained P-type Si Nanowire FETs

Author(s): Jia-Hong Zhang | Qing-An Huang | Hong Yu | Shuang-Ying Lei
Improving Ballistic Performance of Polyurethane Foam by Nanoparticle Reinforcement

Author(s): M. F. Uddin | H. Mahfuz | S. Zainuddin | S. Jeelani
Structure and properties of GMA surfaced armour plates

Author(s): A. Klimpel | K. Luksa | M. Burda
Nanomaterials science

Author(s): Heinrich Rohrer
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