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Reasoning Principles for Negotiating Agent

Author(s): Mu-kun Cao | Yu-qiang Feng
Advancements in the V-Model

Author(s): Sonali Mathur | Shaily Malik
The Impact of Neighbourhood Churches on House Prices

Author(s): Gabriel Kayode Babawale | Yewande Adewunmi
網際網路中廣播閱聽眾電台收播研究 | A Study on Audience Behavior in the Internet

Author(s): 蔡清嵐、周宣光 Ching-Lan Tsai、Shrang-Kuang Chou
The common ancestry of life

Author(s): Koonin Eugene | Wolf Yuri
Intelligent Negotiation Agents in Electronic Commerce Applications

Author(s): S.C. Ng | M.N. Sulaiman | M.H. Selamat
Detection of lard in a complex dehydrated stock

Author(s): Balsells, M. | Bota, E. | Clotet, R. | Suque, M.
Health Belief Model and HIV/AIDS among high school female students in Yazd, Iran

Author(s): Mohammad Hossein Baghianimoghadam | Hossein Forghani | Razie Zolghadr | Zohre Rahaii | Parisa Khani
Reasons for non-participation in a parental program concerning underage drinking: a mixed-method study

Author(s): Pettersson Camilla | Lindén-Boström Margareta | Eriksson Charli
Integrating BC & GC Models In Computing Stereo Disparity As Markov Random Field

Author(s): Hongsheng Zhang | Shahriar Negahdaripour
Fully integrated care for frail elderly: two American models

Author(s): Dennis L. Kodner | Corinne Kay Kyriacou
Participation of general practitioners in disease management: experiences from the Netherlands

Author(s): L.M.G. Steuten | H.J.M. Vrijhoef | C. Spreeuwenberg | G.G. van Merode
Risk levels for suffering a traffic injury in primary health care. The LESIONAT* project

Author(s): Martín-Cantera Carlos | Prieto-Alhambra Daniel | Roig Lydia | Valiente Susana | Perez Katherine | Garcia-Ortiz Luis | Bel Jordi | Marques Fernando | Mundet Xavier | Bonafont Xavier | Birules Marti | Soldevila Núria | Briones Elena
Ser ou não Ser Favorável às Práticas de Diversidade? Eis a Questão.

Author(s): Jamille Barbosa Cavalcanti Pereira | Darcy Mitiko Mori Hanashiro
Improving behaviour in self-testing (IBIS): Study on frequency of use, consequences, information needs and use, and quality of currently available consumer information (protocol)

Author(s): Grispen Janaica | Ickenroth Martine | de Vries Nanne | Dinant Geert-Jan | Ronda Gaby | van der Weijden Trudy
Health Beliefs of Nurses about Breast Self Examination

Author(s): Sousan Valizadeh | Neda Akbari | Aleheh Seyyed Rasuli
Indoor Positioning Using Nonparametric Belief Propagation Based on Spanning Trees

Author(s): Vladimir Savic | Adrián Población | Santiago Zazo | Mariano García
The family as a capital asset

Author(s): Milić Anđelka
Providing a model to estimate the probability of the complexity of software projects

Author(s): Foad Marzoughi, Mohammad Mehdi Farhangian and Alex Tze Hiang Sim
Development of a Bayesian model to estimate health care outcomes in the severely wounded

Author(s): Alexander Stojadinovic | John Eberhardt | Trevor S Brown | et al
Calibration of hydrological models using flow-duration curves

Author(s): I. K. Westerberg | J.-L. Guerrero | P. M. Younger | K. J. Beven | J. Seibert | S. Halldin | J. E. Freer | C.-Y. Xu
Evaluation of Brazilian family farming program: a study on the intention of repaingy the agricultural credit / Avaliação do programa nacional de fortalecimento da agricultura familiar: a intenção de pagamento do crédito

Author(s): Francisco Eduardo de Castro Rocha | Francisco José Batista de Albuquerque | Jorge Artur Peçanha de Miranda Coelho | Mardonio Rique Dias (in memoriam) | Maria Quitéria dos Santos Marcelino
Improved Monte Carlo Localization Algorithm in a Hybrid Robot and Camera Network

Author(s): Zhiwei Liang | Xudong Ma | Fang Fang | Songhao Zhu
To test or not to test: A cross-sectional survey of the psychosocial determinants of self-testing for cholesterol, glucose, and HIV

Author(s): Grispen Janaica | Ronda Gaby | Dinant Geert-Jan | de Vries Nanne | van der Weijden Trudy
Factors influencing nurses' compliance with Standard Precautions in order to avoid occupational exposure to microorganisms: A focus group study

Author(s): Efstathiou Georgios | Papastavrou Evridiki | Raftopoulos Vasilios | Merkouris Anastasios
Global genome analysis of the shikimic acid pathway reveals greater gene loss in host-associated than in free-living bacteria

Author(s): Zucko Jurica | Dunlap Walter | Shick J Malcolm | Cullum John | Cercelet François | Amin Bijal | Hammen Lena | Lau Timothy | Williams Jamal | Hranueli Daslav | Long Paul
Did China follow the East Asian development model?

Author(s): Boltho, Andrea | Weber, Maria
The Effect of Educational Program Based on BASNEF Model for Eye Care in Non-insulin Dependent Diabetic Patients

Author(s): Insulin independent diabetes mellitus, Eyes care, BASNEF Model, Education
Robot Swarms in an Uncertain World: Controllable Adaptability

Author(s): Olga Bogatyreva | Alexandr Shillerov
Factors associated with influenza vaccination status of residents of a rural community in Japan

Author(s): Matsui Daisuke | Shigeta Masako | Ozasa Kotaro | Kuriyama Nagato | Watanabe Isao | Watanabe Yoshiyuki
The NAL-NL2 prescription procedure

Author(s): G. Keidser | H.R. Dillon | M. Flax | T. Ching | S. Brewer
Type of Personality and the Amount of Adherence to Recommended Regimens in Diabetic Patients

Author(s): F. Rezaie Kargar | S. Karbandi | H. Hassanabadi | H. Esmaili
Change Detection by Fusion/Contextual Classification based on a Hybrid DSmT Model and ICM with Constraints

Author(s): Azeddine Elhassouny | Soufiane Idbraim | Aissam Bekkari | Driss Mammass | Danielle Ducrot

Author(s): P. Suresh Kumar | P. Sateesh Kumar | S. Ramachandram
An Educational Intervention Using Health Belief Model on Smoking Preventive Behavior among Female Teenagers

Author(s): Zahra Rahnavard | Masooma Mohammadi | Fatemeh Rajabi | Mitra Zolfaghari
The impact of education using Health Belief Model on awareness and attitude of male teachers regarding their participation in family planning

Author(s): Aboozar Mahmoodi | Mahmood Kohan | Farbod Ebadifard Azar | Mahnaz Solhi | Ebrahim Rahimi
Metastable lifetime of a kinetic Ising model with a transition dynamic algorithm

Author(s): G.M. Buend a | P.A. Rikvold | K. Park | M.A. Novotny
Effect of preventive education of STD based on health belief model in the couples

Author(s): Mirmohammadali M | Moddares M | Mehran A | Ashtari Mahini M
The NAL-NL2 prescription procedure

Author(s): G. Keidser | H.R. Dillon | M. Flax | T. Ching | S. Brewer
The EXOR Gate Under Uncertainty: A Case Study

Author(s): Svetlana N. Yanushkevich | An Hong Tran | Golam Tangim | Vladimir P. Shmerko | Elena N. Zaitseva | Vitaly Levashenko
The Relationship Between Identity Styles and Religiosity in Students

Author(s): Mahnaz Moghanloo | Maryam Aguilar-Vafaie | Mehrnaz Shahraray
Securing Mobile Agents in MANET against Attacks using Trust

Author(s): Chandreyee Chowdhury | Sarmistha Neogy
A Fluctuation-Dissipation Model for Electrical Noise

Author(s): Jose-Ignacio Izpura | Javier Malo
Indoor Positioning Using Nonparametric Belief Propagation Based on Spanning Trees

Author(s): Savic Vladimir | Población Adrián | Zazo Santiago | García Mariano
Learning-Based Nonparametric Image Super-Resolution

Author(s): Rajaram Shyamsundar | Gupta Mithun Das | Petrovic Nemanja | Huang Thomas S
Models for Patch-Based Image Restoration

Author(s): Das Gupta Mithun | Rajaram Shyamsundar | Petrovic Nemanja | Huang ThomasS
The Application of the Health Belief Model in Oral Health Education

Author(s): M Solhi | D Shojaei Zadeh | B Seraj | S Faghih Zadeh
Evaluation of Pender’s health promotion model for predicting adolescent girls’ quality of life

Author(s): H Mohamadian | H Eftekhar Ardebili | A Rahimi Foroushani | M H Taghdisi | D Shojaiezade
Effect of Education Designed based on Health Belief Model on Choosing Delivery Mode

Author(s): F Rahimikian | M Mirmohamadali | A Mehran | K Aboozari | N Salmaani Barough
Constructs of the Health Belief Model as Predicting Factors in Breast Self-Examination

Author(s): L Hasani | T Aghamolaei | SS Tavafian | Sh Zare
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Malin Song | Dingding Pan | Jie Wu | Li Yang | Hongping Zhou | Christopher Clemence
A Bayesian Belief Net Model to Evaluating Organizational Safety Risks

Author(s): Li Song | Li Yang | Jing Han | Jinkai Li
A Carbon Consumption Comparison of Rural and Urban Lifestyles

Author(s): Jukka Heinonen | Seppo Junnila
Calibration of hydrological models using flow-duration curves

Author(s): I. K. Westerberg | J.-L. Guerrero | P. M. Younger | K. J. Beven | J. Seibert | S. Halldin | J. E. Freer | C.-Y. Xu
Community-based intervention to promote breast cancer awareness and screening: The Korean experience

Author(s): Park Keeho | Hong Woi | Kye Su | Jung Euichul | Kim Myung-hyun | Park Hyeong
Cognitive Agent Based Identification of Relevant Auctions in Mobile E-commerce

Author(s): Nandini S. Sidnal | Sunilkumar S. Manvi
Motivational Factors and Autotelic Experience in Physical Exercise: an Explanatory Model

Author(s): Alvaro Sicilia Camacho | Cornelio Aguila Soto | Juan Antonio Moreno Murcia | David González-Cutre Coll
Multimodal Belief Fusion for Face and Ear Biometrics

Author(s): Dakshina Ranjan KISKU | Phalguni GUPTA | Hunny MEHROTRA | Jamuna Kanta SING
Bayesian Methods for Ranking the Severity of Apnea among Patients

Author(s): Nur Z.M. Saat | Kamarulzaman Ibrahim | Abdul A. Jemain
Monks' Health: Holistic Health Care Model by Community Participation

Author(s): Decha Buates | Songkoon Chantachon | Kosit Paengsoi | Anongrit Kangrang
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