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Determinants of TB Case Detection in Nigeria: A Survey

Author(s): Daniel Okuonghae | Sunday Omosigho
Characteristics and Health of Turkey Husbandry in Ouaké, North-Benin

Author(s): E. Y. Attakpa | L. G. Aplogan | A. Y. J. Akossou | R. H. Bosma
World species of the genus Platyscelio Kieffer (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae)

Author(s): Charuwat Taekul | Norman Johnson | Lubomir Masner | Andrew Polaszek | Rajmohana K.
Seroevidence of Chlamydia Trachomatis Antibody in Infertile Women in University of Benin Teaching Hospital (Ubth) Benin City, Nigeria

Author(s): Ibadin, K. O. | Onaiwu I. Enabulele, O. I. | Eghafona, N. O. | Aziken, M. E.
Updated African biomass burning emission inventories in the framework of the AMMA-IDAF program, with an evaluation of combustion aerosols

Author(s): C. Liousse | B. Guillaume | J. M. Grégoire | M. Mallet | C. Galy | V. Pont | A. Akpo | M. Bedou | P. Castéra | L. Dungall | E. Gardrat | C. Granier | A. Konaré | F. Malavelle | A. Mariscal | A. Mieville | R. Rosset | D. Serça | F. Solmon | F. Tummon | E. Assamoi | V. Yoboué | P. Van Velthoven
Transport of dust particles from the Bodélé region to the monsoon layer – AMMA case study of the 9–14 June 2006 period

Author(s): S. Crumeyrolle | P. Tulet | L. Gomes | L. Garcia-Carreras | C. Flamant | D. J. Parker | A. Matsuki | P. Formenti | A. Schwarzenboeck
Revision of world species of the genus Oreiscelio Kieffer (Hymenoptera, Platygastroidea, Platygastridae)

Author(s): Elijah Talamas | Norman Johnson | Simon van Noort | Lubomir Masner | Andrew Polaszek
Les glomales indigènes de la forêt claire à Isoberlinia doka (Craib et Stapf) à Wari-Maro au centre du Bénin

Author(s): Houngnandan, P. | Yemadje, RGH. | Kane, A. | Boeckx, P. | Van Cleemput, O.
Dynamique des infections trypanosomiennes chez des bovins Borgou à la ferme de l'Okpara au Bénin

Author(s): Doko Allou, S. | Farougou, S. | Salifou, S. | Ehilé, E. | Geerts, S.
Long term measurements of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ammonia, nitric acid and ozone in Africa using passive samplers

Author(s): M. Adon | C. Galy-Lacaux | V. Yoboué | C. Delon | J. P. Lacaux | P. Castera | E. Gardrat | J. Pienaar | H. Al Ourabi | D. Laouali | B. Diop | L. Sigha-Nkamdjou | A. Akpo | J. P. Tathy | F. Lavenu | E. Mougin
Bendiocarb, a potential alternative against pyrethroid resistant Anopheles gambiae in Benin, West Africa

Author(s): Akogbéto Martin | Padonou Gil | Gbénou Dina | Irish Seth | Yadouleton Anges
Issues of Sustainability of Coastal Groundwater Resources: Benin, West Africa

Author(s): Stephen E. Silliman | Brian I. Borum | Moussa Boukari | Nicaise Yalo | Salifou Orou-Pete | Daniel McInnis | Chrstyn Fertenbaugh | Andrew D. Mullen
Additive Main Effects and Multiplicative Interactions Analysis of Grain Yield Performances in Rice Genotypes Across Environments

Author(s): Kayode A. Sanni | O.J. Ariyo | D.K. Ojo | G. Gregorio | E.A. Somado | I. Sanchez | M. Sie | K. Futakuchi | S.A. Ogunbayo | R.G. Guei | M.C.S. Wopereis
Two Pathotypes of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. Oryzae Virulence Identified in West Africa

Author(s): A. Onasanya | M.M. Ekperigin | F.E. Nwilene | Y. Sere | R.O. Onasanya
Ratooning Potential of Interspecific NERICA Rice Varieties (Oryza glaberrimaxOryza sativa)

Author(s): K. A. Sanni | D.K . Ojo | M. A. Adebisi | E. A. Somado | O. J. Ariyo | M. Sie | I. Akintayo | D. D. Tia | S. A. Ogunbayo | B. Cisse | M. Sikirou | M. A. Adekoya
Modeling Growth Response of Broiler Chicken to Feed Consumption Using Linear Data Based Model Structure

Author(s): A.M. Orheruata | S.E. Vaikosen | G. Alufohia | G.O. Okagbare
Genetic Improvement of Local Chickens by Crossing with the Label Rouge (T55*SA51): Carcass Characteristic, Organoleptic Qualities and Heterosis Effects

Author(s): I.A.K. Youssao | M. Senou | M. Dahouda | M.T. Kpodekon | J. Djenontin | N-D. Idrissou | G.A. Bonou | U.P. Tougan | S. Ahounou | H.M. Assogba | E. Bankole | X. Rognon | M. Tixier-Boichard
The Effects of Raw and Processed Mucuna pruriens Seed Based Diets on the Growth Parameters and Meat Characteristics of Benin Local Guinea Fowl (Numida meleagris, L)

Author(s): M. Dahouda | S.S. Toleba | A.K.I Youssao | A.A. Mama Ali | R.K. Dangou-Sapoho | S.G. Ahounou | A. Hambuckers | J-L. Hornick
Factors related to tiller formation and development in wheat / Fatores relacionados à produção e desenvolvimento de afilhos em trigo

Author(s): Igor Pirez Valério | Fernando Irajá Félix de Carvalho | Antonio Costa de Oliveira | Giovani Benin | Luciano Carlos Maia | José Antonio González Silva | Douglas Malmann Schmidt | Gustavo da Silveira
Conservation Genetics of Baobab (Adansonia digitata L.) in the Parklands Agroforestry Systems of Benin (West Africa)

Author(s): Achille Ephrem ASSOGBADJO | Romain GLELE KAKAI | Tina KYNDT | Brice SINSIN
Biochemical Indices of Severity in Human Malaria

Author(s): S.O. Asagba | G.E. Eriyamremu | B.O. George | I. Okoro
Prevalence and etiologic agents of female reproductive tract infection among in-patients and out-patients of a tertiary hospital in Benin city, Nigeria

Author(s): Richard Omoregie | Christopher Aye Egbe | Isaac Ohiorenuan Igbarumah | Helen Ogefere | Evelyn Okorie
Post-natal maternal antiretroviral therapy and HIV prevalence among breast-fed infants in Benin, Nigeria

Author(s): Paul E. Imade | Nkemjika O. Uwakwe | Richard Omoregie | Nosakhare O. Eghafona
Prevalence of intestinal parasitic infections among HIV patients in Benin City, Nigeria

Author(s): Frederick Olusegun Akinbo | Christopher E. Okaka | Richard Omoregie
The imprint of the Slave Trade in an African American population: mitochondrial DNA, Y chromosome and HTLV-1 analysis in the Noir Marron of French Guiana

Author(s): Brucato Nicolas | Cassar Olivier | Tonasso Laure | Tortevoye Patricia | Migot-Nabias Florence | Plancoulaine Sabine | Guitard Evelyne | Larrouy Georges | Gessain Antoine | Dugoujon Jean-Michel
Mesoscale convective systems observed during AMMA and their impact on the NOx and O3 budget over West Africa

Author(s): H. Huntrieser | H. Schlager | M. Lichtenstern | P. Stock | T. Hamburger | H. Höller | K. Schmidt | H.-D. Betz | A. Ulanovsky | F. Ravegnani
Seeds'germination of Four Traditionnal Leafy Vegetables in Benin (LFT)

Author(s): Etèka, CA. | Ahohuendo, BC. | Ahoton, LE. | Dabadé, SD. | Ahanchédé, A.
Preliminary survey of ticks (Acari : Ixodidae) on cattle in northern Sudan

Author(s): D.A. Salih | S.M. Hassan | A.M. El Hussein | F. Jongejan
Effet de l'ombrage du karité sur le rendement capsulaire du coton dans les agroécosystèmes coton karité du Nord Bénin

Author(s): Gbemavo, DSJC. | Glèlè Kakaï, R. | Assogbadjo, A. | Katary, A. | Gnanglè, C.

Author(s): Nonviho Guévara | Valentin D Wotto | Jean-Pierre Noudogbessi | Félicien Avlessi | Martin Akogbeto | Dominique C. K. Sohounhloué
Awareness of link between smoking and periodontal disease in Nigeria: a comparative study

Author(s): Solomon O Nwhator | Patricia O Ayanbadejo | Modupe O Arowojolu | et al
Knowledge and level of awareness of renal transplantation among medical students in Nigeria

Author(s): Augustine O Takure | Sylvester O Alikah | Vincent C Onuora
Screening Upland Varieties of NERICA and its Parents for Resistance to Stalk-eyed Fly, Diopsis sp. (Diptera, Diopsidae) in Benin

Author(s): A. Togola | F.E. Nwilene | A. Agbaka | F. Degila | A. Tolulope | D. Chougourou
Malaria infection and disease in an area with pyrethroid-resistant vectors in southern Benin

Author(s): Damien Georgia | Djènontin Armel | Rogier Christophe | Corbel Vincent | Bangana Sahabi | Chandre Fabrice | Akogbéto Martin | Kindé-Gazard Dorothée | Massougbodji Achille | Henry Marie-Claire
The impact of the expansion of urban vegetable farming on malaria transmission in major cities of Benin

Author(s): Yadouléton Anges | N'Guessan Raphael | Allagbé Hyacinthe | Asidi Alex | Boko Michel | Osse Razack | Padonou Gil | Kindé Gazard | Akogbéto Martin
Efficacy of an insecticide paint against malaria vectors and nuisance in West Africa - Part 2: Field evaluation

Author(s): Mosqueira Beatriz | Chabi Joseph | Chandre Fabrice | Akogbeto Martin | Hougard Jean-Marc | Carnevale Pierre | Mas-Coma Santiago
Risk of transfusion-transmitted syphilis in a tertiary hospital in Nigeria

Author(s): Adeolu Oyemade Adegoke | Olufemi Akanni | John Dirisu
Optimal Pipeline Connection for the West African Gas Pipeline Project

Author(s): E.K. Donkoh | S.K. Amponsah and K.F. Darkwah
Malaria associated symptoms in pregnant women followed-up in Benin

Author(s): Huynh Bich-Tram | Fievet Nadine | Gbaguidi Gildas | Borgella Sophie | Mévo Blaise | Massougbodji Achille | Deloron Philippe | Cot Michel
Mesoscale convective systems observed during AMMA and their impact on the NOx and O3 budget over West Africa

Author(s): H. Huntrieser | H. Schlager | M. Lichtenstern | P. Stock | T. Hamburger | H. Höller | K. Schmidt | H.-D. Betz | A. Ulanovsky | F. Ravegnani
Sexual Dimorphism in Facial Dimensions of the Bini’s of South-Southern Nigeria

Author(s): E.A. Osunwoke | F.S. Amah-Tariah, O. Obia, I.M. Ekere and O. Ede
Proportion of Urinary Schistosomiasis among HIV-Infected Subjects in Benin City, Nigeria

Author(s): Akinbo Frederick Olusegun | Okaka Christopher Ehis | Omoregie Richard
Coccinia intermedia - a new Cucurbitaceae species from West Africa

Author(s): Norbert Holstein | Susanne Renner
Seasonal variation of microsporidiosis among HIV-infected persons in Benin City, Nigeria.

Author(s): F.O. Akinbo | C. E. Okaka | R. Omoregie | O.Igbinuwen | C. Egbe

Mechanical and Microstructural Properties of Low Alloy-Treated Steel Used in Reinforced Concrete

Author(s): F. Niang | E.. Adjovi | M. Fall, I. Diagne | G. Sissoko
CULTIVAR RELEASE - Brisasul: a new high-yielding white oat cultivar with reduced lodging

Author(s): Antônio Costa de Oliveira | Maraisa Crestani | Fernando Irajá Félix de Carvalho | José Antonio Gonzalez da Silva | Igor Pirez Valério | Irineu Hartwig | Giovani Benin | Douglas André Mallmann Schmidt | Ivandro Bertan
Beta globin haplotypes in hemoglobin S carriers in Colombia Haplotipos del gen beta globina en portadores de hemoglobina S en Colombia

Author(s): Claudia Liliana Durán | Olga Lucía Morales | Sandra Johanna Echeverri | Mario Isaza
Antiretroviral Therapy among HIV-1 Infected Female Sex Workers in Benin: A Comparative Study with Patients from the General Population

Author(s): Souleymane Diabaté | Djimon Marcel Zannou | Nassirou Geraldo | Annie Chamberland | Jocelyn Akakpo | Carin Ahouada | Marguerite Massinga Loembé | Sévérin Anagonou | Annie Claude Labbé | Michel Alary | Cecile Tremblay
Characterization of Household Solid Waste in the Town of Abomey - Calavi in Benin

Author(s): Nikita Topanou | Mariane Domeizel | Jacques Fatombi | Roger Gérard JOSSE | Taofiki Aminou
Book Reviews

Author(s): R.J. Mohr | Bernard J. Siegel | P.E. de Josselin de Jong | Jean Poirier | P.E. de Josselin de Jong | Jean Poirier | H.Th. Fischer | P. van Emst | C. Nooteboom | W. Frölich | J. van Baal | Claude Levi-Strauss | J.J. Fahrenfort | Luc de Heusch | H.J.M. Claessen | Montserrat Palau Marti | P.E. de Josselin de Jong | F. Sierksma | B.A.L. Cranstone | Carl A. Schmitz | A.A. Gerbrands | William Fagg | A.A. Gerbrands | Marcelle Urbain-Faublée | S. Kooijman | P.K. Neuhaus | J. van Baal | Peter Matthiessen | J. Prins | Robert R. Jay | L. Sluimers | G.I. Lewinson | R.T. Zuidema | Rafael Girard | R.T. Zuidema | Bodo Spranz
Dynamics of insecticide resistance in malaria vectors in Benin: first evidence of the presence of L1014S kdr mutation in Anopheles gambiae from West Africa

Author(s): Djègbè Innocent | Boussari Olayidé | Sidick Aboubakar | Martin Thibaud | Ranson Hilary | Chandre Fabrice | Akogbéto Martin | Corbel Vincent
The importance of considering community-level effects when selecting insecticidal malaria vector products

Author(s): Killeen Gerry | Okumu Fredros | N'Guessan Raphael | Coosemans Marc | Adeogun Adedapo | Awolola Sam | Etang Josiane | Dabiré Roch | Corbel Vincent
The ACTwatch project: methods to describe anti-malarial markets in seven countries

Author(s): Shewchuk Tanya | O'Connell Kathryn | Goodman Catherine | Hanson Kara | Chapman Steven | Chavasse Desmond
Sédentarisation des populations des mouches Diopsides dans les agro-systèmes rizicoles au Bénin

Author(s): Togola, A. | Nwilene, E. | Koné, B. | Chougourou, D.

Author(s): CE Okaka | AO Awharitoma | JN Okonji
Molecular markers of resistance to sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine during intermittent preventive treatment of pregnant women in Benin

Author(s): Bertin Gwladys | Briand Valérie | Bonaventure Diana | Carrieu Ambre | Massougbodji Achille | Cot Michel | Deloron Philippe
Field evaluation of the intermittent preventive treatment of malaria during pregnancy (IPTp) in Benin: evolution of the coverage rate since its implementation

Author(s): d'Almeida Tania | Agboton-Zoumenou Marie-Agnès | Garcia André | Massougbodji Achille | Briand Valérie | Imorou Yacoubou | Cottrell Gilles
12-month mortality and loss-to-program in antiretroviral-treated children: The IeDEA pediatric West African Database to evaluate AIDS (pWADA), 2000-2008

Author(s): Ekouevi Didier | Azondekon Alain | Dicko Fatoumata | Malateste Karen | Touré Pety | Eboua François | Kouadio Kouakou | Renner Lorna | Peterson Kevin | Dabis François | Sy Haby | Leroy Valeriane
A Comparative Study of the Status of Oxidative Stress in Pregnant Nigerian Women

Author(s): O.B. Idonije | O. Festus | O. Okhiai | U. Akpamu
Antibacterial Activity and Phytochemical Study of Six Medicinal Plants used in Benin

Author(s): E. Anago | L. Lagnika | J. Gbenou | F. Loko | M. Moudachirou | A. Sanni
Controlled Drying Effect on the Quality of Sorghum Malts Used for the Chakpalo Production in Benin

Author(s): Vénérande Y. Ballogou | Joseph Dossou | Comlan A. de Souza
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