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The roots of the third Jackson q-Bessel function

Author(s): L. D. Abreu | J. Bustoz | J. L. Cardoso
On an integral transform

Author(s): D. Naylor
On The Weak Solutions of The Compound Ultra-Hyperbolic Bessel Equation

Author(s): Piladda Srisombat | Kamsing Nonlaopon
A radial version of the Kontorovich-Lebedev transform in the unit ball

Author(s): Semyon B. Yakubovich | Nelson Vieira
Symbolic computation of Appell polynomials using Maple

Author(s): H. Alkahby | G. Ansong | P. Frempong-Mireku | A. Jalbout
Beta Bessel distributions

Author(s): Arjun K. Gupta | Saralees Nadarajah
On the ratio of Pearson type VII and Bessel random variables

Author(s): Saralees Nadarajah | Samuel Kotz
On an integral transform

Author(s): D. Naylor
A characterization of the generalized Meijer transform

Author(s): E. Y. Deeba | E. L. Koh
On a generalization of Hankel kernel

Author(s): C. Nasim | B. D. Aggarwala
A Limit Relation for Dunkl-Bessel Functions of Type A and B

Author(s): Margit Rösler | Michael Voit
Laguerre-type Bell polynomials

Author(s): P. Natalini | P. E. Ricci
On the product and ratio of Bessel random variables

Author(s): Saralees Nadarajah | Arjun K. Gupta
On the Lebedev transformation in Hardy's spaces

Author(s): Semyon B. Yakubovich
The Meijer transformation of generalized functions

Author(s): E. L. Koh | E. Y. Deeba | M. A. Ali
Transient Solution of the M/M/C1 Queue with Additional C2 Servers for Longer Queues and Balking

Author(s): R. O. Al-Seedy | A. A. El-Sherbiny | S. A. EL-Shehawy | S. I. Ammar
Oddness of least energy nodal solutions on radial domains

Author(s): Christopher Grumiau | Christophe Troestler
Theory of multiindex multivariable Bessel functions and Hermite polynomials

Author(s): G. Dattoli | S. Lorenzutta | G. Maino | A. Torre
Symmetric q-Bessel functions

Author(s): Giuseppe Dattoli | Amalia Torre
On the Product of the Ultra-Hyperbolicbessel Operator Related to the Elastic Waves

Author(s): Aziz Sağlam | Hüseyin Yıldırım | Mehmet Zeki Sarıkaya
The Excited Electronic States Calculated for Cd1−xZnxS Quantum Dots Grown by the Sol-Gel Technique

Author(s): A. Sakly | N. Safta | A. Mejri | H. Mejri | A. Ben Lamine
Development of Smart Antennas for Wireless Communication System

Author(s): T. B. Lavate, Prof. V. K. Kokate and Prof. Dr. M.S. Sutaone
Capacity Enhancement of 3G Cellular System using Switched Beam Smart Antenna with Windowed Beam former

Author(s): Prof. T. B. Lavate, Prof. V. K. Kokate, Prof. Dr A. M. Sapkal
Model analysis of flow process open vertical jet from a cylindrical probe / Моделирование процесса истечения свободной вертикальной струи из цилиндрического насадка

Author(s): Tsygankova K.V. / Цыганкова Ксения Васильевна | Mukoseev B.I. / Мукосеев Борис Иннокентьевич | Zaharov G.A. / Захаров Геннадий Александрович
Boundary value problems in time for wave equations on RN

Author(s): M. W. Smiley | A. M. Fink
Hankel complementary integral transformations of arbitrary order

Author(s): M. Linares Linares | J. M. R. Mendez Pérez
Some Inequalities for Modified Bessel Functions

Author(s): Laforgia Andrea | Natalini Pierpaolo
Focal shift of radially polarized bessel-modulated gaussian beam by phase shifting

Author(s): Xiu-Min Gao | Ming-Yu Gao | Song Hu | Han-Ming Guo | Jian Wang | Song-Lin Zhuang
Kober fractional q-derivative operators

Author(s): Mridula Garg | Lata Chanchlani
SER Analysis of OFDM System over Rayleigh Fading Channel

Author(s): Mukesh Kumar Mishra | Neetu Sood
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