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Comparing the force and motion conceptual evaluation and the force concept inventory

Author(s): Ronald K Thornton | Dennis Kuhl | Karen Cummings | Jeffrey Marx
Strict versus Negligence Software Product Liability

Author(s): Farhah Abdullah | Kamaruzaman Jusoff | Hasiah Mohamed | Roszainora Setia
The Changing Face of Veterinary Practice: A Special Focus on Rural America

Author(s): David E. Anderson | Brad White | Robert Larson
Precocious Readers

Author(s): Rita Soltan
Readers as research detectives

Author(s): Gøtzsche Peter
Beginning the Journey: The Project Approach with Toddlers

Author(s): Yvonne Kogan | Josefina Pin
Comparable investment capital

Author(s): Mihai BOTEZATU
IWA best practice and performance indicators for water utilities in Serbia: Case study Pirot

Author(s): Radivojević Dragan | Milićević Dragan | Blagojević Borislava
Rent Seeking, Nonprofits and Criminal Hubs: The Case of Calabria

Author(s): Francesco Forte | Michela Mantovani | Brian Skepys
Ethical issues in human genomics research in developing countries

Author(s): de Vries Jantina | Bull Susan | Doumbo Ogobara | Ibrahim Muntaser | Mercereau-Puijalon Odile | Kwiatkowski Dominic | Parker Michael
Explaining British Policy on the Euro

Author(s): David Howarth
Psychiatrists' attitudes towards autonomy, best interests and compulsory treatment in anorexia nervosa: a questionnaire survey

Author(s): Tan Jacinta | Doll Helen | Fitzpatrick Raymond | Stewart Anne | Hope Tony
Riqueza de espécies de emberizídeos e conflitos iqueza de conservação no Cerrado brasileiro = Emberizidae species richness and conservation conflicts in the Brazilian Cerrado

Author(s): Bruno de Souza Barreto | Guilherme de Oliveira | Miriam Plaza Pinto | Luis Mauricio Bini | José Alexandre Felizola Diniz Filho | Daniel Blamires
Planning and Decision Making Models in Forestry

Author(s): Mario Šporčić | Matija Landekić | Marko Lovrić | Ivan Martinić
From the Editor

Author(s): Neven Vrček
BIOADI: a machine learning approach to identifying abbreviations and definitions in biological literature

Author(s): Kuo Cheng-Ju | Ling Maurice | Lin Kuan-Ting | Hsu Chun-Nan
Spouses of persons with dementia: Attachment, loss and coping

Author(s): Reidun Ingebretsen | Per Erik Solem
The use of personalized medicine for patient selection for renal transplantation: Physicians' views on the clinical and ethical implications

Author(s): Dion-Labrie Marianne | Fortin Marie-Chantal | Hébert Marie-Josée | Doucet Hubert
Ocean Space, Ocean Place: The Human Dimensions of Wave Energy in Oregon

Author(s): Flaxen Conway | John Stevenson | Daniel Hunter | Maria Stefanovich | Holly Campbell | Zack Covell | Yao Yin
Physician reports of medication use with explicit intention of hastening the end of life in the absence of explicit patient request in general practice in Belgium

Author(s): Meeussen Koen | Van den Block Lieve | Bossuyt Nathalie | Echteld Michael | Bilsen Johan | Deliens Luc
A small country versus the global power

Author(s): Stojanović Svetozar D.
Psychosocial stress and strategies for managing adversity: measuring population resilience in New South Wales, Australia

Author(s): Taylor Melanie | Barr Margo | Stevens Garry | Bryson-Taylor Donald | Agho Kingsley | Jacobs Jennifer | Raphael Beverley
Employee Retention Factors For South African Higher Education Institutions: A Case Study

Author(s): F. G. Netswera | E. M. Rankhumise | T. R. Mavundla
Child protection from trafficking in humans

Author(s): Žegarac Nevenka
European Fiscal Policy of Tax Havens

Author(s): Gabriela Mironov
Establishing an EU-China consortium on traditional Chinese medicine research

Author(s): Uzuner Halil | Fan Tai-Ping | Dias Alberto | Guo De-an | El-Nezami Hani | Xu Qihe
Teaching and Learning when No One Is Expert: Children and Parents Explore Technology

Author(s): Marina U. Bers | Rebecca S. New | Laura Boudreau
Dilemmas of Modernity in Change

Author(s): Sultana Suta-Selejan
The connection between academia and industry

Author(s): Ajai R. Singh | Shakuntala A. Singh
Guidelines, Editors, Pharma And The Biological Paradigm Shift

Author(s): Ajai R. Singh | Shakuntala A. Singh
Clinical Practice Guidelines and Industry

Author(s): Ajai R. Singh | Shakuntala A. Singh
Monograph: Concluding Remarks

Author(s): Ajai R. Singh | Shakuntala A. Singh
The psychology of exclusivity

Author(s): Troy Jollimore
Ethics issues experienced in HBM within Portuguese health surveillance and research projects

Author(s): Simões Helena | Melim J Maurício | Reis M Fátima | Segurado Susana | Brantes Ana | Geraldes V | Miguel J Pereira
Avulsiyon tedavisinde güncel yaklaşımlar

Author(s): Ozlem Marti Akgun | Gunseli Guven Polat | Ceyhan Altun
Specificity in LSP

Author(s): Thomas N. Huckin
Improving Recommender Systems in E-Commerce Using Similar Goods

Author(s): S. Javad Mirabedini | Keramat Mansouri | Majid Khalaji
Improving Recommender Systems in E-Commerce Using Similar Goods

Author(s): S. Javad Mirabedini | Keramat Mansouri | Majid Khalaji
Sõda ja seadus

Author(s): Friedrich Fromhold Martens

Author(s): Dan Tudor LAZĂR | Adrian Mihai INCEU
Compressed Medical Image Transfer in Frequency Domain

Author(s): Aree Ali Mohammed & Miran Taha Abdullah
Of the sacred and the secular: Missionary collections in university museums

Author(s): Patricia H. J. Huang | Jeng-Horn Chen
XIOTR :A Terse Ranking of XIO for XML Keyword Search

Author(s): Xia Li | Zhanhuai Li | Qun Chen | Ning Li
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Jean-Henry Morin | Shiguo Lian | Xin Wang | David Llewellyn-Jones
Different Approaches on Cooperation in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Raju Barskar | Gulfishan Firdose Ahmed
Deriving Fuel Mass by Size Class in Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning

Author(s): Carl Seielstad | Crystal Stonesifer | Eric Rowell | Lloyd Queen
IPACT: Improved Web Page Recommendation System Using Profile Aggregation Based On Clustering of Transactions

Author(s): Yahya AlMurtadha | Md. N.B. Sulaiman | Norwati Mustapha | Nur I. Udzir
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