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Recent Advances And Basis Of Drug Design In Gaba-Nergic Agonist

Author(s): Shashikant V.Bhandari | Mr. A.A.Patil | Dr.K.G.Bothara
Adenovector GAD65 gene delivery into the rat trigeminal ganglion produces orofacial analgesia

Author(s): Vit Jean-Philippe | Ohara Peter | Sundberg Christopher | Rubi Blanca | Maechler Pierre | Liu Chunyan | Puntel Mariana | Lowenstein Pedro | Castro Maria | Jasmin Luc
Synaptically evoked glutamate transporter currents in Spinal Dorsal Horn Astrocytes

Author(s): Zhang Haijun | Xin Wenjun | Dougherty Patrick
The Role of GABAA Receptor Inhibitor on Morphine Antinociception Action in Cuneiformis Nucleus

Author(s): Mozaffar Rezvanipour | Abbas Haghparast | Hamid Millan
Antidepressant, Myorelaxant and Anti-Anxiety-Like Effects of Nauclea latifolia Smith (Rubiaceae) Roots Extract in Murine Models

Author(s): G.S. Taiwe | E. Ngo Bum | T. Dimo | E. Talla | N. Weiss | A. Dawe | F.C.O. Moto | N. Sidiki | P.D. Dzeufiet | M. De Waard
Role of taurine on acid secretion in the rat stomach

Author(s): Huang Kai-Han | Chang Chia-Chieh | Ho Jau-Der | Lu Ruey-Hwa | Tsai Li Hsueh
Acute phenobarbital administration induces hyperalgesia: pharmacological evidence for the involvement of supraspinal GABA-A receptors

Author(s): Yokoro C.M. | Pesquero S.M.S. | Turchetti-Maia R.M.M. | Francischi J.N. | Tatsuo M.A.K.F.
Gamma oscillation underlies hyperthermia-induced epileptiform-like spikes in immature rat hippocampal slices

Author(s): Wu Jie | Javedan Sam | Ellsworth Kevin | Smith Kris | Fisher Robert
Stimulation of TM3 Leydig cell proliferation via GABAA receptors: A new role for testicular GABA

Author(s): Geigerseder Christof | Doepner Richard | Thalhammer Andrea | Krieger Annette | Mayerhofer Artur
Convulsant bicuculline modifies CNS muscarinic receptor affinity

Author(s): Schneider Patricia | Rodríguez de Lores Arnaiz Georgina
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