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Applying Fixed Effects Panel Count Model to Examine Road Accident Occurrence

Author(s): Wan Fairos Wan Yaacob | Mohamad Alias Lazim | Yap Bee Wah
Pooling overdispersed binomial data to estimate event rate

Author(s): Young-Xu Yinong | Chan K Arnold
Evidence on How African Enterprises Choose Informal Credit

Author(s): Jules Kounouwewa | Deng Chao
Bayesian model accounting for within-class biological variability in Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE)

Author(s): Vêncio Ricardo | Brentani Helena | Patrão Diogo | Pereira Carlos
A demonstration of modeling count data with an application to physical activity

Author(s): Slymen Donald | Ayala Guadalupe | Arredondo Elva | Elder John
Regression Models for Count Data in R

Author(s): Achim Zeileis | Christian Kleiber | Simon Jackman
Persisting with prevention: The importance of adherence for HIV prevention

Author(s): Weiss Helen | Wasserheit Judith | Barnabas Ruanne | Hayes Richard | Abu-Raddad Laith
Bayesian Age-Period-Cohort Modeling and Prediction - BAMP

Author(s): Volker J. Schmid | Leonhard Held
Constructing Binomial Trees Via Random Maps for Analysis of Financial Assets

Author(s): Antonio Airton Carneiro de Freitas | José Roberto Securato
Decomposing socioeconomic inequality for binary health outcomes: an improved estimation that does not vary by choice of reference group

Author(s): Yiengprugsawan Vasoontara | Lim Lynette | Carmichael Gordon | Dear Keith | Sleigh Adrian
Modelling alcohol consumption during adolescence using zero inflated negative binomial and decision trees

Author(s): Elena Gervilla | Berta Cajal | Jona Roca | Alfonso Palmer
Option-based valuation of mortgage-backed securities

Author(s): Manola Ana | Urošević Branko
Analyzing Competing Risk Data Using the R timereg Package

Author(s): Thomas H. Scheike | Mei-Jie Zhang
A New Multifractal Model based on Multiplicative Cascade

Author(s): Zhijiang Xu | Liting Wang | Kang Wang
A Binomial Tree Model for Investment in Transmission Assets

Author(s): Javier Contreras | Reinaldo C. Garcia | João Batista C. Garcia | Marco van Akkeren
Continuing Medical Education Program: a credit system evaluation

Author(s): Claudio Schvartsman | Milton Glezer | Renato Melli Carrera | Ângela Tavares Paes | Augusto Paranhos Junior | Cláudio Luiz Lottenberg
Genomic breeding value estimation using nonparametric additive regression models

Author(s): Bennewitz Jörn | Solberg Trygve | Meuwissen Theo
Disease surveillance using a hidden Markov model

Author(s): Watkins Rochelle | Eagleson Serryn | Veenendaal Bert | Wright Graeme | Plant Aileen
Multilevel survival analysis of health inequalities in life expectancy

Author(s): Yang Min | Eldridge Sandra | Merlo Juan
Pobreza y privación en España

Author(s): Lafuente Lechuga, Matilde | Faura Martínez, Ursula | García Luque, Olga | Losa Carmona, Antonio
Inhaled Nitric Oxide in preterm infants: a systematic review and individual patient data meta-analysis

Author(s): Askie Lisa | Ballard Roberta | Cutter Gary | Dani Carlo | Elbourne Diana | Field David | Hascoet Jean-Michel | Hibbs Anna | Kinsella John | Mercier Jean-Christophe | Rich Wade | Schreiber Michael | Srisuparp Pimol | Subhedar Nim | Van Meurs Krisa | Voysey Merryn | Barrington Keith | Ehrenkranz Richard | Finer Neil
Protection from annual flooding is correlated with increased cholera prevalence in Bangladesh: a zero-inflated regression analysis

Author(s): Carrel Margaret | Voss Paul | Streatfield Peter | Yunus Mohammad | Emch Michael
Parameterized Complexity on a New Sorting Algorithm: A Study in Simulation

Author(s): KUMAR Prashant | KUMARI Anchala | CHAKRABORTY Soubhik
Estimating Risk and Return Combinations for New Derivatives Funds

Author(s): Ney Roberto Ottoni de Brito | Alexandre Bona | Affonso Tarciro, Jr.
The impact of different benefit packages of Medical Financial Assistance Scheme on health service utilization of poor population in Rural China

Author(s): Hao Yanhua | Wu Qunhong | Zhang Zhenzhong | Gao Lijun | Ning Ning | Jiao Mingli | Zakus David
Examining the Determinants of Occurrence of Accidents at the Construction Phase in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Projects: (A Case Study of Assaloyeh)

Author(s): Seyed Bagher Mortazavi | Abbas Zarae Nezhad | Mansour Zarra Nezhad | Hasan Asilian Mahabadi

Author(s): Lari Hadelan | Mario Njavro | Vjekoslav Par
The Gumbel hypothesis test for left censored observations using regional earthquake records as an example

Author(s): E. M. Thompson | J. B. Hewlett | L. G. Baise | R. M. Vogel
The Impact of Human Resource Information System on Strategic Decisions in Iran

Author(s): Hassan Rangriz | Javad Mehrabi | Alireza Azadegan
Using zero inflated models to analyze dental caries with many zeroes

Author(s): Javali Shivalingappa | Pandit Parameshwar
Effects of caesarean section on maternal health in low risk nulliparous women: a prospective matched cohort study in Shanghai, China

Author(s): Wang Bing-shun | Zhou Li-feng | Coulter David | Liang Hong | Zhong Ye | Guo Yu-na | Zhu Li-ping | Gao Xiao-ling | Yuan Wei | Gao Er-sheng
A method for Bayesian estimation of the probability of local intensity for some cities in Japan

Author(s): T. M. Tsapanos | O. C. Galanis | G. C. Koravos | R. M. W. Musson
Overdispersed logistic regression for SAGE: Modelling multiple groups and covariates

Author(s): Baggerly Keith | Deng Li | Morris Jeffrey | Aldaz C Marcelo
On the number of founding germ cells in humans

Author(s): Zheng Chang-Jiang | Luebeck E Georg | Byers Breck | Moolgavkar Suresh
A 6-months assessment of the alcohol-related clinical burden at emergency rooms (ERs) in 11 acute care hospitals of an urban area in Germany

Author(s): Baune Bernhard | Mikolajczyk Rafael | Reymann Gerhard | Duesterhaus Annette | Fleck Susanne | Kratz Hildegard | Sundermann Ulrike
Inclusion of unaffected sibs increases power in model-free linkage analysis of a behavioral trait

Author(s): Plancoulaine Sabine | Alcaïs Alexandre | Chen Yue | Abel Laurent | Gagnon France
Modeling Sage data with a truncated gamma-Poisson model

Author(s): Thygesen Helene | Zwinderman Aeilko
Spatio-temporal analysis of the role of climate in inter-annual variation of malaria incidence in Zimbabwe

Author(s): Mabaso Musawenkoi | Vounatsou Penelope | Midzi Stanely | Da Silva Joaquim | Smith Thomas
Effect of high up front charges on access to surgery for poor patients at a public hospital in New Mexico

Author(s): Kaufman Will | Chavez Augustine | Skipper Betty | Kaufman Arthur
Anthropometric measures in relation to Basal Cell Carcinoma: a longitudinal study

Author(s): Olsen Catherine | Hughes Maria | Pandeya Nirmala | Green Adèle
Occurrence of invasive pneumococcal disease and number of excess cases due to influenza

Author(s): Grabowska Katarzyna | Högberg Liselotte | Penttinen Pasi | Svensson Åke | Ekdahl Karl
Canine faecal contamination and parasitic risk in the city of Naples (southern Italy)

Author(s): Rinaldi Laura | Biggeri Annibale | Carbone Sabrina | Musella Vincenzo | Catelan Dolores | Veneziano Vincenzo | Cringoli Giuseppe
Bivariate random-effects meta-analysis and the estimation of between-study correlation

Author(s): Riley Richard | Abrams Keith | Sutton Alexander | Lambert Paul | Thompson John
Determinants of the geographic distribution of Puumala virus and Lyme borreliosis infections in Belgium

Author(s): Linard Catherine | Lamarque Pénélope | Heyman Paul | Ducoffre Geneviève | Luyasu Victor | Tersago Katrien | Vanwambeke Sophie | Lambin Eric
Geographic variation and localised clustering of congenital anomalies in Great Britain

Author(s): Armstrong Ben | Dolk Helen | Pattenden Sam | Vrijheid Martine | Loane Maria | Rankin Judith | Dunn Chris | Grundy Chris | Abramsky Lenore | Boyd Patricia | Stone David | Wellesley Diana

Author(s): João Vieira Neto | Alessandro Dal Col Lúcio | Luis Antônio Chiaradia
Risk factors for house-entry by malaria vectors in a rural town and satellite villages in The Gambia

Author(s): Kirby Matthew | Green Clare | Milligan Paul | Sismanidis Charalambos | Jasseh Momadou | Conway David | Lindsay Steven
Hydrological modeling of geophysical parameters of arboviral and protozoan disease vectors in Internally Displaced People camps in Gulu, Uganda

Author(s): Jacob Benjamin | Muturi Ephantus | Caamano Erick | Gunter James | Mpanga Enoch | Ayine Robert | Okelloonen Joseph | Nyeko Jack | Shililu Josephat | Githure John | Regens James | Novak Robert | Kakoma Ibulaimu
Intragraft gene expression profile associated with the induction of tolerance

Author(s): Doki Tomoko | Mello Michael | Mock Dennis | Evans Jacqueline | Kearns-Jonker Mary
A comparison of two methods for estimating prevalence ratios

Author(s): Petersen Martin | Deddens James
Malaria in North - Western Thailand

Author(s): Wattanavadee Sriwattanapongse | Metta Kuning | Naratip Jansakul
Seasonality of cholera from 1974 to 2005: a review of global patterns

Author(s): Emch Michael | Feldacker Caryl | Islam M Sirajul | Ali Mohammad
The Real Options Attached to an Investment Project

Author(s): Mihai-Cristian DINICĂ
Zeroes do matter: the tale of the missing fishes in Cabilao Island Bohol, Philippines

Author(s): Erwin O. Brunio | Joeppette J. Hermosilla | Filipina B. Sotto | Eiji Tanaka
The Analysis of Binomial Data for Reproductive Performance by a Generalized Linear Mixed Model (GENMOD) in Karakas (Local Ewes) in Turkey

Author(s): Kadir Karaku | Firat Cengiz | Hamit Mirtagio lu | Serhat Arslan | Sel?uk Se?kin Tuncer
Parameters MRF Control Strength and Direction of the Clustering in Image

Author(s): H. P. Lone | G. R. Gidveer | M. K. Sangole
Joint Modeling of Disease Pairs

Author(s): Gergely TÓTH | Sándor KABOS | György SURJÁN
Designing a Single Stage Acceptance Sampling Plan Based on the Control Threshold Policy

Author(s): Mohammad Saber FallahNezhad, | Hasan Hosseini Nasab,
Predictors for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo with positive Dix–Hallpike test

Author(s): Noda K | Ikusaka M | Ohira Y | Takada T | Tsukamoto T
Modeling factors influencing the demand for emergency department services in ontario: a comparison of methods

Author(s): Moineddin Rahim | Meaney Christopher | Agha Mohammad | Zagorski Brandon | Glazier Richard Henry
Fractionation statistics

Author(s): Wang Baoyong | Zheng Chunfang | Sankoff David
Abuse risks and routes of administration of different prescription opioid compounds and formulations

Author(s): Butler Stephen | Black Ryan | Cassidy Theresa | Dailey Taryn | Budman Simon

Author(s): J. Sánchez | D. Torres | E. Ruiz | M. Guzmán
Flexibility and uncertainty in agribusiness projects: investing in a cogeneration plant.

Author(s): Augusto Cesar Arenaro e Mello Dias | Carlos de Lamare Bastian-Pinto | Luiz Eduardo Teixeira Brandão | Leonardo Lima Gomes
Football fever: self-affirmation model for goal distributions

Author(s): W. Janke | E. Bittner | A. Nubaumer | M. Weigel
Impact of targeted interventions on heterosexual transmission of HIV in India

Author(s): Kumar Rajesh | Mehendale Sanjay | Panda Samiran | Venkatesh S | Lakshmi PVM | Kaur Manmeet | Prinja Shankar | Singh Tarundeep | Virdi Navkiran | Bahuguna Pankaj | Sharma Arun | Singh Samiksha | Godbole Sheela | Risbud Arun | Manna Boymkesh | Thirumugal V | Roy Tarun | Sogarwal Ruchi | Pawar Nilesh
New non-randomised model to assess the prevalence of discriminating behaviour: a pilot study on mephedrone

Author(s): Petróczi Andrea | Nepusz Tamás | Cross Paul | Taft Helen | Shah Syeda | Deshmukh Nawed | Schaffer Jay | Shane Maryann | Adesanwo Christiana | Barker James | Naughton Declan
Antibody levels to multiple malaria vaccine candidate antigens in relation to clinical malaria episodes in children in the Kasena-Nankana district of Northern Ghana

Author(s): Dodoo Daniel | Atuguba Frank | Bosomprah Samuel | Ansah Nana | Ansah Patrick | Lamptey Helena | Egyir Beverly | Oduro Abraham | Gyan Ben | Hodgson Abraham | Koram Kwadwo
Applying psychological theories to evidence-based clinical practice: identifying factors predictive of lumbar spine x-ray for low back pain in UK primary care practice

Author(s): Grimshaw Jeremy | Eccles Martin | Steen Nick | Johnston Marie | Pitts Nigel | Glidewell Liz | Maclennan Graeme | Thomas Ruth | Bonetti Debbie | Walker Anne
Spatial distribution of the risk of dengue fever in southeast Brazil, 2006-2007

Author(s): Cordeiro Ricardo | Donalisio Maria | Andrade Valmir | Mafra Ana | Nucci Luciana | Brown John | Stephan Celso
Statistical Mutation Calling from Sequenced Overlapping DNA Pools in TILLING Experiments

Author(s): Missirian Victor | Comai Luca | Filkov Vladimir
Estimated prevalence of Echinococcus multilocularis in rac-coon dogs Nyctereutes procyonoides in northern Branden-burg, Germany

Author(s): Sabine SCHWARZ, Astrid SUTOR, Christoph STAUBACH, Roswitha MATTIS, Kirsten TACKMANN, Franz Josef CONRATHS
Statistical models for predicting number of involved nodes in breast cancer patients

Author(s): Alok Kumar Dwivedi | Sada Nand Dwivedi | Suryanarayana Deo | Rakesh Shukla

Author(s): Joanne Chia | Adrian Baddeley
Modeling of Malaria Incidence in Nepal

Author(s): Sampurna Kakchapati | Jurairat Ardkaew
The Estimation of Logistic Probability Model of Binomial Data: Simulation Comparison

Author(s): Zaki. J. Al- Sarraf | Faris M. Al- Athari | Hilmi F. Kittani
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