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Innovative Design and Making of Bionic Robot Rabbit

Author(s): Hsin Sheng Lee | Kuo Huang Lin | Yi Yueh Hsu
Mechanical Character of Typica1 Plant Leaf Surfaces

Author(s): Shu-jie WANG | Lu-quan REN | Yan LIU | Yue YANG
Modelling of bionic arm

Author(s): Amartya Ganguly
Biomimetics in Modern Organizations – Laws or Metaphors?

Author(s): Markus Schatten | Miroslav Zugaj
The Study of Owl's Silent Flight and Noise Reduction on Fan Vane with Bionic Structure

Author(s): Gui-qiang LIANG | Jing-chun WANG | Yu CHEN | Chang-hai ZHOU | Jie LIANG | Lu-quan REN
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