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Drug delivery to the central nervous system

Author(s): Roberto Imberti | Alessandro Amatu
Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome in neuro-malaria

Author(s): Lacout Alexis | Guidoux Celine | Carlier Robert
Dose-response assessment of tariquidar for inhibition of P-glycoprotein at the human blood-brain barrier using (R)-[11C]verapamil PET

Author(s): Bauer Martin | Zeitlinger Markus | Matzneller Peter | Stanek Johann | Lackner Edith | Wadsak Wolfgang | Müller Markus | Langer Oliver
Imaging of Convection Enhanced Delivery of Toxins in Humans

Author(s): Ankit I. Mehta | Bryan D. Choi | Raghu Raghavan | Martin Brady | Allan H. Friedman | Darell D. Bigner | Ira Pastan | John H. Sampson
Induction of Drug Transporters Alters Disposition of Risperidone - A Study in Mice

Author(s): David Holthoewer | Christoph Hiemke | Ulrich Schmitt
Macrophages and Cell-Cell Spread of HIV-1

Author(s): Kayoko Waki | Eric O. Freed
Mercury Contamination in Fish and Public Health Aspects: A Review

Author(s): Gholam Reza Jahed Khaniki | Inteaz Alli | Ebrahim Nowroozi | Ramin Nabizadeh
Contribution of CNS cells in NeuroAIDS

Author(s): Verma Ashish | Singh Udai | Dwivedi Premendra | Singh Anchal
Atorvastatin prevents Plasmodium falciparum cytoadherence and endothelial damage

Author(s): Taoufiq Zacharie | Pino Paco | N'dilimabaka Nadine | Arrouss Issam | Assi Serge | Soubrier Florent | Rebollo Angelita | Mazier Dominique
Genome response to tissue plasminogen activator in experimental ischemic stroke

Author(s): Jickling Glen | Zhan Xinhua | Ander Bradley | Turner Renée | Stamova Boryana | Xu Huichun | Tian Yingfang | Liu Dazhi | Davis Ryan | Lapchak Paul | Sharp Frank
Brain tumor and Gliadel wafer treatment

Author(s): Panigrahi M | Das P | Parikh P
Cannabidiol reduces lipopolysaccharide-induced vascular changes and inflammation in the mouse brain: an intravital microscopy study

Author(s): Ruiz-Valdepeñas Lourdes | Martínez-Orgado José | Benito Cristina | Millán África | Tolón Rosa | Romero Julián
Slice Cultures as a Model to Study Neurovascular Coupling and Blood Brain Barrier In Vitro

Author(s): Richard Kovács | Ismini Papageorgiou | Uwe Heinemann
Blood-Brain Barrier Breakdown Following Traumatic Brain Injury: A Possible Role in Posttraumatic Epilepsy

Author(s): Oren Tomkins | Akiva Feintuch | Moni Benifla | Avi Cohen | Alon Friedman | Ilan Shelef
Blood-Brain Barrier Integrity and Breast Cancer Metastasis to the Brain

Author(s): Farheen Arshad | Lili Wang | Christopher Sy | Shalom Avraham | Hava Karsenty Avraham
The Use of Convection-Enhanced Delivery with Liposomal Toxins in Neurooncology

Author(s): Massimo S. Fiandaca | Mitchel S. Berger | Krystof S. Bankiewicz
Effects of Neonatal Systemic Inflammation on Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability and Behaviour in Juvenile and Adult Rats

Author(s): H. B. Stolp | P. A. Johansson | M. D. Habgood | K. M. Dziegielewska | N. R. Saunders | C. J. Ek
The Etiological Role of Blood-Brain Barrier Dysfunction in Seizure Disorders

Author(s): Nicola Marchi | William Tierney | Andreas V. Alexopoulos | Vikram Puvenna | Tiziana Granata | Damir Janigro
The Role of P-Glycoprotein in Transport of Danshensu across the Blood-Brain Barrier

Author(s): Peng-Fei Yu | Wen-Yan Wang | Gaowa Eerdun | Tian Wang | Lei-Ming Zhang | Chong Li | Feng-Hua Fu
Quercetin abrogates chemoresistance in melanoma cells by modulating ΔNp73

Author(s): Thangasamy Thilakavathy | Sittadjody Sivanandane | Mitchell Geoffrey | Mendoza Erin | Radhakrishnan Vijayababu | Limesand Kirsten | Burd Randy
An Update on the Therapeutic Role of Alkylglycerols

Author(s): Tommaso Iannitti | Beniamino Palmieri
The Passage of S100B from Brain to Blood Is Not SpecificallyRelated to the Blood-Brain Barrier Integrity

Author(s): Andrea Kleindienst | Christian Schmidt | Hans Parsch | Irene Emtmann | Yu Xu | Michael Buchfelder
Cytosolic phospholipase A2 alpha amplifies early cyclooxygenase-2 expression, oxidative stress and MAP kinase phosphorylation after cerebral ischemia in mice

Author(s): Kishimoto Koji | Li Rung-Chi | Zhang Jian | Klaus Judith | Kibler Kathleen | Doré Sylvain | Koehler Raymond | Sapirstein Adam
A novel transgenic zebrafish model for blood-brain and blood-retinal barrier development

Author(s): Xie Jing | Farage Eric | Sugimoto Masahiko | Anand-Apte Bela
Effect of Calcium Channel Blocker Nicardipine on Brain Edema in Rats

Author(s): Bahram Bibak | Mohammad Khaksari | Mohammad Badavi | Ali Rashidy-Pour
Diffusion of Sulbactomax and Ceftriaxone into Cerebrospinal Fluid of Meningitis Induced Rat Model

Author(s): V.K. Dwivedi | M. Chaudhary | A. Soni | J. Yadav | A. Tariq | M.R. Siddiqui | A. Ahmad | P.S. Negi
Maternal Diabetes Induced Hydrocephaly in Newborn Rats

Author(s): M. Tehranipour | J. Khayyatzade | Z. Ghorbani
Vascular Intracranial Hypertension

Author(s): S.M. Iencean
Murine brain endothelial cells differently modulate interferon-γ and interleukin-17 production in vitro

Author(s): Momčilović Miljana | Miljković D. | Mostarica-Stojković Marija
Treatment of refractory epilepsy with natalizumab in a patient with multiple sclerosis. Case report

Author(s): Sotgiu Stefano | Murrighile Maria | Constantin Gabriela
Current aspects of pharmacologic application of bile acids

Author(s): Mikov Momir | Kuhajda Ksenija N. | Kandrač Julijan E.
Hydrocephalus induces dynamic spatiotemporal regulation of aquaporin-4 expression in the rat brain

Author(s): Skjolding Anders | Rowland Ian | Søgaard Lise | Praetorius Jeppe | Penkowa Milena | Juhler Marianne
Gadofluorine M-enhanced MRI shows involvement of circumventricular organs in neuroinflammation

Author(s): Wuerfel Eva | Infante-Duarte Carmen | Glumm Robert | Wuerfel Jens
The Application of MRI for Depiction of Subtle Blood Brain Barrier Disruption in Stroke

Author(s): David Israeli, David Tanne, Dianne Daniels, David Last, Ran Shneor, David Guez, Efrat Landau, Yiftach Roth, Aharon Ocherashvilli, Mati Bakon, Chen Hoffman, Amit Weinberg, Talila Volk, Yael Mardor
Drug delivery and nanoparticles: Applications and hazards

Author(s): Wim H De Jong | Paul JA Borm
Flavonoids and the CNS

Author(s): Anna K. Jäger | Lasse Saaby
Antinociception produced by Thalassia testudinum extract BM-21 is mediated by the inhibition of acid sensing ionic channels by the phenolic compound thalassiolin B

Author(s): Garateix Anoland | Salceda Emilio | Menéndez Roberto | Regalado Erik | López Omar | García Teidy | Morales Ruth | Laguna Abilio | Thomas Olivier | Soto Enrique
(R)-[11C]Verapamil PET studies to assess changes in P-glycoprotein expression and functionality in rat blood-brain barrier after exposure to kainate-induced status epilepticus

Author(s): Syvänen Stina | Luurtsema Gert | Molthoff Carla | Windhorst Albert | Huisman Marc | Lammertsma Adriaan | Voskuyl Rob | de Lange Elizabeth
Human intravenous immunoglobulin provides protection against Aβ toxicity by multiple mechanisms in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease

Author(s): Magga Johanna | Puli Lakshman | Pihlaja Rea | Kanninen Katja | Neulamaa Suvi | Malm Tarja | Härtig Wolfgang | Grosche Jens | Goldsteins Gundars | Tanila Heikki | Koistinaho Jari | Koistinaho Milla
A large-scale electrophoresis- and chromatography-based determination of gene expression profiles in bovine brain capillary endothelial cells after the re-induction of blood-brain barrier properties

Author(s): Pottiez Gwënaël | Deracinois Barbara | Duban-Deweer Sophie | Cecchelli Roméo | Fenart Laurence | Karamanos Yannis | Flahaut Christophe
Effects of intestinal mucosal blood flow and motility on intestinal mucosa

Author(s): Yan-Bin Wang | Jing Liu | Zhao-Xu Yang
Capecitabine-related intracranial hypotension syndrome mimicking dural metastasis in a breast cancer patient: Case report and review of the literature

Author(s): Cosar-Alas Rusen | Alas Aykan | Ozen Alaattin | Denizli Bengu | Saynak Mert | Uzunoglu Sernaz | Aydogdu Nurettin | Karagol Hakan | Uzal Cem | Kocak Zafer
Vascular normalization in orthotopic glioblastoma following intravenous treatment with lipid-based nanoparticulate formulations of irinotecan (Irinophore C™), doxorubicin (Caelyx®) or vincristine

Author(s): Verreault Maite | Strutt Dita | Masin Dana | Anantha Malathi | Yung Andrew | Kozlowski Piotr | Waterhouse Dawn | Bally Marcel | Yapp Donald
Impairment of brain endothelial glucose transporter by methamphetamine causes blood-brain barrier dysfunction

Author(s): Abdul Muneer P | Alikunju Saleena | Szlachetka Adam | Murrin L Charles | Haorah James
SDF1 in the dorsal corticospinal tract promotes CXCR4+ cell migration after spinal cord injury

Author(s): Tysseling Vicki | Mithal Divakar | Sahni Vibhu | Birch Derin | Jung Hosung | Miller Richard | Kessler John

Non-random tissue distribution of human naïve umbilical cord matrix stem cells

Author(s): Dharmendra Kumar Maurya | Chiyo Doi | Marla Pyle | Raja Shekar Rachakatla | Duane Davis | Masaaki Tamura | Deryl Troyer
Apigenin Isolated from the Medicinal Plant Elsholtzia rugulosa Prevents β-Amyloid 25–35-Induces Toxicity in Rat Cerebral Microvascular Endothelial Cells

Author(s): Le Zhao | Lin Hou | Huijun Sun | Xin Yan | Xifeng Sun | Jianguang Li | Yong Bian | Yu Chu | Qingshan Liu
Autoimmune Epilepsy: Some Epilepsy Patients Harbor Autoantibodies to Glutamate Receptors and dsDNA on both Sides of the Blood-brain Barrier, which may Kill Neurons and Decrease in Brain Fluids after Hemispherotomy

Author(s): Yonatan Ganor | Hadassa Goldberg-Stern | Dina Amrom | Tally Lerman-Sagie | Vivian I. Teichberg | Dori Pelled | Anthony H. Futerman | Bruria Ben Zeev | Michael Freilinger | Denis Verheulpen | Patrick Van Bogaert | Mia Levite
Blood-Brain Barrier Dysfunction in Epileptogenesis of the Temporal Lobe

Author(s): Itai Weissberg | Aljoscha Reichert | Uwe Heinemann | Alon Friedman
Free circulating ICAM-1 in serum and cerebrospinal fluid of HIV-1 infected patients correlate with TNF-α and blood-brain barrier damage

Author(s): M. K. Sharief | M. Ciardi | M. A. Noori | E. J. Thompson | A. Salotti | F. Sorice | F. Rossi | A. Cirelli
Serendipity in anticancer drug discovery

Author(s): Emily Hargrave-Thomas | Bo Yu | Jóhannes Reynisson
Potential implications of Helicobacter pylori-related neutrophil-activating protein

Author(s): Jannis Kountouras | Christos Zavos | Georgia Deretzi | Emmanuel Gavalas | Dimitrios Chatzopoulos | Panagiotis Katsinelos | Elena Tsiaousi | Stergios Gagalis | Stergios A Polyzos | Ioannis Venizelos
Simvastatin Blocks Blood-Brain Barrier Disruptions Induced by Elevated Cholesterol Both In Vivo and In Vitro

Author(s): Xijuan Jiang | Maojuan Guo | Jinling Su | Bin Lu | Dongming Ma | Ruifeng Zhang | Lin Yang | Qiang Wang | Yiwen Ma | Yingchang Fan
Cisplatin-Induced Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome—Brief Report and Review of the Literature

Author(s): Edna Inbar | Aaron Sulkes | Salomon M. Stemmer | Limor Amit | Irit Ben-Aharon | Thomas Tichler
Cisplatin-Induced Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome—Brief Report and Review of the Literature

Author(s): Edna Inbar | Aaron Sulkes | Salomon M. Stemmer | Limor Amit | Irit Ben-Aharon | Thomas Tichler

Author(s): Daljeet Sharma
Anandamide inhibits Theiler's virus induced VCAM-1 in brain endothelial cells and reduces leukocyte transmigration in a model of blood brain barrier by activation of CB1 receptors

Author(s): Mestre Leyre | Iñigo Paula | Mecha Miriam | Correa Fernando | Hernangómez-Herrero Miriam | Loría Frida | Docagne Fabian | Borrell José | Guaza Carmen
Brain pericytes among cells constituting the blood-brain barrier are highly sensitive to tumor necrosis factor-α, releasing matrix metalloproteinase-9 and migrating in vitro

Author(s): Takata Fuyuko | Dohgu Shinya | Matsumoto Junichi | Takahashi Hiroyuki | Machida Takashi | Wakigawa Tomoya | Harada Eriko | Miyaji Haruki | Koga Mitsuhisa | Nishioku Tsuyoshi | Yamauchi Atsushi | Kataoka Yasufumi
Coma in fatal adult human malaria is not caused by cerebral oedema

Author(s): Medana Isabelle | Day Nicholas | Sachanonta Navakanit | Mai Nguyen | Dondorp Arjen | Pongponratn Emsri | Hien Tran | White Nicholas | Turner Gareth
Altered tryptophan and alanine transport in fibroblasts from boys with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): an in vitro study

Author(s): Johansson Jessica | Landgren Magnus | Fernell Elisabeth | Vumma Ravi | Åhlin Arne | Bjerkenstedt Lars | Venizelos Nikolaos
Targeting ανβ3 and ανβ5 inhibits photon-induced hypermigration of malignant glioma cells

Author(s): Rieken Stefan | Habermehl Daniel | Mohr Angela | Wuerth Lena | Lindel Katja | Weber Klaus | Debus Jürgen | Combs Stephanie
In Vitro Assessment of Tobacco Smoke Toxicity at the BBB: Do Antioxidant Supplements Have a Protective Role?

Author(s): Hossain Mohammed | Mazzone Peter | Tierney William | Cucullo Luca
Effects of collagen-induced rheumatoid arthritis on amyloidosis and microvascular pathology in APP/PS1 mice

Author(s): Park Sun | Shin Jin | Moon Gyeong | Cho Sung | Lee Yong | Gwag Byoung
Differential aquaporin 4 expression during edema build-up and resolution phases of brain inflammation

Author(s): Tourdias Thomas | Mori Nobuyuki | Dragonu Iulus | Cassagno Nadège | Boiziau Claudine | Aussudre Justine | Brochet Bruno | Moonen Chrit | Petry Klaus | Dousset Vincent
Risk factors of kernicterus; a study in 312 icteric neonates

Author(s): Behjati Ardakani S | Nikkhah A | Sedaghat M
The effects of ultrasound on BBB integration in ischemic brain injury model

Author(s): Sayedi S. | Shabanzadeh A.P. | Mohaghegh M. | Ghafarpour M. | Shuaib A.
Major hurdles for brain tumour therapy and the ways to overcome them: A review

Author(s): Ankita Thakur1*, Avinash Gahane1, Santosh Singh Bhadoriya 1, Sunil Kumar Jain1, Rajkumar Jain1, Himanshu Mishra2
The Rationale Behind Wearing Strings of Jasmine Flower by the lactating South Indian Women

Author(s): Dutt. R Aswini | NS Satish Kumar | Sandhya K. Hemraj
The Potential of Tetrandrine as a Protective Agent for Ischemic Stroke

Author(s): Yun Chen | Ya-Hui Tsai | Sheng-Hong Tseng
S-Nitrosoglutathione reduces oxidative injury and promotes mechanisms of neurorepair following traumatic brain injury in rats

Author(s): Khan Mushfiquddin | Sakakima Harutoshi | Dhammu Tajinder | Shunmugavel Anandakumar | Im Yeong-Bin | Gilg Anne | Singh Avtar | Singh Inderjit
Beta-Amyloid Downregulates MDR1-P-Glycoprotein (Abcb1) Expression at the Blood-Brain Barrier in Mice

Author(s): Anja Brenn | Markus Grube | Michele Peters | Andrea Fischer | Gabriele Jedlitschky | Heyo K. Kroemer | Rolf W. Warzok | Silke Vogelgesang
The Blood-Brain Barrier and Microvascular Water Exchange in Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): Valerie C. Anderson | David P. Lenar | Joseph F. Quinn | William D. Rooney
Cognitive-Enhancing and Antioxidant Activities of Quercetin Liposomes in Animal Model of Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): Terdthai Tong-un | Panakaporn Wannanon | Jintanaporn Wattanathorn | Wathita Phachonpai
Overweight worsens apoptosis, neuroinflammation and blood-brain barrier damage after hypoxic ischemia in neonatal brain through JNK hyperactivation

Author(s): Tu Yi-Fang | Tsai Yau-Sheng | Wang Lan-Wan | Wu Hsin-Chieh | Huang Chao-Ching | Ho Chien-Jung
The role of shear stress in Blood-Brain Barrier endothelial physiology

Author(s): Cucullo Luca | Hossain Mohammed | Puvenna Vikram | Marchi Nicola | Janigro Damir
Role of adhesion molecules and inflammation in Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus infected mouse brain

Author(s): Sharma Anuj | Bhomia Manish | Honnold Shelley | Maheshwari Radha
Changes in interleukin-1 signal modulators induced by 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA): regulation by CB2 receptors and implications for neurotoxicity

Author(s): Torres Elisa | Gutierrez-Lopez Maria | Mayado Andrea | Rubio Ana | O'Shea Esther | Colado Maria
Association between neuroserpin and molecular markers of brain damage in patients with acute ischemic stroke

Author(s): Rodríguez-González Raquel | Sobrino Tomás | Rodríguez-Yáñez Manuel | Millán Mónica | Brea David | Miranda Elena | Moldes Octavio | Pérez Juan | Lomas David | Leira Rogelio | Dávalos Antoni | Castillo José
Exogenous nitric oxide decreases brain vascular inflammation, leakage and venular resistance during Plasmodium berghei ANKA infection in mice

Author(s): Zanini Graziela | Cabrales Pedro | Barkho Wisam | Frangos John | Carvalho Leonardo
Transcellular migration of neutrophil granulocytes through the blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier after infection with Streptococcus suis

Author(s): Wewer Corinna | Seibt Annette | Wolburg Hartwig | Greune Lilo | Schmidt M Alexander | Berger Jürgen | Galla Hans-Joachim | Quitsch Ulrike | Schwerk Christian | Schroten Horst | Tenenbaum Tobias
Momordica charantia (bitter melon) attenuates high-fat diet-associated oxidative stress and neuroinflammation

Author(s): Nerurkar Pratibha | Johns Lisa | Buesa Lance | Kipyakwai Gideon | Volper Esther | Sato Ryuei | Shah Pranjal | Feher Domonkos | Williams Philip | Nerurkar Vivek
Neurologic Manifestations of Leishmania spp. Infection

Author(s): Christine Anne Petersen | M. Heather West Greenlee
The Effects of Anthrax Lethal Toxin on Host Barrier Function

Author(s): Tao Xie | Roger D. Auth | David M. Frucht
Nasal Administration of Quercetin Liposomes Improves Memory Impairment and Neurodegeneration in Animal Model of Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): Terdthai Tong-un | Supaporn Muchimapura | Jintanaporn Wattanathorn | Wathita Phachonpai
Neuroprotective Effect of Quercetin Encapsulated Liposomes: A Novel Therapeutic Strategy against Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): W. Phachonpai | J. Wattanathorn | S. Muchimapura | T. Tong-Un | D. Preechagoon
Effects of Quercetin Encapsulated Liposomes via Nasal Administration: A Novel Cognitive Enhancer

Author(s): Terdthai Tong-un | Supaporn Muchimapura | Wathita Phachonpai | Jintanaporn Wattanathorn
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