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Resection arthrodesis for the management of aggressive giant cell tumor of the distal femur

Author(s): Bassiony Ayman | Abdelrahman Mohamed | Abdelhady Amr | Assal Mohamed
Identification of the discrepancy bone-teeth in children between 5 and 11 years with oral breathing Determinación de la discrepancia hueso diente en niños de 5 a 11 años respiradores bucales

Author(s): Clotilde de la Caridad Mora Pérez | Raúl López Fernández | Ramón Ahmed Pérez García | Amaray Calzada Bandomo | Ileana Pérez Rodríguez | María de los Santos Haces Yanes
Improvement of Radiation-Mediated Immunosuppression of Human NSCLC Tumour Xenografts in a Nude Rat Model

Author(s): Sergey V. Tokalov | Wolfgang Enghardt | Nasreddin Abolmaali
Functional Coatings or Films for Hard-Tissue Applications

Author(s): Guocheng Wang | Hala Zreiqat
Use of cadaveric fascia lata to correct grade IV cystocele

Author(s): Almeida Sílvio H.M. | Gregório Émerson P. | Saquetti Eufânio E. | Moreira Horácio A. | Fraga Frederico | Rodrigues Marco A.F.
Modified anterior vaginal wall sling for SUI

Author(s): Sawant A | Trivedi V | Salve S | Upadhaye V | Dangle P
An in vivo evaluation of surface polishing of TAN intermedullary nails for ease of removal

Author(s): JS Hayes | DI Vos | J Hahn | SG Pearce | RG Richards
Validation of computer models of an artificial hip joint

Author(s): J. Okrajni | M. Plaza | S. Ziemba
Treatment of protruding osseo integrated dental implant

Author(s): Buddula Aravind | Sheridan Phillip | Balshe Ayman
Cerebrospinal fluid collection in dogs: modification of previous technique / Colheita de líquido cefalorraquidiano em cães: modificação de técnica prévia

Author(s): Fernanda Gomes Velasque Gama | Fabrício Singaretti de Oliveira | Gregório Corrêa Guimarães | Paula Nunes Rosato | Áureo Evangelista Santana
Teaching photograph in Veterinary Course / O ensino de fotografia no curso de Medicina Veterinária

Author(s): Milton Hissashi Yamamura | Maria Irene Pellegrino de Oliveira Souza
Epigenetic modifications as key regulators of Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia biology

Author(s): Sacco Antonio | Issa Ghayas | Zhang Yong | Liu Yang | Maiso Patricia | Ghobrial Irene | Roccaro Aldo
Protein Adsorption to Surface Chemistry and Crystal Structure Modification of Titanium Surfaces

Author(s): Ryo Jimbo | Mikael Ivarsson | Anita Koskela | Young-Taeg Sul | Carina B. Johansson
Removal of retained upper canine in the middle. Case report Exéresis de canino superior retenido en posición intermedia. Presentación de un caso

Author(s): Bienbenido Mesa Reinaldo | José Luis Capote Femenias | Alejandro Díaz Tejeda | Yordanis Boza Mejías
Nanostructured Mesoporous Silicas for Bone Tissue Regeneration

Author(s): Isabel Izquierdo-Barba | Montserrat Colilla | María Vallet-Regí
A national survey of services for the prevention and management of falls in the UK

Author(s): Lamb Sarah | Fisher Joanne | Gates Simon | Potter Rachel | Cooke Matthew | Carter Yvonne
Protective Effects of Squid Ink Extract Towards Hemopoietic Injuries Induced by Cyclophosphamine

Author(s): Jie-Ping Zhong | Guang Wang | Jiang-Hua Shang | Jiang-Qiu Pan | Kun Li | Yan Huang | Hua-Zhong Liu
Evolutionary morphology of the rattlesnake style

Author(s): Meik Jesse | Pires-daSilva André
RIZ1 is potential CML tumor suppressor that is down-regulated during disease progression

Author(s): Lakshmikuttyamma Ashakumary | Takahashi Naoto | Pastural Elodie | Torlakovic Emina | Amin Hesham | Garcia-Manero Guillermo | Voralia Michael | Czader Magdalena | DeCoteau John | Geyer C Ronald
Mutagenicity of Chinese traditional medicine Semen Armeniacae amarum by two modified Ames tests

Author(s): Jin Jianling | Liu Bo | Zhang Hui | Tian Xiao | Cai Yupin | Gao Peiji
A role of surface treatment in modification of the useable properties of the medical tools

Author(s): M. Gierzyńska-Dolna | J. Marciniak | J. Adamus | P. Lacki
Use of genetically modified muscle and fat grafts to repair defects in bone and cartilage

Author(s): CH Evans | F-J Liu | V Glatt | JA Hoyland | C Kirker-Head | A Walsh | O Betz | JW Wells | V Betz | RM Porter | FA Saad | LC Gerstenfeld | TA Einhorn | MB Harris | MS Vrahas
The role of surface microtopography in the modulation of osteoblast differentiation

Author(s): JS Hayes | IM Khan | CW Archer | RG Richards
Characterization of the apoptotic response of human leukemia cells to organosulfur compounds

Author(s): Wong W Wei-Lynn | Boutros Paul | Wasylishen Amanda | Guckert Kristal | O'Brien Erin | Griffiths Rebecca | Martirosyan Anna | Bros Christina | Jurisica Igor | Langler Richard | Penn Linda
Outcomes of Percutaneous Pinning in Treatment of Distal Radious Fractures

Author(s): A. Sadighi | M. Bazavar | A. Moradi | B. Eftekharsadat
Oxidative stress in secondary osteoarthritis: from cartilage destruction to clinical presentation?

Author(s): Christoph Ziskoven | Marcus Jäger | Christoph Zilkens | Wilhelm Bloch | Klara Brixius | Rüdiger Krauspe
Diagnosis of carotid arterial injury in major trauma using a modification of Memphis criteria

Author(s): Ciapetti Marco | Circelli Alessandro | Zagli Giovanni | Migliaccio Maria | Spina Rosario | Alessi Alessandro | Acquafresca Manlio | Bartolini Marco | Peris Adriano
Transarticular screw fixation for atlantoaxial instability - modified Magerl's technique in 38 patients

Author(s): Bahadur Raj | Goyal Tarun | Dhatt Saravdeep | Tripathy Sujit
The Potential Use of N-Myristoyltransferase as a Biomarker in the Early Diagnosis of Colon Cancer

Author(s): Sujeet Kumar | Jonathan R Dimmock | Rajendra K Sharma

Author(s): Todorka Savić | Dimitrije Janković | Irena Janković | Vladmila Bojanić | Boris Đinđić | Nataša Miladinović-Tasić | Ivan Tasić
Efficacy and Durability in Direct Labeling of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Using Ultrasmall Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles with Organosilica, Dextran, and PEG Coatings

Author(s): Yi-Xiang J. Wang | Thibault Quercy-Jouvet | Hao-Hao Wang | Ak-Wai Li | Chun-Pong Chak | Shouhu Xuan | Lin Shi | De-Feng Wang | Siu-Fung Lee | Ping-Chung Leung | Clara B. S. Lau | Kwok-Pui Fung | Ken Cham-Fai Leung
Effect of nanoporous TiO2 coating and anodized Ca2+ modification of titanium surfaces on early microbial biofilm formation

Author(s): Fröjd Victoria | Linderbäck Paula | Wennerberg Ann | Chávez de Paz Luis | Svensäter Gunnel | Davies Julia
Male perineal sling with autologous aponeurosis and bone fixation: description of a technical modification

Author(s): Rios Luis A.S. | Tonin Rodrigo T. | Panhoca Renato | Souza Osmar E.R. de | Fonseca Filho Limírio L. da | Mattos Jr. Demerval
The neuroblast and angioblast chemotaxic factor SDF-1 (CXCL12) expression is briefly up regulated by reactive astrocytes in brain following neonatal hypoxic-ischemic injury

Author(s): Miller Jason | Bartley John | Wimborne Hereward | Walker Aisha | Hess David | Hill William | Carroll James
Management of Antiviral Induced Anemia in HCV Infected Patients

Author(s): Mitra Ranjbar | Amir-Houshang | Mohammad-Alizadeh
Fallacies of Routine CT Scan in Identifying Lesions in Severe Head Injury

Author(s): Ashis Pathak | Dalbir Singh | N Khandelwal
Plasmid-based genetic modification of human bone marrow-derived stromal cells: analysis of cell survival and transgene expression after transplantation in rat spinal cord

Author(s): Ronsyn Mark | Daans Jasmijn | Spaepen Gie | Chatterjee Shyama | Vermeulen Katrien | D'Haese Patrick | Van Tendeloo Viggo | Van Marck Eric | Ysebaert Dirk | Berneman Zwi | Jorens Philippe | Ponsaerts Peter
Ascorbate-enhanced chondrogenesis of ATDC5 cells

Author(s): F M Altaf | T M Hering | N H Kazmi | J U Yoo | B Johnstone
Photostimulated defect formation in gel-derived biomaterial

Author(s): Stanislawa Szarska | Agata Wojcik
Estudio etnoarqueológico de un campamento temporal Ndorobo (Maasai) en Kulalu (Kenia)

Author(s): Domínguez-Rodrigo, Manuel | Martí Lezana, Raquel
Enhancing Osteoconduction of PLLA-Based Nanocomposite Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration Using Different Biomimetic Signals to MSCs

Author(s): Gabriela Ciapetti | Donatella Granchi | Valentina Devescovi | Serena R. Baglio | Elisa Leonardi | Desirèe Martini | Maria Jesus Jurado | Beatriz Olalde | Ilaria Armentano | Josè M. Kenny | Frank X. Walboomers | Josè Inaki Alava | Nicola Baldini
Biomimetic modification of synthetic hydrogels by incorporation of adhesive peptides and calcium phosphate nanoparticles: in vitro evaluation of cell behavior

Author(s): M Bongio | JJJP van den Beucken | MR Nejadnik | SCG Leeuwenburgh | LA Kinard | K Kasper | AG Mikos | JA Jansen
Treatment incidence of and medical utilization for hospitalized subjects with pathologic fractures in Taiwan-Survey of the 2008 National Health Insurance data

Author(s): Lee Yi-Hui | Hsu Yuan-Nian | Yu I-Liang | Phan Dinh-Van | Chou Pesus | Chan Chien-Lung | Yang Nan-Ping
Modified femoral pressuriser generates a longer lasting high pressure during cement pressurisation

Author(s): Wang Jian-Sheng | Garellick Göran | Kjellson Fred | Tanner Elizabeth | Flivik Gunnar
Nanometer-thin TiO2 enhances skeletal muscle cell phenotype and behavior

Author(s): Ishizaki K | Sugita Y | Iwasa F | Minamikawa H | Ueno T | Yamada M | Suzuki T | Ogawa T
Reduced adhesion of macrophages on anodized titanium with select nanotube surface features

Author(s): Rajyalakshmi A | Ercan B | Balasubramanian K | Webster TJ
Effects of transplantation with bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells modified by Survivin on experimental stroke in rats

Author(s): Liu Nan | Zhang Yixian | Fan Lin | Yuan Mingzhou | Du Houwei | Cheng Ronghua | Liu Deshan | Lin Feifei
Influence of Local Temporary Ischemia on Radiotherapy Effects

Author(s): Piotr Walichiewicz | Aleksander Sochanik | Waldemar M. Przybyszewski
Biodegradable and bioactive porous polyurethanes scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

Author(s): Mei-Na Huang | Yuan-Liang Wang | Yan-Feng Luo

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