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Physical education in schools: a renewal proposal

Author(s): Liana Maria Carvalho Braid
Retraction of Braid and Braid Group

Author(s): M.M. Al-Shamiri | M. El-Ghoul
A Key Agreement Protocol Using Non-Abelian Group

Author(s): Abhishek Dwivedi1 | D.B.Ojha2
Krammer's Representation of the Pure Braid Group, P3

Author(s): Mohammad N. Abdulrahim | Madline Al-Tahan
Teichmüller Theory of Bordered Surfaces

Author(s): Leonid O. Chekhov
The Interplay between Linear Representations of the Braid Group

Author(s): Mohammad N. Abdulrahim | Nibal H. Kassem
Solar storms, cycles and topology

Author(s): Lundstedt H.
Efficient Group Key Agreement on Tree-based Braid Groups

Author(s): Thanongsak Aneksrup | Pipat Hiranvanichakorn
Complex Specializations of Krammer’s Representation of the Braid Group, B3

Author(s): Mohammad N. Abdulrahim | Madline Al-Tahan
Whole shaft visibility and mechanical performance for active MR catheters using copper-nitinol braided polymer tubes

Author(s): Kocaturk Ozgur | Saikus Christina | Guttman Michael | Faranesh Anthony | Ratnayaka Kanishka | Ozturk Cengizhan | McVeigh Elliot | Lederman Robert
Demographic characteristics of patients using a fully integrated psychosocial support service for cancer patients

Author(s): Sharp Donald | Walker Mary | Bateman Julie | Braid Fiona | Hebblewhite Claire | Hope Teresa | Lines Michael | Walker Andrew | Walker Leslie
A Quantum Secure Direct Communication with Authentication

Author(s): Zu-Ning Chen | Zheng Qin | Lei Lu
Viscoelastic Behavior of Textile Artificial Ligaments

Author(s): Saber Marzougui | Saber Ben Abdessalem | Faouzi Sakli
Higher Dimensional Irreducible Representations of the Pure Braid Group

Author(s): Mohammad N. Abdulrahim | Hassan A Tarraf
Evaluation of opacity in polyethylene fiber reinforced composites

Author(s): Hasani Tabatabaie M | Hassani Z | Arami S
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