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Cellular localization of Y-box binding protein 1 in brain tissue of rats, macaques, and humans

Author(s): Unkrüer Bernadette | Pekcec Anton | Fuest Christina | Wehmeyer Andrea | Balda Maria | Horn Anja | Baumgärtner Wolfgang | Potschka Heidrun
A large-scale electrophoresis- and chromatography-based determination of gene expression profiles in bovine brain capillary endothelial cells after the re-induction of blood-brain barrier properties

Author(s): Pottiez Gwënaël | Deracinois Barbara | Duban-Deweer Sophie | Cecchelli Roméo | Fenart Laurence | Karamanos Yannis | Flahaut Christophe
Calcium-activated potassium channels mediated blood-brain tumor barrier opening in a rat metastatic brain tumor model

Author(s): Hu Jinwei | Yuan Xiangpeng | Ko MinHee | Yin Dali | Sacapano Manuel | Wang Xiao | Konda Bindu | Espinoza Andres | Prosolovich Ksenia | Ong John | Irvin Dwain | Black Keith
Investigation of glucose-modified liposomes using polyethylene glycols with different chain lengths as the linkers for brain targeting

Author(s): Xie F | Yao N | Qin Y | Zhang Q | Chen H | Yuan M | Tang J | Li X | Fan W | Zhang Q | Wu Y | Hai L | He Q
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