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Effect of Magnetic Resonance Imaging on Breast Conservation Therapy versus Mastectomy: A Review of the Literature

Author(s): Thomas J. Painter | Peter J. DiPasco | Subhasis Misra | Eli Avisar
Do All Patients Require Radiotherapy after Breast-Conserving Surgery?

Author(s): Anita R. Skandarajah | G. Bruce Mann
Role of template guided interstitial implants in breast conservation therapy

Author(s): Srinivas Satish | Reddy K | Vivekanandam S | Parthasarathy V
Locally advanced breast cancer in younger women

Author(s): Lakićević Jadranka | Lakić Dinka | Sorat Milan
Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI): A review of available techniques

Author(s): Njeh Christopher | Saunders Mark | Langton Christian
Current status of therapy for breast cancer worldwide and in Japan

Author(s): Youngjin Park | Tomoaki Kitahara | Ryuichi Takagi | Ryoji Kato
Management of locally advanced breast cancer: Evolution and current practice

Author(s): Rustogi Ashish | Budrukkar Ashwini | Dinshaw Ketayun | Jalali Rakesh
Prevalence and risk factors for development of lymphedema following breast cancer treatment

Author(s): Deo S | Ray S | Rath G | Shukla N | Kar M | Asthana S | Raina V
COX-2 and PPARγ expression are potential markers of recurrence risk in mammary duct carcinoma in-situ

Author(s): Kulkarni Swati | Patil Deepa | Diaz Leslie | Wiley Elizabeth | Morrow Monica | Khan Seema
The FDG-PET in the restaging and monitoring theraphy response in breast cancer. A clinical case follow up.

Author(s): Ortega, F. | Ferrer, J. | Llombart, A. | Guillem , V. | Arribas, L. | Menéndez, A. | Bordes, M. | Mengual JL.
Psychiatric morbidity among Egyptian breast cancer patients and their partners and its impact on surgical decision-making

Author(s): El-Hadidy MA | Elnahas W | Hegazy MAF | Hafez MT | Refky B | Abdel Wahab KM
Optimization of Adjuvant Radiation in Breast Conservation Therapy: Can We Minimize without Compromise?

Author(s): Sophia M. Edwards-Bennett | Candace R. Correa | Eleanor E. Harris
Evaluation of Changes in Tumor Shadows and Microcalcifications on Mammography Following KORTUC II, a New Radiosensitization Treatment without any Surgical Procedure for Elderly Patients with Stage I and II Breast Cancer

Author(s): Akira Tsuzuki | Yasuhiro Ogawa | Kei Kubota | Shiho Tokuhiro | Ryo Akima | Shin Yaogawa | Kenji Itoh | Yoko Yamada | Toshikazu Sasaki | Masahide Onogawa | Tomoaki Yamanishi | Shinji Kariya | Munenobu Nogami | Akihito Nishioka | Mitsuhiko Miyamura
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