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GeoCAM: A geovisual analytics workspace to contextualize and interpret statements about movement

Author(s): Anuj Jaiswal | Scott Pezanowski | Prasenjit Mitra | Xiao Zhang | Sen Xu | Ian Turton | Alexander Klippel | Alan M. MacEachren
Implementation of Wi-Ap; An IEEE 802.11b/g Based Electrical Switch Module With Web Enabled Interface for Electrical Appliances Control

Author(s): E. Adetiba | J.O. Onaolapo | O.E. Oyewole | M. Yusuf | T.A. Tanimomo | A. Shodipo
Territorial Management Within The Systems Affected by Mining.Case Study The South-Western Development Region in Romania

Author(s): C. Braghină | D. Peptenatu | C. Draghici | R. D. Pintilii | A. Schvab

Author(s): Gupta S.K. | Khandelwal Mayuri | Pancholi S.S. | Gupta M.K. | Khinchi M.P.
Study of the Entrepreneurship in Universities as Learning Organization Based on Senge Model

Author(s): Bahareh - Azizi Nejad | Mir Mohammad - Seiied Abbaszadeh | Mahmoud - Djavani | Iraj Bernousi
Ground Thermal Inertia for Energy Efficient Building Design: A Case Study on Food Industry

Author(s): Fernando R. Mazarrón | Jaime Cid-Falceto | Ignacio Cañas
Balanced reading instructions: An action research on elementary cram school students

Author(s): Chou, Chuing Prudence | Wang, Shirly | Ching, Gregory S.
Comparison of Four Distributions for Frequency Analysis of Wind Speed

Author(s): Sabereh Darbandi | Mohammad Taghi Aalami | Hakimeh Asadi
Uso de simuladores comerciais na análise comparativa de desempenho de controladores para um trocador de calor a placas

Author(s): Guilherme Nardin Prado | Higor Conti de Almeida | Flávio Vasconcelos da Silva | Ana Maria Frattini Fileti
Globalização e reconfiguração espacial: São Paulo e Buenos Aires, uma perspectiva comparada

Author(s): Eunice Helena Sguizzardi Abascal | Monica Machado Stuermer | Gilda Collet Bruna | Maria Elena Merege Vieira
Determinantes ambientais e sociais nos níveis de actividade física dos adolescentes. Utilização de metodologias SIG

Author(s): Margarida M.Pereira | Jorge Mota | Helena Nogueira | Maria P. Santos
Cerdà and Barcelona: The need for a new city and service provision

Author(s): Montserrat Pallares Barbera | Anna Badia | Jordi Duch
Design of a new multi-phase experimental simulation chamber for atmospheric photosmog, aerosol and cloud chemistry research

Author(s): J. Wang | J. F. Doussin | S. Perrier | E. Perraudin | Y. Katrib | E. Pangui | B. Picquet-Varrault
High Calorie, Low Nutrient Food/Beverage Intake and Video Gaming in Children as Potential Signals for Addictive Behavior

Author(s): Mary Ann Pentz | Donna Spruijt-Metz | Chih Ping Chou | Nathaniel R. Riggs
McAfee SecurityCenter Evaluation under DDoS Attack Traffic

Author(s): Sirisha Surisetty | Student Member | Sanjeev Kumar
Dynamics of Urbanization and Its Impact on Land-Use/Land-Cover: A Case Study of Megacity Delhi

Author(s): Manju Mohan | Subhan K. Pathan | Kolli Narendrareddy | Anurag Kandya | Sucheta Pandey
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Desalination Plant Outfalls in Limited Disposal Areas

Author(s): Mohamed E. Abou-Elhaggag | Mohamed H. El-Gamal | Mohamed I. Farouk
Book Reviews

Author(s): Peter Boomgaard | R.H. Barnes | Sini Cedercreutz | Janet Carsten | Freek Colombijn | Brenda S.A. Yeoh | Robert Cribb | H.A.J. Klooster | Gavin W. Jones | Sharifah Zaleha Syed Hassan | Bernice de Jong Boers | G.J. Schutte | Nico Kaptein | Greg Barton | Gerrit Knaap | J.E. Schooneveld-Oosterling | Niels Mulder | Unni Wikan | Sandra Niessen | Janet Rodenburg | Dianne W.J.H. van Oosterhout | Roy Ellen | Anton Ploeg | Douglas James Hayward | M.J.C. Schouten | Laura Summers | Bernard Sellato | Y.C. Thambun Anyang | Gerard Termorshuizen | E.M. Beekman | Jeroen Touwen | J.Th. Lindblad
Book Reviews

Author(s): Redactie KITLV
Neighborhood built environment and physical activity of Japanese older adults: results from the Aichi Gerontological Evaluation Study (AGES)

Author(s): Hanibuchi Tomoya | Kawachi Ichiro | Nakaya Tomoki | Hirai Hiroshi | Kondo Katsunori
Agile parallel bioinformatics workflow management using Pwrake

Author(s): Mishima Hiroyuki | Sasaki Kensaku | Tanaka Masahiro | Tatebe Osamu | Yoshiura Koh-ichiro
On the Design of Error-Correcting Ciphers

Author(s): Mathur Chetan Nanjunda | Narayan Karthik | Subbalakshmi KP
A Path Loss Model for Non-Line-of-Sight Ultraviolet Multiple Scattering Channels

Author(s): Ding Haipeng | Xu Zhengyuan | Sadler BrianM
The Architectural Design of an Integrated Virtual Classroom System

Author(s): A.I. Obasa | A.A. Eludire | Mbing Isaac
An approach to the investigation of CO2 uptake by soil microorganisms

Author(s): K. M. Hart | B. W. Moran | C. C. R. Allen | V. Kouloumbos | S. F. Oppenheimer | L. Barron | A. J. Simpson | L. A. Kulakov | B. P. Kelleher
The influence of land cover roughness on the results of high resolution tsunami inundation modeling

Author(s): G. Kaiser | L. Scheele | A. Kortenhaus | F. Løvholt | H. Römer | S. Leschka
Assessing the restorative potential of different types of urban and periurban green spaces

Author(s): Dentamaro I | Lafortezza R | Colangelo G | Carrus G | Sanesi G

Author(s): C. Marino | A. Nucara | G. Peri | M. Pietrafesa | A. Pudano | G. Rizzo
The Role of Branding in the Health Sector

Author(s): Shahriar Shafiee
Online Management of Waste Storage

Author(s): Nicolae MORARIU | Beatrice ŞTEFĂNESCU | Sorin VLAD | Eugenia IANCU | Paul PAŞCU
Approaches to Wireless Sensor Network: Security Protocols

Author(s): Harmandeep Singh | Garima Malik
Influence of Fenton Process on Treatability of Kerman City Solid Waste Leachate

Author(s): M Malakootian | N Jafarzadeh Haghighi fard | M Ahmadian | M Loloei
Use of Analytical Hierarchy Process Model (AHP) in Landfill Site Selection of Semnan Town

Author(s): M Panahandeh | M Arastou | A Ghavidel | F Ghanbari
A Multilevel Analysis of Neighbourhood Built and Social Environments and Adult Self-Reported Physical Activity and Body Mass Index in Ottawa, Canada

Author(s): Stephanie A. Prince | Elizabeth A. Kristjansson | Katherine Russell | Jean-Michel Billette | Michael Sawada | Amira Ali | Mark S. Tremblay | Denis Prud’homme
Estudio del Canal de Radio en las Bandas ISM, UNII I/II, y de las Interferencias en el Hospital de la Samaritana

Author(s): Fernando Andrés Sánchez G. | Roberto Bustamante | Juan Manuel Téllez M. | Miguel A. Rojas
Promoting Active Urban Aging: A Measurement Approach to Neighborhood Walkability for Older Adults

Author(s): Rachael L. Weiss | Juliana A. Maantay | Marianne Fahs
Asbestos-the Silent Killer: a review of screening and diagnostic imaging of asbestos related lung disease

Author(s): Ali Nawaz Khan | Hamdan Al-Jahdali | Klaus L. Irion | Shyam Sunder Koteyar
Governance as Catalyst to Sustainable Tourism Development: Evidence from North Cyprus

Author(s): Habib Alipour | Ruchan Kayaman Vaziri | Elena Ligay
Development of MCESC software for selecting the best stormwater erosion and sediment control measure in Malaysian construction sites

Author(s): Ibrahiem Abdul Razak Al-Hadu, Lariyah Mohd Sidek, Mohamed Nor Mohamed Desa, Noor Ezlin Ahmad Basri
Study of Immune PID Networked Control System Based on TrueTime

Author(s): Daogang Peng | Hao Zhang | Conghua Huang | Jiajun Lin | Hui Li
Research on Model and Algorithm of Waveform Selection in Cognitive Radar

Author(s): Bin Wang | Jinkuan Wang | Xin Song | Yinghua Han
Robot Self-localization with Optimized Error Minimizing for Soccer Contest

Author(s): Jianshen Liu | Baoyong Yin | Xinxing Liao
Asbestos-the Silent Killer: a review of screening and diagnostic imaging of asbestos related lung disease

Author(s): Ali Nawaz Khan | Hamdan Al Jahdali | Klaus L. Irion | Shyam Sunder Koteyar
Reinventing Detroit: Reclaiming Grayfields—New Metrics in Evaluating Urban Environments

Author(s): Jon Burley | Gina Deyoung | Shawn Partin | Jason Rokos
The Insurance against the Energy Risk Could Promote Growth for the Shipping Company?

Author(s): Brahim Idelhakkar | Faris Hamza | Driss Ferhane
Design of Substation AMR and Control System with Reconfigurable Embedded System

Author(s): Jaswinder Singh | Ravinder Singh | S.K. Aggarwal | L.M. Saini
Conflitos ambientais e lutas materiais e simbólicas

Author(s): Rodrigo Nuñez Viégas
Applying of an Ontology based Modeling Approach to Cultural Heritage Systems

The Urban Built Environment and Mobility in Older Adults: A Comprehensive Review

Author(s): Andrea L. Rosso | Amy H. Auchincloss | Yvonne L. Michael
NIDS For Unsupervised Authentication Records of KDD Dataset in MATLAB

Author(s): Mis. Bhawana Pillai | Mr. Uday Pratap Singh
Street Connectivity is Negatively Associated with Physical Activity in Canadian Youth

Author(s): Graham Mecredy | William Pickett | Ian Janssen
Göktürk Dönemi İnsan Figürlü Taş Anıtlar

Author(s): Lale Avşar İSKENDERZADE
Experimental and Numerical Characterization of CaPaMan 2bis Operation

Author(s): E. E. Hernandez‐Martinez | L. Conghui | G. Carbone | M. Ceccarelli | C. S. Lopez‐Cajun
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