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CHEK2 1100delC in patients with metachronous cancers of the breast and the colorectum

Author(s): Isinger Anna | Bhat Misha | Borg Ake | Nilbert Mef
Mutation analysis of the AATF gene in breast cancer families

Author(s): Haanpää Maria | Reiman Mervi | Nikkilä Jenni | Erkko Hannele | Pylkäs Katri | Winqvist Robert
Evolutionary analysis of the highly dynamic CHEK2 duplicon in anthropoids

Author(s): Münch Claudia | Kirsch Stefan | Fernandes António | Schempp Werner
Investigation of DNA damage response and apoptotic gene methylation pattern in sporadic breast tumors using high throughput quantitative DNA methylation analysis technology

Author(s): Pal Ranjana | Srivastava Niloo | Chopra Rupali | Gochhait Sailesh | Gupta Pawan | Prakash Neeraj | Agarwal Gaurav | Bamezai Rameshwar
Frequency of CHEK2*1100delC in New York breast cancer cases and controls

Author(s): Offit Kenneth | Pierce Heather | Kirchhoff Tomas | Kolachana Prema | Rapaport Beth | Gregersen Peter | Johnson Steven | Yossepowitch Orit | Huang Helen | Satagopan Jaya | Robson Mark | Scheuer Lauren | Nafa Khedoudja | Ellis Nathan

Author(s): A. San Miguel | I. Gonzalez Blanco | J.A. Minguéz Pargas | L. Martín Rodríguez | R. García Iglesias | N. Alonso | F.J. Martín Gil
CHEK2 1100delC is prevalent in Swedish early onset familial breast cancer

Author(s): Margolin Sara | Eiberg Hans | Lindblom Annika | Bisgaard Marie
Identification of a novel CHEK2 variant and assessment of its contribution to the risk of breast cancer in French Canadian women

Author(s): Novak David | Chen Long | Ghadirian Parviz | Hamel Nancy | Zhang Phil | Rossiny Vanessa | Cardinal Guy | Robidoux André | Tonin Patricia | Rousseau Francois | Narod Steven | Foulkes William
Detecting differential allelic expression using high-resolution melting curve analysis: application to the breast cancer susceptibility gene CHEK2

Author(s): Nguyen-Dumont Tú | Jordheim Lars | Michelon Jocelyne | Forey Nathalie | McKay-Chopin Sandrine | Sinilnikova Olga | Le Calvez-Kelm Florence | Southey Melissa | Tavtigian Sean | Lesueur Fabienne
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