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Physico-Biochemical aspects of Shock

Author(s): Kulkarni M.D. | Yadav G.B. | Samant S.R. and Khanvilkar A.V.
Fijación de arsénico en fase gas con hematita sólida

Author(s): Balladares, E. | González, A. | Parra, R. | Sánchez, M.
Effects of ouabain on vascular reactivity

Author(s): D.V. Vassallo | Songu-Mize E. | Rossoni L.V. | Amaral S.M.C.
Transmission of malaria and genotypic variability of Plasmodium falciparum on the Island of Annobon (Equatorial Guinea)

Author(s): Cano Jorge | Berzosa Pedro | de Lucio Aida | Descalzo Miguel | Bobuakasi Leonardo | Nzambo Sisinio | Ondo Melchor | Buatiche Jesus | Nseng Gloria | Benito Agustin
Experimental Research on Heterogeneous N2O Decomposition with Ash and Biomass Gasification Gas

Author(s): Junjiao Zhang | Yongping Yang | Xiaoying Hu | Changqing Dong | Qiang Lu | Wu Qin
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