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Selective Dissociation of C4F9 COI Molecules by the Second-Harmonic Radiation of Pulsed TEA CO2 Laser

Author(s): I. K. Bildinov | V. B. Laptev | E. A. Ryabov | L. M. Tumanova
Vibrational Relaxation of the 2ν5 Overtone of CDCl3 Following Tea CO2 Laser Excitation of the ν4 Mode

Author(s): M. A. Vazquez | M. L. Azcárate | E. J. Quel | L. Doyennette | C. Rinaldi | J. C. Ferrero
The Vibrational-Translational Relaxation of CF2HCl in Argon

Author(s): V. Tosa | R. Bruzzese | C. de Lisio | D. Tescione
Vibrational Relaxation of the 2v5 Overtone of CDCl3 Highly Excited by a Tea CO2 Laser

Author(s): M. A. Vazquez | M. L. AzcáRate | E. J. Quel | L. Doyennette | C. Rinaldi | J. C. Ferrero | Ceilap (Citefa-Conicet)
Carbon Isotope Selective Separation From MPD of CF3Br With a TEA CO2 Laser

Author(s): J. I. del Barrio | R. Fernández Cézar | F. M. G.- Tablas
Lotharmeyerite, Ca(Zn,Mn)2(AsO4)2(H2O,OH)2

Author(s): Yongbo W. Yang | Stanley H. Evans | Robert T. Downs | Hexiong Yang
Is the Electric Vehicle an Attractive Option for Customers?

Author(s): Israel García | Luis Javier Miguel
Simulation of the Energy Consumption of CO2 Capture by Aqueous Monoethanolamine in Pilot Plant

Author(s): Chunli Han | Kirsten Graves | James Neathery | Kunlei Liu

Author(s): Antônio Lopes da Silva | Valquíria Rocha dos Santos Veloso | Ildeu Matias do Nascimento | Jaison Pereira de Oliveira | Demétrio Martinez Palhares
Phase formation and electrical properties of the LaCoO3 obtained by water-based sol-gel method with citric acid

Author(s): Luminita Predoana | Barbara Malic | Marija Kosec | Mariana Scurtu | Monica Caldararu | Maria Zaharescu
Reduced Mechanism Approach of Modeling Premixed Propane-Air Mixture using Ansys Fluent

Author(s): Lucky Anetor | Edward Osakue | Christopher Odetunde
Climate Change may Reduce Annual Temperature-Dependent Mortality in Subarctic: A Case Study of Archangelsk, Russian Federation

Author(s): Dmitry Shaposhnikov | Boris Revich | Valentin Meleshko | Veronika Govorkova | Tatyana Pavlova
Aktualności kardiologiczne - nowości badań klinicznych

Author(s): Barbara Uznańska | Piotr Lipiec
Adsorption Equilibrium and Kinetics of CO2 and H2O on Activated Carbon

Author(s): XU Dong, ZHANG Jun, LI Gang, XIAO Penny, WEBLEY Paul, ZHAI Yu-Chun
Isoflurane Protects Against Human Endothelial Cell Apoptosis by Inducing Sphingosine Kinase-1 via ERK MAPK

Author(s): Adnan M. Bakar | Sang Won Park | Mihwa Kim | H. Thomas Lee
Cordierite (2MgO·2Al2O3·5SiO2) synthesis by unconventional methods

Author(s): Silvana Ianoşev | Ioan Lazău | Cornelia Păcurariu | Antoneta Avramescu
Fuel characteristics and trace gases produced through biomass burning

Effect of LASER irradiation on the shear bond strength of zirconia ceramic surface to dentin

Author(s): Sakine Nikzad | Abbase Azari | Mohamad Ehsan Khalil | Poya Aslani | Sima Shahabi
Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Palm Kernel Oil from Palm Kernel Cake

Author(s): Duduku Krishnaiah | Awang Bono | Rosalam Sarbatly | Siti Fadhilah
Treatment for Acid Mine Drainage Utilizing Dimension Stone Waste

Author(s): A.S. Sheoran | R.P. Choudhary | V. Sheoran
Generalized Eruptive Syringoma

Author(s): Aysun Şikar Aktürk | Burcu Öztürk | Tuba Öztürk | Dilek Bayramgürler
Growth and Extracellular Carbonic Anhydrase Activity of Zooxanthellae Symbiodinium sp. in Response of Zinc Enrichment

Pengembangan Sistem Suplai Brown Gas Model 6 Ruang Tersusun pada Mesin Mobil 1300cc dengan Sistem Karburator

Author(s): Harus Laksana Guntur | Rasiawan . | B. Sampurno | I Nyoman Sutantra
Simulasi CFD Pembakaran Non-Premixed Serbuk Biomass Kayu Jati

Author(s): Tri Istanto | Suyitno Suyitno
Antibacterial Activity of Nigella sativa L. Seed Extracts

Author(s): T.V. Suresh Kumar | P.S. Negi | K. Udaya Sankar
Optimization of co-solvent addition in supercritical fluid extraction of fat with carbon dioxide

Author(s): Ivanov Dušica S. | Čolović Radmilo R. | Beljkaš Bojana M. | Lević Jovanka D. | Sredanović Slavica A.
Incidence and Risk Factors of Retinopathy of Prematurity among Preterm Infants in Shiraz/Iran

Author(s): Mojgan Bayat-Mokhtari | Narjes Pishva | Abbas Attarzadeh | Hamid Hosseini | Shahnaz Pourarian
Electromagnetic Properties of Substituted Ba - Ferrites by Selected Cations

Author(s): Anna Gruskova | Maria Papanova | Josef Slama | Darina Kevicka
Safe vs. Fair: A Formidable Trade-off in Tackling Climate Change

Author(s): Massimo Tavoni | Robert Socolow | Shoibal Chakravarty
Applications of Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) of Palm Oil and Oil from Natural Sources

Author(s): Mohammed Jahurul Haque Akanda | Mohammed Zaidul Islam Sarker | Sahena Ferdosh | Mohd Yazid Abdul Manap | Nik Norulaini Nik Ab Rahman | Mohd Omar Ab Kadir
Constraining the CO2 budget of the corn belt: exploring uncertainties from the assumptions in a mesoscale inverse system

Author(s): T. Lauvaux | A. E. Schuh | M. Uliasz | S. Richardson | N. Miles | A. E. Andrews | C. Sweeney | L. I. Diaz | D. Martins | P. B. Shepson | K. J. Davis
The ACOS CO2 retrieval algorithm – Part 1: Description and validation against synthetic observations

Author(s): C. W. O'Dell | B. Connor | H. Bösch | D. O'Brien | C. Frankenberg | R. Castano | M. Christi | D. Eldering | B. Fisher | M. Gunson | J. McDuffie | C. E. Miller | V. Natraj | F. Oyafuso | I. Polonsky | M. Smyth | T. Taylor | G. C. Toon | P. O. Wennberg | D. Wunch
Corrigendum to "The ACOS CO2 retrieval algorithm – Part 1: Description and validation against synthetic observations" published in Atmos. Meas. Tech., 5, 99–121, 2012

Author(s): C. W. O'Dell | B. Connor | H. Bösch | D. O'Brien | C. Frankenberg | R. Castano | M. Christi | D. Crisp | A. Eldering | B. Fisher | M. Gunson | J. McDuffie | C. E. Miller | V. Natraj | F. Oyafuso | I. Polonsky | M. Smyth | T. Taylor | G. C. Toon | P. O. Wennberg | D. Wunch
Exploring the

Author(s): A. Heinemeyer | M. Wilkinson | R. Vargas | J.-A. Subke | E. Casella | J. I. L. Morison | P. Ineson
Spatial and temporal CO2 exchanges measured by Eddy Covariance over a temperate intertidal flat and their relationships to net ecosystem production

Author(s): P. Polsenaere | E. Lamaud | V. Lafon | J.-M. Bonnefond | P. Bretel | B. Delille | J. Deborde | D. Loustau | G. Abril
North American CO2 exchange: inter-comparison of modeled estimates with results from a fine-scale atmospheric inversion

Author(s): S. M. Gourdji | K. L. Mueller | V. Yadav | D. N. Huntzinger | A. E. Andrews | M. Trudeau | G. Petron | T. Nehrkorn | J. Eluszkiewicz | J. Henderson | D. Wen | J. Lin | M. Fischer | C. Sweeney | A. M. Michalak
Climate impacts on the structures of the North Pacific air-sea CO2 flux variability

Author(s): V. Valsala | S. Maksyutov | M. Telszewski | S. Nakaoka | Y. Nojiri | M. Ikeda | R. Murtugudde
Comparing Lagrangian and Eulerian models for CO2 transport – a step towards Bayesian inverse modeling using WRF/STILT-VPRM

Author(s): D. Pillai | C. Gerbig | R. Kretschmer | V. Beck | U. Karstens | B. Neininger | M. Heimann
Calibration of column-averaged CH4 over European TCCON FTS sites with airborne in-situ measurements

Author(s): M. C. Geibel | J. Messerschmidt | C. Gerbig | T. Blumenstock | F. Hase | O. Kolle | J. V. Lavrič | J. Notholt | M. Palm | M. Rettinger | M. Schmidt | R. Sussmann | T. Warneke | D. G. Feist
Pre-Harvest Sugarcane Burning: Determination of Emission Factors through Laboratory Measurements

Author(s): Daniela de Azeredo França | Karla Maria Longo | Turibio Gomes Soares Neto | José Carlos Santos | Saulo R. Freitas | Bernardo F. T. Rudorff | Ely Vieira Cortez | Edson Anselmo | João Andrade Carvalho Jr.


BOOK REVIEW | Ocean Acidification

Author(s): Scott C. Doney
Investigations on the Thermal Weight Loss and the Photoluminescence Mechanism of AAO Template

Author(s): HAN Yu-Yan, CAO Liang, XU Fa-Qiang, QIAN Kun, HUANG Wei-Xin
CO2 Estimation of National Iranian South Oil Company Gas Sweetening Plants by Using Fuel Analysis Method

Author(s): N Jaafarzade haghighi Fard | A Zoveydavi | M Glishkhani | A Maasoomi
Experimental stand for CO2 membrane separation

Author(s): Grzegorz Wiciak | Janusz Kotowicz

Author(s): Ekowati Chasanah | Gintung Patantis | Dewi Seswita Zilda | Mahrus Ali | Yenny Risjani
A Review on Research on Replacement of CH4 in Natural Gas Hydrates by Use of CO2

Author(s): Jiafei Zhao | Kun Xu | Yongchen Song | Weiguo Liu | Weihaur Lam | Yu Liu | Kaihua Xue | Yiming Zhu | Xichong Yu | Qingping Li
CO2 Separation from Syngas by Multiwall Carbon Nanotube

Author(s): Soodabeh Khalili | Ali Asghar Ghoreyshi | Mohsen Jahanshahi
Effect of global warming in Thailand

Author(s): Suphat Vongvisessomjai
Características morfofisiológicas do capim-aruana sob diferentes doses de nitrogênio Morphological characteristics of aruana grass under different nitrogen levels

Author(s): Roberto Cláudio Fernandes Franco Pompeu | Magno José Duarte Cândido | Marcos Neves Lopes | Fernando Henrique Teixeira Gomes | Claudivan Feitosa de Lacerda | Boanerges Freire Aquino | João Avelar Magalhães
Assessing filtering of mountaintop CO2 mole fractions for application to inverse models of biosphere-atmosphere carbon exchange

Author(s): B.-G. J. Brooks | A. R. Desai | B. B. Stephens | D. R. Bowling | S. P. Burns | A. S. Watt | S. L. Heck | C. Sweeney
Latitudinal differences in the amplitude of the OAE-2 carbon isotopic excursion: pCO2 and paleo productivity

Author(s): E. C. van Bentum | G.-J. Reichart | A. Forster | J. S. Sinninghe Damsté
Glacial CO2 cycle as a succession of key physical and biogeochemical processes

Author(s): V. Brovkin | A. Ganopolski | D. Archer | G. Munhoven
A global coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian model and 1 × 1 km CO2 surface flux dataset for high-resolution atmospheric CO2 transport simulations

Author(s): A. Ganshin | T. Oda | M. Saito | S. Maksyutov | V. Valsala | R. J. Andres | R. E. Fisher | D. Lowry | A. Lukyanov | H. Matsueda | E. G. Nisbet | M. Rigby | Y. Sawa | R. Toumi | K. Tsuboi | A. Varlagin | R. Zhuravlev
Least cost energy planning in Thailand:A case of biogas upgrading in palm oil industry

Author(s): Artite Pattanapongchai | Bundit Limmeechokchai*
Simulation of CO2 and H2S Removal Using Methanol in Hollow Fiber Membrane Gas Absorber (HFMGA)

Author(s): Morteza Zivdar | Mahmood Mousavi | Majid Mahdavian | Hossein Atashi
Glass Marking with CO2 Laser: Experimental Study of the Interaction Laser - Material

Author(s): Florin Breaban | Jean-Francois Coutouly | Pascal Deprez | Ciprian-Florin Melian
Carbonic Gas Randomness Effect on Reinforced Concrete Carbonation

Author(s): Fattoum Kharchi | M’hammed Badaoui | Azhar Badaoui
Asymmetric Variation in Soil Carbon Emission in Sub-Tropics

Author(s): Chirashree Ghosh | Rashmi Kant
Plug-In Vehicle Acceptance and Probable Utilization Behaviour

Author(s): Carla Silva | Catarina Rolim | Patrícia Baptista
Photosynthetic Toxicity and Oxidative Damage Induced by Nano-Fe3O4 on Chlorella vulgaris in Aquatic Environment

Author(s): Hanchao Yao | Zhisong Lu | Xu Yang | Xiaoxiao Chen | Xing Zhu | Rui Li
Effect of Phytase on the Sodium Requirement of Starting Broilers 2. Sodium Chloride as Sodium Source

Author(s): S.D. Goodgame | F.J. Mussini | C. Lu | C.D. Bradley | N. Comert | P.W. Waldroup
Photosynthetic Toxicity and Oxidative Damage Induced by Nano-Fe3O4 on Chlorella vulgaris in Aquatic Environment

Author(s): Hanchao Yao | Zhisong Lu | Xu Yang | Xiaoxiao Chen | Xing Zhu | Rui Li
3-Carboxyquinolin-1-ium-2-carboxylate monohydrate

Author(s): Xing Wang | Chun-Bo Liu | Yong-Sheng Yan | Shen-Tang Wang | Qing Zhang
Chemical and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Supercritical and Conventional Sideritis scardica Griseb., Lamiaceae Extracts

Author(s): Vanja Tadić | Dragica Bojović | Ivana Arsić | Sofija Đorđević | Ksenija Aksentijevic | Marko Stamenić | Slobodan Janković
Effects of Different Extraction Methods and Conditions on the Phenolic Composition of Mate Tea Extracts

Author(s): Nevena Grujic | Zika Lepojevic | Branislava Srdjenovic | Jelena Vladic | Jan Sudji
The ACOS XCO2 retrieval algorithm, Part 2: Global XCO2 data characterization

Author(s): D. Crisp | B. M. Fisher | C. O'Dell | C. Frankenberg | R. Basilio | H. Bösch | L. R. Brown | R. Castano | B. Connor | N. M. Deutscher | A. Eldering | D. Griffith | M. Gunson | A. Kuze | L. Mandrake | J. McDuffie | J. Messerschmidt | C. E. Miller | I. Morino | V. Natraj | J. Notholt | D. O'Brien | F. Oyafuso | I. Polonsky | J. Robinson | R. Salawitch | V. Sherlock | M. Smyth | H. Suto | T. Taylor | D. R. Thompson | P. O. Wennberg | D. Wunch | Y. L. Yung
Remote sensing of CO2 and CH4 using solar absorption spectrometry with a commercial low resolution spectrometer

Author(s): C. Petri | T. Warneke | N. Jones | T. Ridder | J. Messerschmidt | T. Weinzierl | M. Geibel | J. Notholt
A simple empirical model estimating atmospheric CO2 background concentrations

Author(s): M. Reuter | M. Buchwitz | O. Schneising | J. Heymann | S. Guerlet | A. J. Cogan | H. Bovensmann | J. P. Burrows
Rapid coupling of Antarctic temperature and atmospheric CO2 during deglaciation

Author(s): J. B. Pedro | S. O. Rasmussen | T. D. van Ommen
Effect of carbon dioxide concentration and irrigation level on evapotranspiration and yield of red bean

Author(s): Sh. Shams | S.M.J Nazemosadat | A.A Kamgar Haghighi | Sh. Zand Parsa
Latitude-time variations of atmospheric column-average dry air mole fractions of CO2, CH4 and N2O

Author(s): R. Saito | P. K. Patra | N. Deutscher | D. Wunch | K. Ishijima | V. Sherlock | T. Blumenstock | S. Dohe | D. Griffith | F. Hase | P. Heikkinen | E. Kyrö | R. Macatangay | J. Mendonca | J. Messerschmidt | I. Morino | J. Notholt | M. Rettinger | K. Strong | R. Sussmann | T. Warneke
Diurnal tracking of anthropogenic CO2 emissions in the Los Angeles basin megacity during spring, 2010

Author(s): S. Newman | S. Jeong | M. L. Fischer | X. Xu | C. L. Haman | B. Lefer | S. Alvarez | B. Rappenglueck | E. A. Kort | A. E. Andrews | J. Peischl | K. R. Gurney | C. E. Miller | Y. L. Yung
Comparison of improved Aura Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer (TES) CO2 with HIPPO and SGP aircraft profile measurements

Author(s): S. S. Kulawik | J. R. Worden | S. C. Wofsy | S. C. Biraud | R. Nassar | D. B. A. Jones | E. T. Olsen | G. B. Osterman, and the TES and HIPPO teams
The European CO2, CO, CH4 and N2O balance between 2001 and 2005

Author(s): S. Luyssaert | G. Abril | R. Andres | D. Bastviken | V. Bellassen | P. Bergamaschi | P. Bousquet | F. Chevallier | P. Ciais | M. Corazza | R. Dechow | K.-H. Erb | G. Etiope | A. Fortems-Cheiney | G. Grassi | J. Hartman | M. Jung | J. Lathière | A. Lohila | N. Moosdorf | S. Njakou Djomo | J. Otto | D. Papale | W. Peters | P. Peylin | P. Raymond | C. Rödenbeck | S. Saarnio | E.-D. Schulze | S. Szopa | R. Thompson | P. J. Verkerk | N. Vuichard | R. Wang | M. Wattenbach | S. Zaehle
Direct observations of diel biological CO2 fixation in the oceans

Author(s): H. Thomas | S. E. Craig | B. J. W. Greenan | W. Burt | G. J. Herndl | S. Higginson | L. Salt | E. H. Shadwick | J. Urrego-Blanco
Comparative Assessment of the Effect of Synthetic and Natural Fungicides on Soil Respiration

Author(s): Angelo Stefani | Joanna D’Arc Felício | Mara M. de Andréa
Global CO2 Recycling Through Methanation Reaction Using Neodymium Doped Nickel Oxide Catalyst

Isolation and characterization of a new Methanosarcina mazei strain GFJ07 from a mountain forest pond

Author(s): Li, Y. | Lan, S. | Rong, Y. | Cheng, Q. | Huang, C. | Wu, S. | Yi, Y.
Laparoscopic Ovariohysterectomy in Dogs

Author(s): Muneer S. Al-Badrany, | Myeasr G. Thanoon | Mae T. Al-Anaaz
Carbon dioxide adsorption in graphene sheets

Author(s): Ashish Kumar Mishra | Sundara Ramaprabhu
Fabrication and magnetic properties of Fe and Co co-doped ZrO2

Author(s): J. Okabayashi | S. Kono | Y. Yamada | K. Nomura
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