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Laser cutting of an AlSi alloy/SiCp composites: theory and experiments

Author(s): A. Grabowski | M. Nowak | J. Śleziona
Observation of mesospheric air inside the arctic stratospheric polar vortex in early 2003

Author(s): A. Engel | T. Möbius | H.-P. Haase | H. Bönisch | T. Wetter | U. Schmidt | I. Levin | T. Reddmann | H. Oelhaf | G. Wetzel | K. Grunow | N. Huret | M. Pirre
Selected Malaysian Wood CO2-Laser Cutting Parameters And Cut Quality

Author(s): Nukman Yusoff | Saiful Rizal Ismail | Azuddin Mamat | Aznijar Ahmad-Yazid
Corte mediante láser de elementos estructurales de mullita-alúmina

Author(s): Quintero, F. | Pou, J. | Lusquiños, F. | Boutinguiza, M. | Soto, R. | Pérez-Amor, M.
Harmonic scalpel versus flexible CO2 laser for tongue resection: A histopathological analysis of thermal damage in human cadavers

Author(s): Hanby Duncan | Gremillion Grayson | Zieske Arthur | Loehn Bridget | Whitworth Richard | Wolf Tamir | Kakade Anagha | Walvekar Rohan
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