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Simulation of non-equilibrium many body electrons in RTD

Author(s): A. H. Rezvani | M. A. Talebian Darzi
Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia: humoral and pathological events in cattle infected by endotracheal intubation or by exposure to infected animals

Author(s): Massimo Scacchia | Georgina Tjipura-Zaire | Rossella Lelli | Flavio Sacchini | Attilio Pini
Interaction of Cells with Organic-Inorganic Nanocomposite Coatings for Titanium Implants

Author(s): R. Schade | M. Dutour Sikiric | K. Liefeith | H. Füredi-Milhofer
Simulation of Waves Processes in Dusty Emission of Volcano

Author(s): V.V. Grimalsky | M.A. Cruz Chavez | S.V. Koshevaya | A. Kotsarenko | M. Hayakawa | R. Pérez Enriquez
Endodonti pratiğinde alerjik reaksiyonlar

Author(s): Ikbale Karabulut | Nevin Kartal | Hale Cimilli
Biosorption of Copper from Aqueous Solution by Chaetomorpha Antennina Algae Biomass

Author(s): S. Beena Lahari | P. King | V. S. R. K. Prasad
Aqueous heavy metals removal by adsorption on B-diketone functionalized styrene-divinylbenzene copolymeric resin

Author(s): R. Kumar | S. K. Jian | R. K. Mishra | M. Kachchwaha | P. K. Khatri
Pre-participation examination in children

Author(s): F Halabchi | SR Reiskarami
Laboratory measurements and model sensitivity studies of dust deposition ice nucleation

Author(s): G. Kulkarni | J. Fan | J. M. Comstock | X. Liu | M. Ovchinnikov
Removal of Cyanide from Aquatic Solution by Using of Iron and Copper Powder: Equilibrium and Kinetic Study

Author(s): M Shirzad Siboni | M.R Samarghandi | H Piri Dogahe | M Farrokhi | M Zarrabi

Author(s): Marijana Mandić
Ocular Manifestations in HIV Positive and AIDS Patients in Nepal

Author(s): Sashi Sharma | Dev Narayan Shah | Meenu Choudhary | Joshi Purushottam | Ajit K. Thakur
Risk of Pacemaker Patients by TASER X26 Contact Mode Application

Author(s): Robert Neubauer | Gerhard Loos | Norbert Leitgeb | Florian Niedermayr
Risk of Pacemaker Patients by TASER X26 Contact Mode Application

Author(s): Robert Neubauer | Gerhard Loos | Norbert Leitgeb | Florian Niedermayr
Patterning solution-processed organic single-crystal transistors with high device performance

Author(s): Yun Li | Chuan Liu | Akichika Kumatani | Peter Darmawan | Takeo Minari | Kazuhito Tsukagoshi
Band diagrams and performance of CdTe solar cells with a Sb2Te3 back contact buffer layer

Author(s): Songbai Hu | Zhe Zhu | Wei Li | Lianghuan Feng | Lili Wu | Jingquan Zhang | Jingjing Gao
Treatment of Clinical Solid Waste Using a Steam Autoclave as a Possible Alternative Technology to Incineration

Author(s): Md. Sohrab Hossain | Venugopal Balakrishnan | Nik Norulaini Nik Ab Rahman | Md. Zaidul Islam Sarker | Mohd Omar Ab Kadir
A 3D study of the contact surface developed by the contact between the tires and the structural pavements

Author(s): Alex Alves Bandeira | Rita Moura Fortes | João Virgílio Merighi

Author(s): Stanka HERJAVEC | Ana JEROMEL | Tihomir PRUSINA | Luna MASLOV
Quality of life in institutionalized elderly people of Medellin Calidad de vida de los adultos mayores institucionalizados de Medellín

Author(s): Alejandro Estrada | Doris Cardona | Ángela María Segura | Lina Marcela Chavarriaga | Jaime Ordoñez | Jorge Julián Osorio
Cutaneous Conditions Leading to Dermatology Consultations in the Emergency Department

Author(s): Alexander R Jack | Allyson A Spence | Benjamin J Nichols | Summer Chong | David T Williams | Stuart P Swadron | David H Peng
Removal of Heavy Metal Ions by using Calcium Carbonate Extracted from Starfish Treated by Protease and Amylase

Author(s): Kyong-Soo Hong | Hak Myoung Lee | Jong Seong Bae | Myoung Gyu Ha | Jong Sung Jin | Tae Eun Hong | Jong Pil Kim | Euh Duck Jeong
Temporomandibular Disorders and Parafunctional Habits in Children and Adolescence: A Review

Author(s): B. Seraj | R. Ahmadi | M. Mirkarimi | S. Ghadimi | M. Beheshti
Protective Green Patinas on Copper in Outdoor Constructions

Author(s): Yolanda Hedberg | Inger Odnevall Wallinder
South Yorkshire Cohort: a 'cohort trials facility' study of health and weight - Protocol for the recruitment phase

Author(s): Relton Clare | Bissell Paul | Smith Christine | Blackburn Joanna | Cooper Cindy | Nicholl Jon | Tod Angela | Copeland Rob | Loban Amanda | Chater Tim | Thomas Kate | Young Tracy | Weir Carol | Harrison Gill | Millbourn Alison | Manners Rachel
Antagonistic interactions between filamentous heterotrophs and the cyanobacterium Nostoc muscorum

Author(s): Svercel Miroslav | Saladin Bianca | van Moorsel Sofia | Wolf Sarah | Bagheri Homayoun
Patterns of ambulatory medical care utilization in elderly patients with special reference to chronic diseases and multimorbidity - Results from a claims data based observational study in Germany

Author(s): van den Bussche Hendrik | Schön Gerhard | Kolonko Tina | Hansen Heike | Wegscheider Karl | Glaeske Gerd | Koller Daniela
The prediction of discharge from in-patient psychiatric rehabilitation: a case-control study

Author(s): Bredski Joanna | Watson Andrew | Mountain Debbie | Clunie Fiona | Lawrie Stephen
In Vivo Measurement of Glenohumeral Joint Contact Patterns

Author(s): Bey MichaelJ | Kline StephanieK | Zauel Roger | Kolowich PatriciaA | Lock TerrenceR
Viscoelastic frictionless contact problems with adhesion

Author(s): Selmani Mohamed | Sofonea Mircea
Hybridization of mouse lemurs: different patterns under different ecological conditions

Author(s): Hapke Andreas | Gligor Mark | Rakotondranary S Jacques | Rosenkranz David | Zupke Oliver
Temperature and yield stress characterization of electric contacts by 3D numerical simulation

Author(s): Prijić Aneta | Pešić Biljana | Prijić Zoran | Pantić Dragan | Pavlović Zoran
To investigate the relationship between sensory receptors of index finger with leg muscles activity

Author(s): Ali Reza Bazrafshan | Farshad Okhovatiyan | Sedigheh Sadat Naeemi | Asghar Reza Soltani | Khosro Khademi Kalantari | Mehri Ghorbani | Reza Lashgari | Nematollah Mehrabi | Hossein Bagheri

Author(s): N. Djaafarzadeh | S. Nasseri | A. Mesdaghinia
Effects of Post Ingestion and Physical Conditions on PCR Amplification of Host Blood Meal DNA in Mosquitoes

Author(s): MA Oshaghi | AR Chavshin | H Vatandoost | F Yaaghoobi | F Mohtarami | M Hashemzadeh | N Noorjah | MH Modaresi
Prevalence of intestinal parasites in Esfahan municipal workers

Author(s): Gh Molavi | J Masoud | I Moubedi | Gh Hassanpour
Clinical assessment of two types of adhesive (fifth & sixth generation) on fissure sealant of saliva contaminated enamel

Author(s): Karami Nogourani M. | Khadem Abbakhshani P. | Jadidi Z. | Amirpoor G.
Natural Rubber Latex Hypersensitivity with Skin Prick Test in Operating Room Personnel

Author(s): Seyed Hessamedin Nabavizadeh | Amir Anushiravani | Reza Amin
Study of 72 Cases of Human Brucellosis in Tehran

Author(s): Nassrollah Mojdehi | Mahmoud Moine
Study of Nitrate Removal fromWater Resources using Magnesium Powder

Author(s): B. Mortazavi | B. Ramavandi | G.R Mousavi
Performance of Simple Nano Zeolite Y and Modified Nano Zeolite Y in Phosphor Removal fromAqueous Solutions

Author(s): M.T Samadi | M.H Saghi | K. Ghadiri | M. Hadi | M. Beikmohammadi
Fluoride Removal from Water By Adsorption using Bagasse, Modified Bagasse and Chitosan

Author(s): S Jorfi | R Rezaei Kalantary | A Mohseni Bandpi | N Jaafarzadeh | L Alaei
Serologic study of feline leptospirosis in Tehran, Iran

Author(s): S Jamshidi | MA Akhavizadegan | N Maazi | A Ghorban Ali
Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial profiles of Scilla nervosa (Burch.) Jessop (Hyacinthaceae)

Author(s): Karen du Toit | Audrey Kweyama | Johannes Bodenstein
Design and Simulation of Axial Flow Maglev Blood Pump

Author(s): Huachun Wu | Ziyan Wang | Xujun Lv
Ovulated female salamander (Hynobius leechii) respond to water currents

Author(s): Seok-Bum Kim | Jung-Hyun Lee | Nam-Yong Ra | Daesik Park
A Comparative Study of CAE and Experimental Results of Leaf Springs in Automotive Vehicles


Author(s): K. Dindarloo Inaloo | K. Naddafi | A. R. Mesdaghinia | Simin Nasseri | R. Nabizadeh Nodehi | A. Rahimi
Degradación atmosférica de un recubrimiento de pintura intumescente

Author(s): Chico, B. | López-Delgado, A. | Lobo, M. A. | de la Fuente, D. | Castaño, J. G. | López, F. A. | Morcillo, M.
Experimental and numerical study of cemented bone-implant interface behaviour

Author(s): D. Kytyr | T. Doktor | O. Jirousek | P. Zlamal | D. Pokorny
Analysis Of Tire-road Contact Under Winter Conditions

Author(s): Konrad J. WALUS | Zbigniew OLSZEWSKI
Scaling up of continuous-flow, microwave-assisted, organic reactions by varying the size of Pd-functionalized catalytic monoliths

Author(s): Ping He | Stephen J. Haswell | Paul D. I. Fletcher | Stephen M. Kelly | Andrew Mansfield
Heavy metals removal from synthetic wastewater by a novel nano-size composite adsorbent

Author(s): Y. B. Onundi | A. A. Mamun | M. F. Al Khatib | M. A. Al Saadi | A. M. Suleyman

Author(s): Valiollah Kashani | Ahmad Farokhi | Ebraheim Motesharee | Mansoreh Mokaberian
Numerical Solution of Obstacle Problems by B-Spline Functions

Author(s): G.B Loghmani | F Mahdifar | S.R Alavizadeh
The Role of Exploratory Conditions in Bio-Inspired Tactile Sensing of Single Topogical Features

Author(s): Raphaël Candelier | Alexis Prevost | Georges Debrégeas
Influence of prosthesis design and implantation technique on implant stresses after cementless revision THR

Author(s): Heller Markus | Mehta Manav | Taylor William | Kim Dong-Yeong | Speirs Andrew | Duda Georg | Perka Carsten
Introduction of a new model for time-continuous and non-contact investigations of in-vitro thrombolysis under physiological flow conditions

Author(s): Roessler Florian | Ohlrich Marcus | Marxsen Jan | Schmieger Marc | Weber Peter-Karl | Stellmacher Florian | Trillenberg Peter | Eggers Jürgen | Seidel Günter
Risk factors for Entamoeba histolytica infection in an agricultural community in Hanam province, Vietnam

Author(s): Pham Duc Phuc | Nguyen-Viet Hung | Hattendorf Jan | Zinsstag Jakob | Dac Cam Phung | Odermatt Peter
Experiences of guided Internet-based cognitive-behavioural treatment for depression: A qualitative study

Author(s): Bendelin Nina | Hesser Hugo | Dahl Johan | Carlbring Per | Nelson Karin | Andersson Gerhard
The high Andes, gene flow and a stable hybrid zone shape the genetic structure of a wide-ranging South American parrot

Author(s): Masello Juan | Quillfeldt Petra | Munimanda Gopi | Klauke Nadine | Segelbacher Gernot | Schaefer H Martin | Failla Mauricio | Cortés Maritza | Moodley Yoshan
Continuum robots and underactuated grasping

Author(s): N. Giri | I. Walker
Comparative Analysis of Internal and External-Hex Crown Connection Systems - A Finite Element Study

South East Pacific atmospheric composition and variability sampled along 20° S during VOCALS-REx

Author(s): G. Allen | H. Coe | A. Clarke | C. Bretherton | R. Wood | S. J. Abel | P. Barrett | P. Brown | R. George | S. Freitag | C. McNaughton | S. Howell | L. Shank | V. Kapustin | V. Brekhovskikh | L. Kleinman | Y.-N. Lee | S. Springston | T. Toniazzo | R. Krejci | J. Fochesatto | G. Shaw | P. Krecl | B. Brooks | G. McMeeking | K. N. Bower | P. I. Williams | J. Crosier | I. Crawford | P. Connolly | J. D. Allan | D. Covert | A. R. Bandy | L. M. Russell | J. Trembath | M. Bart | J. B. McQuaid | J. Wang | D. Chand
Radio Frequency Modelling for Future Wireless Sensor Network on Surface of the Moon

Author(s): Jayesh P. Pabari | Yashwant B. Acharya | Uday B. Desai | Shabbir N. Merchant | Barla Gopala Krishna
Temperature Effects on the Electrical Performance of Large Area Multicrystalline Silicon Solar Cells Using the Current Shunt Measuring Technique

Author(s): Hala Mohamed Abdel Mageed | Ahmed Faheem Zobaa | Mohamed Helmy Abdel Raouf | Abla Hosni Abd El-Rahman | Mohamed Mamdouh Abdel Aziz
Impact of Industrial Restructuring on Population Dynamics in the City of Călăraşi

“What we want”: chronically ill adolescents’ preferences and priorities for improving health care

Author(s): van Staa A | Jedeloo S | van der Stege HA | On Your Own Feet Research Group
Structure and electrical properties of screen printed contacts on silicon solar cells

Author(s): L.A. Dobrzański | M. Musztyfaga | A. Drygała | W. Kwaśny | P. Panek
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