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VeSMEL: A Novel Approach for Distance Management of E-Learning Platforms

Author(s): Bernabe Batchakui | Thomas Ndie Djotio | Claude Tanggha
Enseignement intégré de science et technologie, quels enjeux ?

From Sensor to Observation Web with Environmental Enablers in the Future Internet

Author(s): Denis Havlik | Sven Schade | Zoheir A. Sabeur | Paolo Mazzetti | Kym Watson | Arne J. Berre | Jose Lorenzo Mon
CMS, LMS and LCMS For eLearning

Author(s): Suman Ninoriya | P M Chawan | B B Meshram
Improving integration of clinical clerkship didactic curriculum

Author(s): Lindsay A. Mazotti | Bridget C. O'Brien | Heidi E. Kirsch
Biocommunication and natural genome editing

Author(s): Guenther Witzany
Regulation patterns in signaling networks of cancer

Author(s): Schramm Gunnar | Kannabiran Nandakumar | König Rainer
Thinking through Content Instruction: Microteaching Unveils

Author(s): Nor Hashimah Isa | Hj. Kamaruzaman Jusoff
Genomic tools development for Aquilegia: construction of a BAC-based physical map

Author(s): Fang Guang-Chen | Blackmon Barbara | Henry David | Staton Margaret | Saski Christopher | Hodges Scott | Tomkins Jeff | Luo Hong
Statistics teaching in medical school: Opinions of practising doctors

Author(s): Miles Susan | Price Gill | Swift Louise | Shepstone Lee | Leinster Sam
Integration of Heterogeneous Data Sources

Author(s): N.S. Ougouti | H. Belbachir | Y. Amghar | N.A. Benharkat
A Modified Soil Quality Index to Assess the Influence of Soil Degradation Processes on Desertification Risk: The Apulia Case

Author(s): Valeria Ancona | Delia Evelina Bruno | Nicola Lopez | Giuseppe Pappagallo | Vito Felice Uricchio
AQUATER Software as a DSS for Irrigation Management in Semi-Arid Mediterranean Areas

Author(s): Marco Acutis | Alessia Perego | Ettore Bernardoni | Michele Rinaldi
Sectorization of the Conceição Lagoon´s southern sector. Setorização do subsistema sul da lagoa da Conceição, Santa Catarina

Author(s): F. M. Rudorff | J. Bonetti | J. R. V. Peixoto | U. R. De Oliveira | C. Bonetti
Animal model integration to AutDB, a genetic database for autism

Author(s): Kumar Ajay | Wadhawan Rachna | Swanwick Catherine | Kollu Ravi | Basu Saumyendra | Banerjee-Basu Sharmila
Development of Integrated Protein Analysis Tool

Author(s): Poorna Satyanarayana Boyidi, | Srinivas Kudipudi, | Sridhar GR, | Allam Appa Rao, | Mohan Rao CPVNJ
Genomic insight into the common carp (Cyprinus carpio) genome by sequencing analysis of BAC-end sequences

Author(s): Xu Peng | Li Jiongtang | Li Yan | Cui Runzi | Wang Jintu | Wang Jian | Zhang Yan | Zhao Zixia | Sun Xiaowen
Interaction of legionella pneumophila and helicobacter pylori with bacterial species isolated from drinking water biofilms

Author(s): Gião Maria | Azevedo Nuno | Wilks Sandra | Vieira Maria | Keevil Charles
Gene-based SSR markers for common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) derived from root and leaf tissue ESTs: an integration of the BMc series

Author(s): Blair Matthew | Hurtado Natalia | Chavarro Carolina | Muñoz-Torres Monica | Giraldo Martha | Pedraza Fabio | Tomkins Jeff | Wing Rod
Recent advances in standards for collaborative Digital Anatomic Pathology

Author(s): Daniel Christel | Macary François | García Rojo Marcial | Klossa Jacques | Laurinavičius Arvydas | Beckwith Bruce | Della Mea Vincenzo
Advancing the STMS genomic resources for defining new locations on the intraspecific genetic linkage map of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Author(s): Gaur Rashmi | Sethy Niroj | Choudhary Shalu | Shokeen Bhumika | Gupta Varsha | Bhatia Sabhyata
A Survey of Automatic Deep Web Classification Techniques

Author(s): Umara Noor | Zahid Rashid | Azhar Rauf
Content-based Instruction in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language

Author(s): Tsiplakides Iakovos | Fragoulis Iosif | Keramida Areti
Fast cloud parameter retrievals of MIPAS/Envisat

Author(s): R. Spang | K. Arndt | A. Dudhia | M. Höpfner | L. Hoffmann | J. Hurley | R. G. Grainger | S. Griessbach | C. Poulsen | J. J. Remedios | M. Riese | H. Sembhi | R. Siddans | A. Waterfall | C. Zehner
Soil carbon dynamics during secondary succession in a semi-arid Mediterranean environment

Author(s): A. Novara | L. Gristina | T. La Mantia | J. Rühl
Greenhouse gas emissions from the grassy outdoor run of organic broilers

Author(s): B. Meda | C. R. Flechard | K. Germain | P. Robin | M. Hassouna | C. Walter
The moisture response of soil heterotrophic respiration: interaction with soil properties

Author(s): F. E. Moyano | N. Vasilyeva | L. Bouckaert | F. Cook | J. Craine | J. Curiel Yuste | A. Don | D. Epron | P. Formanek | A. Franzluebbers | U. Ilstedt | T. Kätterer | V. Orchard | M. Reichstein | A. Rey | L. Ruamps | J.-A. Subke | I. K. Thomsen | C. Chenu
Towards a merged satellite and in situ fluorescence ocean chlorophyll product

Author(s): H. Lavigne | F. D'Ortenzio | H. Claustre | A. Poteau
A Flexible Tool for Web Service Selection in Service Oriented Architecture

Author(s): Walaa Nagy | Hoda M. O. Mokhtar | Ali El-Bastawissy
Teachers’ Attitudes Towards inclusive Education in Austria

Author(s): Markus Gebhardt | Susanne Schwab | Hannelore Reicher | Barbara Ellmeier | Sonja Gmeiner | Peter Rossmann | Barbara Gasteiger Klicpera
An Adaptive Learning System Architecture based on a Granular Learning Object Framework

Author(s): Amal Battou | Ali El Mezouary | Chihab Cherkaoui | Driss Mammass
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Integrating Collaboration and Accessibility for Deploying Virtual Labs using VLCAP

Author(s): Raghu Raman, Prema Nedungadi | Prema Nedungadi | Krishnashree Achuthan | Shyam Diwakar
K-GATE Ontology Driven Knowledge Based System for Decision Support

Author(s): Ladislav Burita | Pavel Gardavsky | Tomas Vejlupek
Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom

Author(s): Karen Wolz Verkler
A Logical Approach to Supporting Professional Learning Communities

Author(s): Laurie F. Ruberg | Meri Cummings | Debra C. B. Piecka | Chris Ruckman | Ralph Seward
A Denoising Filter Design based on No-Reference Image Content Metric

Author(s): B.Padhmavathi | Dr.P.Nirmal Kumar
On the quantification of atmospheric carbonate carbon by thermal/optical analysis protocols

Author(s): A. Karanasiou | E. Diapouli | F. Cavalli | K. Eleftheriadis | M. Viana | A. Alastuey | X. Querol | C. Reche
Uncovering Tacit Knowledge: A Pilot Study to Broaden the Concept of Knowledge in Knowledge Translation

Author(s): Kothari Anita | Bickford Julia | Edwards Nancy | Dobbins Maureen | Meyer Mechthild
Scenario driven data modelling: a method for integrating diverse sources of data and data streams

Author(s): Griffith Shelton | Quest Daniel | Brettin Thomas | Cottingham Robert
Automatic Level Control for Video Cameras towards HDR Techniques

Author(s): Cvetkovic Sascha | Jellema Helios | de With PeterHN
Tactile massage and hypnosis as a health promotion for nurses in emergency care-a qualitative study

Author(s): Airosa Fanny | Andersson Susanne | Falkenberg Torkel | Forsberg Christina | Nordby-Hörnell Elisabeth | Öhlén Gunnar | Sundberg Tobias
Content-Aware Video Adaptation under Low-Bitrate Constraint

Author(s): Hsiao Ming-Ho | Chen Yi-Wen | Chen Hua-Tsung | Chou Kuan-Hung | Lee Suh-Yin
Towards case-based medical learning in radiological decision making using content-based image retrieval

Author(s): Welter Petra | Deserno Thomas | Fischer Benedikt | Günther Rolf | Spreckelsen Cord
Design of Hidden Web Search Engine

Author(s): Anuradha | A. K. Sharma

Author(s): Dumitrita FLOREA (IONESCU)
Case finding in integration of Mental Health Services into Primary Health Care System: systematic review of the studies conducted in Iran in recent two decades

Author(s): Banafsheh Gharraee | Seyed Vahid Shariat | Naghmeh Mansouri | Seyed Jafar Bolhari | Reza Yusefi Nouraee | Afarin Rahimi Movaghar
Materiales cerámicos texturados PbxBi4Ti3+xO12+3x (x=0,1,2,3). Parte I: Sinterización y estructura

Author(s): Lascano, L. | Caballero, A. C. | Villegas, M. | Moure, C. | Durán, P. | Fernández, J. F.
The principle of subjectivity in social philosophy and psychology of personality

Author(s): Svetlana N. Teslya | Igor B. Shuvanov | Vladimir V. Vidishchev
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Richard Chbeir | Youakim Badr
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mohammad Al-Rousan | Wei Li | Ahmed Al-Dubai
Utility Maximization Model for Deep Web Source Selection and Integration

Author(s): Xuefeng Xian | Zhiming Cui | Pengpeng Zhao | Yuanfeng Yang | Guangming Zhang

Author(s): Antonio B.Zaldívar | Lierli Oconnor | Ernesto Hernández
Polysaccharides from Agaricus bisporus and Agaricus brasiliensis show similarities in their structures and their immunomodulatory effects on human monocytic THP-1 cells

Author(s): Smiderle Fhernanda | Ruthes Andrea | van Arkel Jeroen | Chanput Wasaporn | Iacomini Marcello | Wichers Harry | Van Griensven Leo
Cross-sectional evaluation of a longitudinal consultation skills course at a new UK medical school

Author(s): Papageorgiou Alexia | Miles Susan | Fromage Michelle | Kemmy Julie | Leinster Sam
Task shifting and integration of HIV care into primary care in South Africa: The development and content of the streamlining tasks and roles to expand treatment and care for HIV (STRETCH) intervention

Author(s): Uebel Kerry | Fairall Lara | van Rensburg Dingie | Mollentze Willie | Bachmann Max | Lewin Simon | Zwarenstein Merrick | Colvin Christopher | Georgeu Daniella | Mayers Pat | Faris Gill | Lombard Carl | Bateman Eric
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Functional effectiveness of threat appeals in exercise promotion messages

Author(s): Malaika Brengman | Birgit Wauters | Cathy Macharis | Olivier Mairesse
An assessment of mental health policy in Ghana, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia

Author(s): Faydi Edwige | Funk Michelle | Kleintjes Sharon | Ofori-Atta Angela | Ssbunnya Joshua | Mwanza Jason | Kim Caroline | Flisher Alan
Interactions of a pesticide/heavy metal mixture in marine bivalves: a transcriptomic assessment

Author(s): Dondero Francesco | Banni Mohamed | Negri Alessandro | Boatti Lara | Dagnino Alessandro | Viarengo Aldo
The characterization of a new set of EST-derived simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers as a resource for the genetic analysis of Phaseolus vulgaris

Author(s): Garcia Robertha | Rangel Priscila | Brondani Claudio | Martins Wellington | Melo Leonardo | Carneiro Monalisa | Borba Tereza | Brondani Rosana
Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of safflower and the efficient recovery of transgenic plants via grafting

Author(s): Belide Srinivas | Hac Luch | Singh Surinder | Green Allan | Wood Craig
Analysis of BAC-end sequences in rainbow trout: Content characterization and assessment of synteny between trout and other fish genomes

Author(s): Genet Carine | Dehais Patrice | Palti Yniv | Gao Guangtu | Gavory Frederick | Wincker Patrick | Quillet Edwige | Boussaha Mekki
Purification of phage display-modified bacteriophage T4 by affinity chromatography

Author(s): Oślizło Anna | Miernikiewicz Paulina | Piotrowicz Agnieszka | Owczarek Barbara | Kopciuch Agnieszka | Figura Grzegorz | Dąbrowska Krystyna
Patient safety education for undergraduate medical students: a systematic review

Author(s): Nie Yanli | Li Lin | Duan Yurong | Chen Peixian | Barraclough Bruce | Zhang Mingming | Li Jing
OntoCAT -- simple ontology search and integration in Java, R and REST/JavaScript

Author(s): Adamusiak Tomasz | Burdett Tony | Kurbatova Natalja | Joeri van der Velde K | Abeygunawardena Niran | Antonakaki Despoina | Kapushesky Misha | Parkinson Helen | Swertz Morris
Building Strategy Quality

Author(s): Widodo Widodo
Metadata Extended Model Based On Geological Domain Ontology

Author(s): Ying HUANG | Mingqiang GUO | Xiangang LUO | Zhong XIE
Improving Technological Competency in Nursing Students: The Passport Project

Author(s): Julie Edwards | Patricia A. O’Connor
Electronic records long term authenticity and integrity demonstration

Author(s): Helena Halas | Jerman Blažič, Aljoša
Digital educational contents that promote the effective integration of information and communication technologies

Author(s): Micaela Manso | Magdalena Garzón | Cecília Rodriguez | Paula Pérez

A Study on the Integration Risk Management for the Insurance Enterprises

Author(s): Shan HUA | Xin GAO | Hua-ting WANG | Xiao-yan LI | Jun-wen FENG
A Study on the Integration Risk Management for the Insurance Enterprises

Author(s): Shan HUA | Xin GAO | Xiao-yan LI | Jun-wen FENG
Identifying User Requirements of Mobile Government Services in Malaysia Using Focus Group Method

Author(s): Ahmad Al Thunibat | Nor Azan Mat Zin | Noraidah Sahari
Administração de luvas brancas: uma leitura das interpretações sobre as manifestações culturais em um hospital [doi: 10.5329/RECADM.20090801006]

Author(s): Luciana Resende Ávila | Raquel Cristina Radamés de Sá | Valdir Machado Valadão Júnior
A Study of Mashup as a Software Application Development Technique with Examples from an End-User Programming Perspective

Author(s): Liu Na | Ahmed Patel | Rodziah Latih | Rabia Mulla | Zarina Shukur | Christopher Wills

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