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Touch Screen based Speed Control of Single Phase Induction Motor

Author(s): Sarat Kumar Sahoo | W. Razia Sultana | S. Mallika
Compact CPLD Board for Prototyping Digital & Robotics Applications

Author(s): Bhushan Patil | Rabinder Henry | Amit Patwardhan
Compact CPLD Board Designing and Implemented for Digital Clock

Author(s): Praveen Malav | Bhushan Patil | Rabinder Henry
Desarrollo de un dispositivo digital para la medición de variables ambientales utilizando un arreglo de compuertas programable en campo

Author(s): Guillermo Roberto Solarte Martinez | Juan Carlos Olarte Cortés | Julio Cesar Jaramillo R.
WebLab-Deusto-CPLD: A Practical Experience

Author(s): Javier Garcia-Zubia | Ignacio Angulo | Pablo Orduna | Unai Hernandez | Diego Lopez-de-Ipina | Luis Rodriguez | Olga Dziabenko | Veronica Canivell
Stepper Motor Controller using XC9572 CPLD through Mobile As a Remote

Author(s): Mohini Ratna Chaurasia | Nitin Naiyar

Author(s): R. Fuentes | M. A. Bañuelos
Configuration scheme for small scale Multi-FPGA systems

Author(s): Chengchang Zhang | Lisheng Yang | Dangui Yan | Changyong Li
CAD Optimization Technique in Reconfigurable Computing System using Hybrid Architecture

Author(s): Sunil Kr. Singh | R. K. Singh | M. P. S. Bhatia

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