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A peptide-loaded dendritic cell based cytotoxic T-lymphocyte (CTL) vaccination strategy using peptides that span SIV Tat, Rev, and Env overlapping reading frames

Author(s): Klase Zachary | Donio Michael | Blauvelt Andrew | Marx Preston | Jeang Kuan-Teh | Smith Stephen
Activation and detection of HTLV-I Tax-specific CTLs by Epitope expressing Single-Chain Trimers of MHC Class I in a rat model

Author(s): Ohashi Takashi | Nagai Mika | Okada Hiroyuki | Takayanagi Ryo | Shida Hisatoshi
OA06-03. Dynamics of CTL epitope escape and reversion in an African subtype C cohort

Author(s): Schaefer M | Mulenga J | Tang J | Goepfert P | Farmer P | Kaslow R | Allen S | Hunter E
Natural epitope variants of the hepatitis C virus impair cytotoxic T lymphocyte activity

Author(s): Shuping Wang, Rico Buchli, Jennifer Schiller, Jianen Gao, Rodney S VanGundy, William H Hildebrand, David D Eckels
Comparative study on the immunogenicity between an HLA-A24-restricted cytotoxic T-cell epitope derived from survivin and that from its splice variant survivin-2B in oral cancer patients

Author(s): Kobayashi Jun-ichi | Torigoe Toshihiko | Hirohashi Yoshihiko | Idenoue Satomi | Miyazaki Akihiro | Yamaguchi Akira | Hiratsuka Hiroyoshi | Sato Noriyuki
Mechanisms of HIV non-progression; robust and sustained CD4+ T-cell proliferative responses to p24 antigen correlate with control of viraemia and lack of disease progression after long-term transfusion-acquired HIV-1 infection

Author(s): Dyer Wayne | Zaunders John | Yuan Fang | Wang Bin | Learmont Jennifer | Geczy Andrew | Saksena Nitin | McPhee Dale | Gorry Paul | Sullivan John
Generation of functional CD8+ T Cells by human dendritic cells expressing glypican-3 epitopes

Author(s): O'Beirne James | Farzaneh Farzin | Harrison Phillip
High Throughput T Epitope Mapping and Vaccine Development

Author(s): Giuseppina Li Pira | Federico Ivaldi | Paolo Moretti | Fabrizio Manca
A structural constraint for functional interaction between N-terminal and C-terminal domains in simian immunodeficiency virus capsid proteins

Author(s): Inagaki Natsuko | Takeuchi Hiroaki | Yokoyama Masaru | Sato Hironori | Ryo Akihide | Yamamoto Hiroyuki | Kawada Miki | Matano Tetsuro
Sequence analysis of the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) BRLF1 gene in nasopharyngeal and gastric carcinomas

Author(s): Jia Yuping | Wang Yun | Chao Yan | Jing Yongzheng | Sun Zhifu | Luo Bing
Gamma-Herpesvirus Latency Requires T Cell Evasion during Episome Maintenance

Author(s): Bennett Neil J | May Janet S | Stevenson Philip G
Simultaneous assessment of cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses against multiple viral infections by combined usage of optimal epitope matrices, anti- CD3 mAb T-cell expansion and "RecycleSpot"

Author(s): Bihl Florian | Loggi Elisabetta | Chisholm John | Hewitt Hannah | Henry Leah | Linde Caitlyn | Suscovich Todd | Wong Johnson | Frahm Nicole | Andreone Pietro | Brander Christian
CTL epitope distribution patterns in the Gag and Nef proteins of HIV-1 from subtype A infected subjects in Kenya: Use of multiple peptide sets increases the detectable breadth of the CTL response

Author(s): Currier Jeffrey | Visawapoka Unchalee | Tovanabutra Sodsai | Mason Carl | Birx Deborah | McCutchan Francine | Cox Josephine
SIV escape mutants in rhesus macaques vaccinated with NEF-derived lipopeptides and challenged with pathogenic SIVmac251

Author(s): Villefroy Pascale | Letourneur Franck | Coutsinos Zoe | Mortara Lorenzo | Beyer Christian | Gras-Masse Helene | Guillet Jean-Gerard | Bourgault-Villada Isabelle
Characterization of highly frequent epitope-specific CD45RA+/CCR7+/- T lymphocyte responses against p53-binding domains of the human polyomavirus BK large tumor antigen in HLA-A*0201+ BKV-seropositive donors

Author(s): Provenzano Maurizio | Bracci Laura | Wyler Stephen | Hudolin Tvrtko | Sais Giovanni | Gosert Rainer | Zajac Paul | Palu' Giorgio | Heberer Michael | Hirsch Hans | Spagnoli Giulio
HIV-1 sequence evolution in vivo after superinfection with three viral strains

Author(s): Kozaczynska Karolina | Cornelissen Marion | Reiss Peter | Zorgdrager Fokla | van der Kuyl Antoinette
In silico characterization of immunogenic epitopes presented by HLA-Cw*0401

Author(s): Tong Joo Chuan | Zhang Zong Hong | August J Thomas | Brusic Vladimir | Tan Tin Wee | Ranganathan Shoba
Large-scale validation of methods for cytotoxic T-lymphocyte epitope prediction

Author(s): Larsen Mette | Lundegaard Claus | Lamberth Kasper | Buus Soren | Lund Ole | Nielsen Morten
Identification of new HIV-1 Gag-specific cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses in BALB/c mice

Author(s): Cellini Silvia | Fortini Cinzia | Gallerani Eleonora | Destro Federica | Cofano Egidio | Caputo Antonella | Gavioli Riccardo
Decline of influenza-specific CD8+ T cell repertoire in healthy geriatric donors

Author(s): Lee Jessica | Oelke Mathias | Ramachandra Lakshmi | Canaday David | Schneck Jonathan
Dynamic changes of cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs), natural killer (NK) cells, and natural killer T (NKT) cells in patients with acute hepatitis B infection

Author(s): Li Jun | Han Yaping | Jin Ke | Wan Yufeng | Wang Shixia | Liu Bo | Liu Yuan | Lu Shan | Huang Zuhu
Identification of CD8+ cytotoxic T lymphocyte epitopes from porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus matrix protein in BALB/c mice

Author(s): Zhang Weijun | Lin Yan | Bai Yu | Tong Tiegang | Wang Qun | Liu Nihong | Liu Guangliang | Xiao Yihong | Yang Tao | Bu Zhigao | Tong Guangzhi | Wu Donglai
Effects of naturally-arising HIV Nef mutations on cytotoxic T lymphocyte recognition and Nef's functionality in primary macrophages

Author(s): Mwimanzi Philip | Hasan Zafrul | Hassan Ranya | Suzu Shinya | Takiguchi Masafumi | Ueno Takamasa
Identification and characterization of merozoite surface protein 1 epitope

Author(s): Satarudra Prakash Singh | Bhartendu Nath Mishra
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