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Early diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) in Indian patients by nerve conduction studies

Author(s): Dr. Geetanjali Sharma MD | Professor Sushma Sood MD | Dr. Vivek Sharma MD
Wireless Network Performance Optimization Using Opnet Modeler

Author(s): Sameh H. Ghwanmeh | Abedel Rahman Al-Zoubidi
A Novel Hybrid Routing Protocol for Mobile Adhoc Network

Author(s): Pradip Mathuradas Jawandhiya | R. S. Mangrulkar | Mohammad Atique | M.S. Ali

Author(s): Özgür Sarıca | Arda Kayhan | Enis Öztürk | Sibel Bayramoğlu | Nurten Turan Güner | Fatma Öztora
Criação e Trajetória do Conselho Tutelar no Brasil

Author(s): Raquel Recker Rabello Bulhões
Peripancreatic collections in acute pancreatitis: Correlation between computerized tomography and operative findings

Author(s): Santhi Swaroop Vege, Joel G Fletcher, Rupjyoti Talukdar, Michael G Sarr

Author(s): Fátima Paixão | Carina Centeno | Joana Quina | Vera Marques | Ana Clemente
Six Sigma Driven Enterprise Model Transformation

Author(s): Raymond Vella | Sekhar Chattopadhyay | John P.T. Mo
A Dual Importance Diagram Approach to Evaluate Service Quality

Author(s): Jiunn-I Shieh | Hsin-Hung Wu | Kuan-Kai Huang
SIRIO: la piattaforma dei servizi

Author(s): Fabrizio Superchi
Family Values and Female's Psychological Aggression

Author(s): Ali Edalati | Ma'rof Redzuan | Mariani Mansor | Mansor A.   Talib
Carpal tunnel syndrome caused by cysticercosis

Author(s): Sharma S | Sharma Nalini | Yeolekar M
Progesterone - new therapy in mild carpal tunnel syndrome? Study design of a randomized clinical trial for local therapy

Author(s): Milani Paolo | Mondelli Mauro | Ginanneschi Federica | Mazzocchio Riccardo | Rossi Alessandro
Carpal tunnel syndrome : survey of an occupational hazard.

Author(s): Mamatha Y | Gopikrishna V | Kandaswamy D
Efficient MAC Protocol for Subcarrier-Wise Rate Adaptation over WLAN

Author(s): Sung Won Kim | Byung-Seo Kim | Sung Back Hong
Randomised controlled trial of local corticosteroid injections for carpal tunnel syndrome in general practice

Author(s): Peters-Veluthamaningal Cyriac | Winters Jan | Groenier Klaas | Meyboom-de Jong Betty
Pulsing RoQ DDoS Attacking and Defense Scheme in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Wei Ren | Hai Jin | Dit-Yan Yeung | Mei Yang
A Power Conservative Cross Layer Design for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

Author(s): B.Ramachandran | S. Shanmugavel
The Impact of Window’s Size in DWSIGF Routing Protocol

Author(s): Z.M. Hanapi | M. Ismail | K. Jumari | M. Mahdavi | H. Mirvaziri
Evaluation of Conventional and Conservation Tillage Systems for Maize

Author(s): Zeliha Bereket Barut | Davut Akbolat
Measurement of HONO, HNCO, and other inorganic acids by negative-ion proton-transfer chemical-ionization mass spectrometry (NI-PT-CIMS): application to biomass burning emissions

Author(s): J. M. Roberts | P. Veres | C. Warneke | J. A. Neuman | R. A. Washenfelder | S. S. Brown | M. Baasandorj | J. B. Burkholder | I. R. Burling | T. J. Johnson | R. J. Yokelson | J. de Gouw
The Relationship Between Boston Questionnaire and Electrophysiological Findings in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Author(s): Semiha KURT | Betül ÇEVİK | Yüksel KAPLAN | Hatice KARAER | Ünal ERKORKMAZ
Synthesis and Characteristic of CaMoO4£ºEu3+ Red Phosphor for W-LED by Co-precipitation

Author(s): YANG Yu-Ling, LI Xue-Ming, FENG Wen-Lin, LI Wu-Lin, TAO Chuan-Yi
Incidence, Radiographical Features, and Proposed Mechanism for Pneumocephalus from Intravenous Injection of Air

Author(s): Tran, Paul MD, MS | Reed, Eric John-Meyer MD | Hahn, Francis MD | Lambrecht, Jason E MD | McClay, James C MD | Omojola, Matthew F MD
Introducing a Clinical Practice Guideline Using Early CT in the Diagnosis of Scaphoid and Other Fractures

Author(s): Pincus, Steven | Weber, Merle | Meakin, Alex | Breadmore, Ross | Mitchell, David | Spencer, Luke
A High TCP Performance Rate Adaptation Algorithm for IEEE 802.11 Networks

Author(s): Kehao Zhang | Alvin Lim | Shaoen Wu | Qing Yang
Optimal management of carpal tunnel syndrome

Author(s): Shimpei Ono | Philip J Clapham | Kevin C Chung
Performance Study of TULIP Protocol over 802.11 Wireless Networks

Author(s): Kanwalvir Singh Dhindsa | Parminder Singh | Gurpal Singh
Proposition for emotional processing in a "conscious" ITS

Author(s): Mohamed GAHA | Daniel DUBOIS | Roger NKAMBOU
Comparison of performance analysis of 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g standard

Influence of insulators on transgene expression from integrating and non-integrating lentiviral vectors

Author(s): Grandchamp Nicolas | Henriot Dorothée | Philippe Stéphanie | Amar Lahouari | Ursulet Suzanna | Serguera Che | Mallet Jacques | Sarkis Chamsy
Best Diagnostic Criterion in High-resolution Ultrasonography for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Author(s): Lin-Yi Wang | Chau-Peng Leong | Yu-Chi Huang | Jen-Wen Hung | Shun-Man Cheung | Ya-Ping Pong
Preoperative Planning Using 3D Reconstructions and Virtual Endoscopy for Location of the Frontal Sinus

Author(s): Martins, Marcos Jullian Barreto | Aguiar, Carolina Veras | Nogueira Júnior, João Flávio | Abreu, João Paulo Saraiva | Feijão, Moisés Ximenes | Jataí, Isabelle Oliveira | Bastos, Arthur Chaves Gomes
Cumulative Trauma Disorders in Betel Pepper Leaf-Cullers Visiting a Rehabilitation Clinic: Experience in Taitung

Author(s): Lin-Yi Wang | Ya-Ping Pong | Her-Cherng Wang | Sheng-Hsiang Su | Chang-hsueh Tsai | Chau-Peng Leong
Preparation of chitosan-polyaspartic acid-5-fluorouracil nanoparticles and its anti-carcinoma effect on tumor growth in nude mice

Author(s): Dan-Ying Zhang, Xi-Zhong Shen, Ji-Yao Wang, Ling Dong, Yong-Li Zheng, Li-Li Wu
The Intelligent Vehicle Coordination of the Cybernetic Transportation System

Author(s): Fenghui Wang | Ming Yang | Ruqing Yang
Computed tomography measurements of different dimensions of maxillary and frontal sinuses

Author(s): Sahlstrand-Johnson Pernilla | Jannert Magnus | Strömbeck Anita | Abul-Kasim Kasim
Clasificación multiaxial de agresores de pareja en centros penitenciarios

Author(s): Ismael Loinaz | Margarita Ortiz-Tallo | Luis Miguel Sánchez | Marta Ferragut
DDoS Attack and Defense Scheme in Wireless Ad hoc Networks

Author(s): S.A.Arunmozhi | Y.Venkataramani
The impact of circulation patterns on regional transport pathways and air quality over Beijing and its surroundings

Author(s): J. P. Zhang | T. Zhu | Q. H. Zhang | C. C. Li | H. L. Shu | Y. Ying | Z. P. Dai | X. Y. Liu | A. M. Liang | H. X. Shen
Levels of endocrine hormones and lipids in male patients with carpal tunnel syndrome

Author(s): Hülya Uzkeser | Saliha Karatay | Meltem Alkan Melikoğlu
Comparing the effects of iontophoresis and phonophoresis of dexamethasone on the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome

Author(s): Amir Hoshang Bakhtiary | Elham Fatemi | Mitra Emami | Mojtaba Malek
Perilaku Retak Aluminium Paduan A6061-T6 pada Pembebanan Mixed Mode

Author(s): Zuhaimi Zuhaimi | Husaini Husaini
Sensitivity and specificity of median nerve ultrasonography in diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome

Author(s): Yazdchi M | Tarzemani MK | Mikaeili H | Ayromlu H | Ebadi H
User Profile Based Proportional Share Scheduling And Mac Protocol For Manets

Author(s): Hannah Monisha . J | Rhymend Uthariaraj .V
A contribuição dos ‘olhares CTS’ para a teoria do design

Author(s): Suelen Christine Caviquiolo | Gilson Leandro Queluz
Epidemiological study of carpal tunnel syndrome among paitents refering to Shiraz Chamran and Nemazi hospitals from 2002 to 2006

Author(s): A. Choobineh | K. Rahimi | S. Tavakoli Manesh | S.M. Hosaini | S.H. Tabatabaei
Prevalence and Severity of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Women

Author(s): P Yazdanpanah | S Aramesh | A Mousavizadeh | P Ghaffari | Z Khosravi
Effects of Dietary Chitosan on Hormone Level in Dairy Calves

Author(s): Maohong Sun | Chunwang Yue | Jian Ge | Xiuming Mu | Dong Li | Qiang Hao
Methods of N-acetylated chitosan scaffolds and its In-vitro biodegradation by lysozyme

Author(s): Seiichi Tokura | Hiroshi Tamura | Tetsuya Furuike | Thazin Han | Nitar Nwe

Author(s): Gadhave S. V.
Improving TCP Performance over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Busy Tone Assisted Scheme

Author(s): He Qi | Cai Lin | Shen Xuemin (Sherman) | Ho Pinhan
IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs: Performance Analysis and Protocol Refinement

Author(s): Chatzimisios P | Boucouvalas AC | Vitsas V
Autonomous Power Control MAC Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Chen Hsiao-Hwa | Fan Zhengying | Li Jie
Early metabolic response using FDG PET/CT and molecular phenotypes of breast cancer treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy

Author(s): Keam Bhumsuk | Im Seock-Ah | Koh Youngil | Han Sae-Won | Oh Do-Youn | Cho Nariya | Kim Jee | Han Wonshik | Kang Keon | Moon Woo | Kim Tae-You | Park In | Noh Dong-Young | Chung June-Key | Bang Yung-Jue
Efficient MAC Protocol for Subcarrier-Wise Rate Adaptation over WLAN

Author(s): Kim SungWon | Kim Byung-Seo | Hong SungBack
Color Doppler Sonography in the Diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Using a Quantitative Method.

Author(s): Ahmadreza Ghasemi esfe | Maryam Rahmani | Seyed mehran Vaziri bozorg | Hadi Rokni yazdi
CT Guided Needle Biopsy as a Less Invasive Procedure in Diagnosis of Thoracic Lesions.

Author(s): Pooyeh Graili | Soheyla Zahirifard | Mehrdad Bakhshayeshkaram
Lymphoma Diagnosis on Computed Tomography Guided Needle Aspiration and Biopsy

Author(s): Sepideh Rouhi | Mehrdad Bakhshayeshkaram
Caracterización y respuesta al tratamiento térmico de rocas silíceas opalinas

Author(s): Bustillo, María A. | García, R. | García Pérez, María V.
Stellenwert des Nativ-Spiral-CT in der Diagnostik von Ureterkonkrementen

Author(s): Rau O | Reiher F | Effenberger O | Allhoff EP
Analysis of crack-tip plastic zone in a Compact Tensile Shear (CTS) Specimen

Author(s): C. M. Sharanaprabhu | Shashidhar K. Kudari
Controlled Release of Diclofenac from Matrix Polymer of Chitosan and Oxidized Konjac Glucomannan

Author(s): Suphat Korkiatithaweechai | Pornpusadee Umsarika | Narong Praphairaksit | Nongnuj Muangsin
Aging affects response to cyclic tensile stretch: paradigm for intervertebral disc degeneration

Author(s): H Cho | A Seth | J Warmbold | JT Robertson | KA Hasty
Six Sigma Driven Enterprise Model Transformation

Author(s): Raymond Vella | Sekhar Chattopadhyay | John P.T. Mo
Granulometria e doses de calcário em diferentes sistemas de manejo = Granulometric fractions and lime rates in conventional and no-tillage system

Author(s): José Ricardo Pupo Gonçalves | Adônis Moreira | Leonardo Theodoro Bull | Carlos Alexandre Costa Crusciol | Roberto Lyra Villas Boas
Associations of cardiovascular risk factors, carotid intima-media thickness and manifest atherosclerotic vascular disease with carpal tunnel syndrome

Author(s): Shiri Rahman | Heliövaara Markku | Moilanen Leena | Viikari Jorma | Liira Helena | Viikari-Juntura Eira
Green Synthesis and Characterization of Silver/Chitosan/Polyethylene Glycol Nanocomposites without any Reducing Agent

Author(s): Mansor Bin Ahmad | Mei Yen Tay | Kamyar Shameli | Mohd Zobir Hussein | Jenn Jye Lim
Carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosis: validation of a clinic-based nerve conduction measurement device

Author(s): Timothy P. Green | Mika Kallio | Malcolm R. A. Clarke | Pankaj Pathak | Veijo Lesonen | Uolevi Tolonen
Technology Acceptance: Course and Teaching Surveys Case Study at Sultan Qaboos University

Author(s): Ali H. Al-Badi | Abdullah S. Al-Rashdi | Taher A. Ba-Omar
Collision-Tolerant Transmission with Narrow-beam Antennas

Author(s): Hong-Ning DAI | Kam-Wing NG | Min-You WU | Bo LI
Improving Throughput in Wireless Local Area Networks

Author(s): Imam AL-WAZEDI | Anjali AGARWAL | Ahmed K. ELHAKEEM
Comparison of Histopathology of Transverse Carpal Ligament in Patients with Idiopathic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Hemodialysis Patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Author(s): Erdinc Civelek | Tufan Cansever | Serdar Kabatas | Ebru Demiralay | Emre Demircay | Cem Comunoglu | Cem Yilmaz | Nur Altınors

Author(s): Wataru Uemura | Masashi Murata
Synthesis and Characterization of Silver/Clay/Chitosan Bionanocomposites by UV-Irradiation Method

Author(s): Mansor B. Ahmad | Kamyar Shameli | Majid Darroudi | Wan M.Z.W. Yunus | Nor A. Ibrahim
Movimento Ciência, Tecnologia e Sociedade (CTS) sob a perspectiva da mobilização popular

Author(s): Fernando Barcellos Razuck | Renata Cardoso de Sá Ribeiro Razuck
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