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Physical Investigation of Au8+ Ions Irradiated CdSe/FTO Thin Films

Author(s): Yuvraj G. Gudage | F. Singh | Ramphal Sharma
Quantum dots – a versatile tool in plant science?

Author(s): Müller Frank | Houben Andreas | Barker Peter | Xiao Yan | Käs Josef | Melzer Michael
Preparation and Properties of Zinc Doped Cadmium Selenide Compounds by E-Beam Evaporation

Author(s): N.J. Suthan Kissinger | K. Perumal | J. Suthagar
Acousto-Diffusive Waves in a Piezoelectric-Semiconductor-Piezoelectric Sandwich Structure

Author(s): Jagan Nath Sharma | Kuldeep Kumar Sharma | Ashwani Kumar
Surface Wave Characteristics at the Interface of Welded Elastic Halfspaces

Author(s): J. N. Sharma | K. K. Sharma | Ashwani Kumar
Electrical Characterization of Electron Beam Evaporated Cd1-xSex Thin Films

Author(s): S.R. Vishwakarma | A.K. Verma | R.S.N. Tripathi | Rahul
Transient Waves Due to Thermal Sources in a Generalized Piezothermoelastic Half-Space

Author(s): Jagan Nath Sharma | Anita Devi Thakur | Yogeshwar Dutt Sharma

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