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Inflation, Money and Economic Growth in Cameroon

Author(s): Henri Ngoa Tabi | Henri Atangana Ondoa
World species of the genus Platyscelio Kieffer (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae)

Author(s): Charuwat Taekul | Norman Johnson | Lubomir Masner | Andrew Polaszek | Rajmohana K.
Migration and Wages Differentials in Urban Cameroon

Author(s): Roger Tsafack-Nanfosso | Christian Zamo-Akono
Industrialization of the Manufacturing Sector and Trade Opening in Cameroon

Author(s): Henri Ngoa Tabi | Henri Atangana Ondoa
Seasonality of tuberculosis

Author(s): Fares Auda
ICT for Education

Author(s): Marcellin Nkenlifack | Raoul Nangue | Bethin Demsong | Victor Kuate Fotso
Paths to Attaining Food Security: The Case of Cameroon

Author(s): Genesis T. Yengoh | Frederick Ato Armah | Edward Ebo Onumah
Social Capital and Willingness-to-Pay for Community-Based Health Insurance in Rural Cameroon

Author(s): Hermann Pythagore Donfouet | Jean-Roger Essombè Edimo | Pierre-Alexandre Mahieu | Eric Malin
Revision of world species of the genus Oreiscelio Kieffer (Hymenoptera, Platygastroidea, Platygastridae)

Author(s): Elijah Talamas | Norman Johnson | Simon van Noort | Lubomir Masner | Andrew Polaszek
Towards a re-definition of Cameroon pidgin

Author(s): Aloysius Ngefac
Indications for destructive eye surgeries at the Yaounde Gynaeco-Obstetric and Paediatric Hospital

Author(s): Eballé A | Dohvoma VA | Koki G | Oumarou A | Bella A | Ebana CM
Drawing and interpreting data: Children's impressions of onchocerciasis and community-directed treatment with ivermectin (CDTI) in four onchocerciasis endemic countries in Africa

Author(s): Mary Amuyunzu-Nyamongo | Yolande Flore Longang Tchounkeu | Rahel Akumu Oyugi | Asaph Turinde Kabali | Joseph C. Okeibunor | Cele Manianga | Uche V. Amazigo
Risk Factors of Delivery by Caesarean Section in Cameroon (2003-2004): A Regional Hospital Report

Author(s): P. M. Tebeu | E. Mboudou | G. Halle | E. Kongnyuy | E. Nkwabong | J. N. Fomulu
In Vitro Antiplasmodial Activity and Cytotoxicity of Extracts of Selected Medicinal Plants Used byTraditional Healers of Western Cameroon

Author(s): Denis Zofou | Mathieu Tene | Moses N. Ngemenya | Pierre Tane | Vincent P. K. Titanji
Predictive Model of Rainfall-Runoff: A Case Study of the Sanaga Basin at Bamendjin Watershed in Cameroon

Author(s): Terence Kibula Lukong | Michel Mbessa | Thomas Tamo Tatietse
Feasibility of home management using ACT for childhood malaria episodes in an urban setting

Author(s): Nsagha DS | Elat JBN | Ndong PAB | Tata PN | Tayong MN | Pokem F | Wankah CC

The Clinical and Bacteriogical Spectrum of Neonatal Sepsis in A Tertiary Hospital in Yaounde, Cameroon

Author(s): Andreas Chiabi | Marlene Djoupomb | Evelyne Mah | Seraphin Nguefack | Lawrence Mbuagbaw | Joseline Zafack | Madeleine Ghoyap | Thérèse Nkoa | Pierre Fernand Tchokoteu
Preventive Maintenance of Railway Tracks: Ballast Performance Anticipation in the Cameroon Railway

Author(s): Lezin Seba Minsili | Madja Doumbaye Jérémie | Grace L. Tsebo Simo | Christiane Simo
Na-Metasomatism and Uranium Mineralization during a Two-Stage Albitization at Kitongo, Northern Cameroon: Structural and Geochemical Evidence

Author(s): Richard Tanwi Ghogomu | Vincent Ngako | Arnaud Patrice Kouske | Cheo Emmanuel Suh
Na-Metasomatism and Uranium Mineralization during a Two-Stage Albitization at Kitongo, Northern Cameroon: Structural and Geochemical Evidence

Author(s): Richard Tanwi Ghogomu | Vincent Ngako | Arnaud Patrice Kouske | Cheo Emmanuel Suh
Physico-Chemical Properties of Spring (Mineral) Waters Commonly Consumed by Grazing Animals Cattle in Wakwa (Cameroon)

Author(s): W.M.L.Fezeu | M.B. Ngassoum | G. Echevarria | M. Cretin | C.M.F. Mbofung
Intake of Lead, Cadmium and Mercury in Kaolin-eating: A Quality Assessment

Author(s): J.N. Bonglaisin | C.M.F. Mbofung | D.N. Lantum
Beta globin haplotypes in hemoglobin S carriers in Colombia Haplotipos del gen beta globina en portadores de hemoglobina S en Colombia

Author(s): Claudia Liliana Durán | Olga Lucía Morales | Sandra Johanna Echeverri | Mario Isaza

Author(s): AKAMBA MANI Catherine Lytrice | PUŞCAŞU Violeta
Abundance of Faecal Coliforms and Pathogenic E. coli Strains in Groundwater in the Coastal Zone of Cameroon (Central Africa), and Relationships with Some Abiotic Parameters

Author(s): Mireille E. Nougang | Moïse Nola | Euphrasie Djuikom | Olive V. Noah Ewoti | Luciane M. Moungang | Henriette Ateba Bessa
Lime-Barium and Lime-Zinc Raw Glazes with Raw Materials from Tanzania and Cameroon

Author(s): U. Chinje Melo | Ndigui Billong | E. C. Kimaro
Relationship between Climate and Groundwater Recharge in the Besseke Watershed (Douala – Cameroon)

Author(s): Feumba Roger | Ngounou Ngatcha Benjamin | Tabue Youmbi Jean Ghislain | Ekodeck Georges Emmanuel
Determination of Major Carotenoids in Processed Tropical Leafy Vegetables Indigenous to Africa

Author(s): Viviane Nkonga Djuikwo Djuikwo | Richard Aba Ejoh | Inocent Gouado | Carl Moses Mbofung | Sherry A. Tanumihardjo
Book Reviews

Author(s): M.A. van Bakel | H. Esen-Baur | Leen Boer | Bronislaw Malinowski | A.P. Borsboom | Betty Meehan | H.J.M. Claessen | Peter Geschiere | H.J.M. Claessen | Jukka Siikala | H.J.M. Claessen | Alain Testart | Walter Dostal | Frederik Barth | Benno Galjart | G.J. Kruyer | Sjaak van der Geest | Christine Okali | Serge Genest | Claude Tardits | Silvia W. de Groot | Sally Price | N.O. Kielstra | Gene R. Garthwaite | G.L. Koster | Jeff Opland | Adam Kuper | Hans Medick | C.A. van Peursen | Peter Kloos | Jerome Rousseau | Jeannine Koubi | H.C.G. Schoenaker | Miklós Szalay | F.J.M. Selier | Ghaus Ansari | A.A. Trouwborst | Serge Tcherkézoff | Pieter van der Velde | H. Boekraad | E.Ch.L. van der Vliet | Sally Humphreys | W.F. Wertheim | T. Svensson | H.O. Willems | Detlef Franke
Antimicrobial and toxicological activities of five medicinal plant species from Cameroon Traditional Medicine

Author(s): Assob Jules | Kamga Henri | Nsagha Dickson | Njunda Anna | Nde Peter | Asongalem Emmanuel | Njouendou Abdel | Sandjon Bertrand | Penlap Veronique
The burden of malaria in post-emergency refugee sites: A retrospective study

Author(s): Anderson Jamie | Doocy Shannon | Haskew Christopher | Spiegel Paul | Moss William
The importance of considering community-level effects when selecting insecticidal malaria vector products

Author(s): Killeen Gerry | Okumu Fredros | N'Guessan Raphael | Coosemans Marc | Adeogun Adedapo | Awolola Sam | Etang Josiane | Dabiré Roch | Corbel Vincent
Awareness, attitudes and prevention of malaria in the cities of Douala and Yaoundé (Cameroon)

Author(s): Ndo Cyrille | Menze-Djantio Benjamin | Antonio-Nkondjio Christophe
First-line antiretroviral therapy and dyslipidemia in people living with HIV-1 in Cameroon: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Pefura Yone Eric | Betyoumin Awa | Kengne André | Kaze Folefack François | Ngogang Jeanne
Awareness of HPV and cervical cancer prevention among Cameroonian healthcare workers

Author(s): McCarey Catherine | Pirek David | Tebeu Pierre | Boulvain Michel | Doh Anderson | Petignat Patrick
Effets du séchage sur le rendement et la qualité de l'huile extraite de la pulpe de safou

Author(s): Noumi, GB. | Njouokam, YM. | Njiné, CB. | Ngameni, E. | Kapseu, C.
Caractéristiques physico-chimiques des miels de la zone Soudano-guinéenne de l'Ouest et de l'Adamaoua Cameroun

Author(s): Mbogning, E. | Tchoumboue, J. | Damesse, F. | Sanou Sobze, M. | Canini, A.
Dynamics of Shifting Agricultural-Systems and Organic Carbon Sequestration in Southern Cameroon

Author(s): Njomgang, R. | Yemefack, M. | Nounamo, L. | Moukam†, A. | Kotto-Same†, J.
Perception and attitude of obstetric fistula patients about their condition: a report from the Regional Hospital Maroua, Cameroon

Author(s): Pierre Marie Tebeu | Charles-Henry Rochat | Jean Marie Kasia | Thérèse Delvaux
Breastfeeding Practices in Infants in the West Region of Cameroon

Author(s): A Chiabi | BG Kamga | E Mah | S Nguefack | P Fokam | W Tafen | PF Tchokoteu
Screening of Some Plants Used in the Cameroonian Folk Medicine for the Treatment of Infectious Diseases

Author(s): Laure Brigitte Kouitcheu Mabeku | Kuiate Jules Roger | Oyono Essame Jean Louis
Well Water Quality and Public Health Implications: the Case of Four Neighbourhoods of the City of Douala Cameroon

Author(s): Terence Epule Epule | Changhui Peng | Moto Mirielle Wase | Ndiva Mongoh Mafany
Traditional health care of male infertility in bansoa, west Cameroon

Author(s): Emmanuel Noumi | Archile Florentin Eboule | Roseline Nanfa
Prevalence and causes of blindness at a tertiary hospital in Douala, Cameroon

Author(s): Eballé AO | Mvogo CM | Koki G | Nyouma Moune E | Teutu C | Ellong A | Bella AL
Triple Gestations in Two University Teaching Hospitals in Yaounde, Cameroon

Author(s): E. Nkwabong | Foumsou Lhagadang | R. Mbu | P. N. Nana | L. Kouam | P. C. Ngassa
Epidemio-Clinical Factors Associated with Caesarean Section in Two Referral Hospitals (Public/Faith-Based), Far-North Region, Cameroon

Author(s): P. N. Nana | J. N. Fomulu | A. Djenabou | R. E. Mbu | R. Tonye | J. C.Wandji | R. J. I. Leke
Nuchal Cord and Perinatal Outcome at the Yaounde General Hospital, Cameroon

Author(s): J. D. Kemfang Ngowa | J. M. Kasia | I. Nsangou | C. Zedjom | I. Domkan | F. Morfaw | B. Bossiko
The Risk of Adverse Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes in Cameroonian Primiparous Women Aged More Than 26 Years

Author(s): E. Nkwabong | J. N. Fomulu | A. Hamida | A. Onana | P. T. Tjek | L. Kouam | P. Ngassa
Etude comparative de la rentabilité de deux types d'apiculture au Nord Ouest Cameroun

Author(s): Tsafack Matsop, AS. | Muluh Achu, G. | Kamajou, F. | Ingram, V. | Vabi Boboh, M.
Compliance with eight years of annual ivermectin treatment of onchocerciasis in Cameroon and Nigeria

Author(s): Brieger William | Okeibunor Joseph | Abiose Adenike | Wanji Samuel | Elhassan Elizabeth | Ndyomugyenyi Richard | Amazigo Uche
Determination of circulating Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains and transmission patterns among pulmonary TB patients in Kawempe municipality, Uganda, using MIRU-VNTR

Author(s): Nabyonga Lydia | Kateete David | Katabazi Fred | Odong Paul | Whalen Christopher | Dickman Katherine | Moses Joloba
Population genetics of Glossina palpalis palpalis from central African sleeping sickness foci

Author(s): Melachio Trésor | Simo Gustave | Ravel Sophie | De Meeûs Thierry | Causse Sandrine | Solano Philippe | Lutumba Pascal | Asonganyi Tazoacha | Njiokou Flobert
Effects of Fires in Juvenile Oil Palm Fields on Yield and Oil Palm Breeding

Author(s): Claude Bakoumé | Madi Galdima | Sylvain Rafflegeau | Albert Flori
Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii infection among pregnant women in Cameroon

Author(s): Anna L. Njunda | Jules C.N. Assob | Dickson S. Nsagha | Henri L.F. Kamga | Peter F Nde | Vucha C. Yugah
Forest Loss Triggers in Cameroon: A Quantitative Assessment Using Multiple Linear Regression Approach

Author(s): Epule Terence Epule | Changhui Peng | Laurent Lepage | Zhi Chen
Breast Cancer Profile in a Group of Patients Followed up at the Radiation Therapy Unit of the Yaounde General Hospital, Cameroon

Author(s): J. D. Kemfang Ngowa | J. Yomi | J. M. Kasia | Y. Mawamba | A. C. Ekortarh | G. Vlastos
An Approach for Teaching of National Languages and Cultures through ICT in Cameroon

Author(s): Marcellin Nkenlifack | Bethin Demsong | A. Teko Domche | Raoul Nangue
Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex drug resistance pattern and identification of species causing tuberculosis in the West and Centre regions of Cameroon

Author(s): Assam-Assam Jean-Paul | Penlap Veronique | Cho-Ngwa Fidelis | Tedom Jean-Claude | Ane-Anyangwe Irene | Titanji Vincent
HTLV-2 in Central Africa: HTLV-2 subtype B strains similar to those found in Amerindian tribes are endemic in Bakola Pygmies from south Cameroon but not in surrounding Bantus and Baka Pygmies

Author(s): Mauclère Philippe | Meertens Laurent | Afonso Philippe | Plancoulaine Sabine | Filippone Claudia | Betsem Edouard | Calattini Sara | Froment Alain | Van Beveren Monique | de Thé Guy | Quintana-Murci Luis | Mahieux Renaud | Gessain Antoine
Antibacterial and dermal toxicological profiles of ethyl acetate extract from Crassocephalum bauchiense (Hutch.) Milne-Redh (Asteraceae)

Author(s): Mouokeu Raymond | Ngono Rosalie | Lunga Paul | Koanga Martin | Tiabou Alambert | Njateng Guy | Tamokou Jean | Kuiate Jules-Roger
Anopheles gambiae distribution and insecticide resistance in the cities of Douala and Yaoundé (Cameroon): influence of urban agriculture and pollution

Author(s): Antonio-Nkondjio Christophe | Fossog Billy | Ndo Cyrille | Djantio Benjamin | Togouet Serge | Awono-Ambene Parfait | Costantini Carlo | Wondji Charles | Ranson Hilary
Identification of new, emerging HIV-1 unique recombinant forms and drug resistant viruses circulating in Cameroon

Author(s): Ragupathy Viswanath | Zhao Jiangqin | Wood Owen | Tang Shixing | Lee Sherwin | Nyambi Phillipe | Hewlett Indira
Antimicrobial activities of the methanol extract and compounds from Artocarpus communis (Moraceae)

Author(s): Kuete Victor | Ango Patrick | Fotso Ghislain | Kapche Gilbert | Dzoyem Jean | Wouking Arlette | Ngadjui Bonaventure | Abegaz Berhanu
"If the patients decide not to tell what can we do?"- TB/HIV counsellors' dilemma on partner notification for HIV

Author(s): Njozing Barnabas | Edin Kerstin | Sebastián Miguel | Hurtig Anna-Karin
Insecticide susceptibility of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus in Central Africa

Author(s): Kamgang Basile | Marcombe Sébastien | Chandre Fabrice | Nchoutpouen Elysée | Nwane Philippe | Etang Josiane | Corbel Vincent | Paupy Christophe
The role of traditional healers in tooth extractions in Lekie Division, Cameroon

Author(s): Agbor Ashu | Naidoo Sudeshni | Mbia Awono
Hypericum lanceolatum (Hypericaceae) as a potential source of new anti-malarial agents: a bioassay-guided fractionation of the stem bark

Author(s): Zofou Denis | Kowa Théodora | Wabo Hippolyte | Ngemenya Moses | Tane Pierre | Titanji Vincent
Comparative study of the efficacy and tolerability of dihydroartemisinin - piperaquine - trimethoprim versus artemether - lumefantrine in the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Senegal

Author(s): Menan Hervé | Faye Oumar | Same-Ekobo Albert | Oga Agbaya Serge | Faye Babacar | Kiki Barro Christiane | Kuete Thomas | N'diaye Jean-Louis | Vicky Ama-Moor | Tine Rogert | Yavo William | Kane Dieynaba | Kassi Kondo | Kone Moussa
Women in Informal Cross-border Trade: Empirical Evidence from Cameroon

Author(s): Ousmanou Njikam | Gérard Tchouassi
New Constraints from Pb-Evaporation Zircon Ages of the Méiganga Amphibole-Biotite Gneiss, Central Cameroon, on Proterozoic Crustal Evolution

Author(s): Ganwa Alembert Alexandre | Siebel Wolfgang | Shang Kongnyuy Cosmas | Naimou Seguem | Ekodeck Georges Emmanuel
The Effect of Spirulina platensis versus Soybean on Insulin Resistance in HIV-Infected Patients: A Randomized Pilot Study

Author(s): Azabji-Kenfack Marcel | Loni G. Ekali | Sobngwi Eugene | Onana E. Arnold | Edie D. Sandrine | Denis Von der Weid | Emmanuel Gbaguidi | Jeanne Ngogang | Jean C. Mbanya
Outcome of delivery in nulliparous teenagers aged less than 17 years: the cameroon university centre hospital experience

Author(s): Pierre Marie Tebeu | Inoussa Nsangou | Philippe Nana Njotang | Paul Théodore Tjek Biyaga | Anderson Sama Doh | Joseph Nelson Fomulu
Risk Factors for Prematurity among Neonates from HIV Positive Mothers in Cameroon

Author(s): Jean Taguebue | Francisca Monebenimp | Walter Zingg | Valere Mve Koh | Annie H. Atchoumi | Alain Gervaix | Ekoe Tetanye
Cameroonian Preadolescents’ Perspectives of an HIV Prevention Intervention

Author(s): Comfort Enah | Linda Moneyham | Gwendolyn Childs | Carrie Ann Gakumo
Nutrient Flows in Perennial Crop-Based Farming Systems in the Humid Forests of Cameroon

Author(s): Eugene Ejolle Ehabe | Nomo Lucien Bidzanga | Charles-Magloire Mba | Jetro Nkengafac Njukeng | Inacio de Barros | Frank Enjalric
The Antimicrobial Activities of Extract and Compounds Isolated from Brillantaisia lamium

Author(s): Jean De Dieu Tamokou | Jules Roger Kuiate | Mathieu Tene | Timothée Julbelin Kenla Nwemeguela
HIV and Tuberculosis Trends in the United States and Select Sub-Saharan Africa Countries

Author(s): Ousman Mahmud | Centdrika Dates | Luma Akil | Hafiz A. Ahmad
Secondary cataract: an epidemiologic and clinical survey at the Yaounde Gynaeco-obstetric and Paediatric Hospital

Author(s): Eballé AO | Ellong A | Ella GP | Dohvoma VA | Bella AL | Mvogo CE
Jumping Plant-lice of the Family Triozidae (Hemiptera: Psylloidea) from Cameroon: Biodiversity and Host Plants

Author(s): Tamesse Joseph Lebel Patrick | Dzokou Victor Joly | Yana Wenceslas | Mveyo Ndankeu Yves Burckhardt Daniel | Foko Dadji Gisele Aurelie | Messi Jean
Body measurements and morphological indexes of a cattle population in the Adamawa region (Cameroon)

Author(s): C. Crimella | S. Barbieri | M.G. Giuliani | M. Zecchini
Genetic polymorphism of milk proteins in some Bos genus populations

Author(s): D. Marletta | S. Bordonaro | E. Budelli | G. Tirella | A.M. Guastella | G. D'Urso
HBs antigene prevalence in blood donors and the risk of transfusion of hepatitis b at the central hospital of yaounde, cameroon

Author(s): Dominique Noah Noah | Richard Njouom | Aimé Bonny | P. Pirsou | J. Meli | M. Biwole Sida
Rainfall and Deforestation Dilemma for Cereal Production in the Sudano-Sahel of Cameroon

Author(s): Terence Epule Epule | Changhui Peng | Laurent Lepage | Zhi Chen
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