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Investigating neurovascular coupling using canonical correlation analysis between pharmacological MRI and electrophysiology

Author(s): Bießmann Felix | Gretton Arthur | Meinecke Frank | Zhang Xiaoxhe | Rainer Gregor | Logothetis Nikos | Müller Klaus-Robert | Rauch Alexander
Correlações canônicas de características agroindustriais em cana-deaçúcar = Canonical correlations of agro-industrial characteristics in sugarcane

Author(s): José Wilson da Silva | Lailton Soares | Paulo Vanderlei Ferreira | Paulo Pedro da Silva | Maria José Cavalcante da Silva
Value goals as factors of youth political attitudes and opinions

Author(s): Kuzmanović Bora | Petrović Nebojša
yaImpute: An R Package for kNN Imputation

Author(s): Nicholas L. Crookston | Andrew O. Finley
A Comparative Study of Kernel and Robust Canonical Correlation Analysis

Author(s): Ashad M. Alam | Mohammed Nasser | Kenji Fukumizu

Author(s): Nivex Koller-Trbović | Branko Nikolić | Gabrijela Ratkajec Gašević
The Application of Canonical Correlation to Two-Dimensional Contingency Tables

Author(s): Howard B. Lee | Gary S. Katz | Alberto F. Restori
Matrix-Variate Probabilistic Model for Canonical Correlation Analysis

Author(s): Mehran Safayani | Mohammad Taghi Manzuri Shalmani
Sparse canonical methods for biological data integration: application to a cross-platform study

Author(s): Lê Cao Kim-Anh | Martin Pascal | Robert-Granié Christèle | Besse Philippe
Gifi Methods for Optimal Scaling in R: The Package homals

Author(s): Jan de Leeuw | Patrick Mair
Identification of cell cycle-related regulatory motifs using a kernel canonical correlation analysis

Author(s): Rhee Je-Keun | Joung Je-Gun | Chang Jeong-Ho | Fei Zhangjun | Zhang Byoung-Tak
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mohammad A. Karim | Manzur Murshed | Manoranjan Paul | Shuqun Zhang
Genetic parameters for functional longevity, type traits, SCS, milk flow and production in the Italian Brown Swiss

Author(s): Antonia B. Samoré | Rita Rizzi | Attilio Rossoni | Alessandro Bagnato
Integrative analysis of gene expression and copy number alterations using canonical correlation analysis

Author(s): Soneson Charlotte | Lilljebjörn Henrik | Fioretos Thoas | Fontes Magnus
NGX6 gene mediated by promoter methylation as a potential molecular marker in colorectal cancer

Author(s): Liu Minji | Peng Ya | Wang Xiaoyan | Guo Qin | Shen Shourong | Li Guiyuan
Tree Richness and Climatic Dominance in Different Districts of Beijing City, China

Author(s): Jie DUAN | Luyi MA | Liming JIA | Zhibo CHEN | Wenrui CHE | Zhongkui JIA
Climate change assessment for Mediterranean agricultural areas by statistical downscaling

Author(s): L. Palatella | M. M. Miglietta | P. Paradisi | P. Lionello
Relating the shape of protein binding sites to binding affinity profiles: is there an association?

Author(s): Simon Zoltán | Vigh-Smeller Margit | Peragovics Ágnes | Csukly Gábor | Zahoránszky-Kőhalmi Gergely | Rauscher Anna | Jelinek Balázs | Hári Péter | Bitter István | Málnási-Csizmadia András | Czobor Pál
Bi-directional gene set enrichment and canonical correlation analysis identify key diet-sensitive pathways and biomarkers of metabolic syndrome

Author(s): Morine Melissa | McMonagle Jolene | Toomey Sinead | Reynolds Clare | Moloney Aidan | Gormley Isobel | Gaora Peadar | Roche Helen
Leadership style and its relation to employee attitudes and behaviour

Author(s): Cheryl Mester | Deléne Visser | Gert Roodt | Rita Kellerman
Deelnemende bestuur as funksie van bestuurders se selfkonsep en mensbeskouing

Author(s): W. P. Visser | G. Roodt | J. M. Schepers
Probing the physical nature and composition of signalsomes

Author(s): Wang Hsien-yu | Malbon Craig
LEF-1 and TCF4 expression correlate inversely with survival in colorectal cancer

Author(s): Kriegl Lydia | Horst David | Reiche Jana | Engel Jutta | Kirchner Thomas | Jung Andreas
Data-driven catchment classification: application to the PUB problem

Author(s): M. Di Prinzio | A. Castellarin | E. Toth
Discriminant effect of morphology and range of attack on the performance level of volleyball players. DOI: 10.5007/1980-0037.2011v13n3p223

Author(s): Breno Guilherme de Araujo Tinoco Cabral | Suzet de Araujo Tinoco Cabral | Hênio Ferreira de Miranda | Paulo Moreira Silva Dantas | Victor Machado Reis
Assessment of Stand Structural Elements on the Basis of Spectral Reflectance Values of an IKONOS Satellite Image

Author(s): Ante Seletković | Renata Pernar | Mario Ančić | Jelena Sučić
The Branching Number of a Molecular Graph

Author(s): Qian-Nan Hu | Yi-Zeng Liang
Reproducible Clusters from Microarray Research: Whither?

Author(s): Garge Nikhil | Page Grier | Sprague Alan | Gorman Bernard | Allison David
Exploring cancer register data to find risk factors for recurrence of breast cancer – application of Canonical Correlation Analysis

Author(s): Razavi Amir | Gill Hans | Stål Olle | Sundquist Marie | Thorstenson Sten | Åhlfeldt Hans | Shahsavar Nosrat
Probing orographic controls in the Himalayas during the monsoon using satellite imagery

Author(s): A. P. Barros | G. Kim | E. Williams | S. W. Nesbitt
ENSO impact on simulated South American hydro-climatology

Author(s): J. Stuck | A. Güntner | B. Merz
Gene expression profiles in asbestos-exposed epithelial and mesothelial lung cell lines

Author(s): Nymark Penny | Lindholm Pamela | Korpela Mikko | Lahti Leo | Ruosaari Salla | Kaski Samuel | Hollmén Jaakko | Anttila Sisko | Kinnula Vuokko | Knuutila Sakari
Correlation between β-catenin mutations and expression of Wnt-signaling target genes in hepatocellular carcinoma

Author(s): Austinat Madeleine | Dunsch Ruediger | Wittekind Christian | Tannapfel Andrea | Gebhardt Rolf | Gaunitz Frank
Simple integrative preprocessing preserves what is shared in data sources

Author(s): Tripathi Abhishek | Klami Arto | Kaski Samuel
Skp2 expression is associated with high risk and elevated Ki67 expression in gastrointestinal stromal tumours

Author(s): Di Vizio Dolores | Demichelis Francesca | Simonetti Sara | Pettinato Guido | Terracciano Luigi | Tornillo Luigi | Freeman Michael | Insabato Luigi
Vegetation differentiation and soil effect at different slope locations—a case study of Stipa breviflora grassland in Inner Mongolia, China

Author(s): ZHANG Qing | NIU Jian-Ming | Alexander BUYANTUYEV | HAN Fang | DONG Jian-Jun | ZHANG Yan-Nan | KANG Sarula | YANG Yan
Associação entre qualidade da carne e características quantitativas de suínos por meio de correlação canônica Association between swine meat quality and quantitative traits using canonical correlation

Author(s): Leandro Teixeira Barbosa | Adair José Regazzi | Alfredo Acosta Backes | Jailson Lara Fagundes | Jodnes Sobreira Vieira | Jucileia Aparecida da Silva Morais
Canonical Correlation Analysis of Body Weight, Body Measurement and Carcass Characteristics of Jinghai Yellow Chicken

Author(s): Y. Yang | D.M. Mekki | S.J. Lv | J.H. Yu | L.Y. Wang | J.Y. Wang | K.Z. Xie | G.J. Dai
Web Page Clustering using Latent Semantic Analysis

Author(s): Lalit A. Patil | S M. Kamalapur | Dhananjay Kanade
INTRODUCTION A National park is an area set aside by a national government for the preservation of the natural environment. The World Conservation Union defines a National park as a natural area designated to protect the ecological integrity of one or more ecosystems for present and future generations. In Pakistan, the earlier ecological studies were generally observational. The earlier studies, generally appeared in 1950’s, were confined to visual description of the vegetation, and no attempts were made to recognize community types and to correlate them with the relevant environmental factors. On the contrary, advanced multivariate techniques of ordination and cluster analysis had been routinely used in Europe and other parts of the world. There are numerous ordination methods accessible in plant bionetwork, some of which have been extensively used, e.g. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Detrended Correspondence Analysis (DCA) (Hill & Gauch, 1980), whereas some others only sporadically used (Zhang, 2004). A series of studies using different ordination techniques were carried out in Pakistan by Ahmad et al., 2009; Ahmad, 2009; Jabeen & Ahmad, 2009; Pirzada et al., 2009; Ahmad et al., 2010a, b; Ahmad, 2011. In Canonical Correspondence Analysis (CCA) the floristic statistics and the environmental variables can be assimilated within the ordination (Kashian et al., 2003). Within the Ayubia National Park, the study area was the moist temperate forest in Rawalpindi, NE-Pakistan (Fig. 1), showing a high diversity of susceptible plant and animal species. The geographical location of the park is 330° 52' N and 730° 90' E (Farooque, 2002). The aim of this research was to quantify the vegetation in Ayubia National Park using ordination techniques and to determine the soilvegetation relationship to provide basic awareness for preservation of nationally significant native flora. A list of plant species present in the study area is provided in Table 1. Apart from their importance from ecological point of view few species are used as medicinal herbs by local inhabitants. Observed biodiversity of occuring species indicate that this area can be used for conservation of native flora. Exploring the vegetation dynamics and community assemblage in Ayubia National Park, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, using CCA

Author(s): Sheikh Saeed Ahmad | Qurat Ul Ann
Multivariate Chemometric Analysis of a Polluted River of a Megalopolis

Author(s): Alejandro Gabriel García-Reiriz | Jorge Federico Magallanes | Marjan Vracko | Jure Zupan | Silvia Reich | Daniel Salvador Cicerone
Potential risk factors associated with human encephalitis: application of canonical correlation analysis

Author(s): Hamid Jemila | Meaney Christopher | Crowcroft Natasha | Granerod Julia | Beyene Joseph
Multivariate Analysis of Soil-Vegetation Interrelationships in a South-Southern Secondary Forest of Nigeria

Author(s): A.I. Iwara | F.O. Ogundele | Horsfall Digieneni Eli | T.N. Deekor
Study on Partial Least-Squares Regression Model of Simulating Freezing Depth Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Tianxiao Li | Qiang Fu | Fanxiang Meng | Zilong Wang | Xiaowei Wang
Career Commitment and Organizational Commitment in for-Profit and non-Profit Sectors

Author(s): Andrea M. Moscoso Riveros | Ted Shir-Tau Tsai
Predicting drug side-effect profiles: a chemical fragment-based approach

Author(s): Pauwels Edouard | Stoven Véronique | Yamanishi Yoshihiro
Linear and non-linear dependencies between copy number aberrations and mRNA expression reveal distinct molecular pathways in breast cancer

Author(s): Solvang Hiroko | Lingjærde Ole | Frigessi Arnoldo | Børresen-Dale Anne-Lise | Kristensen Vessela
Test of Arbitrage Pricing Theory on the Tehran Stock Exchange: The Case of A Shariah-Compliant Close Economy

Author(s): Pooya Sabetfar | Cheng Fan Fah | Shamsher Mohamad | Bany Ariffin Amin Noordin
Data-driven catchment classification: application to the pub problem

Author(s): M. Di Prinzio | A. Castellarin | E. Toth

Author(s): Miroslav Živković | Slobodan Goranović | Saša Marković | Nataša Branković
Vegetation Analysis of Sutan-Chay Basin in Arasbaran

Author(s): T. E. Gajoti | V. Haciyev | A. Javanshir | H. Nosrati | A. R. Haghighi | A. Eimanifar | N. J. Stewart
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