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High-frequency micromechanical columnar resonators

Author(s): Jenny Kehrbusch, Elena A Ilin, Peter Bozek, Bernhard Radzio and Egbert Oesterschulze
Optimal Design of Capacitive Micro Cantilever Beam Accelerometer

Author(s): Othman Sidek | Muhamad Azman Miskam | H.M.T Khaleed | Mohd Fauzi Alias | Shukri Korakkottil Kunhi Mohd
bOptimizing atomic force microscopy for characterization of diamond-protein interfaces

Author(s): Rezek Bohuslav | Ukraintsev Egor | Kromka Alexander
Polymerization Stress Development in Dental Composites: Effect of Cavity Design Factor

Author(s): Joseph M. Antonucci | Anthony A. Giuseppetti | Justin N.R. O’Donnell | Gary E. Schumacher | Drago Skrtic
Optically Defined Modal Sensors Incorporating Spiropyran-Doped Liquid Crystals with Piezoelectric Sensors

Author(s): Kuan-Ting Chen | Chin-Kai Chang | Hui-Lung Kuo | Chih-Kung Lee
Squeeze-film damping characteristics of cantilever microresonators for higher modes of flexural vibration

Author(s): Bappa Acherjee | Arunanshu S. Kuar | Souren Mitra | Dipten Misra
Nanolithography on the Electron Beam Resist using the Scanning Probe Microscope Cantilever

Author(s): Lydia Anggraini | Naoki Matsuzuka | Yoshitada Isono
Energy Harvesting Strategy Using Piezoelectric Element Driven by Vibration Method

Author(s): Dong-Gun Kim | So-Nam Yun | Young-Bog Ham | Jung-Ho Park
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