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Anti-angiogenic effect of high doses of ascorbic acid

Author(s): Mikirova Nina | Ichim Thomas | Riordan Neil
Anti- Plasminogen Monoclonal Antibody (MC2B8) Inhibites Angiogenesis

Author(s): K. Mansouri | M. Mirshahi | A. Pourfathollah | Z.M. Hassan | R. Taheripak
Anti-tumor activity of erlotinib in the BxPC-3 pancreatic cancer cell line

Author(s): Ying-Ying Lu, Da-Dao Jing, Ming Xu, Kai Wu, Xing-Peng Wang
Microvascular engineering in perfusion culture: immunohistochemistry and CLSM findings

Author(s): Frerich Bernhard | Zückmantel Kerstin | Hemprich Alexander
Enhanced Myocardial Vascularity and Contractility by Novel FGF-1 Transgene in a Porcine Model of Chronic Coronary Occlusion

Author(s): Reza Forough | Matthew W. Miller | Mildred Mattox | Wayne Dunlap | Andy Ambrus | Rola Barhoumi | Cristine L. Heaps | Janet L. Parker
Protein-bound polysaccharide from Phellinus linteus inhibits tumor growth, invasion, and angiogenesis and alters Wnt/β-catenin in SW480 human colon cancer cells

Author(s): Song Kyoung-Sub | Li Ge | Kim Jong-Seok | Jing Kaipeng | Kim Tae-Dong | Kim Jin-Pyo | Seo Seung-Bo | Yoo Jae-Kuk | Park Hae-Duck | Hwang Byung-Doo | Lim Kyu | Yoon Wan-Hee
Digging deeper into lymphatic vessel formation in vitro and in vivo

Author(s): Detry Benoit | Bruyère Françoise | Erpicum Charlotte | Paupert Jenny | Lamaye Françoise | Maillard Catherine | Lenoir Bénédicte | Foidart Jean-Michel | Thiry Marc | Noël Agnès

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