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Bioethanol: State and perspectives

Author(s): Tasić Marija B. | Banković-Ilić Ivana B. | Lazić Miodrag L. | Veljković Vlada B. | Mojović Ljiljana V.
Predicting the deforestation-trend under different carbon-prices

Author(s): Kindermann Georg | Obersteiner Michael | Rametsteiner Ewald | McCallum Ian
The Contribution of Energy Consumption to Climate Change: A Feasible Policy Direction

Author(s): Usenobong Friday Akpan | Godwin Effiong Akpan
Estimating the Effect of Carbon Tax on CO2 Emissions of Coal in China

Author(s): Kezhong Zhang | Juan Wang | Yongming Huang
Brazilian Family Farming Agriculture in the Biodiesel Production: A Portrait of Regional Possibilities

Author(s): Arlindo Kamimura | Aline de Oliveira | Geraldo F. Burani
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