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Cardiac herniation following completion pneumonectomy for bronchiectasis

Author(s): Gadhinglajkar Shrinivas | Siddappa Shivananda | Sreedhar Rupa | Madathipat Unnikrishnan
The Hole in the Stomach

Author(s): Hans Bödeker | Steffen Leinung | Henning Wittenburg | Julia Fischer | Ingolf Schiefke | Niels Teich
Acute Tension Pneumothorax Following Cardiac Herniation after Pneumonectomy

Author(s): Daniel Steinmann | Eva Rohr | Andreas Kirschbaum
Traumatic pericardial rupture with skeletonized phrenic nerve

Author(s): Khalpey Zain | Rajab Taufiek | Schmitto Jan | Camp Philipp
The normal cardiogenesis and after some teratogens treatment.

Author(s): Kozlov V.O. | Shatorna V.F. | Mashtalir M.A.
Cardiac herniation after radical pneumonectomy: a case report and review of the literature

Author(s): Noyan Ashraf M.A. | Makarem J. | Karimi F. | Peiravy Sereshke H. | Chaychi Nakhjir H.
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