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Cognitions on Competition: The Newcomers Impact

Author(s): Raphaël Dornier | Noureddine Selmi
Real Time Method for Image Recognition and Categorization

Author(s): Ivan Božić | Ivan Lazić
Identifying Spatial Units of Human Occupation in the Brazilian Amazon Using Landsat and CBERS Multi-Resolution Imagery

Author(s): Ana Paula Dal’Asta | Newton Brigatti | Silvana Amaral | Maria Isabel Sobral Escada | Antonio Miguel Vieira Monteiro
A Review of various kNearest Neighbor Query Processing Techniques

Author(s): S. Dhanabal | Dr. S. Chandramathi
A Query based Text Categorization using KNearest Neighbor Approach

Author(s): Suneetha Manne | Sita Kumari Kotha | Dr. S. Sameen Fatima
Recent Trends in Text Classification Techniques

Author(s): Nidhi | Vishal Gupta
Semantic Network based Semantic Search of Religious Repository

Author(s): Naseem Shahzadi | Atta-ur-rahman | Adil Shaheen
Basic Level of Categorization in Macaca fascicularis

A Comparative Study on Basic Emotion Conceptual Metaphors in English and Persian Literary Texts

Author(s): Shahrzad Pirzad Mashak | Abdolreza Pazhakh | Abdolmajid Hayati

Author(s): Gheewala Payal | Kalaria Pankti | Chakraborty Manodeep | Kamath Jagadish V
Devanagari Character Recognition in the Wild

Author(s): O. V. Ramana Murthy | Sujoy Roy | Vipin Narang | M. Hanmandlu
Factors influencing trust of teachers among students

Author(s): Kurnianingsih, Sri | Yuniarti, Kwartarini Wahyu | Kim, Uichol
Stem Cell Therapy in Treatment of Different Diseases

Author(s): Bagher Larijani | Ensieh Nasli Esfahani | Peyvand Amini | Behrouz Nikbin | Kamran Alimoghaddam | Somayeh Amiri | Reza Malekzadeh | Nika Mojahed Yazdi | Maryam Ghodsi | Yahya Dowlati | Mohammad Ali Sahraian | Ardeshir Ghavamzadeh
NFCKE: New Framework for Document Classification and Knowledge Extraction

Author(s): Ghanshyam Singh Thakur | Dr. R. C. Jain
Vztah ICT a trvale udržitelného rozvoje

Author(s): Alena Buchalcevová | Josef Basl | Libor Gála
Handwritten Character Recognition System using Chain code and Correlation Coefficient

Author(s): Ravi Sheth | N C Chauhan | Mahesh M Goyani | Kinjal A Mehta
A Survey and Current Research Challenges in Multi-Label Classification Methods

Author(s): Purvi Prajapati | Amit Thakkar | Amit Ganatra
Designing and Evaluation of Reliability and Validity of Five Visual Cue-induced Craving Tasks for Different Groups of Opiate Abusers

Author(s): Hamed Ekhtiari | Hanie Edalati | Arian Behzadi | Hooman Safaei | Mehri Noori | Azarakhsh Mokri

Experience of Stressful Daily Life Events of School-age Children: A Qualitative Study

Author(s): Mohammad Nadi Sakhvidi | Ayub Malek | Heidarali Abedi | Fatemeh Ranjbar
Cluster Based Hybrid Niche Mimetic and Genetic Algorithm for Text Document Categorization

Author(s): A. K. Santra | C. Josephine Christy | B. Nagarajan
Analysis of Stemming Algorithm for Text Clustering

Author(s): N.Sandhya | Y.Srilalitha | V.Sowmya | Dr.K.Anuradha | Dr.A.Govardhan
Semantic Document Classification using Lexical Chaining & Fuzzy Approach

Author(s): Upasana Pandey | S. Chakraverty | Bhawna Juneja | Ashima Arora | Pratishtha Jain
Microarray Analysis of the Transcriptome for Bacterial Wilt Resistance in Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)

Author(s): Jihyun HWANG | Youngmi CHOI | Jumsoon KANG | Suntae KIM | Myeongcheoul CHO | Lucica MIHALTE | Younghoon PARK
Survey of Nearest Neighbor Condensing Techniques

Author(s): MILOUD-AOUIDATE Amal | BABA-ALI Ahmed Riadh

Author(s): Adriana Carla R. Carvalho | Jan Edson Rodrigues Leite
A Novel Feature Selection Framework in Chinese Term Definition Extraction

Author(s): Xu Pan | Hong-Bin Gu | Zhi-Qing Zhao
Spectrum of antihypertensive therapy in South Asians at a tertiary care hospital in Pakistan

Author(s): Almas Aysha | ur Rehman Iqbal Salik | Ehtamam Anabia | Khan Aamir
Pattern of BOLD signal in auditory cortex relates acoustic response to perceptual streaming

Author(s): Hill Kevin | Bishop Christopher | Yadav Deepak | Miller Lee
Functional categorization of unique expressed sequence tags obtained from the yeast-like growth phase of the elm pathogen Ophiostoma novo-ulmi

Author(s): Hintz William | Pinchback Michael | de la Bastide Paul | Burgess Steven | Jacobi Volker | Hamelin Richard | Breuil Colette | Bernier Louis
The extramural metastasis might be categorized in lymph node staging for colorectal cancer

Author(s): Qiu Hai-Bo | Chen Gong | Keshari Rajiv | Luo Hui-Yan | Fang Wang | Qiu Miao-Zhen | Zhou Zhi-Wei | Xu Rui-Hua
The integration of the treatment for common mental disorders in primary care: experiences of health care providers in the MANAS trial in Goa, India

Author(s): Pereira Bernadette | Andrew Gracy | Pednekar Sulochana | Kirkwood Betty | Patel Vikram
Unsupervised Action Classification Using Space-Time Link Analysis

Author(s): Liu Haowei | Feris Rogerio | Krueger Volker | Sun Ming-Ting
A Discrete Model for Color Naming

Author(s): Menegaz G | Le Troter A | Sequeira J | Boi JM
Be careful with triage in emergency departments: interobserver agreement on 1,578 patients in France

Author(s): Durand Anne-Claire | Gentile Stéphanie | Gerbeaux Patrick | Alazia Marc | Kiegel Pierre | Luigi Stephane | Lindenmeyer Eric | Olivier Philippe | Hidoux Marie-Annick | Sambuc Roland
A Meter Classification System for Spoken Persian Poetries

Author(s): Saeid Hamidi & Farbod Razzazi
Electroencephalogram Signals Processing for the Diagnosis of Petit mal and Grand mal Epilepsies Using an Artificial Neural Network

Author(s): M. R. Arab | A. A. Suratgar | V. M. Martínez‐Hernández | A. Rezaei Ashtiani
Category-semantic memory deficit in Multiple Sclerosis

Author(s): Khatoonabadi ARS | Ghaffarpour M | Hadian MR | Kahlaoui K | Hasanzadeh A
Assessing expertise in introductory physics using categorization task

Author(s): Andrew Mason | Chandralekha Singh
Information criterion for the categorization quality evaluation

Author(s): Yulia E. Balykina | Michail V. Svirkin
Comparison of Auditory Event-Related Potential P300 in Sighted and Early Blind Individuals

Author(s): Fatemeh Heidari | Saeed Farahani | Ghassem MohammadKhani | Dr. Ebrahim Jafarzadepour | Dr. Shohre Jalaie

Author(s): Debaditya Ghosh | Pritam Majumder | Ayan Kumar Das
Health Reform: the health knowledge printed in the annals of Brazilian Nursing (1977-1980)

Author(s): Érica Toledo de Mendonça | Wellington Mendonça de Amorim
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Richard Chbeir | Youakim Badr
Collective Intelligence Systems: Classification and Modeling

Author(s): Ioanna Lykourentzou | Dimitrios J. Vergados | Epaminondas Kapetanios | Vassili Loumos
An Improved Algorithm of Bayesian Text Categorization

Author(s): Tao Dong | Wenqian Shang | Haibin Zhu
Enforcing Quality of Service within Web Services Communities

Author(s): Mohamed Adel Serhani | Abdelghani Benharref
Application of Linear Classifier on Chinese Spam Filtering

Author(s): Yongqin Qiu | Yan Xu | Dan Li
The Chinese Text Categorization System with Category Priorities

Author(s): Huan-Chao Keh | Ding-An Chiang | Chih-Cheng Hsu | Hui-Hua Huang
Text Normalization and Diphone Preparation for Bangla Speech Synthesis

Author(s): Muhammad Masud Rashid | Md. Akter Hussain | M. Shahidur Rahman
Prediction of Financial Distress -A Case Study of Indian Companies

Author(s): Amalendu Bhunia | Sri Islam Uddin Khan | Somnath Mukhuti
A New Probability based Analysis for Recognition of Unwanted Emails

Author(s): Shashi Kant Rathore | Palvi Jassi | Basant Agarwal
Stabilitybased Component Clustering for Designing Software Reuse Repository

Author(s): R. Kamalraj | A. Rajiv Kannan | P. Ranjani
Investigation of Leakage Current Waveforms Recorded in a Coastal High Voltage Substation

Author(s): D. Pylarinos | K. Siderakis | E. Pyrgioti | E. Thalassinakis | I. Vitellas
Field Association words with Naive Bayes Classifier based Arabic document classification

Author(s): M E Abd El-Monsef | El-Sayed Atlam | Mohammed Amin | O El-Barbary
İlköğretim 6. Sınıf Öğrencilerinin Değer Yönelimleri

Author(s): Süleyman YİĞİTTİR | Adem ÖCAL
Successful Control of Nosocomial VRE Outbreak: Experiences of Hospital Infection Control Committee

Author(s): Güven Çelebi | Nefise Öztoprak | Canan Külah | Fatma Baruönü | Yurdagül Demiroğlu
Measuring Religiosity/Spirituality: Theoretical Differentiations and Categorization of Instruments

Author(s): Christian Zwingmann | Constantin Klein | Arndt Büssing
Comparison of user groups' perspectives of barriers and facilitators to implementing electronic health records: a systematic review

Author(s): McGinn Carrie | Grenier Sonya | Duplantie Julie | Shaw Nicola | Sicotte Claude | Mathieu Luc | Leduc Yvan | Légaré France | Gagnon Marie-Pierre
International challenges without borders: a descriptive study of family physicians' educational needs in the field of diabetes

Author(s): Murray Suzanne | Lazure Patrice | Schroter Sara | Leuschner Philipp | Posel Peter | Kellner Thomas | Jenkins Richard
Using affinity propagation for identifying subspecies among clonal organisms: lessons from M. tuberculosis

Author(s): Borile Claudio | Labarre Mathieu | Franz Silvio | Sola Christophe | Refrégier Guislaine
A dynamical model of perceptual categorization

Author(s): Martí Daniel | Rinzel John
Reliability of INTERMED Spanish version and applicability in liver transplant patients: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Lobo Elena | Rabanaque MªJosé | Bellido MªLuisa | Lobo Antonio
Analysis of unigene derived microsatellite markers in family solanaceae

Author(s): Sanchita Gupta | Kumar Parijat Tripathi | Sudeep Roy | Ashok Sharma
Categorization and Reorientation of Images Based on Low Level Features

Author(s): Rajen Bhatt | Gaurav Sharma | Abhinav Dhall | Naresh Kumar | Santanu Chaudhury
Emotional categorization: Individual emotional differences and laterality effects in healthy and persons with multiple sclerosis

Author(s): Farzaneh Pahlavan | Tudd Lubart | Michelle Montreuil | Stephen Jacob | Anne-Yves Jacquet | Christelle Lemoine | Hélène Petropoulou | Franck Zenasni
Effect of Quality Parameters on Energy Efficient Routing Protocols in MANETs

Author(s): Dr. R.K Singh | Tanu Preet Singh, | Jayant Vats
Identification and Categorization of Liver Toxicity Markers Induced by a Related Pair of Drugs

Author(s): Ching-Wei Chang | Frederick A. Beland | Wade M. Hines | James C. Fuscoe | Tao Han | James J. Chen
Number size distributions and seasonality of submicron particles in Europe 2008–2009

Author(s): A. Asmi | A. Wiedensohler | P. Laj | A.-M. Fjaeraa | K. Sellegri | W. Birmili | E. Weingartner | U. Baltensperger | V. Zdimal | N. Zikova | J.-P. Putaud | A. Marinoni | P. Tunved | H.-C. Hansson | M. Fiebig | N. Kivekäs | H. Lihavainen | E. Asmi | V. Ulevicius | P. P. Aalto | E. Swietlicki | A. Kristensson | N. Mihalopoulos | N. Kalivitis | I. Kalapov | G. Kiss | G. de Leeuw | B. Henzing | R. M. Harrison | D. Beddows | C. O'Dowd | S. G. Jennings | H. Flentje | K. Weinhold | F. Meinhardt | L. Ries | M. Kulmala

Author(s): Dr.S.R.Suresh | T.Karthikeyan, | D.B.Shanmugam, | J.Dhilipan
Statistical Bayesian Learning for Automatic Arabic Text Categorization

Author(s): Bassam Al-Salemi | Mohd. J. Ab Aziz
Categorizer Agent for Electronic Computer Science Academic Papers

Author(s): Khalifa Chekima | Patricia Anthony
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